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Blue Meanies Information

Blue Meanies contains a vast amount of psilocybin, even in comparison with other mushroom strains. One of the things that makes Blue Meanies so good is its concentration of tryptamine alkaloids. These compounds provide a more intense psychedelic experience thanks to extremely high levels of psilocin and psilocybin.

Its high potency is one of two reasons why this mushroom bears this name. The other reason is the blue bruising spots on the stalk. However, these bruises are also a sign of its increased potency. A regular psychedelic trip on Blue Meanies lasts about 4-8 depending on the quantity ingested and your tolerance.

What does Blue Meanies look like and how should I take them?

Blue Meanies are magic mushrooms just like all the others. Though, they’re slightly different in terms of shape and looks. The key difference is the blueish undertone dotting the stalk. This is a sign of their extreme potency. Other than this, Blue Meanies have longer mushroom tops and thick white stalks.

What are Blue Meanies’ effects like?

Blue Meanies are extremely potent, which is why we recommend consuming them in low doses. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a sitter watching over you. The environment needs to correspond to the type of trip you want to have. Although, these mushrooms aren’t known for their bad trips. You shouldn’t worry. Instead, you’ll experience pure bliss and euphoria, as well as visual and auditory hallucinations.

If you’ve consumed psychedelic mushrooms before, you know what to expect. A heavy body buzz will envelop you at some point, either before or after the high peaks. When it reaches the peak and starts slowing down, you’ll feel very relaxed, uplifted, and incredibly tranquil. Your mind and body are at unity, and you may experience epiphanies that remain with you for the rest of your life.

Magic mushrooms also provide therapeutic benefits. They alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, for instance. They may also help you overcome difficult traumatic experiences in life. Being so potent, Blue Meanies offer a way out of boredom and routine. They’re also very tasty and delicious!

36 reviews for Blue Meanies

  1. Simon

    What a trip we made !!!!
    I can’t explain you how much we laugh, it was sick. I have purchase it juste because it was on sale and it was one of the better result quality/prize. I certainly recommand this type of mushrooms

  2. Keith

    Love these – price is amazing, smooth/fun high, used to go for golden teachers and penis envy’s but these are just as good or better! Just ordered another oz 🙂

  3. crystal

    These mushrooms were great, I really enjoyed them. I ate a small piece and had a nice high. I bought it because I have only ever bought penis envy and I was curious about other kinds. This is a good product if you are just starting out with mushrooms. You can still be cautious and don’t eat the whole mushroom which is what I recommend for a more chill high. It was a decent high, it wasn’t too much I couldn’t handle, its a lot similar to the penis envy so I felt safe with my comfort level of taking them.

  4. Brandon

    Blue meanies, well, obviously good. But, in my option not great. However, I did re-order. 😉
    Taste again “obviously” woody in texture but not offensive by any means. Mild body buzz is your first sign of any trip – and this is the same. Not much as far as open eye visuals go, but a great grounding buzz

  5. Jeffrey

    Got an Oz of these on sale for an excellent price. Love the sales on mmj, usually something always discounted, it’s great.

    This strain was very enjoyable and I had an excellent trip. Highly recommend.

  6. Evelyn

    I am a relatively new shroomie and was referred to this website through a friend. I bought a small dose of this and boy was I blown away. I made them into chocolates and the effect was blissfully amazing. I HAD to come back and get more. 10/10, will be re-purchasing.

  7. Katie

    Woah this is the real deal! I’ve tried blue meanies before but they weren’t as potent as this! The visuals were a lot more intense, I noticed a lot more swirling/moving visuals which I usually only see on a higher dose (I took 2.5 grams of the blue meanies). The only downsides is it took a while for them to kick in, almost 2 hours, but that may have been because I did not take them on an empty stomach. The taste is not great either, but that is to be expected haha.

    Overall, these are definitely worth it for the price. I bought 28 grams for around $70 when there was a sale. I would recommend waiting for a sale as it seems MMJ has quite a few of them!

  8. Jared

    I dont understand the price whatsoever! Thank you please keep it like this haha! Very potent ! A little bit uneasy tummy but I often get that if I don’t make lemontek. Very happy experience with these, went for a wonder in a light mist in the woods. Tranquility…. will buy again for sure!

