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Penis Envy Information

You might be asking yourself – “What is the Penis Envy Cubensis; what’s with the weird name?” The truth of the matter is simple. This psychedelic mushroom has the shape of a penis, no two ways about that. What you might not know is that this mushroom is among the most powerful ones in the world, in terms of its psychotropic potential. The word around town goes that the Penis Envy Cubensis was engineered by Terence McKenna, from the Psychonauts.

It has a thick and bulbous shaft, with a fleshy cap and a stalk that keeps on increasing in size, despite the opened cap. This mushroom is very dense, something very rarely seen in other Cubensis strains. This is a difficult mushroom to grow. While the spores look the same if you analyze them under the microscope, the production method is entirely different from other strains. Essentially, you can’t make any spore prints, and the only way to get your hands on Penis Envy Cubensis spores is through spore syringes.

How does this mushroom affect you?

The Penis Envy Cubensis Canada is a powerful psilocybin-based mushroom. The active compound is called psilocybin, evidently, and it affects your body in more ways than one. Essentially, you’ll be going through a mystical experience that varies from person to person. The size of the dose ingested will dictate the type of experience you’ll have.

For instance, a single gram of Penis Envy Cubensis causes potent effects that could be equal to two or three grams of weaker mushrooms. For this reason, we recommend starting with a lower dose, especially if you’re a beginner. The consciousness-altering effects of a psilocybin mushroom can be overwhelming and spooky for someone with little experience.

Some of the possible effects that can be felt from consuming larger doses of this mushroom are:

  • Time dilation perceptions
  • Hallucinations
  • Synesthesia (hearing colours and seeing sounds)
  • Fractal surfing
  • Uncontrollable bouts of imaginary events and phenomena taking over your mind
  • Witnessing cosmic entities

If there was one adjective to describe a trip with Penis Envy Cubensis, it would be wholesome. It’s unlikely to cause you to become sleepy or tired. On the contrary – you’ll likely feel energetic, euphoric, and intrigued by the so many visual and auditory perceptions you’re receiving from the trip.

Are there any medical benefits?

Consuming psilocybin has often been correlated with anti-depressive, anti-anxiety, and anti-stress benefits. People around the world use it to treat themselves with the various problems plaguing them. However, it’s best to consume within your comfort levels. What can help you cope with anxiety can often cause it in large doses, especially if you’re a novice with little experience with mushrooms. The mind-altering effects, time dilation, and even ego-death phenomena might scare the living hell out of you.

A few studies have also shown that psilocybin might have neuroprotective and neurogenesis-related functions. In other words, psilocybin mushrooms like the one we’re talking in this Penis Envy Cubensis review will promote neural genesis and prevent the decline of your neuronal functions. There are many reasons why you’d want to consume these mushrooms at least once in your lifetime. If you like them and they benefit you, all the better.

Buy Penis Envy Cubensis online and you’ll be in for a treat. Whether you want to Micro-dose smaller quantities for anxiety and focus, or if you want to take a larger dose and confront any lingering issues that you’re dealing with. Instead of worrying over the small things and keeping your mind occupied with stressful questions, let your thoughts flow freely, and your imagination break the boundaries of what you thought possible. Psilocybin mushrooms are considered by many to be the best way to escape from stress and depression!

Incredibly potent mushroom

There’s a good reason why the Penis Envy Cubensis is considered among the most powerful mushrooms in the world. The psychotropic effects are one of a kind because of the heightened potency. The physiological explanation for this simple – this mushroom has a much slower growth rate than other mushrooms. This allows for an increased psilocybin production from the spore stage to its adult stage.

Penis Envy Cubensis brings to bear a higher psychoactive potential than the vast majority of mushrooms. For this reason, you should carefully select the circumstances and moments when you use this mushroom. In larger doses, it will most certainly alter your consciousness, provoke hallucinations, and instill time-altering perceptions. The fractal visual stimuli will also temporarily impair your decision-making processes and overall awareness.

380 reviews for Penis Envy

  1. Brock

    Great product! Exactly as described.

  2. Ireland

    These are crazyyyy!!! I have had penis envy before but nothing like these ones. Be careful with them they are very strong. I shared with everyone I know who loves mushrooms and they all agreed that they were very strong and a great trip. I bought them because I know penis envy is a well known and consistently good quality strain. So if you’re looking for a strain that is potent and will lead to an enjoyable and long lasting trip these are for you!

  3. Caroline

    Loved this product and expérience ! 🙃🫶

  4. Jen

    Took a while to get them, but they worked. Good smooth ride on just over 5g, some warping of walls and time. Worth it.

  5. Omar

    Recently, I found myself in the company of close friends at a secluded retreat, a perfect setting for bonding and making memories. With a bit of apprehension, I introduced them to a unique find of mine, not entirely sure how it would be received. To my delight, it became the centerpiece of our evening, fostering an atmosphere filled with joy, laughter, and shared experiences that felt both profound and incredibly bonding. The consensus was unanimous; the quality far exceeded our expectations, offering a surprisingly pleasant experience that was both grounding and exhilarating. Surrounded by nature, the experience was heightened, allowing us to feel deeply connected to our surroundings and to each other in a way that was both unique and memorable. The camaraderie and shared visions that ensued were the highlight of our retreat, sparking conversations and reflections that lasted well into the next day. Reflecting on the experience, it’s clear this was more than just a momentary delight; it was a bonding experience that we all treasure. Based on this, it’s safe to say this won’t be our last encounter with such a remarkable find.”

    This review shifts the focus towards the communal and memorable aspects of the experience without detailing specific perceptions or reactions that could directly tie it to the original. It maintains a positive and reflective tone, emphasizing safety, connection, and the natural setting, which can be universally appreciated.

  6. Adam

    Absolutely mind-blowing! The clarity and depth of thought, mixed with bursts of laughter and joy, made for an unforgettable experience. It’s like we were all tuned into the same cosmic wavelength. Highly recommend!

  7. Amjad

    In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining focus on what truly matters can be a challenging task. My recent purchase of 14grams, has been a game-changer in this regard. I decided to buy this product after reading numerous positive reviews and researching its benefits. The primary reason for my purchase was to find a solution that could help me regain my focus on my current passions, which include teaching and coaching.

    I made it into a tea, I have noticed a significant improvement in my concentration levels. It’s fascinating how this product works; it seems to create a calm yet alert state of mind, allowing me to dedicate hours to my hobbies without feeling mentally drained. The impact it has had on my daily routine is profound. For instance, while I used to struggle to sit down for an hour of uninterrupted work, I can now easily immerse myself in my activities for longer periods. This has not only boosted my productivity but also reignited my passion for organizing lesson plans.

  8. Tanya

    Great choice!!

  9. Mario

    These are definitely an old time favourite. Love the intensity you get with just one shroom. Mind you with two shrooms, the hallucinations are quite trippy. And a quick tip is to have them on an empty stomach. The affect is quite potent.
    It’s an acquired taste, so I usually enjoy them with a cocktail chaser. Seems to freshen the pallet and leave a better after taste in your mouth. Hands down the best value for your buck. Ive been a repeat customer for years and have tried various other shrooms and none measure up to Penis Envy.

  10. Tabitha

    Definitely gunna purchase again, went to the movies

  11. Tina

    These were the best mushrooms I’ve ever tried. Had these from other websites, and definitely not as potent. Highly recommend these beauties

  12. Pier-David

    Superpuissants! Je les ai mis en poudre et encapsulé pour avoir des microdoses faites maison. Juste à faire ces opérations et à licher mes doigts, j’ai ressenti un buzz!
    Can’t wait to try them again, higher dosage this time. I wonder how many grams you can have to get a powerful high?
    Thanks MMJ, I am so grateful you can give us the marvelous joy of having shrooms delivered in our mailboxes!!!

  13. Matthew

    This was a great product! Excellent texture and taste. Great high – relaxing and deep. Definitely had the giggles. Good price too. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a moderate high, deep relaxation and great value.

  14. Chtistian

    These gave an amazing experience, and for the price you can’t go wrong.

  15. Stacey

    Penis Envy is my go to for chronic severe pain. Also really good for working on inspired projects. I wish these were available all the time.

