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White Cherry Truffle Information

White Cherry Truffle, a cross between the prestigious 2012 Chemdog Special Reserve and the aromatic Cherry Lime #4, is a strain that boasts an Indica to Sativa ratio of 60:40, indicating a delightful balance that straddles relaxation and invigoration. With a THC potency that ranges between 15% to 25%, White Cherry Truffle is a delectable treat that marries the world of flavours and effects in perfect harmony.


White Cherry Truffle is a blend of features that titillate the senses and spirit alike. Its well-rounded profile encompasses a captivating shape, a tantalising smell, an unforgettable flavour featuring cherry, berry, and flowery highlights wrapped in a chocolate sweetness.


The Sweet Symphony: Flavour and Aroma


Every puff of White Cherry Truffle unwraps an enchanting flavour palette that is both sophisticated and inviting. The strain treats the palate to a delightful symphony of berry, cherry, chocolate, flowery, and sweet notes. This culinary dance on the tongue is nothing short of a gourmet dessert experience.


The aroma profile of White Cherry Truffle echoes its flavour blend. Upon first encounter, a wave of berry and chocolate scents greet the senses, trailed by a distinctive diesel undertone. As these scents linger, floral, herbal, and spicy notes emerge, making the aroma profile as layered and engaging as the flavour.


Beneath the Truffle Veil: Effects, Potency, and Ideal Time of Use


White Cherry Truffle’s blend of effects pays homage to its balanced lineage. Its Indica dominance delivers a soothing blanket of relaxation, while the Sativa traits instil an invigorating lift that stimulates creativity and uplifts the spirit. With a THC potency ranging between 15-25%, this strain offers a versatile experience that suits a range of tastes and tolerances.


This strain is fitting for those who seek tranquility in the evenings without surrendering their creative spark. Its blended effects make it an appealing choice for seasoned users who appreciate a well-rounded high, as well as novices ready to dip their toes in the enchanting world of cannabis.


Unwrapping the Truffle: Bud Structure, Colour, and Trichomes


White Cherry Truffle showcases buds that are compact and well-formed, reflecting its Indica dominance. However, the allure doesn’t stop there. A lavish tapestry of colours complements the buds, painting a vibrant picture that mirrors the strain’s lively character.


White Cherry Truffle buds are decorated with a generous dusting of shimmering trichomes. These crystal-like structures sparkle under the light, signifying the strain’s potency and enhancing its visual appeal.

5 reviews for White Cherry Truffle

  1. LISA

    I only got a small amount of this strain, but liked it. I would buy it again. It is a great AAAA hybrid for a great price. I tend to stick to certain strains, but I thought why not try this one, I was not disappointed. Great for day time and night time high. I found I was a bit more talkative with this strain also, which is good. I would buy this strain again

  2. Ricky

    What a great tasting strain. Definitely will buy again. Great for sleepy time

  3. Pat

    This is one of my new favorites. Very relaxing, enjoying good conversation, heighten edge creativity.

  4. Justin

    Simply put: an excellent purchase. Everythign about this product proves its worth of AAAA status. And to get an ounce of such amazing quality weed for about $120 on sale, truly an amazing deal.

    The appearance of the buds: majestic. Large, kief-covered truffles, laced with a deep purple and bunched of orange trichomes. A pungeant, slightly fruity smell wafts off the organic cannabinoid clusters. The smoke is incredibly smooth, leaving a nice aftertaste of kush.

    To conclude, the best weed I’ve smoked in years. Truly excellent, and at a deal comparable to far inferior weed.

  5. Barb

    I found this smoke to be quite nice. I love a variety and this hit the mark. It’s nice to kick back and get a buzz going after a long day.
    Give it a go, you won’t be sorry. 😉

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