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Blue meanies Information

Blue Meanies contains a vast amount of psilocybin, even in comparison with other mushroom strains. One of the things that makes Blue Meanies so good is its concentration of tryptamine alkaloids. These compounds provide a more intense psychedelic experience thanks to extremely high levels of psilocin and psilocybin.

Its high potency is one of two reasons why this mushroom bears this name. The other reason is the blue bruising spots on the stalk. However, these bruises are also a sign of its increased potency. A regular psychedelic trip on Blue Meanies lasts about 4-8 depending on the quantity ingested and your tolerance.

What does Blue Meanies look like and how should I take them?

Blue Meanies are magic mushrooms just like all the others. Though, they’re slightly different in terms of shape and looks. The key difference is the blueish undertone dotting the stalk. This is a sign of their extreme potency. Other than this, Blue Meanies have longer mushroom tops and thick white stalks.

What are Blue Meanies’ effects like?

Blue Meanies are extremely potent, which is why we recommend consuming them in low doses. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a sitter watching over you. The environment needs to correspond to the type of trip you want to have. Although, these mushrooms aren’t known for their bad trips. You shouldn’t worry. Instead, you’ll experience pure bliss and euphoria, as well as visual and auditory hallucinations.

If you’ve consumed psychedelic mushrooms before, you know what to expect. A heavy body buzz will envelop you at some point, either before or after the high peaks. When it reaches the peak and starts slowing down, you’ll feel very relaxed, uplifted, and incredibly tranquil. Your mind and body are at unity, and you may experience epiphanies that remain with you for the rest of your life.

Magic mushrooms also provide therapeutic benefits. They alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, for instance. They may also help you overcome difficult traumatic experiences in life. Being so potent, Blue Meanies offer a way out of boredom and routine. They’re also very tasty and delicious!

132 reviews for Blue meanies

  1. Ebony

    so fun !!!!!

  2. Ebony

    so fun !!!!!

  3. Jen

    Great shrooms! Very nice buzz for me at 3g . Quite enjoyed these.

  4. Douglas

    Worked great, I’m beginning to prefer the dried mushroom to buying it in caps.
    I use my coffee grinder to reduce them to powder. I’ve started using the lemon tekking method to ingest the mushrooms. It doubles the effect and reduces the duration of the high by about half.
    Stronger and shorter works for me.

  5. Donald

    Very nice

  6. Samuel

    Great strain! Amazing body relaxation, great visuals and insights. My go to when the family is away for the day.

  7. James

    I love blue meanies and these were awesome. I use them to get the best calisthenics workout and find they drive and motivate me to do more. Highly recommended!!

  8. Chtistian

    Bought these for microdosing and Im very satisfied. Great and relaxing buzz from these, definitely recommend.

  9. Pablo

    My favourite. Mean mean little guys

  10. Karl

    Get a good friend or friends , don’t drink alcool with it !! , ask life something like i would loke to be kinder with my clan and make them laugh more put smile on people faces (that’s me) and you might just heal your soul (I’m still in a very good mood 1 week later) took 3.5g , be smart no alcool with it and smoke something like very nice Girl scout cookie from mmj at the end of it 🙂

  11. John

    Slightly stronger visually than others I’ve tried. Proper blue meanies. I personally had my favorite experiences ever with mixing them with golden teachers. Together it felt like my vision and body were enveloped in a warm blanket of love. Alone, absolutely wonderful if in nature, or watching something visually striking. These have very little body load, and I find in lower doses I have a lovely time talking to people, and I’m naturally not very talkative. Blue meanies are bar none my favorite mushroom. Proper visuals, and a good level of introspection that seems to lean away from overwhelming. If they needed a nickname, I would call it bliss. That said, they’re strong, which means you don’t need to take as much; to me that is a win.

  12. Robert

    These are more of a low and slow experience than some others (Penis Envy / Melmac). My experience (3g in tea) has been a mild euphoric experience lasting 5-6 hours with mild to moderate visuals while remaining very lucid.
    Blue Meanies fall solidly in the middle for overall effect, Stronger than Golden Teachers and weaker than Penis Envy. They seem like a very good fit for a lower dose while doing chores around the house kind of vibe.
    I would recommend them as a viable option if your favorite is out of stock, but not as a go-to (Penis Envy) or for a first experience (Golden Teachers).

  13. megan

    I bought this strain for both microdosing and trips, it was my first time trying this one.

    I found them very good for regular microdosing. Mood boosting, and more effective as microdose than golden teachers have been.

    I took about 2g for a trip and they were HEAVY! Not in a bad way, but way more intense than other strains I’ve tried. Overall good though!

  14. Sean

    Lovely little mushroom. Powerful, recomend half your normal dose. Awesome visuals and energy.

  15. Jessica

    Blue meanies are where it’s at! I bought these to microdose with and help with mental health and I can’t believe the difference. I think im going to be a blue meanie fan for life. Definitely stocking up on this!

