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Indica dominant


Lindsay OG Information

This potent indica may not enjoy the level of popularity as some better-known strains, but don’t let that fool you. Lindsay OG is a fairly rare strain, and hasn’t had the opportunity to get its name out there. But its huge THC concentration, which can reach 23 percent or higher, combined with its gassy and pungent aroma, make it a great choice for indica-lovers and Sour Diesel enthusiasts alike. As a potent indica, this strain emphasizes the sedative effects of cannabis. As a result, it’s best saved for a nightcap or relaxing at the end of a long day. A truly epic strain, only try Lindsay OG if you’re ready to discover your new favourite.

What does Lindsay OG Look and Smell Like?

A member of the famous OG family of strains, Lindsay OG features a similar smell to many of its cannabis compatriots. Its aroma combines the pungent scent of earthy tones and diesel fuel, and it sends a delightful tingle through the nose of any unsuspecting smoker. Once sparked up, Lindsay OG has a sweeter flavour, combined with the unmistakable musk of skunk. Lindsay OG develops forest green buds as it reaches maturity, which are crowned with bold orange and amber hairs.

What are the Effects of Lindsay OG?

As a heavy indica, Lindsay OG focuses on producing the sedative properties of cannabis plants. It has potent indica effects bordering on narcotic, able to knock even the most experienced stoner into a couch-lock with its body high. In addition to the high it produces, Lindsay OG may have several possible health-related benefits. For example, some sources state that cannabis may be able to effectively reduce swelling, improve sleep and appetite, and eliminate chronic pain. As a result, it may be able to alleviate several issues like insomnia, arthritis, and glaucoma.

37 reviews for Lindsay OG

  1. Zein

    Danky strain with citrus notes, smells gassy but is sticky as hell! Stronger indica that I’ve used before sleeping, works great!!
    Might not look the prettiest but burns slow and kief sticks great to these buds!
    Had to get a separate grinder for this strain haha, no regrets.

  2. Bruce

    Good smoking herb. It has a lot of turpine pine flavor. The buzz is melow and lasts 45min. Looks like average bud with not a lot of red hairs.

  3. Jeremy

    As far as indicas go you can’t really go wrong with this one, but be prepared for the couch-lock potential. Tastes good with a sweet flavour, and pretty orange hairs. Get it on sale if you can. Good strain.

  4. Alexandre

    Vraiment bon, doux gout terreux, effet instantane et qui dure ,sent pas trop fort. Mais c du og apres,tout!

  5. Stephone

    Beautiful nugs with sweet almost citrus notes. This is a wonderful wind down the evening after work bud

  6. Madeleine

    I bought Lindsey OG on sale as it a bit of a pricier strain, but I think it would definitely be worth it even at regular price! I was looking for a nice nightime indica and this definitely gave me the relaxing and couchlock feeling I was looking for. It was great for winding down before bed! The scent is quite piney and the nugs looked great. It was a smooth smoke and I found it super tasty as well.

    Would definitely recommend!

  7. Shaun

    Lindsay OG is not one to smoke cruising down the main drag, you’ll get sniffed out a mile away, having said that, this one is a great Indica for an evening walk along the river where you can blame the aroma on a wayward skunk. This one tends to be best matched with an evening where you want to let the day slide away and ease into a restful sleep, and not feel like you missed everything after supper when you wake it the next day. I find this one great for reflecting on the day prior to sleep without getting so deep as to become anxious. That’s a good combination in my opinion.

  8. Heather

    This is one of my favourite Indicas on here. MMJ always has good quality products and this one does not disappoint. You’ll get a good body and head high, and it really mellows you out. I found it definitely helped put me to sleep when I was ready without knocking me right out. Good strain, highly recommend for an indica strain.

  9. Lindsay

    This is by far one of my favourite strains and it happens to be my namesake one! 🙂 I use cannabis mostly to manage chronic pain and aid with sleep and this is one of the best strains for both. It is a bit heavier hitting for those new to cannabis or who are not frequent users, so be mindful when trying this if you are not a regular consumer. This strain will leave me feeling relaxed, will lower my pain significantly and will eventually make me drowsy, allowing me to drift off about 1-2hrs after consuming. This is definitely an evening/night strain as it can leave you couch locked and tired.