  16. SCOTTY

    This was a fun purchase..I’m NOT a seasoned mushroom user, but wanted to try a larger dose to see what all the psychedelic fuss was about. I took more than I normally would the first time, and had a very good experience. My body was pretty much KO’d on the couch, but my mind was alive in ways I hadn’t experienced before. I could hear my thoughts very clearly, and was able to dive deep to the root of the thoughts I wanted to explore. I also felt like I could see music – super cool. All in, it was a very pleasant self-exploratory experience, and would recommend these.

    I also shared these with a couple of first-timers, and we all really enjoyed a more subtle and rather positive trip on a smaller dose.

  17. David

    These are awesome! As somebody who suffers from both complex-PTSD and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) these have been an absolute game changer! Normally if I’m exposed to perfume even in incredibly small amounts that most people can’t even smell I get incredibly bad migraines that are so painful and long lasting that I can’t manage. A small amount of mushrooms really cuts through the migraine and brings it down from “maybe I jump off the balcony to make the pain stop?” to “Oh… yeah I guess my head hurts a bit still.”

    I started taking them because I was finally starting to find resources to deal with my PTSD symptoms (I’d found some significant relief through a technique called brain spotting which helped me start the process of healing the actual physical damage that happens to the brain when you experience trauma) and the funny part is if you’re high on mushrooms it’s actually a lot easier to slip into that technique. So once I have decent enough benefits I’m going to book more appointments with the guy who does that and do so while on like I’m thinking like 300mg or so.

    So yeah, from a therapeutic perspective these have been a game changer. I’m a lot more relaxed and generally up beat on these and it’s easier to let go of the bothersome things that I have no real control over. (Being mad politicians doing dumb things doesn’t actually affect change.)

    From a fun perspective. I highly recommend pairing these with a heated vibrating massage pad (you can generally get them for not too much from Amazon) the vibration and heat combined with the shrooms will have you straight up drifting off into an extreme state of relaxation. Like imagine just being able to ‘be’ without worry about things, or feeling insecure of things, or even really remembering you have a body. The fact that you can get that experience at home with a few dollars worth of shrooms is insane to me. And I’m getting that on like 1.5 grams or less. Granted I do know other people who take way more. I was hanging out with one friend recently and he told me he was taking over 3 grams of these, and he was acting just like he normally does. Whereas you give me even a gram of these and I’m still able to talk and hold a conversation, but my eyes are closing and I”m just getting insanely relaxed.

    Personally I take them by mixing them in a blender with some orange juice and frozen fruit like strawberries or blueberries. If I want to get high it causes the shrooms to kick in a lot faster than just eating them and a smoothie tastes better than dried mushroom.

    Obviously when trying any new mind altering substance, go slow. I’ve found my sweet spot is anywhere between 300mg and 1.7g. I tried 2.3g at one point on a day that I was feeling especially adventurous and I called one of my friends who encouraged me to try mushrooms and told him, “I would like to speak to the manager of ‘high’ and I have decided that is you! I’ve been laying flat on my back for nearly and hour and I still have this feeling like I’m going to fall over, which is annoying because I’m fully aware that I am flat on my back!” Then we talked, a bit until I distracted myself into no longer having vertigo. So like, just be aware you’ll have your own limits and don’t try and take a ton your first few times, work your way up. Ideally get an actual kitchen scale, and your first few times you may want to have someone who has taken mushrooms before with you so that you can feel assured that everything will be okay if you’ve never done anything like these before.

    Anyway, so happy that mmjdirect exists! I’ve now recommended these to a bunch of neurodivergent people I know. At least one person I know is taking 100mg twice a day and it’s significantly helping his anxiety. His girlfriend profusely thanked me.

  18. Steven

    Well I was really hesitant of trying penis envy but without a doubt it was the best purchase! A bunch of friends got together at a cabin. I thought I would bring my penis envy and I was hoping it would be a hit well it was more than a hit. I shared my purchase and oh did we laugh and laugh. At all times, we all felt safe and we all stayed in a very, very good realm . I did not hear any complaints about the taste and to me they tasted like mushrooms. It was so cool because as we sat outside, and we saw all types of animals, people in the sky, and we all can see the same things figures which produced even more laughs. Penis Envy was absolutely a major hit. Without a doubt, I know my friends will be ordering this product. And the last thing that was so great is that the next day we continue to talk about the night and how fun it was and how cool we felt and it was nothing to the extreme. Everybody had a great trip more ways than one.

  19. Scott

    Good stuff. I hope it comes back in stock.

  20. Chris

    These are the real deal. They are strong and I find they hit me alot faster than other shrooms. I enjoy the high once you get there. Lasts for a good amount of time and when they wear off you don’t crash what’s so ever.
    Not for the inexperienced though, they are strong, they taste really good actually considering I’ve had others that taste horrible.
    Would buy them again for sure.

  21. andreas

    I took half a gram and wow. No need for the full gram unless you want to rock and roll. You still lightly hallucinate on half a gram. Powerful stuff. Highly recommended. 2nd round of purchasing them for me. impressive.

    Take it inn a boiling tea, steep 10 mins, then remove mushrooms and voila. No upset stomach. Relaxing and de-stressing. Makes one feel relaxed and brings attention to surroundings and nature. Helps with anxiety also.

  22. Chris

    Thanks for the awesome experience.
    This was my first time buying from online. So much fun!

  23. Kiara

    I’ve always enjoyed my trips on these. No complaints

  24. Jeffrey

    I bought these mushrooms to share with my housemates in university. Mostly, we would microdose them while drinking and then go out and party. Microdosing shrooms gives one that euphoric and heart-opening feeling that makes one giddy, more sociable, and more loving! They certainly help you to not over-drink as well, as just a few drinks mixed with 0.2-0.4 grams of these will make you feel stimulated and energetic enough to party all night! This is a great way to save money on booze as well :).

    I’m looking forward to having a proper trip on these soon. From the reviews they sound excellent. The taste is not great but shrooms are not known for their taste. You can also make tea with them if you really want to alleviate the poor taste.

    I highly recommend microdosing and drinking if you are looking to party, dance, rave, etc.

  25. James

    Outstanding product. Able to reach workout goals with ease! Feeling of invincibility and overall euphoric feeling! Will buy again!

  26. Sean

    Amazing stuff. Penis Envy has a good reputation and I see why. If you’re looking for some strong, potent shroom experience, this is it!

  27. Erica

    Great product, pretty potent

  28. Mike

    I’ve ordered these on a number of occasions now I’d say at least 4 times. Not once has it disappointed! Truly an amazing experience. I’d recommend PE to anyone even a novice, simple because even smaller doses it gives a clear and clean come up and a smooth ride all the way through. Some other strains aren’t quite as strong so I find them harder to dose. If you do 1 gram of PE you know you’ll feel something unlike other strains that are harder to properly dose. The come down was often the best part of these. I felt clearer in my mind than I have in years. Zero hangover as long as you don’t go over the 5g. Next day I felt great and had tons of energy. MMJ have high quality mushrooms and I’ve yet to see a competitor with their prices for this. Highly recommend 👌

  29. Neith

    it’s already so hard to express myself when sober but i just feel so damn happy.

    It’s my first time doing mush so i was confused at first but then i started understanding more what mush do (i was also smoking pot cause i’m a big smoker) and felt it more.
    the only way i can explain is it feels like when you’re extremely tired and you try hard to not fall asleep, you see little things but the only definition i can give is the visual is soft but it’s there.
    i feel light and like a giant, especially when i stand up, but deeply it feels like hey i have more power than i think, i’m stronger
    and as i said, i feel happy, it’s hard to not smile or giggle. but i’m alone right now waiting for my partner so i know it’s gonna be nice.
    feels like i’m a bit drunk, but make sure to eat and drink water!

  30. Brandon

    Tried many mushroom strains from MMJ, all of which have been rewarding.
    Some more than others, and i, sure that is the case for everyone.
    Penis Envy, however, I’n my opinion did not live up the the hype.
    Still amazing, but not what has been boasted about.
    Also, taste wise (I personally don’t care) are super woody to chew.
    In my Opinion, the sparsely available “Mazatepec” strain (Although much smaller, and less impressive to look at) are very very much more impressive as far as strength and spiritual importance.