  16. Corey

    These little meanies pack a punch. Great for a night by the fire

  17. Sunny

    As a first-time explorer of the psychedelic realm, my encounter with Blue Meanies magic mushrooms was an unforgettable initiation into a world of enchantment and wonder. With a mix of nervous anticipation and intrigue, I cautiously embarked on this extraordinary journey. As the effects began to take hold, a gentle sense of euphoria enveloped me, easing my initial apprehension. The visuals were astounding, with colors appearing more vivid and shapes seemingly alive with a mystical energy. Blue Meanies took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, guiding me through moments of introspection and bursts of childlike joy. Amidst the awe-inspiring experience, I felt a deep sense of respect and connection with nature, as if I was tapping into the heartbeat of the universe itself. Though the journey had its challenging moments, I emerged from it with newfound insights and a greater appreciation for the mysteries of existence. Blue Meanies offered me a glimpse into the vast potential of the human mind and spirit, leaving me eager to continue exploring the transformative power of these magical mushrooms.

  18. Magali

    I loveeee the Blue Meanies! Everytime we laugh so hard my friends and I! Deeply reccomend this one!

  19. Alex

    Nothing but good experiences with MMJDirect. Prompt delivery, high-quality products at a great price (both cannabis and psilocybin products), and very discrete. Would recommend to everyone.

  20. pranjal

    Really Good Experience, Went for a nice walk after taking 2.5-3gs. would recommend some nice music with it.

  21. Simon

    This one is a good in-between strain, stronger than golden but less than penis envy. I suggest you to take a small dose if its your first trip. Nice visual effect and euphoria. I like this strain. Make sur to be in a good mood before doing a trip on these. ✌️

  22. Branden

    Strong visuals after taking the tea they came on in about 20 minutes after that started getting all teary-eyed and yawning you could tell it was going to be very intense and then after that I started to feeling paleo erection which led to full body Shivers and entanglement with with the environment eventually went into a almost non-physical realm where I melted into the Earth and became one visualization with the sky and then the Stars tried to suck the soul out of me very very strong on a 7 GM experience great for inner healing realization all around the ultimate Experience on any psilocybin product

  23. Martin

    My best shroom strain, Nice quality

  24. Tim

    Excellent Blue Meanies. Great mind

  25. Marisa

    These shrooms took me to another level. I felt like my body transcended and I was in zen mode. All shrooms give me some slight anxiety at first but once this was over, man I felt so good and euphoric. Definitely would recommend!!

  26. Justin

    The appearance is just like what you see in the photo! Golden brown caps with white stems and those distinguishing blue streaks along the stems.
    As far as flavour goes, they taste like any shrooms do: like cardboard. That’s ok though, much worse-tasting things than cardboard.
    The high is solid, but I never took a big enough dose of these to say wat the high-dose effects are like. What I can say overall about these mushrooms, seems to me like they’re about the best you can get value-wise.

  27. Imtiaz

    Title: A Psychedelic Odyssey: Exploring New Horizons with Blue Meanie Mushrooms

    Let me share with you my awe-inspiring experience with Blue Meanie mushrooms. Intrigued by their reputation for delivering intense and introspective journeys, I decided to delve into the world of psychedelics and purchased these captivating fungi. Little did I know that this choice would lead me on a profound expedition of self-discovery and expanded consciousness.

    Upon ingestion, the Blue Meanie mushrooms gradually took hold of my senses, ushering me into a realm of heightened perception and introspection. Their potency became evident as vivid visuals danced before my eyes, painting my surroundings with vibrant colors and intricate patterns. The effects unfolded gracefully, giving me ample time to explore the depths of my psyche and confront both my fears and aspirations.

    One of the notable qualities of Blue Meanie mushrooms was their ability to induce a state of deep introspection and self-reflection. They allowed me to unravel the layers of my subconscious, providing profound insights into my life and relationships. The experience was both humbling and empowering, as I gained a newfound understanding of myself and the interconnectedness of all things.

    As for the taste, Blue Meanie mushrooms had a distinctive earthy and slightly bitter flavor. While it may not be the most palatable, the taste was a small price to pay for the extraordinary journey that awaited me.

    In conclusion, if you are a curious explorer of the mind seeking a transformative experience, Blue Meanie mushrooms might just be the catalyst you’re looking for. They offer a gateway to profound self-discovery, expansive consciousness, and a deeper understanding of the world around us. However, it’s important to approach these mushrooms with respect and caution, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for your journey.

  28. Alfred

    The taste ok, I make it into a tea so It was good. The experience was great, everything I hoped for. The visuals we awesome, went for a walk and had a great time in the forest lol 🍄 🍄 🍄 🍄 🍄 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  29. Jordan

    These Blue Meanies weren’t as I was expecting, they tasted weird compared to other batches of shrooms I’ve tried.
    The effects were still potent but it felt like this batch of blue meanies wasn’t grown with the utmost care.
    I have gotten great quality shrooms from MMJ before.
    I contacted them about my dissatisfaction and they said it was from a supplier they hadn’t gotten from before so I trust that i’ll be happy with my next order.
    Thanks for being one of my favorite places to buy shrooms MMJ!

  30. Brad

    I ate 3.5 grams.

    Felt balanced and peaceful, connected, sustained euphoric, waves of delight mingled with silliness and hard laughing, awareness, solitude, in control, and put together.

    Was very still, resting, passive yet so wonderfully alert to my surroundings which where trees, water, creek, sky, clouds, birds, animal footprints in snow, moon, venus, jupiter, orion, sirius, listening to owls awake and getting ready to do their thingy thingy thing. Many times I bowed my in silence and reverence.

