Cannabis-infused Edibles are ideal for relaxation and pain relief. We only offer products from reputable manufacturers. If you want to order edibles online, MMJDirect is at your disposal!

When it comes to edibles, we have a great variety of Cannabinoid-infused products to choose from. We have THC Honey, CBD and THC infused Gummies and Cara-Melts, THC infused Chocolate bars, Oral Sprays, and Teas.

Edibles usually produce a ‘body’ high feeling, where your body and muscles feel very relaxed. Edibles are a great way to get consistent and effective dosing. Typically edibles start taking effect 30-60 minutes after consumption. The effects can be expected to last around 4 hours, depending on your metabolism. Edibles may last longer if taken at night and are a good way to fight insomnia.

How to buy cannabis edibles online, you ask? It’s a simple matter – select some of our products and checkout. After making the payment, we’ll process the order, and Canada Post will bring it to you.

MMJDirect strives to offer the best cannabis edibles available online in Canada.

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Why are cannabis edibles so good?

The critical difference between edibles and other products in our store is the consumption method. Edibles, like Caps, get absorbed through your digestive system. This process of absorption takes longer to kick in, but the effects will last longer than other methods of ingestion.

There aren’t much for standard dose recommendations for cannabis as tolerance levels rise with increased comfort of the effects. It’s generally recommended to ‘start low and go slow.’ If it’s your first time trying an edible think about a dose range of 2.5-5mg THC. Then increase your dosage levels with your comfort levels. Buy cannabis edibles online from MMJDirect, and we’ll even cover your transport fees if the order is over $150!

Who should consume cannabis edibles?

Cannabis edibles are beneficial for almost all, whether you’re looking to supplement some CBD or enjoy the relieving effects of THC. If you decide to order cannabis edibles online in Canada, then you have a good enough reason.

With the edibles on MMJDirect, you have a lot of options when it comes to consuming them. Take the 100mg Honey, for instance – you can either make a sandwich or pour some into your morning coffee. It works with pretty much anything you can think of, even with cooking and baking.

The THC Cara-Melts, on the other hand, are the perfect chewing buddy to take wherever you go. They look identical to regular caramels and no one will know that you’re actually consuming cannabis in an edible form. The Peppermint Bar looks and tastes like a world-class chocolate truffle bar with a strong peppermint aroma; it’s still cannabis though.

Our cannabis-infused edibles are ideal treats for when you want to grab a snack on the fly. Discretion at it’s sweetest! These edibles contain natural cannabis ingredients, and the manufacturers take special care in ensuring that the dosage marked is the dosage provided.

How to buy cannabis edibles online in Canada

There are a few better places where you can order cannabis edibles online in Canada. One of them is MMJDirect. We have a long-standing reputation for offering high-quality products at accessible prices and making sure our members’ privacy remains intact. We offer discretion and professionalism above all else.

Fill your shopping bin, proceed to checkout, write your delivery details, and you’re all set. All you have to do now is follow the payment details we will email you. After we validate the payment, we will process the order with Canada Post, and in 1-5 business days, you’ll have a pack or more of edibles on your porch, waiting to be consumed.

The payment procedure is absolutely safe and secure. Because we value our clients’ privacy and security, we made sure to employ foolproof payment procedures.

So, if you were wondering where to buy cannabis edibles online, MMJDirect provides the best selection. Our shipment procedure includes smell-proof bags and protective boxes meant to ensure the integrity of your purchased goods. We do not use any cannabis-related labels on the package, so as to maintain discretion and privacy.

Is it safe to buy cannabis edibles online? Safer than most things you can do on the internet, indeed. Our online cannabis store is where you can buy cannabis edibles online while knowing you aren’t exposing yourself to any risk. Our reputation ensures that we’ll provide excellent services and high-quality products!