Wedding Cheesecake (Smalls)

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Wedding Cheesecake (Smalls) Information

Wedding Cake meets UK Cheese with a nice batch of light coloured and frosty buds with a sweet, fruity nose.

Wedding Cheesecake’s is 70% Indica-dominant, with a THC concentration of 15-18%. In some cases, it can go well beyond 20% in THC, and in those cases, its Indica potency is astounding. As for flavour, Wedding Cheesecake brings a bit of citrusy wood and fruity earthiness!

What does Wedding Cheesecake look and taste like?

 This strain is quite a looker, with its impressive colourful appearance. Dark-green leaves, with slightly warmer-looking buds and nugs, bright-orange hairs that cover everything, and a coat of crystal trichomes that shine off nicely – that’s what Wedding Cheesecake is all about. It’s one of the most beautiful strains in the world, according to the countless users who’ve tried it. One look is all it takes to motivate you into smoking it for hours on end.

Flavour-wise, Wedding Cheesecake’s name should be self-explanatory. You’ll taste a super sweet and aromatic strain and you’ll love it! Between the woody citric flavour that gives you the munchies, and the fruity earthiness, Wedding Cheesecake brings an epic combination of flavours and aromas. It’s nothing too complicated, which makes things even better. Simplicity has its charm, and this strain may be one of the simplest yet intensely-tasting strains out there!

What are the effects of Wedding Cheesecake?

 Psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits are part of Wedding Cheesecake’s charm. Sedation and relaxation, in particular, are natural to this Indica-dominant strain that reaches high THC concentrations on its best days. One smoke should fill your mind with a bit of energetic euphoria, improving your mood and uplifting your spirits. It feels like a euphoric drunken stupor where nothing really matters as much. Only that you have some fun, of course!

And just when you thought the surge of euphoria would last beyond your wildest expectations, sedation kicks in. Wedding Cheesecake’s Indica heritage brings a state of perfect relaxation that should numb your pains and suffering. Many users rely on the pain-relieving effects of Wedding Cheesecake to manage their arthritis or other chronic and neuropathic pains. Though, this strain is also good for a wide series of other medical conditions and symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Insomnia

24 reviews for Wedding Cheesecake (Smalls)

  1. Chris

    Nice taste and buzz

  2. Danielle

    This is a great value strain! Still a great high, nice smell and taste. (not great at describing the taste but it’s not overly earthy which I don’t like) I really enjoyed it!

  3. Drake

    Decided to pick up an oz. Great price and I’ve always have a sweet spot for anything cheese.
    I was pleasantly surprised. Really nice fluffy buds, it’s not dence but that makes it a breeze to grind up and pull through your bowl. Plus it was really satisfying receieving a bag filled to the brim.Decent thc percentage and a wonderful creamy cheese flavor. Very relaxing and not at all difficult to get into. I have anxiety and it is one of my personal favorites. Highly recommend!! 🌲🌲🔥🔥💨💨

  4. Neil

    Nice and Sweet, does the job admirably. Very clean too, impressed.

  5. Awn

    So good, love it

  6. Emma

    Not bad!!! Honestly not my favourite though as I prefer a strain that will knock me out, but i found this wasn’t as strong as other Indica dominant strains.

  7. Kaitlyn

    I was VERY surprised at the quality of this strain considering the price. The smell was sweet and fresh and the high itself was potent. Really can’t go wrong as this is a very nice strain for a bargain, and I really felt like the quality surpassed my expectations.

  8. Jeremy

    Bought the (smalls) and was pleasantly surprised. Very nice bud for the price. Obviously you miss out on the nice nuggets, but it was not too dried out.
    Would buy again as the price of smalls is well worth in my opinion.

  9. Rachel

    Wonderful strain for the price. They aren’t the regular “small buds” bundle you get that are kind of dry or full of stems – these are dense and delicious.

    Perfect daytime smoke, not too heavy but great to chill out with. Will be a go-to for me!

  10. Jeffrey

    Can’t beat this price. As always the buds came carefully packaged. Ground up nicely and smoked smooth.
    Nice relaxed, mellow high. Great bargain for your money.

  11. Morgan

    I have seen this strain on sale this past month and finally decided to give it a try. At the price for an ounce it was a good deal. It has a sweet kind of smell to it and for it being a smalls bag it did have some decent sized nugs in it. Felt a good high right away after smoking a j myself. It says its Indica dominant but I found it to be uplifting and fine for daytime use. Here’s a tip thinking if that sale ounce is any good? it is! MMJ has great stuff at any price point!

  12. Tammy

    Buds were actually actually decent size and not as small as we expected!! Two great strains, one is my favourite and the other my hubby’s so we were super excited to try!! Great day time smoke, we rolled a few joints and went on a day hike and didn’t get burnt out at all! We really enjoy this strain

  13. Patrick

    Bought a hole ounce at sale price ,
    And was pleasantly surprised by the fact they came regular bud sized , vs the “smalles” it is said to be ,
    Very nice for cooking edibles with as well,
    5star across the board !

  14. Ricky

    What a great strain. Burns very nice, great high.

  15. Daniel

    Another great value strain from mmj, the high is very quality like anything wedding or cheesecake in the name. My tolerance is pretty high so I had to smoke pretty large bowls but it hits smooth and I took the screen out of my grinder to maximize the crystal. I bought two ounces of this and I’m through 1.5 of them and it’s been my daily lockdown smoker

  16. Dustin

    Nice, clean smoke that throws a good buzz, good for sleeping through the night

  17. Julia

    Was really impressed with this strain for the price very nice flavor and gets you nice and high 😍

  18. Dylan

    Right off the bat wedding cheese cake has a delicious smell. Nice sweet aroma and smooth smoke. Other than the buds being micro there is nothing wrong with this strain. I would definitely get it again! Happy smoking!

  19. Luke

    Fantastic taste, bright green but tiny buds requiring some cleaning before a roll, I am enjoying this bud a lot during the day, very relaxing and warm feeling. Don’t hesitate if this is on sale!

  20. Jamelie

    I never usually get the smalls because I like some chunky buds but I’m surprised at how great this weed tasted and felt. Every time I take a bong rip I have to close my eyes for a couple seconds to indulge that feeling flowing through my veins straight to my head. I will definitely be trying smalls weed again, I’m very satisfied.

  21. Guillaume

    Very yummy!! amazing quality.. one of my favorite, this variety has a lot of effect on me!

  22. Patrick

    I grabbed an oz of this stuff when it was on sale for $79. I mean, how can you go wrong for that price. Anyhow, the buds were medium-small sized. They were decently trimmed as well. The color is a nice bright, light green with some pretty tight buds. The buds have very pretty red hairs that stand out noticibly. I ground it up and it was light and fluffy. The aroma was sweet and bit fruity. I found it burned really good. The smoke was thick, yet not too heavy. You can easily smoke 1g to yourself. The buzz is mellow and soothing. I was quite pleased with the overall effects. Thank you.

  23. Elias

    Very yummy, takes a little to clean up the sharp stems but worth it.

  24. Ryan

    Amazing for the price.
    It is a bit leafy and stemmy but at 79 dollars an ounce you can’t go wrong with this AAAA quality bud. It has a wonderful sweet cake like smell and a smooth taste and is coated in “frosting” like kief . I would have given 5 stars if it wasn’t for the leaves and stems. I rip a few bowls before work or just to relax at home. Will likely buy again.

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