  31. Amardeep

    I recently purchased Blue Meanies from MMJ Direct and I must say, I’m really impressed with this product! I bought it because I had heard good things about it and was curious to try it out. It did not disappoint! The effects were really potent and long-lasting, providing a strong cerebral high that was both uplifting and relaxing at the same time. I found it to be a great strain for socializing or creative endeavors, as it helped to boost my mood and energy levels.

    In terms of taste and smell, Blue Meanies had a strong earthy and pungent aroma with a hint of sweetness. The buds themselves were dense and sticky, covered in trichomes and boasting a beautiful blue hue. Overall, I would highly recommend this strain to anyone looking for a powerful and enjoyable experience. And of course, I have to give a shout-out to MMJ Direct for their excellent delivery and quality of product. I’ve been a satisfied customer of theirs for a while now, and they never disappoint!

  32. Kerris

    They were great. Great price per gram! Had a good trip. I bought it to try and see if it was fun. Would do again

  33. Sarah

    Big fan of these. My boyfriend loves mushrooms and had taken them multiple times before. I am not as experienced but have taken them a time or two. We made tea with these by blending them up and putting them in a tea bag, mixed with a mint tea bag. Love the way these make you feel, very giggly and definitely very effective. The blue meanies are quite strong which I remember us reading up about. I like making tea out of the mushrooms because I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to psilocybin. Can also make chocolate out of them or add to a charcuterie board- shroomcuterie. Would purchase again and the 28g bag lasts quite a while!

  34. Amaya

    These are a great alternative to penis envy and provide a good middle ground for potency. Good visuals on these!

  35. John

    Blue meanies marked my return to Mushrooms after a very long time indeed (I believe last use was 2001 or 2002?) I enjoyed the experience immensely, though there were many moments where the name became obvious (ie meanie) they were not friendly to start! I had an experience where I felt like an insect trapped in a spider web for at least an hour! It felt like I was experiencing a lot of what the mushroom had eaten to grow (ie I think the mushroom feed on the spider) It was terrifying and yet mesmerizing and helped me deal with a subset of anxiety related to death and aging.

    Once we moved past the terror part, a new personality emerged for a bit! It was highly entertaining, not my usual self or high by any stretch and I had a Slavic accent for the remainder of my trip (first language English – Canadian) Though I have been studying other languages (including Ukrainian) this felt like not entirely me. But fun and manageable!

    Definitely trying again to help with anxiety related issues (as counterintuitive as it seems!) As a musician, these helped me explore a darker side that I often shy away from and it has given me some depth of insight which I appreciate! Would recommend highly, but probably not ideal for first timers (see my Albino Penis envy review if you’ve never tried shrooms – though low dosage recommended for first timers).

  36. Kaylee

    Things where nice 😁 yes!!

    I shared these with a few friends so we didn’t get a super dosage each but we went out and enjoyed some live music, the light show was definitely enhanced, dance moves felt good, and big smiles from our group.

    I recommend these for all to enjoy, would like to reorder and have bigger dose and see how the next light show goes!

  37. Anthony

    well it was amazing. it started with lights coming from every corner of the room, it surrounded me with a warm feeling. lights that are hard to describe came from my finger tips. i felt i was close to some spritual awaking. i ate about 3 grams with some choclate. very intese trip lasted most of the night. i kept my gf awake laughing but she noticed how normal i was the next day. i feeling of peace came over me for the next fe days. i highly reccomend.

  38. Marianne

    Blue meanies? Yes, please. These beauties certainly delivered an excellent experience.

    They are way more potent than many other types out there, so start low and go slow.

    I combined these with White Wizard ( which on their own at the same dose, were pleasant but a bit wimpy). 1g WW 1g BM is super fun, great visuals, music had texture, my appetite was good, and I enjoyed focus and creativity throughout. Definitely will order Blue Meanies again! 😘

  39. Chris

    I have noticed alot of mentions about how they taste good and I agree. They are one of the better tasting shrooms out there. Like so good you could fry them up and throw them on your burger. Which brings me to the next part of the Review. I did indeed use these for culinary. And it was premo. If your someone who likes to experiment with edibles and food you have to try these, soups, steaks, burgers, pizza holy moly your getting hungry and so am I. Highly highly recommend, and the high itself is not over the top it will give you some nice visuals If you are a gamer or movie goer. I tripped nutz watching the mandalorian. Then jumped into doom eternal my dreams were insane lol.

  40. Laska

    Love this strain – strong powerful – good visuals – love them for my journey

  41. MMj

    These things are crazy.

    Bought 14 grams and spaced it over a few months.
    These things are insane.
    The potency on these mushrooms were incredibly surpirising and my trips were very zen and peaceful.
    Visuals were extremely intense and music was such an incredible concept to experience.
    Simple concepts were incredibly hard to grasp 😅 I found myself constantly stumbling
    Over my words as if I was as thinking too fast 😭
    Overall these were great mushrooms I highly recommend these.

  42. Rick

    Great product. Bought these a month ago after trying Golden Teacher microdose from a local storefront dispensary. This Blue Meanies hit really nice seemingly in my opinion feel about 2x stronger than those Golden Teachers. I take on average .5 to.1g(1/2
    in AM and 1/2 in PM) on WEEKDAYS grinded up in some size #4 (120-240mg capacity – .56″ length) gelatin capsules. WEEKENDS I’ll settle in for Hockey Night in Canada with .5mg to 1.5-2g and get a nice good buzz for a few hrs depending how much I eat during the game. Haven’t tried any Hero doses yet. I need to be ready for that! I’m writing this now after taking 1G and don’t want to stop writing.. haha

    I have noticed an immediate increase in my job satisfaction and productivity. Working in an office is usually dull and boring but these help make the day Brighter. I hate people less lol.. and generally feel peppy.

