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Lindsay OG Information

This potent indica may not enjoy the level of popularity as some better-known strains, but don’t let that fool you. Lindsay OG is a fairly rare strain, and hasn’t had the opportunity to get its name out there. But its huge THC concentration, which can reach 23 percent or higher, combined with its gassy and pungent aroma, make it a great choice for indica-lovers and Sour Diesel enthusiasts alike. As a potent indica, this strain emphasizes the sedative effects of cannabis. As a result, it’s best saved for a nightcap or relaxing at the end of a long day. A truly epic strain, only try Lindsay OG if you’re ready to discover your new favourite.

What does Lindsay OG Look and Smell Like?

A member of the famous OG family of strains, Lindsay OG features a similar smell to many of its cannabis compatriots. Its aroma combines the pungent scent of earthy tones and diesel fuel, and it sends a delightful tingle through the nose of any unsuspecting smoker. Once sparked up, Lindsay OG has a sweeter flavour, combined with the unmistakable musk of skunk. Lindsay OG develops forest green buds as it reaches maturity, which are crowned with bold orange and amber hairs.

What are the Effects of Lindsay OG?

As a heavy indica, Lindsay OG focuses on producing the sedative properties of cannabis plants. It has potent indica effects bordering on narcotic, able to knock even the most experienced stoner into a couch-lock with its body high. In addition to the high it produces, Lindsay OG may have several possible health-related benefits. For example, some sources state that cannabis may be able to effectively reduce swelling, improve sleep and appetite, and eliminate chronic pain. As a result, it may be able to alleviate several issues like insomnia, arthritis, and glaucoma.

4 reviews for Lindsay OG

  1. Alexandre

    Another of the of branch ,
    These strains never let you down,

    Indica so had what i was looking for nice sticky nuggs !

  2. Ryan

    Nice smooth smoke with wonderful piney taste… Didn’t die coughing but got me to were I needed to be after a couple tokes.. Nice healthy looking buds I grabbed an Oz and the smallest bud was 1.5g if you like indicas this is fire

  3. Anonymous

    It’s so sticky that the paper sticks to the bud when rolling.

  4. Todd

    Not the prettiest but maybe the tastiest.

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