  9. Maude

    Wow what a trip, I thought I would just do a small , so I took 4 grams, 2.5 to start and then 1 gram about an hour later thinking that I must have some tolerance from the previous amount I just did…. Wow was I wrong….. Never have I been smacked in the face so goddamn hard!!!! I’ve done blue meanies before but this batch is killer absolute killer.

    Thanks for the shrooms!! 😛

  10. Mike

    This is overall a exceptional mushroom. The second strongest in visuals and a very strong body buzz. Theses mushroom are super light weight but big thick and crispy. It’s definitely the hardest mushrooms to chew up and get down due to the dusty texture but they are always one of the cheapest in prices but highest in dosage so this is a must try for every fun guy🍄

  11. Shellena

    Excellent and Mellow trip. 🙂

  12. Drake

    These are great. I’ve been microdosing this strain because of the price and the potency. 250mg every 3rd day. Really improving My mood. I personally suffer from sever anxiety and mind depression and these have become part of my medical schedule ***(This is not medical advice, I have full blessings from my doctor and you should discuss it with a doctor prior to microdosing as I have)***

    Now as for full doses I tend to stick to 1.5/2 grams, gives you the euphoria and mild hallucinations. I tend to avoid large doses due to my anxiety. That being said I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this strain and I’m slowly working my way up!

    If you are looking for a great price for shrooms with quite potent effects, you can’t go wrong with the Blue Meanies for MMJ.
    Strongly recommend 🍄🍄🍄

  13. Tess

    The blue meanies are my favorite! Very visually stimulating. I’m guaranteed to feel and see the in under an hour. Sometimes effects hit as soon as 20 minutes after consumption.

    Colours are enhanced, mood is boosted, and there are beautiful visual effects. This can turn a grey day into a a colourful and Happy Bob Ross painting.

    They aren’t bad for taste either. I can chew them as is or grind them and add to food.

    This product is always consistent and it’s my go to every time!

  14. Emma

    A great high for the price! My friends were in town for the weekend so we decided to do these and everyone had a great trip. I ate them on toast with peanut butter and couldn’t taste a thing. My friend made them in tea and we all had an amazing time. Visuals were great while playing Mario on the Nintendo switch. Would definitely repurchase.

  15. AARON

    These were amazing absolutely served their purpose of taking me where I needed to be

  16. Samuel

    Great strain! Took a couple of grams, try to do it every couple of weeks to help ground me in reality as the rest of the world whizzes by and can sometimes get lost in the rat race. I always recommend to friends trying the same.

    I get bad come-ups since this one time on truffles so now I make teas which helps with the stomach’s digestion.

    Nice euphoric high, energetic and loved being outside it rained so it was a beautiful day connecting with nature. Taste good too 🙂

  17. Julius

    Very awesome, high quality, potent mushrooms. I was feeling kind of down lately with the Covid situation so I figured I’d try some shrooms. Order arrived within days in a discreet package. It has a strong earthy taste. (My brother actually loved the taste!) I usually take around 2g for some fun yet manageable chaos.

    I took 3g of the Blue Meanies and was absolutely at my limit in the best way possible. Super strong visuals and hilariously good times. I experienced a sense of euphoria and just felt really connected spiritually. Everything just seem more interesting. Music sounded more crisp. Tried playing video games and colors on the screen were just mesmerizing. Had a slight headache the next day although I heard drinking lots of water helps so I’ll do that next time.

    Highly recommended. They are the most introspective medicine out there. (Will try a different strain next time!)
    Extremely good value especially when its on sale.

  18. Kirsten

    I bought these to take in the morning because I wake up in a bad mood. These help me relax and start my day off in a positive way. I take them in doses of 1/4 tsp and 1/2 tsp in the evenings when I have nothing to do. It tastes awful and should be taken with food or something sweet. I like to blend them with other types of mushrooms and mix them in a food processor. I just carry a little measuring spoon and a little jar of my blend and I am good to go anywhere anxiety and anger free.