    Thanks!! and I’ll be for sure placing another order soon. Take care MMJ community!

  43. Cole

    I bought these after trying the golden teachers. I wanted something with a little more oomph and im happy i bought them. I feel like these kicked in a little faster than the teachers while still not being overwhelming. Good strong clean buzz with little confusion. Come down was smooth and gentle.

    Overall a great purchase for someone looking to go on a real trip. I recieved 2 giant mushrooms in the package and got a couple extra grams out of it. Cannot complain, mmj always has great products

  44. Richard

    great high when mixed with other types and taken in microdose

  45. Josephine

    Great stuff! Have been enjoying these guys by micro dosing at social event and live music shows. A blue Meanie micro dose is relaxing and fun, Made live music such an experience. Take these guys and get out there! And have a deeper appreciation for nature, friends and music.

  46. Michael

    Blue Meanies…the go to strain. Doesnt hit you so hard that time and space cease to exist but just enough to make you question their existence. I usually buy these in bulk and try out a different strain in a lower quantity.

    I am a 20 year veteran of psilocybin so my tolerance is high but no problem with 4 grams to start. If you are new to zoomies but are looking for a life altering, ego-dissolving, experience I would not go lower than 3 grams. 2 for decent visuals and some interesting thoughts. Keep it at a G if you have to have important conversations in the near future lol.
    5 stars, this is the best/only supplier Ive needed. Discrete, organized packaging. Ships and arrives on time, as ordered and in good condition. Never any issues with quality but Ive had a more expensive “tester” strain not perform as I hoped. Blue meanies though…always good to go!🤙

  47. William

    Was very good, not too intense but at the same time feeling like your floating, i love em

  48. Justinian

    Love these, they are strong, they work, you don’t have to wonder when, how, how much, should I take – no, the feeling is probably hitting you right now and I hope you are sitting down in a fuzzy blanket. These are my – I want to do it once, and I want it to work – shrooms for taking the edge right off. I take about 2g, I would say these are intermediate or experienced level, wouldnt have wanted a trip like this straight off unless I was ultra prepared with good company. My go-to now.

  49. Alexandre

    Bien aime ceux ci,merci mmj!

  50. Paul

    Blue Meanies, I have micro dosed Blue Meanies for past couple years, I so enjoy the feel, the awareness, enhanced sensations the high that I control. Blue Meanies are pretty amazing mushroom I would not hesitate to say BM and Golden Teachers are my go to, thanks MMJ for the opportunity to purchase.

  51. Eyal

    Love Blue Meanies!

  52. Acacia

    Parfait pour faire en microdose!

  53. Chance

    Blue meanies. Very nice colours. Really enjoyed these magic mushrooms. Very nice and strong. Felt connected to everything in a positive way, good euphoric experience, improved my mood. life is good. Thank You.

  54. Randy

    A nice high, visual at high doses. I loved mixing these with the strain called King Kong.

  55. Rob

    Purchase and delivery was flawless. Arrived half way across the country in less than 4 days. Sealed package. Good strain. Mix of heads and stems.

  56. Rachel

    I have never tried Blue Meanies before ordering them from MMJ. I kind of just wanted to try something new and the reviews seemed good. The mushrooms were tiny and crunchy, very easy to grind up. I usually like to make tea with my shrooms because I’m not the biggest fan of eating them dry but this time I ground them up and mixed them in rice pudding (sorry if that sounds gross it honestly was really chunky lol but worked for me). I found that the high was fun while mellow enough to do some crafts and stuff. I only took about 1-1.5 grams or so at once so I know that if I increased the dose I’d likely have a much more psychedelic high which I’m looking forward to trying again. I tried taking some more after like a couple hours but it didn’t really give the effect I wanted so I know moving forward not to randomly layer doses but to intentionally set out a dose. I also found that (this seems obvious) I had a much better experience when I made a very clean and comfortable environment with ambient lighting. I typically have a lot of sensory sensitivity to lights and sounds and sensations but I was very at ease knowing I could come up/down in a relaxing space.

  57. Jim

    I really enjoyed the blue meanies. I usually microdose Golden Teachers about .3 of a gram 3 times per week. This helps with my depression.
    I bought the blue meanies for FUN and they hit that mark. 🙂

    Did 1.5 gr on an empty stomach. within 30 minutes I was smiling hard.
    Within an hour I was getting some mild distortions and a really pleasant high.
    High was a only about 4 hours but it was a great 4 hours.
    Because I microdose on a regular basis, I have a certain tolerance, so they may hit a newb a little harder.
    Enjoy your trip.
    I cant wait to receive my next order 🙂
    I am just ordering more because I enjoyed the last ones so much.

  58. Rebecca

    I had about 3g and didn’t really experience much of anything. Next time I’m going to get a little scale to make sure I have enough because my guess wasn’t good enough.