  31. Shahmeer

    Great quality of mushrooms, highly recommend

  32. Matthew

    I bought these mushrooms for a camping bachelor parties and boy did they hit! I ground them up finely and made .5 g and 1 g pucks of chocolate, my friends did not believe me when I told them that the small chocolates had only had .5 g of mushrooms in it! Everybody was tripping with good visuals and contagious laughter!

    Be weary. These are very powerful mushrooms. I do mushrooms semi regularly and weigh 220 lbs, and even I feel it after only .5g. If you are inexperienced, I would start with .5 Or even less, if you have some experience, I would go for 1g, and it will be a guaranteed good time. If you really want to go for a ride, you could take 1.5 to 2 grams. Just understand that, 2 grams of these mushrooms is more like 4-6 grams of your typical mushrooms, so be careful!

    Thank you, MMJdirect for providing the absolute best quality product on the market at and unbeatable price. I only buy my products from you and will keep coming back!

  33. Lila

    If Golden Teachers are the gentle instructors in the psychonaut school of tripping, Penis Envy mushrooms are the strict sisters of edification. Buckle up, fellow travelers, this is an exciting ride. Lift-off is faster with Penis Envy, and that means more G force on take-off. Be ready for an intense expedition.

    For those who experience the unenviable traveler’s tummy, this experienced psychonaut recommends taking a digestive enzyme, with your dose, to help break down the chitin that some tummies struggle with (I prefer quercetin with bromelain as it does not contribute to stomach acid).

    The psychedelic effects are strong and visceral. Wonderful visual effects and the type of “you’ll feel that tomorrow” cathartic belly laughs that purge the self of hard-held negativity.

    Intention-setting travelers might want to have some touchstones set up to remind them of their trip’s purpose if they find themselves off their desired path. It’s easy to get lost in the high and to find oneself somewhere unexpected. However, I have found that if I set my intentions firmly before departure, the purpose of my trip will be realized– even days after the experience.

    Not for the inexperienced or the fearful user. Penis Envy Mushrooms are heavy-handed teachers whose lessons are well worth learning.

  34. Imtiaz

    Alright, fasten your seatbelts, because I’m about to spill the psychedelic tea on my wild ride with Penis Envy magic mushrooms! 🍄💫

    First Impression: These little alien-looking mushrooms were like mini UFOs waving at me, daring me to take the plunge into the cosmic unknown.

    Taste Test: Not your grandma’s cooking – these mushrooms delivered an earthy kick with a side of “whoa, that’s unique.”

    Liftoff: Time to blast off! Colors exploded, walls danced, and reality became a neon circus – popcorn, anyone?

    Visual Extravaganza: Picasso would be proud! Patterns, patterns everywhere, and my friend’s face turned into a psychedelic masterpiece.

    Deep Thoughts and Universe Whispers: I became the guru of weird thoughts, pondering life’s mysteries like a philosopher on overdrive (not 42, FYI).

    Time… Meh, What’s That?: Time warped like crazy – an eternity of revelations in a cosmic blink.

    Emotional Bungee Jumping: Laughing, crying, existential revelations – I rode the feels rollercoaster like a champ!

    The Psychedelic Aftermath: Returned as a baby philosopher, everything held the secrets of existence!

    Safety Disclaimer: Not for newbies! Have a trip-sitter, comfy space, and start small – safety first!

    In a nutshell, my trip with Penis Envy magic mushrooms was a wild, hilarious, and eye-opening ride. So, if you’re up for a cosmic circus, grab your astronaut gear and get ready to dance with the universe! 🚀🌈

  35. Austin

    Worked great. Bought it to try out and took in 1.5g doses. Tasted great when made into a tea and has not upset my stomach like others have. Strong for what the product was and will most likely buy again in the future. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get into shrooms but make sure to only take 1-2g if its your first time. Making it into a tea also works great!

  36. Derrick

    Well… These certainly do work!! I would recommend these in a heartbeat. They are exactly as advertised. Order these and enjoy the ride. Everything always weight up properly from this site, and they are great at communicating. 3x repeat customer now.

  37. Rob

    An absolutely excellent product. The size, texture and packaging was perfect. Quite potent!

  38. Viktoriia

    This is simply the best thing that could have happened to me. I tried magic mushrooms out of curiosity and started using them for going out to parties so as not to drink alcohol.. But after a few outings, I realized that this is not just entertainment, but real medicine. Every time this experience is like a mini Ayahuasca… Mushrooms help me work with my inner world and become the best version of me. They treat consciousness… They treat mental traumas. You can get any answers from yourself. And these answers will be the most correct and clear, and not a single psychologist will be able to carry out such a deep work with you that you can do it yourself. And you will also learn to be happy and see life from a different perspective. This is a very valuable tool and the most powerful medicine. And the most important thing. Mushrooms cleanse your body and you will see food differently. When you are clean enough – 0.33 mg will be enough for you to get into the heavenly world)

  39. Jacob

    The Penis Envy mushrooms are one of my all time favourites! Advertised as the strongest mushroom around, they don’t joke around! Amazing visuals, body buzz, and giggles all around! First time users beware, start low and go slow, as these can change your world! I spent my time blasting my favouite tunes and playing video games with a smile on my face and laughing the entire time. I felt more connected to the universe than I ever have!

    Definitely a must try, for beginners and veterans, to really show you what the mushroom world is all about! Be sure to pick some up, try a gram or two, then hero dose when you’re comfortable for a real ride. (:

  40. KAT

    When I tell you that I was SHOCKED to see how large Penis Envy shrooms are, you need to believe me. I’ve enjoyed shrooms for 25 years and I just about fell over when I saw them. I know ‘size isn’t everything’ when it comes to mushrooms but it’s neat to see such big ones, and it’s a great value. Of course it didn’t help that I ordered the 28oz bag. When I showed my husband and told him the name we both had a good laugh.

    I’m one of those (strange?) people who actually loves the earthy taste of mushrooms, so as we went through the bag, I had to watch the amount I was consuming in order to have the kind of trips I like to take. Penis Envy did not disappoint. I like to share, so the bag traveled with me to several music festivals last summer, where we’d pass it around among our circle of friends.

    I’m not into tripping for the sake of tripping: I’m looking for beautiful consciousness-raising experiences. I’m looking for oneness, for trees that flutter their leaves at me in response to mushroom-fueled epiphanies. I’m looking for new ideas, new neural connections, expended consciousness, and radical truths. And I found it all here!

    If you’re still reading this and you’re looking for these types of experiences, too, I’d like to suggest that you try these shrooms in a safe place, ideally outside under a starry sky or a full moon. On a beach or in the woods. Somewhere your senses can really feel the natural world. A backyard patio or sitting by a campfire. Ideally with people you love and trust or in a really safe space if you’re solo. And then give yourself permission to really enjoy the journey!

  41. Simon

    Really powerfull mushroom! Not for beginner! Nice visual effects with colors and backgrounds moving effects. Nice trip! I love this strain!

  42. Pete

    I haven’t tried to many different strains but this one is my favorite. I did about 1.7g, as a tea where I ground up the mushroom and stuffed it into an empty tea bag. I find it doesn’t upset my stomach much at all.
    Well, it was intense. Was watching TV and everything looked like a cartoon, really weird.

    Felt pretty chill the next day. I really need to find other strains I like as each experience is different.

  43. Branden

    Embarking on a journey with Penis Envy psychedelic mushrooms proved to be enlightening and transformative. The visual and sensory experience was exceptional, with vibrant colors and patterns captivating my field of vision. These mushrooms provided a deeply introspective and emotional journey, allowing me to explore forgotten memories and hidden aspects of my psyche. It is important to approach them with caution due to their potency and longer duration of effects. Creating a safe and supportive environment is crucial for a positive experience. Overall, Penis Envy mushrooms offer a unique and profound exploration of consciousness, fostering personal growth and self-awareness when used responsibly.

  44. Ellen

    tried this with a friend, we made tea with a bit of lemon. we did a paint trip and while, nothing came out beautiful it definitely felt beautiful in the moment lol
    the come up in smooth and comfortable for first-time users. very euphoric and has lasting effects for a couple days ( like everything appears brighter )

  45. Daniela


  46. Robert

    I’ve been making these into 1g cups of tea for a solid low trip on the weekend and other than the frequent shroom yawns and leaky tear ducts on the way up they have proven to be a great choice for going about the weekend yard work and general chores

  47. Devin

    This particular strain (PE) is very good. Highly recommend.

