Cannabis-infused Edibles are ideal for relaxation and pain relief. We only offer products from reputable manufacturers. If you want to order edibles online, MMJDirect is at your disposal!

When it comes to edibles, we have a great variety of Cannabinoid-infused products to choose from. We have THC Honey, CBD and THC infused Gummies and Cara-Melts, THC infused Chocolate bars, Oral Sprays, and Teas.

Edibles usually produce a ‘body’ high feeling, where your body and muscles feel very relaxed. Edibles are a great way to get consistent and effective dosing. Typically edibles start taking effect 30-60 minutes after consumption. The effects can be expected to last around 4 hours, depending on your metabolism. Edibles may last longer if taken at night and are a good way to fight insomnia.

How to buy cannabis edibles online, you ask? It’s a simple matter – select some of our products and checkout. After making the payment, we’ll process the order, and Canada Post will bring it to you.

MMJDirect strives to offer the best cannabis edibles available online in Canada.

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