  59. Danie

    I’ve tried a few different mushrooms and from a few different producers but I keep coming back to these blue meanies. Great quality and taste, and wonderful trip. They are definitely some of the more potent mushroom though, so test a small dose and work up from there! Definitely recommend being in nature while enjoying these as setting can make a pleasant trip or a freaky one.

  60. Karie-Anne

    Amazing product! Such a wonderful experience. I have figured out what my body needs. Start with a small amount then work up. I also use these to microdose now and then. My anxiety has lessened and feeling much more positive. 👍

  61. Ryan

    Second time ordering these, very nice buzz, much stronger then the cubenesis family, nice big mushrooms with a long lasting buzz. Tee flavour was much more acceptable then some of the smaller mushrooms imo.
    Great audio and visual hallucunations. Is a stronger mushroom so 3 grams and you will be feeling very good.

  62. Ryan

    Absolutely love these. I always make them into a tea (really helps with the nausea and come up is faster) so I can’t speak to the taste really, but the effects are euphoric and uplifting and bring on really amazing visuals. Trip lasted a solid 4 hours, would take again (and again and again!)

  63. Christopher

    Fantastic variant. Kinda smooth but also lots of visuals. Great fun and not mean at all 🙂

  64. Tony

    Loved this product. Laughed all night long with a few close friends. 👌

  65. Hugues

    J’ai bien aimé mon expérience. Pour un usage de petite quantité et plus grande. État de bienêtre. Pas fan du goût des champignons (mgik ou cuisine confondue), mais ça passe biern avec autre chose.

  66. Victoria

    I bought Blue Meanies with a few ideas in mind. I wanted a fun trip, and I wanted to come out of it lighter, motivated and relieved. Truly, I got all of that. I enjoy watching Fiction/Fantasy movies on shrooms, the visuals are fun, I laugh a lot and the body-high is awesome. I feel taller on Blue Meanies, and my favourite way to have them, is adding 2-3g to a large fruit smoothie and having a glass of wine. So happy with my purchase, and I will buy again!

  67. Vicki

    Blue meanies are my go to for a fun day/night. Each time I take 1-2 g’s with 1-3 friends we spend the entire trip laughing. Anytime I order a new type I add some blue meanies for good measure. Good for first time or experienced users

  68. Ricky

    These mushrooms are a very good delight. It sure makes you laugh. The visual is also great. If you looking to have a fun these are the ones for you. 5 out of 5 for me on these mushrooms but be careful if your an beginner these mush are very strong but good. I’ll definitely buy these again

  69. Sookie

    Been trying Blue Meanies for a couple of times and I started at 1.5g. It tasted like shitake mushroom so it wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t like the texture. I experienced a good high that lasted about 4 hours, though I felt nauseous the whole day. After the high wore off, I felt lighter, refreshed, more awake, and better mood like immediately. I will keep taking Blue Meanies but next time I will try to make lemon tek as I heard it will help prevent the feeling of nausea.

  70. Aden

    Relatively new to shrooms and these were a really cool experience the past few times I had them. I find now that I’m comfortable with them 3.5-4g seems to be when I have the most fun and still stay coherent enough to remember the experience.

  71. Chris


    I haven’t done shrooms since I was in my early 20’s, I am 38 now, and they are fucking awesome! I was skeptical about buying online with the potency, and even weight; but the weight was right there and 2.5g gave my 285lb ass the prefect ride.

  72. Robin

    Went into a deep meditation and journey into the spiritual world of consciousness. This medicine is so therapeutic and way healthier than any chemical or synthetic pharmaceutical. Thankful to be able to have this available from such a local source.

  73. Valentina

    A really great general shroom! I had an excellent time taking these. Remained calm while also feeling a nice sense of high.

  74. mathieu

    Great high after trying 2g at once.Put a blue fibonacci filter on my vision.Great product and on par with Penis envy strain.Thank you

  75. Guillaume

    I have been using shrooms a long time ago and I remembered it being fun and very rewarding. So I decided to try these little blue guys.
    I did about 2g over a 3 hour period.
    Friends, a pool table, much sunshine all added up to make me feel like I was on the summit of a happy climb.
    I was unable to wipe the smile off my face, it was such a great feeling.
    I highly recommend for people who need a mood boosting experience.

  76. Cian

    Best Mushrooms ever. 5 stars. These hit different

  77. Jeremy

    Don’t let the name fool you: these mushrooms aren’t mean at all, they are actually quite nice. They are powerful though, so proceed with caution if you are an inexperienced user. Side note, they look like a proper psilocybin mushroom should, so it’s got that going for it. Classic.

  78. Derek

    Very worthy mushroom strain, very good for micro dosing, or leaving this plain of existence, choose your own adventure

  79. Daria

    I bought these for my friend, and he really enjoyed them. That said, he did notice they were a little ‘creepy’ if we could call it that? Not that they gave him bad trips exactly, but it was always something a bit challenging as an experience. A bit frightening, a bit heavy on the psyche. He only uses doses under 2G, and often around only 0.5, so I wonder if he would freak right out at a 4G dose.

    He is definitely a seasoned mush user, and was curious about Blue Meanies since he’s never had an opportunity to try them until now. But they just sound like they are more scary to use than his favorite B , for example. Still enjoyable, and he’s glad he could try them. He would use them again, but with very intentional and curated set/setting, versus a more whimsical trip.

