When it comes to easing tension and easing pain, the cannabis topical simply can’t be beaten. 

It’s true — topicals are convenient, powerful, and effective. They allow cannabinoids to absorb directly through the skin, relieving all sorts of inflammation in the process. Discover what cannabis topicals are all about by shopping from one of Canada’s most trusted online sources!

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Getting started with topicals 

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, you might be wondering…what is a topical, even?

Simply put, it’s a type of cannabis product designed specifically to be placed on the skin. Most topicals feature cannabis extracts infused into a creamy, skin-friendly base. Some topicals take the form of salves and balms you can apply manually; others come in a convenient roll-on form that’s basically mess-free. 

Like many types of cannabis, cannabis topicals are pretty diverse, so chances are there exists a perfect topical for you! Topicals can even be luxurious (but more on specific products later).

Another plus: even THC-rich topicals don’t get their users high. That’s because topicals don’t tend to make it into the bloodstream intact; apply a THC topical to your knee and its THC content won’t circulate into your brain. If you’ve been searching for a way to get pain relief without any mental side effects, cannabis topicals may present the perfect way. 

The history of cannabis topicals

Another thing about cannabis topicals: they’re about as natural as it gets. Historical records indicate that topical cannabis was one of the very first types of cannabis ever used.  

Egyptian doctors used a type of cannabis topical called a poultice to improve eye health and glaucoma as far back as 2,000 BCE. Modern science confirms: cannabis could reduce intraocular pressure. And other ancient medical scrolls describe how using “[cannabis] ointment” can be great for “driving away fever.” 

Cannabis topicals were also used by the Ancient Hebrews…possibly. Their holy book, the Torah, actually includes a fascinating section where God instructs Moses to make a blend of myrrh, cinnamon, fragrant cane, and cassia, infused into olive oil. 

If one digs deep into the etymology of the original text, they’ll find that “fragrant cane” may well be a mistranslation of “kaneh bosem” — Hebrew for cannabis. Maybe that explains the mystical experiences Hebraic priests had, pretty much as soon as they anointed themselves with this special oil…

How do topicals work?

Moving forward to the present moment, perhaps you’re wondering what gives topical cannabis products their power. It’s simple: topicals work because they mesh perfectly with the cannabinoid receptors located on virtually every surface of your body. 

And while topicals don’t usually get absorbed into the bloodstream (perhaps with the exception of transdermal topicals), they provide powerful relief to virtually any area where applied, thanks to the special receptors they’re able to bind to.

Think of endocannabinoid receptors as little, cannabinoid-sensing probes. Your skin is full of them — particularly full of the CB2-type receptors that CBD activates. When you apply a topical to your skin, it quickly permeates upper skin layers and ‘turns on’ these receptors. And research shows this activation can unlock all sorts of anti-inflammatory processes. 

Cannabis topicals may bind to other receptors, too, even ones outside the endocannabinoid family. These include the TRPV class of receptors involved in something called nociception, or your body’s perception of pain. 

Think of it this way: cannabis topicals may reduce both inflammations (via activating CB2) and the pain inflammation often causes (via TRPV1). If that’s not holistic…we don’t know what is. Other health benefits of cannabis topicals may include: 

  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Reduced tension
  • Improved psoriasis 
  • Improved dermatitis
  • Reduced headaches 
  • Reduced TMJ pain
  • Reduced cramping
  • Better skin health
  • Better complexion
  • Faster healing from burns

How to use cannabis topicals 

Using cannabis topicals is as easy as it gets. If you’ve got a topical salve or balm, just use your hand to scoop up a liberal amount and then rub it into problematic areas. If you’re using a topical oil, the application is even easier. Just place a few drops wherever and rub them into your skin. And if you’re using a topical roll-on, things should be pretty self-explanatory. 

Topicals are also one of the easiest types of cannabis products to dose. Because they kick in fast, you’ll have near-instant feedback on how things are working. If you don’t feel enough relief, you can just apply a little more!

How often should you apply cannabis topicals? Once again, that depends on what your body is telling you. If a single application each morning is enough to keep pain at bay, great. But you may need to reapply your topical of choice every few hours. Topicals can easily be used in conjunction with tinctures, edibles, or capsules for synergistic effects. 

CBD topicals vs. THC topicals 

Just like many types of cannabis products, topicals can usually be divided into three groups: CD-dominant, and THC-dominant, and CBD + THC. What’s the difference between these groups? Each one has different qualities…let’s take a closer look. 

CBD topicals | CBD topicals often derive their CBD content from hemp. CBD topicals are great for tackling less severe pain and inflammation. Research shows they absorb into the skin more effectively than THC does. 

THC topicals | In general, THC topicals are stronger than CBD topicals — even though their absorption rate is lower.  That makes this type of topical a frequent favourite of customers with stubborn aches and pains. 