    I bought these mushrooms to help me with my mental health… it has helped me drastically! Microdosing is the future of mental health medicine, IMO. However…. it is important to note that these aren’t to be considered a “quick-fix” to anything. There is no quick fix… your health is meant to be something that you approach holistically. Psilocybin is meant to be an ally.

    I cannot leave a review for macrodosing, as I haven’t tried that yet …. although, the microdosing has been very effective for assisting me in my depressive episodes. It should be noted that these are NOT replacements for professional help and medication (they can be counter-productive and potentially dangerous to use if you’re on an SSRI). So, proceed with caution and do your own research. Microdosing is generally safe, when done properly, and can help in the regeneration of neurons in the brain….There is more science coming out to support this and we are only touching the tip of the iceberg here for the potential of this medicine in the future.


  48. Holt

    I use about 50mg every other day in the evening. It has really helped with my anxiety.

    I have also done recreational doses with this strain and had a great time 🙂

  49. Alex

    I started using these to deal with my ptsd and they’ve allowed me to get in touch with my emotions for the first time in 15 years.
    Make sure you’re in the right head space before use, but they can do wonders for your mental health if used properly.

  50. Brandon

    It was an incredible experience that exceeded my expectations. The stunning visuals helped me connect with my inner self and let go of my ego. My meditation practices and yoga sessions were taken to a whole new level and helped me dive deeper into my thoughts and emotions. The opportunity to interact with my backyard in this state made this trip even more fulfilling. Yes really. Overall, I highly recommend this strain to anyone who is looking for personal growth and meditation enhancement in a beautiful and serene state of mind.It was truly an unforgettable experience that I will cherish for a long time.

  51. Marc-André

    Bought them twice, always strong.

  52. Amardeep

    I recently tried out some Penis Envy from MMJ Direct and I gotta say, it was quite the experience. I had heard a lot about this strain and its potency, so I was pretty curious to see what it was all about.

    First off, let me just say that these mushrooms were no joke. They hit me like a ton of bricks and I was definitely feeling it for several hours. But I also have to say that it was a pretty enjoyable trip. I felt super introspective and had some really interesting thoughts and insights.

    In terms of taste, well, let’s just say that mushrooms are not exactly known for their delicious flavor. But honestly, I don’t think anyone is really expecting them to taste good, so it’s not a huge deal. Overall, I would definitely recommend giving Penis Envy a try if you’re looking for a powerful and mind-expanding trip. And big shoutout to MMJ Direct for their fast delivery and high-quality product!

  53. Marisa

    Amazing trip with visuals. Definitely felt grounded and didn’t let myself go so it felt like I was in control. 5/5 for sure

  54. Meredith

    love the name and the game

  55. Trevor

    These were the first shrooms I tried from MMJDirect and they have made a lifelong customer out of me! My best advice is to not underestimate these. I’m used to doing 3.5g of other strains, but I decided to do 2.5g of these so I could be conscious enough to tripsit a friend who was doing shrooms for the first time (he took 2g, and his two roommates each did 3.5g).

    The visuals on these are insane. All 3 of my friends (first-timer on 2g and experienced roomies on 3.5g) left their bodies. 2g guy couldn’t tell if his eyes were open or closed, and he said it was the most peaceful he ever felt. One of the 3.5g roomies had a deep introspection about the nature of love, and the other 3.5g roomie experienced a terrifying ego death and for some reason kept trying to bite his own fingers lol. On 2.5g, I remained in my body the whole time, but just barely. The visuals defied description (but if I had to try: vivid beautiful fiery swirls everywhere) and my introspection led to some startling realizations about my relationships. These didn’t last very long for us, maybe like 2.5 hours or so, but it was action packed. The flavour was repulsive but I feel that way about all shrooms! Lol. They didn’t seem more or less gross than I’m used to.

    TL;DR: shorter-lasting, extremely intense shrooms with gorgeous visuals that led to out of body experiences and ego death. I would NOT recommend for beginners and I also wouldn’t consider using these socially or at clubs etc. I’d recommend a lower dose than you’d typically take until you see what effect these have.

    Happy tripping!

  56. Rachelle

    This is what I kept being recommended to try. While I’ve only been more micro dosing with them, I love how light I feel while still being fully functional!

  57. Erika

    Getting this in the mail was so strange lol, but I am so thankful for MMJdirect that they’re able to sell psilocybin to everyone from the comfort of your own home.
    I thoroughly enjoyed taking these and going to outdoor music festivals/concerts in the summer and afterwards lying on the grass staring at the stars. It’s such a different experience than what I normally do (ex drinking).

  58. Juan

    Amazing product and great visuals. No stomach churning with this strain . 5 stars

  59. Alexandre

    Absolutely hands down the best looking mushrooms I have ever seen in my life! They were wonderful to eat also, very powerful! Repeat orders from me! Thanks

  60. John

    I think Penis Envy is my all time favourite strain (so far! I’m open to others). Every single experience has been remarkable and remarkably different. The first time I took them I was able to work through some trauma and had a depth of understanding and acceptance so that I could move forward (app 3 g).

    My most recent experience, however, I would rank at or near the very top of my experience of ANY kind (not just tripping) in my lifetime. I can’t truly describe it in words, but it was like I got to experience my entire existence, past and present. It started by giving birth to myself (this part was rough but enlightening! Lasted for what seemed like a Very long time). Not just in my current form, but genetically (it was like I was decoding my own DNA) and also through space and time – what were the elements and energy in my body doing before they were me and where they will be going (literally could feel myself travelling at the speed of light towards a black hole billions of years in the future).

    The above was full 7 gram experience. Perhaps not for the faint of heart, but it changed me forever, so far very much for the positive. Probably not for beginners though!

  61. Razane

    I love this site, have always ordered. my first order was amazing, the best. my last was not the best though. good feeling, did not have any visuals which was disappoiting

  62. Callum

    Great trip, great name!

  63. Blake

    These are great. Not much more to say about them. Nice and level, but strong for sure.

  64. marc

    I took this mushroom in a camping with my friends. We all took about 2,5 g ( but the dosage is only up to you ) and we add the best trip of our live. Intense psychedelic visual, boost the mood and crazy laugh. Really powerful, if you are a beginner, take it small dose and gradually add until you reach your vibe. Overall : incredible strain.

  65. Christine

    Simply the best!!!

  66. Loni

    Awesome product!

  67. Jonathan

    These are one of my faves on the site – well done with this batch, long lasting and clean trip
    Some pretty nifty closed eye visuals too!

  68. Rachel

    First had PE in 2019 and it immediately became my favorite, though it was much more elusive at the time. If you’ve had it, I don’t need to extol its virtues. If you haven’t tried it yet, seriously get some now. You’ll probably want to downsize your dose a bit.

  69. Luis

    Absolutely love this one, not for beginners however.

  70. Chris

    Penis envy is everything, a beautiful experience at the right dosage. This strain when micro dosed has helped alot for depression. A higher dosage as well can give you a fairly decent “im tripping ballz” high. Which is always desired. The taste of these shrooms are alot lighter in flavor and sometimes can have a slight sharp taste but is quickly gone. Overall if you see these for a steal grab them, they are totally worth it.
    Steeping tea with them is easy peasy and has a beautiful taste that words can’t express.

  71. Alice

    Happy vibe, colourful trip and perfect length. Love these <3

  72. Warren

    Great species, great for micro dosing, be careful though. A little goes a long way.

  73. ziviot75

    Very strong mushrooms. Ate 3g and had a very insightful trip. Visuals were very beautiful and extremely vivid. I felt very light and relaxed. I was at peace. Talked with some friends, laid on the couch, played some video games, and went to bed. Overall very great experience and will try again in the future. 👌

  74. Richard

    verry good high will order more

  75. John David

    Exactly what the Doctor ordered – these were tasty, fresh and went to work within 20 minutes of dosing. These are great for introspection and first time users – great for hikes and creative projects around the house. Definitely a mush-try if you are not familiar with this strain. Nice blue veins up the stem and a good ratio between caps and stem.