  80. Paul

    I purchased the blue meanies… my new favourite along with the golden teachers. The delivery and service was great all through Canada Post. I’ve shopped around and nobody competes pricewise with this organization so well done keep up the great work I’ll be ordering again soon.

    Paul in Calgary

  81. Marco

    Excellent product and exceptional customer service

  82. Brandon

    Blue Meanies are my go-to mushroom for their powerful and long-lasting visual and auditory perceptual effects: expect vivid colours and life-altering inner guidance and the awareness of deep meaning in the flowing interconnectedness of everything built upon a benevolent connection to nature: people, plants, animals…all the way to the moon and stars! From micro to heroic doses, Bleu Meanies facilitate incredible intrapersonal and interpersonal growth that last years (perhaps to a lifetime, but I’ve still got some time to go to prove that). Note that, for me, the first stage effects can be a bit startling and even anxiety-provoking; however, those dark moments are usually very instructive as they bring to the surface much wisdom and, as a prelude to what is to come, even greater peace and wisdom—all of which actually has a marked and profound positive effect on one’s being and those who witness the clear and obvious metamorphosis in you. Remember to prepare—in advance—with good intentions (mindset) and consume in a happy, safe environment (setting), both alone or with trusted friends. Duration of effect: 4-8 hours. Personal earth-shattering and heaven-building experiences await!

  83. Amber

    I discovered shrooms about 2 years ago as a last effort to help with my depression and outlook on life. 2 years ago my life changed, and I have been so happy ever since. It has been lots of trying new things to find the best fit, and I think I have finally found it with the Blue Meanies. I have not had a bad trip yet.

    I pair about 3 grams with some CBD and feel amazing for weeks. Taste terrible as do all mushrooms, but I grind them up in a manual coffee grinder, and add lemon and honey, then choke it all down. Takes 15 minutes to kick in, and i’m smiling for hours. Amazing visuals, but it seems to hit a bit different every time. Most shrooms react pretty bad with my stomach, but I don’t have any issues with the Blue Meanies for some reason.

    These babies are worth their weight in gold, but with MMJD, they are amazingly affordable.

  84. Ali

    Amazing !! Never a bad experience. Eat with chocolate! Fun time clubbing = 2-2.5g.
    More intense thought-provoking trip 3-4g. Lasts 4-8h, take earlier in the day so you can sleep at night! Repeat purchaser because theyre so good

  85. Rares

    Incredible visuals during a fulfilling blissful trip. Can’t wait to have responsibility free time again to dive deeper into where these babies can take you.
    One of the best trips I’ve had in a long time and kinda wishing I had saved these for myself instead of sharing. This is the strain you reserve space for in your private stash! Will definitely repeat buy this once all the Easter spending is done!

  86. Karim

    These were a lot of fun, would do it again.

  87. Will

    My girlfriend and I really like these. We find the effects to be nice and fast.

  88. Corey

    Had a blast with these!
    Me and a buddy kept taking more and more all night long listening to music and laughing so hard…we ended up taking about 15gr between the both of us over 6 hours.
    Amazing!!! So much fun!

  89. Simone

    I’ve made chocolates with this strain several times and have had great reviews and feed back. Light and euphoric, MMJ has always delivered potent and reliable mushrooms.

  90. Wilton

    First time trying anything like this and was impressed definitely order again

  91. Christa

    I am always sceptical when it comes to mushrooms. My tolerance is pretty high. Half a mushroom with a cannabis edible is enough to get me some waves, colours, patterns and feeling pretty high. One or two of these get me feeling pretty good. The visuals aren’t bad, I haven’t taken a high dosage but even with low dosage I can get some movements. They taste like most mushrooms.. woody. I had a long intense conversation with myself when I paired these with cannabis. It opened my eyes to a low of things. My reality changed slightly and became less clouded. I started working on my inner and outer self to become a better person. That being said, make sure you’re in a good state of mind with these. It’s not hard to fall into a bad trip if you’re in a rough place. I had to pull myself out of a hole a few times. I don’t recommend pairing this with cannabis. However I’ll probably keep doing that as it makes the high very intense.. but it’s also easy to become way too high and well.. fall into a deep hole where it’s just too much. The reason I say I will keep pairing the two because despite the bad feeling when I pair the two together.. I always come out on top, it clears my mind and opens myself up to reality, and makes me more humble to myself. Every trip is different. Sometimes you just want to watch things move.. the next time you’re having a lot of deep thoughts about your life and where you’ll want to be.

    Once these go on a very decent sale where my wallet won’t mind.. I’ll be ordering some more

  92. Carol

    Blue Meanies are my new favourite. They are fun, positive, great visuals, and get the best giggles.

  93. Kolton

    I placed an order from this site, for mushrooms and some edibles for me to do to try and boost my mood during this COVID predicament. The package was delivered ahead of time, and I received everything I ordered. At first, I was a little uneasy about these guys and how reliable they are, but then again I am a high income earner, and $140 is not a significant loss to me (if a “loss” at all).

    I can confidently say that these people are trustworthy, and do keep to their word (from my experience, that is).

    I am sick and have yet to try the mushrooms and edibles I ordered, but once I try them, I will write a follow-up review telling how they affected me

  94. Weeb

    great high, not very halusinagenic but gave me the giggles for the whole high wich was about 2 hours

  95. Mykel

    Been a fan of shrooms for about 2 years for depression and PTSD have tried many different strains these blue meanies have been my hands down favorite and excellent price thanks MMJ!

