XXL Herbal Wraps

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2 wraps per package


XXL Herbal Wraps Information

The XXL Herbal Wraps Naked – no, they’re nothing sexually-related, even though they might sound like that. Basically, they’re wraps you use for blunts, and they’re among the newest blunt rollers we have on stock. The manufacturer, Royal Blunts, is very reputed in this industry for providing high-quality products, which is why we’ve been collaborating with them for some time now.

These wraps are moist enough for an easy wrapping process but they also won’t leave your fingers coated in a sticky residue! They’re the perfect additions that will greatly improve your blunt experience!

What makes the herbal wraps excellent?

The most important aspect of the XXL Herbal Wraps Naked is that they burn very slowly. Moreover, the burn is an even one, which allows your blunt experience to be far more enjoyable than ever before. If you’ve smoked bad-quality blunts before wrapped in thin and bad wrapping paper, then you know how much it can ruin your experience.

That’s why we provide these blunt wraps made from non-flavored herbal mixtures. They’re organic wraps that smell of nothing – instead, they complement your blunt’s flavor and aroma perfectly. You’re unlikely to find better herbal wraps for a blunt so you’d better make use of this opportunity. These contain 2 wraps per package so you might want to stock up!

2 reviews for XXL Herbal Wraps

  1. Lee

    good wraps, nice taste

  2. Kelly

    taste and burn great! I cut them into two! Great wraps

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