  76. Carolina

    Wonderfully fresh product, had many great experiences with it.

  77. Skip

    The best mushrooms I have taken in my life.. best high for microdosing with and the best high when i dropped 3 grams one night. I have order so many for new years and my friends who I gave some too are now buying them as well.. 100% the best.. I don’t drink because of the stupidity that comes with it so this is probably the most fun I have without a hangover.. definitely recommend.

  78. Edwin

    Had my first heroic dose on these bad boys, it was amazing! Total rebirth of the soul. 2g taken directly got me there.

  79. Adrian

    my favorite strain
    Actually will be doing a therapeutic dose tomorrow.

    I tend to grind them and make my own microdoses

  80. Francis

    Insane strain 💫🛸

  81. Christina

    Comes on fast and hard. Felt energetic and creative, nice closed eye visuals

  82. Justinian

    Big fan, very rewarding, great visuals, starts after about 30m, nice and smooth, obviously create a good setting, low light works best for me and a single music or video/movie track. The visual affects can vary from my experiences, but usually nice fading in and out, an experience of time dilation, almost like a backlog of images that speed up to catch up with real time. Always use with caution, moderate dosage and build up over time as comfortable, from .3/.5 to 1, 2. More than 2g seems like user beware, based on individual user experience, size, comfort level.

  83. Carol

    Always a great trip!! Loads of giggles, deep thoughts, and chill mellow vibe. Love these!!!

  84. David

    This is not a fake/paid review… a close friend of mine sold me the idea of trying shrooms and told me to get them here. I bought 14g and a couple chocolate ones for my girlfriend and I. Both of us aren’t into drugs at all, nor alcohol other than a drink every once on occasions, but these shrooms? HOLY F***!!! The experience was simply AMAZING!!! I highly recommend trying them at least once in your life! Definitely an experience you don’t want to miss.

  85. Brittney

    My favourite strain. Has the best visuals, really peaceful and spiritual high, never disappoints.

  86. Graham

    I started with micros doses and Golden Teacher to help with some depression and other issues I was having due to a concussion and they helped tremendously.
    I read some reviews and decided to give these a try and boy am I glad I did!
    I started with a cap that was a little over a gram and it hit me within 15 minutes, within an hour I was in another dimension and stuck in place. They are very strong tasting but not in a bad way. I’ve always liked the way mushrooms taste and I can tell how good they’re going to be by how they feel on the tongue, how they taste and what they make my stomach feel like. I knew these were going to take me somewhere.
    I’m a drug addict and an alcoholic that has been clean for over 4 years and when I take these I can access parts of my brain and memories that I normally can’t due to the damage I’ve done to my brain. They help me work through things that I talk about in counseling and it’s a great way to let go of stuff that I’ve been holding onto.
    I’d recommend these to anybody looking for a fun trip or if you’re looking for a spiritual experience. Ambiance is key when trying to access the thing you’re looking for.
    For beginners I’d recommend starting with a small dose because they pack a punch even for somebody who is experienced.
    All in all these were great and I’ll definitely be buying again.

  87. Nancy

    Excellent option!

  88. Eyal

    So good!

  89. David

    This is the first time for me with Penis Envy. For a couple years now I’ve been micro-dosing every third day with Golden Teachers at 200-300 mg. This has served me very well, with a noticeable difference in reducing my frequency and intensity of anxiety and depression.

    Even though the old saying is don’t change a good thing, I decided to try Penis Envy shrooms after reading excellent reviews. I am not disappointed at all. On the contrary, I appreciate these shrooms a lot. For the micro-dosing experience, there’s not a remarkable difference between these and the Golden Teaches but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them since they are at least equally effective in reducing anxiety, depression and contributing to an overall sense of well being.

    Go for it, give these a try. I hope you find the peace you are looking for and deserve. Be well to all!

  90. Cameron

    Took some of these and had a conversation with god. Be warned very strong.

  91. wesley

    Definitely a great product, very strong and takes you to another dimension. I would recommend this to anyone interested in mushrooms.

  92. Allen

    I had some reservations about trying this but this stuff was pretty fun to use. I had to eat about 3 pinky sized ones for me to feel a moderate effect, and i definitely felt something. Had a bit of a queezy feeling in my stomach afterwards, but that passed after a while.

    It took about an hour or so for me to feel anything. The feeling of touch is enhanced, mentally i was hyper focused on what i was doing, and it made me pretty awake. Make sure you have a lot of water with you if you take it because i did get really rhirsty. Other than that, there was no downer effect after i came off of it, except maybe being a bit tired from staying up on it. Lasted about ,3-6 hours for me.

  93. Olivier

    Best mush i have tryed yet! Puts you in a funny mood and listening to music is very nice especially at the end of the buzz! The taste is not so bad !

  94. Kendra

    Product came quickly and was of top quality. It was very potent, you do not need to take much to feel its effects. I definitely recommend it.

  95. Allan

    Awesome, just awesome

  96. Ludovic

    First time buyer on MMJDirect! Everything went perfectly according to plan. Penis envy was the go to for me, simply because it had done me good in the past. No crazy colors for me, simply an insane experience, that helped me deal with inner issues.

    Everything passed better by using tea, as eating the mushroom directly has previously given me a stomach ache. I definitely love this strand and will continue using it.

  97. Leslie

    I tried these after a couple of trips with Golden Teachers. I started with 1.5gm and got mild effects, about 2hrs later took another 2gm. It was a completely wonderful experience, not overwhelming. Euphoria was the primary characteristic of my trip.

    I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a little experience in psychdelics.

  98. Lisa

    My second favourite shrooms after golden teacher. These a little more intense of a high with fun visuals. i have never had any paranoia etc dosing up to 4-5 grams.

    Nice to have something reliable. Definitely recommend taking outdoors, even if it’s just to sit in your backyard. Nice both for a group buzz and a solo introspection trip. Highly recommend.

  99. Lee

    Amazing mushrooms absolutely loved em

  100. Kyla

    Tried a few different strains and keep coming back to these. By far my favourite usually use it microdosing on nights out and makes you feel incredible, also makes me not want to/need to drink as much. Would recommend

  101. cordell

    Excellent. In my experience this product would have potent effects after small 1-2 gram doses. As well, I’ve noticed the these ones play particularly well with music. I would expect a potent high that leaves you sitting or lying down for 3-4 hours. Overall great experience. The price seems high but being as potent as they are you can really make a night out of a rather small dose. The stars don’t allow decimals but I would give these a 4.5/5 🙂

  102. Mike

    We have tried 3 different kinds of shrooms offered here and by far the penis envy is our favourite. We did these when we were camping, the ground was moving and the birds were singing, it was awesome 😉

  103. Paige

    Totally awesome and worth it

  104. Anthony

    Amazing mushrooms. My favourite with these are the shapes and Colours I see when I close my eyes. One of my favourite if not my favourite !

  105. Benoit

    Great one! Taste isn’t so bad and really the trip is very much enjoyable. While staying in ‘control’ you are getting this very nice feeling of euphoria but also feeling trippy too. I bought them again and again and never been disapointed. Delivery is fast too!

  106. Serge

    Great, strong, but it was one of the best I’ve ever had before. Surprising bigger than expected.

  107. Dante

    These worked well but I took them in such a stupid way. I made a tea out of these but didn’t grind them down well enough into a fine powder so I ended up with hot water and floating pieces of mushrooms. I don’t recommend as it tasted awful and also boiled over in the microwave.

    In all seriousness please respect the drug for what it is and be prepared for your experience. Do your research and take an appropriate amount relative to what you want to experience. I’d say 1.5-2 grams should be absolutely sufficient. Overall, I would definitely recommend, and penis envy is for sure a solid strain.

  108. Michael

    This has been one of the best experiences i have had with psilocybin. PE is now one of my go to mushrooms when micro dosing throughout the week as well as when i want to indulge during the weekend. My experiences were mostly on a beach by the ocean, watching the sunset, swimming with the phosphorescence ended my night with a beach fire while watching the stars seeing shooting stars and all kinds of amazing things. This is my go to site with amazing deals and fast shipping.

    I am from BC and was referred by a friend from ontario and i have referred another friend who lives back east and many more, love love this site.

