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4 reviews for Woolly Mammoth

  1. Deryk

    Smoking Woolly Mammoth just feels like you’re hitting High Class weed!
    It has a bold, great taste and aroma to it. Super dense buds. And the potency level of this strain is off the chart!! Friends and neighbors enjoyed this product also.
    Woolly Mammoth helped relieve chronic back pain, as well as rheumatoid arthritis. And increased low appetite.
    Will def purchase more and recommend to others as this strain is a 5 out of 5⭐product

  2. Ryan

    Wooly Mammoth truly lives up to its name, at least in size. In fact, the buds were so massive that mmjdirect really should have up-sized their packaging for this particular order. The skinny little box it arrived in was terribly inadequate to contain these giant glistening nuggs.
    The packaging wasn’t my reason for the relatively low score however, as that’s something out of the grower’s control. The problem was that I found the buds to be so dense that they were almost corky inside. Though It seemed to break up nicely in the grinder and burn well, it tasted awfully woody and burned the throat on exhale. The high was noticeable but sadly underwhelming. I found myself having to mix the mammoth with other strains to get the desired effect of muscle relaxation and pain relief that is needed.

  3. Sebastien

    Un des meilleurs pot que j’ai fumier de ma vie ! Le buzz est parfait! Le gout aussi!

  4. Maude

    Was just recently introduced to this new very potent decadent strain. Paired well with other flowering hybrids, concentrate was divine; there was a slight lingering aroma with hints of lemon and sour monotones, with stronger sweet dominance prevalent throughout. Snowcap mixes nicely with the euphoric experience giving sheer focus with minimal paranoia, terps really sparkle about the strong concentrate, showing the strains true potency. Absolute must try for those looking to increase interest with minimal sleepy side effects.

    TASTE: 8.2/10
    LOOK: 7.3/10
    SMELL: 7.5/10

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