Best Sativas for Creativity

Seven Sativas (and Hybrids) to Inspire Creativity

It’s no secret that cannabis helps artists get creative. Countless songs have been written about weed (we’re looking at you, Tom Petty). French Impressionist painters smoked cannabis and hashish to inspire their works. Weed even turned the Beatles from a poppy boy band to one of the greatest rock acts of all time.

On this page, we chose seven of the best strains for inspiring creativity in its users. Maybe you’re an aspiring visual artist searching for a new technique. Perhaps you’re a musician trying to invent a new genre. Maybe you’re an author penning the next great novel. Regardless of why you need inspiration, we’ve got your back. Check out our selection of the seven best sativas and hybrids for inspiring creativity, below.

Why Are Sativas So Great for Creativity?

Sativas and Creativity

In general, sativas and indicas provide different, distinct highs. Indicas are well-known for their sedative properties, able to couch-lock even seasoned stoners with their heavy body loads. While that makes them great for activities like relaxing, watching movies, and reading books, they’re not ideal at promoting the creative process.

In contrast, sativas generally have a more uplifting and cranial high. They’re usually high-energy and focused, in contrast to the laid-back vibes of indicas. They also tend to inspire creativity. Thanks to their stimulating nature, sativas are great for artists or musicians who are trying to streamline the creative process.

It’s important to note that sativas aren’t always stimulating and indicas aren’t always sedative. These types of effects aren’t exactly strain-specific. Instead, they’re the result of the terpene content of the strain. This, in turn, is usually determined by the strain’s genetics. So while indicas and sativas have general types of highs, it’s because of the terpenes they contain, not because they’re indica or sativa.

What exactly about weed helps smokers get creative? Recent studies suggest that the main link between cannabis and creativity is openness to new experiences. Smokers demonstrate a higher willingness to experiment with new things, which positively correlates to how they create new things themselves. 

The study also suggested that non-stoners who smoke may enjoy more of a creative boost than regular smokers. In the study, non-smokers who consumed weed in the study self-reported a heightened sense of creativity. They also performed better on creativity-oriented tasks than regular smokers did.

Best Sativa and Hybrid Strains for Creativity

Best Sativas for Creativity


Mimosas aren’t just for breakfast anymore. This strain is a great way to start your day off on the right foot. This cross between Clementine and Purple Punch makes the perfect wake-and-bake for artists. It has a potent THC concentration that hovers around 20 percent, meaning that it will keep users high all day long.


Named after the trippy vibes it produces, this strain packs a potent punch that boarders on psychedelic. A cross between Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1 from breeder Barneys Farm, this strain’s sativa-forward high also incorporates some traits that indicas are typically known for.

LSD is reportedly energizing, euphoric, and happy, while maintaining a steady baseline level of relaxation. Its respectable THC concentration reaches between 17 and 20 percent, not enough to overwhelm a smoker. Its tasty terpene profile – including fruity, piney, and herbal tones – give it a mouthwatering taste as well.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is great for many things, and making art is one of them. Named after the renowned cannabis legalization activist, Jack Herer’s potent sativa genetics and respectable THC concentration make it a great choice for prospective writers, artists, and musicians. A fruity taste greets users as it smooth smoke passes across the tongue, delighting the senses before it bestows its cognitive, focused high.

Super Lemon Haze

One of two Hazes to clinch a spot on this list, Super Lemon Haze is premium pot. Its elite aroma includes hints of fruit and spices, leading into a mouthwatering flavour as soon as you spark it. A pure sativa, Super Lemon Haze is a member of the Haze family of strains. This strain boasts two Cannabis Cup wins to its name, with a euphoric and energizing high that’s ideal for artists. 


Even if you don’t want to create art, you should still try Tangie. It’s just a great strain in general, boasting a rich citrus aroma combined with piney, herbal notes that entices the nose. Tangie is the brainchild of Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics, who created it by crossing California Orange with a Skunk hybrid. More than one-third of smokers who toke on Tangie report that it makes them more creative with its high-energy, cranial powers.

Purple Haze

No list of cannabis strains for creativity would be complete without mentioning Purple Haze. The strain takes its name from a Jimi Hendrix Experience song, and the two have become inexorably tied together. Although the song, inspired in 1967, describes a state of confusion for the protagonist, Purple Haze actually bestows smokers with a crystal-clear high that helps promote focus.

One of the most attractive parts about Purple Haze is its THC content. Purple Haze has a respectable THC concentration in the high teens. That’s perfect for when you actually need to get something done while you’re high – for example, create art. 

Jilly Bean

Even though Jilly Bean doesn’t have the same recognition as some of the other heavy-hitters on this list, it’s made a name for itself with its truly inspiring genetics. It’s a happy hybrid with a euphoric high, boasting colourful buds and glistening trichomes. It’s particularly adept at banishing bad moods and anxiety, two of the biggest hurdles that artists need to clear. Smokers also report that it removes inhibitions, which every creative needs to do before they make art.

Jilly Bean is the result of breeder MzJill Genetics’ efforts at crossing Orange Velvet and Space Queen. Its terpene profile relies heavily on pinene, a piney-smelling compound that may be able to boost creativity.

The Wrap-Up

With a better understanding of how sativas and hybrids can influence your creativity, you’re ready to start making art. But if you don’t know where to find the weed to fuel your next masterpiece, we can help. Check out our full inventory of strains, including indicas, sativas, and hybrids, in our web store. You’ll find several of the strains listed on this page there, waiting to help spark your inspiration.