White Castle

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60% Indica Dominant Hybrid

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White Castle Information

White Castle comes from a family of Cannabis Cup champions. This hybrid is a cross between two award-winning cannabis strains, White Ice Weed strain (also known as Nirvana Ice) and Nirvana White Widow. White Castle is the product of a beautiful balance between the two extreme built characteristics of its parents.

White Widow lacks strength when it comes to the plant structure, while Nirvana Ice falls under the opposite side of the spectrum of extremely strong branches and extremely strong plant structure.

This cannabis hybrid is a well-balanced strain, slightly weighing heavier on the Indica side. Approximately, White Castle contains 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It is ideal for treating a myriad of conditions, but its superpower is its high effectiveness with insomnia.

This cannabis strain generally averages at 13% in THC content, with some stronger phenotypes reaching as high as 19%. Some users find this strain not overbearingly potent, while for others it is the perfect fit.

Taste and Looks

One very good characteristic going for White Castle is its very pleasant taste. It is a perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a delicious smoke or vape, with a less potent effect. The taste of this strain can be best enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer. The lemon, earthy, sweet strawberry and pungent flavour profile of this cannabis strain are significantly enhanced when used with a flower vape.

White Castle has a very dense bud structure that offers a large yield, generous with full flowers. The bud of this hybrid showcases fluffy, light green nugs with orange hairs. It is crowned with a thick, white, frost-like blanket and crystal trichomes.

The Effects of White Castle

White Castle is a great choice for both novice and medium users alike. For the very seasoned users, with a high tolerance level, this hybrid probably will not cut it. It offers some medium-ranged potent effects, without the results of completely knocking the user out.

White Castle can also act as a champion when it comes to treating a variety of conditions. It is extremely efficient when it comes to insomnia, as it guides its user into a state of blissful relaxation and sleepiness.

This cannabis strain can vanish the overbearing effects of fatigue and stress, as it delivers a comforting sense of happiness in a state of euphoria. It can even offer pain-relieving benefits to some physical pain symptoms, such as headaches.

White Castle is definitely a strain for nighttime use considering its Indica dominancy. It offers some nice effects. For some users, it can also cause a couch-lock effect, which does help with falling asleep. The ideal way to use weed to induce sleep is to smoke it about an hour and a half before trying to sleep.

To enjoy its decent potency and wonderful flavour profile, you can easily buy White Castle online in Canada.

5 reviews for White Castle

  1. Nicolas

    I’ve had White castle once 3-4 years ago, while I was watching Harold

  2. Ricky

    Perfect sativa. Great day time use. Nice looking buds

  3. Raffi

    Very good choice of a sativa strain! Good for daytime – afternoon use
    Nice looking buds and very tasty!
    Will definitely buy me some more next time

  4. Donna

    This strain was unlike anything I’ve tried in a while. The perfect balance of pine-flower and gas. Please bring this gem back.

  5. Donna

    The best Strains in this one! Exactly what I was looking for.

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