MMJDirect vs. BMWO

Comparison: BuyMyWeedOnline vs MMJDirect

The advent of legal cannabis in Canada has brought sweeping changes to how people buy weed. One of the biggest innovations since the legalization of marijuana is online dispensaries. Now, customers have access to selection and quality previously unheard off from black market dealers, and they can find it all from the comfort of their own home.

However, buying weed online isn’t without its shortcomings. Customers who buy weed online are essentially purchasing sight unseen and placing a great amount of faith in the vendor they choose. Today, we’ll breakdown the differences between two online dispensaries: BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) and MMJDirect.



Sometimes to understand a company, it’s best to see how they view themselves. It’s important to understand the history and values that forge a company’s identity. Here, we’ll break down the path each of these two online dispensaries has taken to get where they are. 


According to their website, BMWO has 50 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry. The company’s members fought for marijuana legalization before 2018, and since then they’ve risen to become one of the most-respected names in the industry. As a result, BMWO sees selling marijuana as more than a business. To them, it’s an extension of the work they’ve put it over countless decades to make weed legal in Canada.


Founded in 2016, MMJDirect may not have the decades of experience in the cannabis industry that BMWO has. However, just because it’s a new company doesn’t mean it isn’t legit. MMJDirect is dedicated to providing the simplest, streamlined online weed buying experience to their customers. To that end, the company always strives to provide high-end service to its clients, and help them forge a deeper understanding of marijuana and cannabis culture through its how-to guides and blog.


One way that dispensaries can set themselves apart from the competition is by offering peerless selection. If one company can provide their clientele with strains, edibles, and other products that customers can’t find anywhere else, chances are they’ll keep coming back.


BMWO has one of the best selections you’ll find among online dispensaries in Canada. They provide customers with unique 41 strains, running the gamut on genetics. They also offer a slew of processed cannabis products including hash, concentrates, and edibles. To round out their selection, BMWO also stocks a variety of smoking accessories, and even stocks a few different strains of magic mushrooms, to boot.


As far as selection goes, MMJDirect doesn’t leave anything on the table, either. They also stock 41 strains of weed, including indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Their selection of concentrates, hash, edibles, and accessories is also on par with BMWO’s, leaving the two on fairly equal terms as far as cannabis inventory goes. However, MMJDirect does offer a higher selection of magic mushrooms and psilocybin infused products, giving them a slight advantage in this category.


Ultimately, reputation is one of the most important factors for customers who buy weed online. If an online dispensary has a bad reputation, chances are it’s at least partially deserved. Likewise, an online dispensary with a good reputation among all of its clientele is likely to present a simple and effective buying experience. 


There certainly are plenty of opinions about BMWO. First off, there’s plenty of positive hubbub surrounding this online dispensary. Many customers praise BMWO, and about three of every four customers report that they’re satisfied with their experience, according to some sources

However, not everyone is satisfied with BMWO. There are plenty of customers who report that the company hasn’t delivered their orders, some going so far as to call BMWO a “scam.” Some clients reported that they never received their purchases. Some did, but only after jumping through countless hoops.

One former customer recounts a time when they bought a half ounce of Blue Dream. They were told they’d receive their order in a week, but after 10 days, they still hadn’t received anything. After numerous conversations with BMWO’s customer service department, the customer paid for overnight shipping, but didn’t receive their purchase for another two days. Once they did, they were severely disappointed with the quality of the weed they received.


Although there aren’t as many reviews about MMJDirect as there are BMWO, all of them are positive. One Reddit thread detailing online dispensaries in Canada provides a large contingent of satisfied customers. Users posting in the thread took special note of MMJDirect’s discounts and specialty programs.

In addition, reviews from former customers on multiple separate websites corroborate MMJDirect’s quality, legitimacy, and dedication to its customers. One former customer elaborates at length on their favourite products, noting the quality of MMJDirect’s flower, hash, shatter, and customer service.


For some shoppers, one factor reigns supreme above the rest: pricing. On some level, everyone is a cost-conscious consumer, and pricing can make or break an online dispensary’s legitimacy.

Below, we’ve broken down the pricing differences between BMWO and MMJDirect. We compared prices for Citrique on both sites. That way, we can make direct comparisons between the pricing each online dispensary offers.

AmountBuyMyWeedOnline PriceMMJDirect Price
Eighth (3.5 g)$44.50$38.50
Quarter (7 g)$86.50$73.50
Half (14 g)$157.50$140
Ounce (28 g)$273.00$252

However, it’s important to note that BMWO offers customers free shipping on orders of $99 and up. In contrast, MMJDirect only offers free shipping on orders of $149 or more. As a result, customers who are planning on spending between $99 and $148 may end up saving money by shopping with BMWO even though they charge more for their product.

Winner: MMJDirect


Both BMWO and MMJDirect are top-tier online dispensaries. Their selection vastly outmatches the majority of their competitors. Their pricing is comparable, although for large orders, MMJDirect is the better option. BMWO’s reputation is somewhat mixed though, whereas MMJDirect has nothing but happy customers.

As a result, MMJDirect narrowly beats BMWO in a head-to-head contest. MMJDirect’s positive reputation gives it the main advantage over BMWO, although pricing also leans in MMJDirect’s favour. Don’t believe us? Take the challenge and check out MMJDirect for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.