  10. Edgar

    Relaxing strain that allowed me to unwind at the end of a stressful day. It’s thick resiny buds remind me of a kush strain. It’ll help you get to sleep. It helps me focus! I feel like a broken record, but it’s working in your favour mmj…sticky…stinky…..THICC

  11. Brenda

    This is a tasty, potent little bud. I experience trouble with migraines, OA and fibromylgia with insomnia. I only need a one vape tube full and I am sleeping like a baby. Anyone in pain will tell you sleep is hard to come by sometimes. Lindsay OG is a very sticky bud that might require a little more cleanup then some because its so sticky but it is well worth every second it takes me to clean the tubes od my vaporizer. I have also smoked this flower. Very smooth. it doesn’t grab your throat like some do.

  12. Benjamin

    I was curious to see if this Lindsay OG was similar to the phenotypes that we have here in Ontario.
    I was pleasantly surprised. Light, fluffy buds were not too heavy in the hand, easy to grind and roll.
    A nice, kushy taste with earthy undertones.
    Left me feeling nice and relaxed – which is usually the case with a true Lindsay OG.

    I would recommend for purchase.

  13. Ryan

    Mmj never fails to impress! This flower ended up being a lot better than I expected, it looks appetizing and it certainly feeds the hunger. One good sized toke make me feel like a warm blanket is being pulled over my body

  14. Keaton

    Honestly Lindsay OG snuck up on my girlfriend and I, it was more potent than we anticipated which was a pleasant surprise.

  15. Nicole

    By far one of the BEST Indicaa this site has ever had… it sells out like wild fire so if you see it and u enjoy sleep… Enough said…
    Highly recommended for its floral notes, smooth smoke and ability to put you OUT!!
    You will not be disappointed

  16. T.J

    As a heavy daily smoker for over 25 years, I’ve had a heck of a time finder strains that help me get a good nights sleep. Until I found Lindsay OG here at MMJDirect that is. Amazing Kush flavour that goes down easy. Possibly too easy. A deep indica stone that allows me to get to sleep fast and stay asleep the whole night. It erases stress, aches and pains. One of my favourites that I look for on here. I buy it every time it’s available and have never been let down.

  17. Tammy

    I had high hopes for this so maybe that’s why I’m a bit disappointed. The buds were the same size as the small ounce special I got. It did burn nice and have a slight pine taste. I also found it dried out quite quick. Will try again because we normally like this strain!

  18. Ryan

    Lindsay OG is a good selection for those seeking a nice relaxing Indica glow without being too overpowered. Its dense buds are dark green and smell earthy with a hint of sweet and sour. It burns slow and tastes smooth, but otherwise doesn’t really stand out. As far as OG hybrids go, Lindsay OG is quite middle of the pack. I personally prefer a little more sweetness and a lot more punch, say OGKB, but perhaps that’s just nitpicking. After all, mmjdirect does spoil me. 😌

  19. Jamelie

    Damn first off the buds were so beautiful and smelled so nice, it definitely put me in a relaxed head space, as I needed. Ive had insomnia for a long time and this indica strain really hit the spot when it comes to tuning down that voice inside your head, it put my inside voice right to sleep so that I can have a good night sleep. The smoke and the buzz is great

  20. Georgia

    Highly recommend, this has been one of my go-to for a LONG time. Always a great quality, and hits well. It is one of the ones I use primarily for insomnia. Will order time and time again without fail

  21. Cedric

    Please do yourself a favor and buy this wondefull weed. All of your stoner friends will be jealous. Great packaging and fast delivery.

  22. Kirsten

    I had this for my birthday and we rolled it up into a huge joint. it was awesome, got a whole party high and took a half hour to smoke.

  23. Patrick

    As usual, my girlfriend and I were thoroughly excited to try out this product by HOF. It didn’t disappoint. The buds themselves were tight. Cleaned perfectly and cured just right for my liking. The smell was strong and aromatic and hit the high, Earthy notes. I rolled it up. This wasn’t my first experience with Lindsay OG. We smoke a 1g joint and we were both pleased with the sweet, Earthy taste and the strong, heady buzz that came with it. Shortly after smoking this pot, we were on total cruise control. Light and tasty and totally recommended. Great batch, again!! Thanks.

