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White Fire OG is a special kind of weed strain, one with a 60% Indica profile and a high THC concentration, reaching 20-25%. Its effects are largely about focus, creativity, and anti-depression. Once you take a smoke from White Fire OG, you’ll realize it can help your medical condition and symptoms right away. Though, the cerebral effects are potent on their own, with a lot of euphoria and energy coming your way. You won’t get sleepy, though, which means you can stay active and creative!

What does White Fire OG look and taste like?


This strain has barrel-shaped, tightly-packed buds that are covered by a resinous and thick coat of whiteish crystal trichomes. There are plenty of orange pistils dotting the stalk, growing from among the buds and nugs. Once you see this pretty and unique picture, you won’t want to look away. Why do you think this strain is named White Fire OG? Because it looks like a whiteish sea of crimson flames trying to engulf you in its clutches. And it does, once you start smoking!

With its diesel and earthy flavour, White Fire OG is sure to impress you even further. That first toke will be the start of an excellent journey, because the complex flavour doesn’t end with the diesel and earth aroma. The exhale brings you a bit of peppery lemon and some muskiness, as well. Other medical patients have reported feeling a smell of sweet oak, with a fresh flavour that doesn’t end too soon. Either way, White Fire OG is super flavourful and tasty.

What are the effects of White Fire OG?


Despite its 60% Indica profile, White Fire OG has a pretty potent cerebral rush. It’s so intense and euphoric that you’re not likely to become sleepy during this experience. A wave of energetic euphoria will hit your mind in the beginning, setting up your mood for the rest of the journey. Once you’re in the mood, you can start the descent into relaxation and sedation. Coincidentally, the relaxation and sedation also bring a few therapeutic benefits for specific symptoms and medical conditions.

Once your body enters a state of relaxation and comfort, you’ll feel yourself becoming lighter. All your muscles soften up and the chronic pains seem to disappear. While White Fire OG is not fit for extremely severe medical conditions like epilepsy, it can easily deal with symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chronic pains
  • Neuropathic pains
  • Inflammation
  • Stiff joints
  • Sore muscles


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