Where should I buy Weed in Calgary?

Calgary sits at the confluence of the Elbow River and the Bow River, just to the south of the Alberta province. There are many beautiful prairies and foothills about, enriching the area with a whiff of freshness and greenness. You can see the front range of the Canadian Rockies from this location, making it a nice spot for sightseeing and living in general. Some people here are quite interested in cannabis consumption, either for recreational or medical purposes.


Being the most populous city in Alberta, Calgary boasts quite a high number of cannabis enthusiasts. Many of them aren’t aware of the best places to buy weed, so this article is for them! We’ll talk about the basics of weed consumption, effects, therapeutic, benefits, and where to buy the best weed strains on the market. Canada is a big place, and there are many online dispensaries available to buy weed. However, many of them aren’t up to par with superior quality standards.


Basics of weed consumption


To consume weed proficiently or, as we like to call it, to “get stoned with a flair”, you have to know certain things. These are things you wouldn’t know unless you spent a fair amount of time going through the steps, smoking, and observing yourself. However, we like to keep things simple and accessible, so we’ll just tell it as it is. It’s nonsensical to start smoking weed without knowing the first thing about it. Though, many beginners begin their ganja experiences like this. So, here are the top things you should know:


1.   Always pay attention to your state of mind when smoking weed


Like all psychoactive substances, cannabis influences your mind and body and makes you experience certain physiological states. Though, how you feel about the experience bears a heavy influence on your ganja state. If you’re anxious and fearful of the experience, the impactful euphoria might scare you away. That’s why we advise being calm and relaxed before smoking weed.


2.   Never smoke more than you can handle


This is the golden rule of smoking cannabis. You should never overstep your bounds and your tolerance level. It’s there for a reason, to warn you of impending dangers to your mental health. It’s not like weed can make you go crazy, but it can instill certain side-effects if you take a higher dose. It can make you nauseous, instill panic, make you anxious, and even lead to psychotic attacks. This happens very rarely, though, and you’d have to take a much higher dose than you’re used to in order to reach this level. Especially if you’re a beginner, start low and go slow!


3.   Be realistic about your expectations


Weed isn’t some magical panacea that’ll cure all your medical conditions and give you a permanent state of bliss. It won’t resolve your problems for you or get you out of the issues you’re dealing with. It can only act as something extra to sweeten the pot. Cannabis will act as the relaxing massage you need at the end of a busy day. It alleviates some of your anxiety and depression when going through some tough times. It can also treat your chronic pains and aches. But it won’t cure every disease imaginable!


Effects of weed


Weed has some pretty specific psychoactive effects. All of them are tied to the influence of the cannabinoids on your endocannabinoid system. THC and CBD interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body. In turn, they can control some of your physiological functions, including:


  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Hunger
  • Pain sensation
  • Immediate gratification
  • Fight or flight reflex
  • Stress and fatigue sensations


Weed regulates these sensations and states of mind when smoking weed. More THC equals more stimuli to your immediate gratification and mood, which makes you euphoric. Similarly, you become calmer and more at ease with yourself. The pains and aches gradually disappear, as well. Cannabis strains produce different effects based on their profiles. Sativas are very euphoric, and Indicas are very sedative and relaxing. Each one has its role for the large consumer base in Calgary, Canada.


Therapeutic benefits of cannabis


Besides psychoactive effects, cannabis also heals your body and mind in what are called therapeutic benefits. The scientific community already researched these benefits and found out that medical marijuana can:


  • Alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Relieve chronic and neuropathic pains
  • Help with multiple sclerosis
  • Treat nausea, headaches, insomnia, and appetite loss
  • Assist with PTSD symptoms
  • Manage symptoms of ADHD and ADD
  • Help you with bipolar disorder
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Decreases aches and muscular pains


Both Indica and Sativa strains can help with these symptoms, though each strain has its ups and downs. For instance, Sativas tend to be more energetic and euphoric, and they’re not exactly good for insomnia or relaxation. You don’t want to take a super euphoric Sativa if you want to take a good nap without feeling the arthritis pains. Instead, smoke a bit of Indica and you’ll feel sedated for the next few hours! Even some couch-lockdown is coming down if you smoke enough.


Sativas are good for when you need a boost up, just to take up and reinvigorate your day. It’s the morning jolt that you need to get up and start working. A Sativa strain will fill you with euphoria and motivation, giving you the energy needed to perform your work efficiently. Sativa-dominant hybrids include a bit of relaxation and sedation toward the end of the high, which is welcome all the time. Indica hybrids are just the opposite, only that they improve your mood as well.


Where should I buy weed in Calgary?


Calgary is a big place, and so is Canada. Throughout all of Canada, there are countless online dispensaries, each selling their own products. You can use any one of them to buy weed. Though, most of them don’t guarantees the weed you buy is good quality. Some online dispensaries offer that guarantee, and MMJDirect is the most reputable among them. It’s the most renowned Canadian online weed dispensary that you can find. Among its products, you’ll find weed strains, hash, shatter, CBD products, edibles, capsules, concentrates, and more.


It has the most varied and expansive stock among all the other online dispensaries. As a potential consumer, you’ll find this to be very helpful, especially when you can’t decide what to buy. MMJDirect has handy descriptions for every product and category, explaining exactly what the products do, and how you can use them. Very few online dispensaries in Canada are so dedicated and loyal to their customer base. You don’t even have to take our word for it! Just take a look at some of the reviews on our products and you’ll see for yourself.


Weed is never a bad idea. Unless you have severe mental problems or you’re predisposed toward psychoticism. Then, you shouldn’t consume weed for your own safety. Otherwise, you can use weed to treat many medical conditions, including PTSD, cancer, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, OCD, and more. With its help, you can improve your quality of life substantially, while relying on a natural and organic product. Most products on MMJDirect contain no artificial supplements that may or may not pose negative side-effects.