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Wedding Pie Information

Wedding Pie, a cross between Wedding Cake and Grape Pie, carries moderate THC levels that generally average around 22%, with different batches offering some variations. With 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics coupled with sweet grape, berries, and peppery notes, this marijuana bud is ideal for the end of the day when you wish to unwind.


The high of Wedding Pie can be strong, delivering a mellow body high for a comforting relaxation. This weed strain contains pain-relieving and sedative effects that may help with migraines, back pain, or even joint pains. The calming effects of this cannabis plant may relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, allowing you to melt into a state of tranquillity and restful relaxation.


Unwinding At The End Of The Day


Wedding Pie is a great strain to unwind with at the end of a tiresome and stressful day. The euphoric high of this beautiful strain may soothe feelings of nervousness and anxiousness with a calming sensation. The mellow physical high of this tasty bud can ease physical aches without causing a couch-lock effect. You may feel motivated to jump into relaxing activities such as games with friends, a movie night, or creating art.


Minor pain management. Wedding Pie may be a good strain to offer relief from mild cases of pains and physical aches, such as headaches, tensions, and muscle cramps.


Relaxing. One of the things users love about this weed strain is its ability to offer a comforting relaxation without causing a couch-lock effect that would induce sleep. With this bud, you can enjoy a calming and comforting relaxation while still remaining active and engaged.


Anxiety and stress. The calming and euphoric high of Wedding Pie may help with symptoms caused by anxiety and stress, offering a sense of tranquillity wrapped in happy feelings and positivity.


Talkative. The mellow and uplifting effects of this weed bud may cause you to be more socially inclined, becoming more talkative than usual.


Increased hunger. Wedding Pie may help with cases of appetite loss.


Unmatched Taste


Wedding Pie has quite the sweet flavour, its delicious taste is almost unmatched within Indica strains. The taste of this cannabis flower is dominant in notes of sweet grapes and berries enriched by hints of a nutty dough with sprinkles of subtle spices. The aroma of this bud generally provides a dank herbal overtone accented by sweet and spicy grapes.

1 review for Wedding Pie

  1. Giuliano

    Wedding pie. This has to be one of the best tasting bud I bought on this site. Anything with the name pie on it and you will be more then happy with the flavour. I’m the type of stoner who loves to smoke for that flavour… the stone is just a bonus. This bud gets a 9/10 for me . Amazing stone amazing taste and amazing smell. Beautiful white ash.

    I highly recommend this to any elite smoker. Wedding pie I’ll never forget this amazing bud.

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