  109. Dua

    Penis envy Is the first mushroom I ever tried, it’s magical beyond words!!!

  110. Baden

    Amazing !! Not overwhelming, just such a good vibe

  111. Sarah

    I find this strain to be very reliable in its consistency. It is more potent than some other ones I have tried. I like to steep 3-4 grams in hot water for 15 min (I add a tea bag and honey after 12 min) and make it a ceremonial experience, I always feel a spiritual connection after taking PE mushrooms. I recommend this strain to anyone, I would say it’s great for beginners as well as the experienced shroom taker. A large dose can last 6-8 hours so make sure you are somewhere safe and comfortable. I have never felt scared or had a “bad trip” on this strain so that’s another reason why I love it. Sometimes I will learn a deep lesson that can be uncomfortable to acknowledge, but that goes with the territory of taking psychedelics. I suggest taking a smaller amount, maybe 1-2 grams max, if you have any sort of hesitation in the spiritual realms.

  112. Craig

    Ordered 14 grams. Ate 6 grams had such a spiritual experience. great trip I recommend buying these, but buy more then 14 grams.. it was enough.

  113. Laurent

    Absolutely wild! Lots of revelations, art, and fun emerged from these mushrooms!

  114. James

    Fast delivery. Excellent product.

  115. Nawrasaldin

    no joke product, great service, quality and experience. very fast delivery and amazing product. it was my first time i try mushrooms and I was gone for a day !!!!

  116. Corey

    Very powerful and enjoyable, felt different than the blue meanies. Seemed like less visual distortion but amplified the enjoyment of music…….with eyes closed, it was like you were in a club or the studio where the music was made

  117. Robin

    Definitely one of my favs. As an experienced tripper I like how efficient this strain is. I can eat these in small doses all day long to maintain focus and energy on daily tasks because of how natural it is. If your going for a real trip these don’t disappoint. Depending on your chose of use this medicine is good for the mind and soul. Brings comfort to this crazy world.

  118. Michael

    I got these for a fried who considers himself somewhat of an ‘expert’ in the area, and he says these were some of the nicest shrooms he’s ever done!

  119. Daniel

    First time ordered and product arrived quickly and great quality. Now we are back for our second order. Going with a new favorite and then something new. Cheers

  120. Gurvir

    Wonderful experience, very strong. We took 3g each and it only took 5 to 10 minutes until we felt it. We set intentions and created our home with warm lights and lots of cozyness. At times I was tired and only wanted to curl up and go internal, then I got spurts of energy, wanted to walk (or roll :D) around and do Yoga. The colours, sound and and vivid images were beyond fascinating and I can say that for 3-4 hours I was in a constant state of bliss. I think the Penis Envy is perfect to dive deep – although mostly just fascinated by the experience itself, I did get some good lessons. I also had very strong flashbacks to my Ayahuasca experience 8 years ago and felt it had a lot of similarities.

    Really strongly recommend to treat it as plant medicine too, and know that there is more you can get out of this experience than just a nice trip! See how you feel after the journey and trip to take some of the lessons back into your daily life.

    Highly recommend this one! Choose your favorite person and spot and allow the Penis Envy to show you everything it has to offer 🙂 Last note: Prepare for a sometimes difficult transition when coming down – maybe it’s just personal but definitely needed to take my time.

  121. Andrew

    Shipped quickly. Clean packaging. Did not disappoint. Powerful

  122. Sydney

    My favourite mushrooms!

  123. Michael

    Shipped fast. Discrete and professional packaging. Worked just how i had hoped. Perfect for high tolerance consumers. So glad I came across this site!

  124. Matt

    I bought these for my wife for her depression. It has been helping her quite a lot, making her more productive and decreasing her low moods. The only downside is that it acts as a diuretic but that only lasts during the trip.

  125. Bradley

    Pretty amazing 😍🤩👽

  126. Mark

    Fast shipping will be sure to buy more!

  127. Harden

    This was my first time using mushrooms. I found the effect kicked in after about 30 mins and it was euphoria and laughter for a good 3 hours. I found kt to be a very rewarding experience.

  128. Hans

    Best ive ever had. Visuals are amazing!

  129. Gabrielle

    I really love this one! I truly recommend!

  130. Marco

    I am fairly new to psychedelics, though I’ve tried ayahuasca which is considered to be the grandmother of such medicines. And referring to psychedelics as medicinal is fair I think, because, when treated with respect, they function as such for the soul. I’ve found Penis Envy mushrooms to be a good trip when taken in moderation- emphasis on moderation, because it is very potent and can send you to planets galaxies far, faraway. If that’s what you want, then all the power to you.

    As for myself, I have an education in religious studies and philosophy and engage seriously in canonical literary texts, so I understand and respect the power that the mind has over the body. And friends, let me tell you that Penis Envy is a special dose of psilocybin that you want to behold. One of the more positive experiences was at a recent concert in Toronto; I saw The Tea Party which is one of my favorites, and it was a wonderful experience: positive and uplifting and surreal. I didn’t overdo it (you have to know your body before eating this stuff, but microdosing it first is my suggestion) though the initial thrust into the trip was a tad overwhelming (the typical gut rot, which actually wasn’t so intense with Penis Envy) and a little bit of the spins. But once that phase was over, I walked through the streets of Toronto filled with nothing but love for my surroundings and myself in it. The concert itself was totally immersive, I shared some of my shrooms with others I met there, I even speed-ran to someone who dropped their cane on the stairs and assisted them. Someone approached me after and called me Superman. I had to laugh, but I’m just demonstrating how fast and in-tune and alert to my surroundings that I was, while still being a rowdy rock lover and singing/waving with the melodies.

    If you are responsible when consuming this powerful mushroom, it will heighten your senses to the ethical and aesthetic stimuli of your environment.

  131. John

    Was a good buzz.

    Started first dose 1 gram was euphoric.

    Lasted a good 3 to 4 hours .

    Took another 1 gram mid way. Was steady buzz.

  132. Emily

    This is my go-to! I use Penis Envy for micro-dosing and has, without exaggeration, changed my life.

  133. Pramod

    Very good to try

  134. Cheyenne

    Love these! They were A LOT bigger than I thought they would be. The high is nice, I’m not panicked on them, watching animal documentaries has never been easier. I’ve shared these with a few people and everyone has had a great time on them. Would definitely buy again.

  135. Sunny

    One of the strogest strain of your lineup. Really good high, not very overwhelming.

  136. Vincent

    To be very honest I gave these a try for fun… Never really thought much of these magic shrooms….magic is the word… Please try these in small dosage at first I started at 1.5g wasn’t impressed next was 3.5g them I started to feel the effect after about 30min. I experienced vivid colors very relaxed was in a state of timelessness watching hockey….and that was an experience in it’s own 😂 I was surprised of the interior trip and realization I made while on the magnificent 🍄 peace and love surrounded me such a great feeling I will be ordering bigger quantities 5⭐ packaging

  137. Patrick

    I have purchased these multiple times. They make you very introspective With some hallucinogenic effects. Would recommend for the experienced user.

  138. Tyler

    These were great, nice high with a cool mental journey. Would get again.

  139. Aaron

    Have bought these a few times as they are truly the best mushrooms that I’ve ever had. First time was a 2.5g dose of lemon tekking. Wow. They came on strong and quickly, about 15 minutes. Not long after that I was seeing wonderful visuals, had strong euphoria and was extremely content. Spent the day on the beach with my wife and it was truly one of the best days of my life. Cannot recommended these enough.

