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Z-Strain Information

Z-Strain is a rare member of the Psilocybe Cubensis family, a magic mushroom family known for its extreme potency. The strain we have here offers a violent hallucinogenic experience that devolves to shifting fractals, time warping, opaque walls, and vibrant colours flooding your visual field. Some say that Z-Strain is a genetic isolation of Golden Teacher but that’s not true. This is a standalone strain with its own, unique effects, and you should enjoy them to their fullest!

What does Z-Strain look like?

 This strain is medium-sized, with wrinkled white stalks that beget a few bluish hues from place to place. The golden-brown caps may be incredibly similar to the caps of Golden Teachers, but that’s where the similarities being and end. Though, we can’t say that Z-Strain doesn’t look impressive in its own right. Because it does! When dried out, you’ll notice many bluish hues on the stalk – that’s a sign of its increased potency and the heightened level of psilocybin.

Before being dried out, Z-Strain is medium-sized, with a chunky stalk that gets thicker toward the bottom end. The caps are not that big either, though they’re quite majestic with their vivid brown colour. One look at this strain and you’re already convinced of its potency and excellent psychedelic effects. You should try it while it’s still available, since Z-Strain is quite an exclusive strain.

What are the effects of Z-Strain?

 Z-Strain is a very intoxicating strain that offers potent psychedelic effects in the form of time warping, synesthesia, and violent hallucinogenic effects. You’ll start seeing fractals and dancing lights from the first bite. The more you consume at once, the heavier the stoning, and the less comfortable you’ll feel. This strain is quite potent, with clear-cut creative benefits and energetic shifts in mood. Needless to say, you’ll feel better than ever after taking a regular dose of Z-Strain.

In terms of therapeutic benefits, psilocybin is known for offering pain relief benefits, first and foremost. Though, its main effects target mental and psychological problems, such as anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, cluster headaches, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, and more. It’s a really therapeutic and healing mushroom strain that you don’t want to miss! It may also help with:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Nausea
  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mild cases of chronic pains

5 reviews for Z-Strain

  1. Brandon

    Really enjoyed these mushies. Not sure why there are so many negative reviews.

    Nice to manage buzz, perfectly therapeutic. Some beautiful visuals and great for micro dosing as well. Have the odd Capp at less than 1g for perfect amount to notice the beauty of life. Fantastic structure to look at and higher doses also amazing

  2. Matt

    Live review: These are the best mushrooms I’ve ever had. I consumed 3.5 grams at 8pm. It is now 1am and I am still peaking. The visuals are the most intense visuals I have ever experienced on this dose. Do not listen to the other reviews. Buy these.

  3. Kyle

    The Z-strain had me tripping !! 3g All Caps and i was seeing Rainbows from reflections, i could see cartoon shapes when i closed my eyes and had me high for 8 hours..
    I have seen other reviews and they haven’t been good so maybe i have a low tolerance or i got a good batch because i would say use these with caution …
    Def a heavy hitter

  4. Patrick

    The Z-strain experience was filled with ups and downs. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough ups. I had ordered a quarter of these with great anticipation. They looked fantastic. Nice long, whole mushrooms with beautiful caps. I ate a couple grams, they,as usual, tasted awful. I waited patiently, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck starting to stand up. Now, usually that feeling leads to greatness. It just didn’t happen here. These mushrooms just didn’t have the effects that a user’s desires. I suppose they lifted my spirits a bit, but from the information provided on the site, you’d think you’d be on another planet. That just didn’t happen with these, sorry guys.

  5. Pamela

    I was really excited to try these, as the description mentioned violent hallucinogenic properties, maybe I got a bad batch? Because these were very mild, no hallucinations, no visuals, a little giggly and uplifted but I ate a whole 3.5g dose (started with half and ate the rest after an hour had passed and felt barely a buzz). Tasted fine and chewed into a nice powder.

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