  96. Paul

    These are excellent quality and strength. Thanks to MMJDirect for being ahead of the curve. Highly recommended.

  97. Simon

    What a trip we made !!!!
    I can’t explain you how much we laugh, it was sick. I have purchase it juste because it was on sale and it was one of the better result quality/prize. I certainly recommand this type of mushrooms

  98. Keith

    Love these – price is amazing, smooth/fun high, used to go for golden teachers and penis envy’s but these are just as good or better! Just ordered another oz 🙂

  99. crystal

    These mushrooms were great, I really enjoyed them. I ate a small piece and had a nice high. I bought it because I have only ever bought penis envy and I was curious about other kinds. This is a good product if you are just starting out with mushrooms. You can still be cautious and don’t eat the whole mushroom which is what I recommend for a more chill high. It was a decent high, it wasn’t too much I couldn’t handle, its a lot similar to the penis envy so I felt safe with my comfort level of taking them.

  100. Brandon

    Blue meanies, well, obviously good. But, in my option not great. However, I did re-order. 😉
    Taste again “obviously” woody in texture but not offensive by any means. Mild body buzz is your first sign of any trip – and this is the same. Not much as far as open eye visuals go, but a great grounding buzz

  101. Jeffrey

    Got an Oz of these on sale for an excellent price. Love the sales on mmj, usually something always discounted, it’s great.

    This strain was very enjoyable and I had an excellent trip. Highly recommend.

  102. Evelyn

    I am a relatively new shroomie and was referred to this website through a friend. I bought a small dose of this and boy was I blown away. I made them into chocolates and the effect was blissfully amazing. I HAD to come back and get more. 10/10, will be re-purchasing.

  103. Katie

    Woah this is the real deal! I’ve tried blue meanies before but they weren’t as potent as this! The visuals were a lot more intense, I noticed a lot more swirling/moving visuals which I usually only see on a higher dose (I took 2.5 grams of the blue meanies). The only downsides is it took a while for them to kick in, almost 2 hours, but that may have been because I did not take them on an empty stomach. The taste is not great either, but that is to be expected haha.

    Overall, these are definitely worth it for the price. I bought 28 grams for around $70 when there was a sale. I would recommend waiting for a sale as it seems MMJ has quite a few of them!

  104. Jared

    I dont understand the price whatsoever! Thank you please keep it like this haha! Very potent ! A little bit uneasy tummy but I often get that if I don’t make lemontek. Very happy experience with these, went for a wonder in a light mist in the woods. Tranquility…. will buy again for sure!

  105. Maude

    Wow what a trip, I thought I would just do a small , so I took 4 grams, 2.5 to start and then 1 gram about an hour later thinking that I must have some tolerance from the previous amount I just did…. Wow was I wrong….. Never have I been smacked in the face so goddamn hard!!!! I’ve done blue meanies before but this batch is killer absolute killer.

    Thanks for the shrooms!! 😛

  106. Mike

    This is overall a exceptional mushroom. The second strongest in visuals and a very strong body buzz. Theses mushroom are super light weight but big thick and crispy. It’s definitely the hardest mushrooms to chew up and get down due to the dusty texture but they are always one of the cheapest in prices but highest in dosage so this is a must try for every fun guy🍄

  107. Shellena

    Excellent and Mellow trip. 🙂

  108. Drake

    These are great. I’ve been microdosing this strain because of the price and the potency. 250mg every 3rd day. Really improving My mood. I personally suffer from sever anxiety and mind depression and these have become part of my medical schedule ***(This is not medical advice, I have full blessings from my doctor and you should discuss it with a doctor prior to microdosing as I have)***

    Now as for full doses I tend to stick to 1.5/2 grams, gives you the euphoria and mild hallucinations. I tend to avoid large doses due to my anxiety. That being said I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this strain and I’m slowly working my way up!

    If you are looking for a great price for shrooms with quite potent effects, you can’t go wrong with the Blue Meanies for MMJ.
    Strongly recommend 🍄🍄🍄

  109. Tess

    The blue meanies are my favorite! Very visually stimulating. I’m guaranteed to feel and see the in under an hour. Sometimes effects hit as soon as 20 minutes after consumption.

    Colours are enhanced, mood is boosted, and there are beautiful visual effects. This can turn a grey day into a a colourful and Happy Bob Ross painting.

    They aren’t bad for taste either. I can chew them as is or grind them and add to food.

    This product is always consistent and it’s my go to every time!

  110. Emma

    A great high for the price! My friends were in town for the weekend so we decided to do these and everyone had a great trip. I ate them on toast with peanut butter and couldn’t taste a thing. My friend made them in tea and we all had an amazing time. Visuals were great while playing Mario on the Nintendo switch. Would definitely repurchase.

  111. AARON

    These were amazing absolutely served their purpose of taking me where I needed to be

  112. Samuel

    Great strain! Took a couple of grams, try to do it every couple of weeks to help ground me in reality as the rest of the world whizzes by and can sometimes get lost in the rat race. I always recommend to friends trying the same.

    I get bad come-ups since this one time on truffles so now I make teas which helps with the stomach’s digestion.