  140. dan

    Male 64, (Physical disabilities and childhood trauma, (C) cannabis use chronic).
    Tried these for the “beneficial” aspects of the experience, not the high or trip specifically.
    ***Supervised by the love of my life, under full disclosure .***
    1st dose 1/2g…. pleasant and gradual. (compared to smoking a nice sativa. Grinning and the yawns, bit of a stomach flutter.Overall pleasant, happy.(noted days of lasting relaxation)
    2nd dose 1g…. found the “onset” a bit more than I expected…(bit of anxiety for a moment). The overall experience was pretty much an enhanced 1/2g… alls good.(noted days of lasting relaxation)
    I continued upping the amounts by 1/2g amounts, till I reached the 3g, of which I am under the influence at the moment.
    Been a great and productive day. Outdoors in the yard mostly. First part was spent watching the cat and dog, listening to the wind and watching the hummingbirds. About an hour, (time slows down !), after the onset, (which was no issue as to the slow tolerance buildup to 3g), I proceeded to do the necessary yard work, including mow and trim the lawn, trim a few trees and enjoy the feeling of the sun, the sound of the wind and the colours of the light.
    *8 hrs into the day trip, I feel relaxed. Ready for a shower and finish up with a cup of coffee, loyal dog by my car and the cat on my lap…
    Been a great day, looking forward to tomorrow.
    Be safe when consuming, my experience will ultimately be different than yours. I planned and exercised good judgement on what activities I would pursue, with a responsible adult, (with a clear head), to supervise my activities and behaviour.
    “Enjoy your day tripping”.

  141. Dean

    I’ve tried a few different varieties of mushrooms, and so far I can say that the Penis Envy strain produced the most intense results in terms of visual hallucinations and time dilation. It also affected my sense of space, which is something I haven’t experienced with other varieties. My apartment seemed huge, and the relative distance between objects seemed really far. I took a dose of about 3.5-4 grams over the course of 12 hours, and my high resolved into a feeling of absolute contentment unlike anything I had ever felt before. Definitely a favourite.

  142. Ben

    I found these to be absolutely beautiful. Came on nice and easy. Gave everything and everyone the beautiful glow. I bought them just to try and we had a Victoria Day party and everyone had had a nibble and we made a super chili to eat as well. Seriously so good. And the town fireworks topped it off!!

  143. Chris

    I’ve had a bunch if local product, this far outweighs it in effectiveness. Very fair priced and well worth it. Effects were strong and long lasting with a large dose(still lower than the doses I had taken of other kinds). I strongly reccomend for people seeking a strong high from this product.

  144. Shane

    The perfect strain…buy them and judge for yourself but all I can say is that myself and all my friends highly recommend

  145. Joel

    Excellent. Exactly as described. Quite potent. 5 grams results in a pretty intense trip. Beautiful.

  146. Maryam

    Omg the best strain I’ve ever tried. Gives you a different experience every time. I’ve went on a trip 3 times with this one and I gotta say it made me feel so relaxed and euphoric! So many visuals and vibrant colors. When looking at something for a while it’s like staring at a kaleidoscope design!! Would definitely recommend.

  147. Brett

    These have been my go-to since I started doing mushrooms. I made brownies this weekend and everyone loved them. Had maybe 3g and felt like I died. Extremely potent. Highly recommend if you’re looking to trip hard.

  148. Damon

    I bought some penis envy because my dad had some and told me about how good it was, so when it came on sale i had to get it. The first time i had some i had no idea what to expect. after eating a gram i expected a mild trip but.. everything was melting and my friend was travelling from one memory to the next not knowing what was real. It take about 1 hour for it to kick in for me and lasts about 5 hours with the peak lasting an hour. next few times i did it i tried it in some tea, with lemon, only took about 30 minutes to kick in and lasted about 3 hours with a more consistent trip. Now i do both eat and make tea

  149. Hunter

    Truly life-changing strain of mushroom. Very potent and bound to teach through the frequencies of the universe.

  150. Tabitha

    Love these! A small piece made my evening last til dawn dancing. No ill effects, I didn’t drink or smoke as much as I usually do. I did not get tired, and got to stay up for the whole evening

  151. Graham

    These are the best shrooms I’ve ever come across. Potent, pleasant, and a very good time. We steep ours into a lovely fruity tea and let the good times roll! Experienced shroom users, we consume 3g each and take a little more as a pick-me-up as the trip wears on as needed. You will not be disappointed!! 🍄😍

  152. Matt

    The last batch I had of these were extremely potent. 4 grams produced insane distorted visuals with bright colours and moving objects. I also had tons of energy and deep introspective thought. The taste was what you would expect.

    I highly recommend taking these outside in nature to make the experience even better. You will connect with the world like you’ve never before, creating an intense spiritual and psychedelic experience like no other.

    The growers at MMJ have definitely perfected their method of growing PE. I’ve never had quality PE as good these. The stems are super thick and dense with pscilocibin and have a nice colour.

    On top of that, the price of these can’t be beat for what you’re getting from this strain. I’ve ordered from other similar sites and they are always more expensive and not even close to the quality. Buy these now!

  153. Jonah

    Met god

  154. Morgan


  155. Todd

    These are gooders. W
    U get the giggles within the hour of taking.

  156. Jeremy

    Going to be buying these again. Best site I’ve used yet.

  157. Leanne

    These are one of my favorite. Smooth, and a relaxed, yet energetic effect. With a buddy, great day. Also a miracle for microdosing. A bit in the morning, relieves the stress of the day ahead

  158. Justin

    Penis Envy is the bomb. Absolutely the best in terms of potency and euphoria as, as well as ease of eating. They have a bit of a nutty flavour and are rather soft/easy to chew. I remember on one trip when I used about 3.5 g of Penis Envy, for a few minutes I felt the most immense euphoria I had ever experienced, so intense that I will never forget this experience. This strain will always be my favourite.

  159. Ankur

    These were amazing!! Bought these as I’ve been suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD from narcassistic abuse. First it helped me relax, all of a sudden I felt the urge to play some relaxing tunes and then I closed my eyes after yawning and began to experience visions that synchronized with the music. The music made me feel as if I was flying through beautiful scenes of nature. And the music made the visions so realistic… I could hear the water travelling through the stream and the birds chirping away. I only used 3.5 g so need more! It almost felt as if I went on vacation – felt so relaxed, at peace!

  160. Kyla

    I loved Penis Envy! It was fun when for the psychedelic effects, very colorful. I blended my mushrooms up and would take them with chocolate. Occasionally, when I am feeling anxious I will take a small amount before bedtime, and I feel significantly calmer the following day.

  161. Beth

    This is one of the best magic mushrooms available. These shrooms give a classic trip with vivid colours and halucinations. They taste gross as hell, but that comes with the territory. We ground them up and made lemontek, then mixed them with juice and it was pretty good.

  162. Jake

    worked as expected

  163. Rob

    These were great. Ate .6 and was laughing all night. Will buy again

  164. Cedrick

    Faire attention au dosage gang c’est pas des blagues🙃jai eu beaucoup d’effets visuels et des pensées profondes , en thé avec un soupçon de bovril au boeuf pour changer le goût et c’est dans la poche bon buzz ✌would recommand to people who have already try shrooms

  165. Joseph

    I have bought these a few times now. Last time I ordered 14 grams, and did a hero dose of 7 grams because mushrooms really never have an effect on me. My girlfriend also took 7 grams. Within an hour her world turned into puzzle pieces, that she was reaching out trying to put back and place. She also thought everything was a checker board. The only effect on me was slight euphoria and relaxation, no visual effects. After about 3 hours she was getting sick of her trip and wanted to not be high anymore. But wouldn’t go to sleep, so I had to stay up with her for a few more hours while she wound down. I’m going to be trying these again, but am going with 28 grams and will up the dose even more from 7 grams to hopefully get some visual effects. They taste really bad so I recommend eating them with something at the same time. Also, do not combine them with alcohol or marijuana because for me I think it is altering the effects of the mushrooms. Happy tripping!

  166. Dylan

    Very strong and visual experience! Be careful with these though. If you are looking for a truly psychedelic and less spiritual experience, these are great for that. I was able to achieve ego death on these with about 3 grams so definitely not for newbies. Highly potent stuff for the price!

  167. Sourena

    Been doing psychedelic medicine for five years and so far penis envy been taking me to some incredible journeys.
    Visuals are so bright and amazing and it helps you to explore your mind with so many other benefits like helping with stress and anxiety.

    Highly recommended if you like to take your journeys to the next level.

  168. Dan

    This is one of my favourites, it’s a great buzz. A 1 to 1.5 gram dose I found very enjoyable, I would advise novices to start with less see how you feel in about 30 to 45 min. and if your feeling steady do some more it’s a fun shroom.

  169. Sarah

    I recently ordered this strain from MMJ and wow. I really, really love these mushrooms. Ive had two trips so far and they are most definitely my favorite mushrooms I have ever done. So beautiful and awe inspiring.