CBD + THC topicals | This type of topical might be the most effective of them all. It combines CBD’s higher absorption rate with THC’s higher mg-for-mg strength. Some topicals take the synergy even further by adding ingredients like essential oils or arnica. 

Finding the perfect topical for you

Are you ready to find the cannabis topical of your dreams? Or at least the right cannabis topical for your daily routine?

If so…hopefully learning more about the three major types of cannabis topicals helped. Here are some more details about the specific topical products we carry:

Muscle Rub | This versatile topical combines CBD, THC, and arnica to provide powerful pain relief. It’s designed to be rubbed onto sore or aching muscles, as the name implies, which makes it a favourite product of hard-training athletes. Actually, it’s a favourite product of pretty much anyone who wants to give their muscles a chance to relax. 

As an added plus, the ingredients in Muscle Rub are impressively pure. There’s coconut oil, essential oils, arnica, shea butter, and other good stuff — but nothing synthetic or hard to pronounce.  

Joint Balm | A longtime favourite, many customers have started calling this premium product the “arthritis balm.” It gets its pain-relieving strength from infusions of nettle and full-spectrum cannabis. Plus this balm’s vitamin E content makes it simply great for your skin. 

Canna Salve | Cannalife Botanicals delivers yet again with their powerful cannabis salve. The cannabis they use is premium and the other ingredients they use, as always, are pure: there’s Calendula, St. John’s Wort, Lavender, Chamomile Flower, and more. All this is placed in a base of organic coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. 

Pleasure Oil | Cannabis is good for more than just quelling pain, reducing inflammation, and the like. It could also spice up your sex life! This unique cannabis topical features a host of known aphrodisiacs designed to do exactly that. Its blend of cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, and cannabis confers warm, fuzzy feelings to any area it’s applied.  

To paraphrase Marvin Gaye, “when you get that feelin, and need [cannabis-enhanced] sexual healing,” consider this the product for you. 

Cannalife Lip Balm | No one likes having cracked or dry lips, so nourish yours with a cannabis-infused lip balm that features the best of what nature provides. Cannalife’s proprietary formula includes beeswax, shea butter, cannabis, and olive oil, all mixed to the perfect consistency. 

Rejuvenating Face Oil | Need to turn back the hands of time? If so, this anti-ageing blend is probably as good as it gets. Frankincense, rosehips, evening primrose, and more join forces with CBD-rich cannabis to naturally rejuvenate and refresh. Customers tend to be amazed at the results — but maybe they shouldn’t be, given how rich in antioxidants and other nutrients this Face Oil is.  

Massage Oil | Research shows that massage therapy may boost the endocannabinoid system. So why not add another boost into the mix with this cannabinoid-infused massage oil

That’s a rhetorical question, of course, because this oil features a blend of ingredients customers love: healthy oils, sweet orange, Ylang Ylang, and more. 

Pleasing Massage Oil | This massage oil comes to us courtesy of Big Bliss Botanicals — and it definitely lives up to its name. Loaded with 480mg of THC, it’s perfect for those who need to escape aches and pains and unwind at the end of a long day. Even the carrier oils Big Bliss Botanicals uses are healthy, which makes it easy to give your skin the antioxidants + affection it needs. 

This product may also be a great choice for any massage therapist looking to incorporate cannabis into their practice. 

feelcbd Relief Stick | Need relief? This CBD-centric topical could help! Each convenient roll-on features 300 milligrams of premium full-spectrum CBD. Between that and the menthol, lemongrass, and lemon eucalyptus infusion, feelcbd’s Relief Stick should provide all the relief you need. 

Like everything else we carry, this product’s ingredients are truly holistic. Its perfect texture is derived from a simple blend of beeswax, cocoa butter, and more. 

And while some CBD-only topicals lack the ‘kick’ of their THC counterparts, not this one. It features enough pain-relieving menthol to more than makeup for it. 

Shopping with us is easy

Ordering topical tinctures through MMJDirect is a streamlined, safe, and simple process. Here’s how it works. 

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The way we do shipping is also pretty straightforward. Your order will almost always get shipped within one business day of you placing it…and it’ll arrive within just 2-5 business days.

What about discreteness, you might ask? No worries — we use smell-proof vacuum-sealed packaging and ship our goods with Canada Post Xpresspost, one of the most proven carriers. Our delivery success rate is just about 100%. 

Our biggest focus: you

As much as we love cannabis here at MMJDirect, it’s actually not our biggest focus. 

No…our biggest focus would be you

Because ultimately, we’re fans of any natural product that uplifts your body and mind, whether that’s cannabis or hemp, THC or CBD, edibles or psilocybin. And because your quality of life is important to us, we carry as many different types of premium cannabis topicals as we can get out hands-on.