  19. Laura

    Fantastic very potent trip from these. Lots of visuals and tracers. Very euphoric feeling

  20. Matthew

    One of my favourite strains. I’ve had some of my best trips on these. Very nice visuals and a super clean and relaxing high. Introspection and connection with nature are prominent. Highly recommend.

  21. Geri

    I shared with a few friends on a beautiful July afternoon and we spent an afternoon on the deck laughing. These things make the world come alive for me and you often could find me in the bathroom being amazed at the color and and patterns I was seeing in the floor. Same thing outside – I could swear I could see the flowers breathing! I have not shroomed in 40 years and it was a ton of fun.

  22. Joseph

    My best one yet for visuals and creativity ❤️😃

  23. Benjamin

    When will these be back in stock?? 😋

  24. Giovanni

    High-quality product

  25. Andre

    My intake is usually up to a gram and i found these to be a bit better than the golden teachers or simular.
    The buzz is always a few hours of pure delight.

  26. Jack

    Very weak. Dissapointed. Did 1 gram. Waited 1.5 hours, very little happening so I did another gram. Another 2 hours go by and I fell asleep. Won’t be purchasing again.

  27. Jordyn

    It’s such a great purchase because it allows me to still be aware of my surroundings but a lot happier and more energized than I typically am. I’ve had it 3 times now and every time it gives me the same great effect. It honestly doesn’t taste that bad, I usually eat it with a fruit and all I taste is the fruit. I keep buying it because it makes me feel great and I’ve never tripped out on it before and it doesn’t make me overthink like others have in the past.

  28. Jennifer

    Such a great buzz, makes everything brighter . Nice 4-5 hour buzz. Will definitely buy again. Great bang for your money.

  29. Caitlin

    Was very disappointed, both my s.o. and myself ate 3 grams each and felt barely anything. No visuals, no euphoria just a few yawns and unable to sleep even though tired. Will not be purchasing again.

  30. Patrick

    The Blue Meanies experience was filled with everything. It began with a powerful anxiety as I unpacked them. Gross! I loved it! Split a half quarter with my girlfriend. They were so dark and dirty. They tasted as horrible as you imagine sweaty gym socks might. The mushrooms hit fast and hard. Very uplifting and positive. No visuals for us, even though we were hoping. Definitely a fun time. This is the way.

  31. Emily

    More headache relief/head buzz than others, and can use a smaller amount. I microdose, and 0.3g of these feels roughly equivalent (and better feeling tbh) than 0.6g of golden teachers

  32. Randall

    Blue Meanies are nice and strong. I felt they’re the perfect strength for me as I only take them on rare occasions. I will be ordering the Blue Meanies when I want to have my next journey

  33. Donna

    What an experience!
    As expected, this product was great quality and dried to perfection.
    These blue meanies add an extra kick of euphoria when adding them with golden teachers!
    I felt giggly and my senses seemed to increase, I found a lot of enjoyment out of just observing things and how they look.
    The effects were surprisingly long lasting too, I took a small amount and the experience wasnt too overwhelming, even the day after taking them I still found that I wanted to be in nature all day!
    Thanks MMJ for the great variety of medicine!

  34. Matthew

    Hello! These Blue Meanies were very strong, in my mind the high was very intellectual and made me think a lot. this is not a mushroom i reccomded socializing on or doing with groups of people! they tasted just like any psilocybin mushroom! these didn’t help me as much as penis envy did! ill always reccomnded those to anyone! they are the best medicine.

  35. Renee

    Omg best tasting mushrooms ever! They have a sense of something else. Honestly they were not in the couch kind we each took 2grams and had perfect euphoric experience we watched loving and loath in las Vegas or w.e its called it was a crazy movie to watch while on shrooms we laughed at so much stupidity but remember every thing that happened. The sex too was absolutely amazing I do recommend this again it’s fantastic for once in a while kid free adult fun!

    Woke up this morning feeling like a queen. No “hang overs” at all feel so refreshed my body is perfect and so is my mind.. Lots have been happening in life general and its so nice to be relaxing and not worrying about life.

  36. Guillaume

    strong.. perfect.. i love it!

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