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Wifi OG is oftentimes referred to as Wifi, but it is also known as White Fire OG. The THC levels of this cannabis strain generally range between 22% and 28%, depending on the batch. This level of THC usually delivers a highly effective and powerful high. The cerebral effects of this cannabis strain may relieve symptoms of fatigue and potentially help better manage ADD and ADHD. With 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, this weed flower is a good fit for afternoon use.


The potent effects of Wifi OG are known to boost the mood with positive vibes helping with several mood disorders, such as depression. The relaxing high of this marijuana plant may help with stress while calming the mind and potentially increasing concentration. The dominant notes that can be usually noticed in the taste of White Fire OG are lemon and peppery while its aroma also gives off noticeable fragrances of a pungent fuel, earthy, and citrus blend.


A Strong High For The Experienced User


Wifi OG, or White Fire OG, is a high-power cannabis strain. With THC levels as high as 28%, the high of this weed plant are usually fast-acting and hard-hitting. You may almost instantly notice a strong wave of euphoria, possibly even some giggles, wash over you, clearing out anxious thoughts and depression. The high of Wifi OG has multiple therapeutic and medicinal benefits.


Fatigue. The high of this marijuana strain may improve your focus and may positively affect your productivity as it alleviates fatigue and clears the mind.


ADD and ADHD. The focused high of Wifi OG may help with cases of ADD or ADHD that are making concentrating on tasks difficult.


Depression. The uplifting and euphoric high of this weed plant may ease symptoms of depression, PTSD, or anxiety.


Stress. The relaxing effects of this Sativa-leaning marijuana bud may calm your mind, ease your anxiety, and silence your worries.


Pain and aches. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of White Fire OG may reduce pain caused by a myriad of medical conditions, such as arthritis, migraines, neuropathy, joint pain, spasticity, and more.


A Lemon Peppery Taste


The high of Wifi OG may be quite intense even for heavy users and smokers, so we recommend a smaller dose to start with even for the experienced smokers. The lemon and peppery taste of this cannabis bud can be thoroughly enjoyed with its long-lasting high. The aroma of White Fire OG also packs a piney experience with complementary hints of lemon and diesel.


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