  24. Jason

    I def. would recommend this strain . Love the effects and taste !!

  25. Tina

    This is very versatile weed. I highly recommend it for someone wanting to drop anxiety or pain levels. For some reason I can smoke a lot of this and still stay laser focused, which is useful for work. Great buds! I also love the taste of this in my vaporizer. I usually roll a fatty and just work it down over the course of a day. Surprisingly tasty, but it smells very weedy if you have neighbour issues better take it outside. A repeat buy.

  26. Jeffrey

    Really sticky and fresh. It has great taste and I want to give more than 5 stars for the crazy potency.

  27. Romain

    Decided to give a try to House of Fire, just for name 😀

    Definitely do not regret, the quality is here. Tight and sticky buds, nice colour, strong smell, excellent high.
    Be careful about when you smoke it, it becomes sedative after a certain amount and may induce you in sleep without really noticing it !

    Price is on the premium side but 100% recommended for any strong indica lover, even better with some oil added to the joint !!

  28. Andrew

    Nice aroma, nice colour, nice effects. Nice.

  29. Cole

    This was my first time buying AAAA bud from here and im pretty happy about my purchase. The bud is super sticky and it tastes good. My only complaint is that the bud I got was kind of compressed, I was expecting a better presentation for AAAA quality but Im just nit picking at this point. Would give 4.5 stars if i could

  30. Alana

    Holy resin batman! If you love sticky dank weed, this strain is likely for you. I started out opening the bag and it hit me with a strong aroma, but the real fun started when I tried to bust it up. You’ll want some popeye strength or a good grinder with these buds because they are STICKY. Due to that, they are tricky to roll, but once you get the joint going you won’t be disappointed. It hits you hard and fast, plus it’s a slow burn so a joint lasts a good while. This is a very potent flower and beginners should go low and slow. Personally, I found it a little overpowering, so those prone to anxiety should take care.

  31. Brandon

    Whenever I can’t find Pink Kush I like to turn to Lindsay OG. The flavors are incredible and complex, yes sure it’s the “kush” taste I’m not even sure that can describe it well enough. I taste pleasure, I taste relaxation, calmness with a very strong floral gas exhale. This was even tastier than the Master Kush I got at the same time which is saying quite a bit as Master Kush rarely lets me down. I walk home from work after a long day with a joint of Lindsay OG in hand and everything seems to be ok. When I get home I have the energy to make dinner (and the appetite ^_^ ) but I feel like a joint in the morning would burn me out at work once it wears off so it’s best to keep this one for evening use.

  32. Justin

    This is one of my favourite cannabis strains. The smell is very dank/piney and the buds are fairly large ,having a decent look overall. The indica effects are strong with this one; it really helped to ease stress and gave me a potent state of euphoria in my darkest days of depression and anxiety, without a trace of paranoia. If you want to be creative and motivated, try not to take in too much at once; this will undoubtedly leave you couch-locked.

    Overall, an incredibly pleasing strain in just about every way possible. Would give this at least 7 starts out of five if that were possible. Definitely not one of the cheaper strains, but you certainly get what you paid for!

  33. Matthew

    highly recommended! the taste of this prodct is so good. the clarity of the bud is also somthing speical. only recommended this weed for night time users, this will help you with any sleeping issues. also if u need a quick boost of energy or boost of love. Lindsy OG Has got your back, and always will. This is a 5 star product.

  34. Alexandre

    Another of the of branch ,
    These strains never let you down,

    Indica so had what i was looking for nice sticky nuggs !

  35. Ryan

    Nice smooth smoke with wonderful piney taste… Didn’t die coughing but got me to were I needed to be after a couple tokes.. Nice healthy looking buds I grabbed an Oz and the smallest bud was 1.5g if you like indicas this is fire

  36. Anonymous

    It’s so sticky that the paper sticks to the bud when rolling.

  37. Todd

    Not the prettiest but maybe the tastiest.

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