    Nice euphoric high, energetic and loved being outside it rained so it was a beautiful day connecting with nature. Taste good too 🙂

  113. Julius

    Very awesome, high quality, potent mushrooms. I was feeling kind of down lately with the Covid situation so I figured I’d try some shrooms. Order arrived within days in a discreet package. It has a strong earthy taste. (My brother actually loved the taste!) I usually take around 2g for some fun yet manageable chaos.

    I took 3g of the Blue Meanies and was absolutely at my limit in the best way possible. Super strong visuals and hilariously good times. I experienced a sense of euphoria and just felt really connected spiritually. Everything just seem more interesting. Music sounded more crisp. Tried playing video games and colors on the screen were just mesmerizing. Had a slight headache the next day although I heard drinking lots of water helps so I’ll do that next time.

    Highly recommended. They are the most introspective medicine out there. (Will try a different strain next time!)
    Extremely good value especially when its on sale.

  114. Kirsten

    I bought these to take in the morning because I wake up in a bad mood. These help me relax and start my day off in a positive way. I take them in doses of 1/4 tsp and 1/2 tsp in the evenings when I have nothing to do. It tastes awful and should be taken with food or something sweet. I like to blend them with other types of mushrooms and mix them in a food processor. I just carry a little measuring spoon and a little jar of my blend and I am good to go anywhere anxiety and anger free.

  115. Laura

    Fantastic very potent trip from these. Lots of visuals and tracers. Very euphoric feeling

  116. Matthew

    One of my favourite strains. I’ve had some of my best trips on these. Very nice visuals and a super clean and relaxing high. Introspection and connection with nature are prominent. Highly recommend.

  117. Geri

    I shared with a few friends on a beautiful July afternoon and we spent an afternoon on the deck laughing. These things make the world come alive for me and you often could find me in the bathroom being amazed at the color and and patterns I was seeing in the floor. Same thing outside – I could swear I could see the flowers breathing! I have not shroomed in 40 years and it was a ton of fun.

  118. Joseph

    My best one yet for visuals and creativity ❤️😃

  119. Benjamin

    When will these be back in stock?? 😋

  120. Giovanni

    High-quality product

  121. Andre

    My intake is usually up to a gram and i found these to be a bit better than the golden teachers or simular.
    The buzz is always a few hours of pure delight.

  122. Jack

    Very weak. Dissapointed. Did 1 gram. Waited 1.5 hours, very little happening so I did another gram. Another 2 hours go by and I fell asleep. Won’t be purchasing again.

  123. Jordyn

    It’s such a great purchase because it allows me to still be aware of my surroundings but a lot happier and more energized than I typically am. I’ve had it 3 times now and every time it gives me the same great effect. It honestly doesn’t taste that bad, I usually eat it with a fruit and all I taste is the fruit. I keep buying it because it makes me feel great and I’ve never tripped out on it before and it doesn’t make me overthink like others have in the past.

  124. Jennifer

    Such a great buzz, makes everything brighter . Nice 4-5 hour buzz. Will definitely buy again. Great bang for your money.

  125. Caitlin

    Was very disappointed, both my s.o. and myself ate 3 grams each and felt barely anything. No visuals, no euphoria just a few yawns and unable to sleep even though tired. Will not be purchasing again.

  126. Patrick

    The Blue Meanies experience was filled with everything. It began with a powerful anxiety as I unpacked them. Gross! I loved it! Split a half quarter with my girlfriend. They were so dark and dirty. They tasted as horrible as you imagine sweaty gym socks might. The mushrooms hit fast and hard. Very uplifting and positive. No visuals for us, even though we were hoping. Definitely a fun time. This is the way.

  127. Emily

    More headache relief/head buzz than others, and can use a smaller amount. I microdose, and 0.3g of these feels roughly equivalent (and better feeling tbh) than 0.6g of golden teachers

  128. Randall

    Blue Meanies are nice and strong. I felt they’re the perfect strength for me as I only take them on rare occasions. I will be ordering the Blue Meanies when I want to have my next journey

  129. Donna

    What an experience!
    As expected, this product was great quality and dried to perfection.
    These blue meanies add an extra kick of euphoria when adding them with golden teachers!
    I felt giggly and my senses seemed to increase, I found a lot of enjoyment out of just observing things and how they look.
    The effects were surprisingly long lasting too, I took a small amount and the experience wasnt too overwhelming, even the day after taking them I still found that I wanted to be in nature all day!
    Thanks MMJ for the great variety of medicine!

  130. Matthew

    Hello! These Blue Meanies were very strong, in my mind the high was very intellectual and made me think a lot. this is not a mushroom i reccomded socializing on or doing with groups of people! they tasted just like any psilocybin mushroom! these didn’t help me as much as penis envy did! ill always reccomnded those to anyone! they are the best medicine.

  131. Renee

    Omg best tasting mushrooms ever! They have a sense of something else. Honestly they were not in the couch kind we each took 2grams and had perfect euphoric experience we watched loving and loath in las Vegas or w.e its called it was a crazy movie to watch while on shrooms we laughed at so much stupidity but remember every thing that happened. The sex too was absolutely amazing I do recommend this again it’s fantastic for once in a while kid free adult fun!

    Woke up this morning feeling like a queen. No “hang overs” at all feel so refreshed my body is perfect and so is my mind.. Lots have been happening in life general and its so nice to be relaxing and not worrying about life.

  132. Guillaume

    strong.. perfect.. i love it!

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