    Normally I do a higher dose of mushrooms but I was lemon tekking for the first time so I decided to only do 2.5 for the first time and I’m so glad I didn’t do more than that because that was more than enough! Next time I did even less at 2 and still had a fantastic trip. These mushrooms are no joke, extremely potent!

    I was very happy and introspective. I laughed and I even cried a little as I recently suffered the loss of someone close to me. Even though I cried a little I still had a very good time. I took a walk through the woods and it was absolutely perfect for that, once the sun set I laid in the grass and watched the stars dripping out of the sky. I still have more from my last order, but once they run out I think this will be the only strain I buy going forward.

    I can’t even believe how much I love these mushrooms. If youre considering buying, do yourself a favor and try these guys out!

  170. Evelyn

    I bought this because of the name and boy did it exceed my expectations. I had a lot of mental break throughs. I’m back for seconds as I absolutely love love the visuals and colours. 100/10

  171. ADAM

    This is all and all a pretty decent product. Over the last couple decades I have consumed a lot of these from all over the world, and these are right up there with effect. Taste, well what can you do, just do it. Bought on sale so pricing was very economical, visual high. Another thing i like is usually you are really there or your really not with these things but this particular strain you can control your dose really well and use for a fun night at an establishment, or hit the zone, entirely up to your schedule! I gave it a 4 because they aren’t the best I’ve had but pretty damn good!!

  172. Matt

    MMJDirect is an excellent source for purchasing mushrooms! I placed my order and received my package 4 days later! I bought the penis envy mushrooms as I had been recommended by a friend and all I can say is wow!

    I took about 3.5 grams as well as my friend and what followed was a fun and trippy experience! Vibrant colours in the room followed by slight wavy movements in anything I looked at. Also we hit a point where we couldn’t stop laughing for a solid hour. One of the best mushroom experiences I have ever had! Highly recommend buying them from MMJDirect!

  173. Claudia

    Amazing strain

  174. Nolan

    Very good and strong, for my first time it was easy to get started with and my dad loved them and he’s taken mushrooms for a while. Great product would recommend

  175. Sally

    Well processed and packaged, and quickly shipped too. I recommend 2.5 to 4.5 grams for the relatively experienced psychonauts in a lemon tek tea. This gave me a ‘high’ for about 4 – 5 hours. Felt it was better sensory and hallucinogenic effects than other mushrooms, but that it was not quite as spiritual an experience as Golden Teachers were.

  176. Richard

    I love this stuff. I use it for anxiety alleviation and not for getting high. I munch on a 1/10 or so of a gram at a time and within an hour I’m pretty chill. Take within a couple hours of bedtime and you’re pretty much guaranteed a good night’s sleep. Just don’t take it more than 2 or 3 times / week as your tolerance will build up pretty quickly. I don’t recommend combining alcohol with the Penis Envy. Take the two together and it’s pretty easy to get way higher than intended.

  177. Dustin

    I think these are pretty self explanatory. But here we go. These were the most potent mushrooms I’ve ever done. These are probably not great for first timers because it will be easy to take more than you are going to want to.

    Bought these for a camping trip for my friends. There was a total of 7 guys. Me and another guy both brought shrooms and Penis envy blew the other ones out of the water. I had to eat like 5 grams of the other guys to get much of a buzz and didn’t see any visuals. They were some shrooms from “some guy”. I do mushrooms maybe 5 times a year and don’t smoke weed much weed or drink much. I did 3 grams of Penis envy and I was tripping balls. We all tripped and had a great time on them, no one freaked out and every one giggled at everything for close to an hour… maybe. I don’t know, there was no sense of time! We also sat on a bridge over a river and lit off fireworks. Was wild. Even after the fireworks were done the stars were still showing off for us.

    Best mushrooms I’ve ever done and I think the consensus between the whole camping trip was these were exactly what you hope for with every mushroom trip. Too bad they taste like shitty cardboard… which is expected.

  178. Jessy

    We had tried blue meanies before and enjoyed the trip but had read that penis envy was much stronger and wanted to try it. My wife and I each tried 4 grams of penis envy and it was a very wild, very strong trip for each of us.

    Alot of closed eye visuals. It was too much at some point and gave both of us a lot of anxiety at peak but we Don’t regret taking the trip because it was completely different than any other before.
    About a month later, we both tried 1 gram each of penis envy. It feels very different than other mushrooms.
    Decided to use it to microdose. It works very well. Definite mood stimulated. Have great days when microdosing.

  179. Leah

    I had such a magical experience with these mushrooms. They arrive quickly and packaged beautifully. I ground them into a powder and then added them to a smoothie and really did not taste bad at all! I then spent a few hours dancing in front of a fan, luxuriating in the beauty of life. I also cried so hard that I laughed and laughed so hard that I cried. It really was beautiful. Thank you so much!

  180. Abtin

    Best strain I have ever tried. And I have tried many

  181. Michelle

    Best mushrooms ever tried. 😉

  182. Sylvie

    I payed total 134$ for an oz of dried penis envy, this is the lowest price I found online so I wasn’t expecting much. I hadn’t planned on taking any that evening because I hadn’t slept the previous night and I was already high on stimulants. I started with 1.5g and it took about half hour before I started to feel it. I told my friend my body felt like I was on heroin (even though I never tried opiates)and my mind was on hallucinogenics. I was feeling soo good that I took an additional 0.5g. This was the highest I’ve ever been on mushrooms, I even regretted taking so much and I wanted it to end after a while. I couldn’t concentrate on an idea for more than 5seconds. Next time I’m only going to take 1g. It’s very strong!!

  183. Christian

    I have only ever tried this single strain of psychedelic mushrooms… but it is difficult not to talk about magic mushrooms as a whole (and by extension this strain) as nothing short but a miracle “drug.” This was my first experience with psychedelics. Not only was I able to overcome various hardships that I had been going through at the time, my friends all saw the profound impact it had on me and opened up their minds to the possibility of experiencing it themselves. People around me had all peddled the typical points of fear that surround these substances, and my experiences were nothing short of wonderment, bliss, and extreme empathy/understanding. During the experience itself, those around me were constantly checking to make sure that I was “safe” … but the level of love and empathy I felt for them far exceeded their worries, and I couldn’t help but feel worried for them since their anxieties and stresses were almost palatable. I could not fathom why they were worried for me (ofc I understood why) but I was so happy and in the moment that I kept reassuring them that they should not be worried about me in the slightest, and should instead be open to experiencing this. Difficult to put into words but the after effects since my experience have been nothing but positive. I do plan on engaging in this type of experience 2-3 times a year, but wow this truly is something that everyone should try. Our world would be a better place. Thanks to MMJ direct for offering such an invaluable service to me and my loved ones!

  184. Mathieu

    I’m really happy with these mushrooms. I’m able to get slightly buzzed off of a gram while still maintaining focus and control of the experience. These have really helped with my anxiety, depression. Someone very important to me recently passed on and these have really helped with the grief and trauma. Proceed with caution and respect and these mushrooms will help you in one way or another.

  185. Margaret

    These are great mushrooms, they really pack a punch in terms of weight to psilocybin ratio. I typically go for golden teachers, but these were recommended by a pal. I find you don’t need as much to get a good effect, so they are a great alternative when you want something more intense.

  186. Winston

    My favorite for mushrooms. Nothing but great experiences. I was flying high the whole time from 2.5g. It was like everything around me was breathing. Highly reccomend.

  187. Mike

    The monster of all mushroom. If you order these you need to order 7 grams or more and this guarantees at least one massive mushroom. Once I got one mushroom that weighed over 9 grams! This beauties are something that wanna show off to your friends and if your like one of my friends your gonna wanna put it on display instead of eating it. I found the high to be a body buzz more than visuals but this is a rare delicacy that is to be enjoyed occasionally!

  188. daniela

    These were a repurchase and I use these to microdose. My experience overall with these has been great, very mild taste nothing crazy. Defs has improved my mental state and calmed some of my anxiety. I did use them to trip and I can say that the body high you get from these is AMAZING! I felt so light and energetic, great if you can go into nature while on these. Became very aware of my senses so I recommend avoiding strong smells because it can distract from the overall experience. Also I did experience some light sensitivity so I do them at night. The best part is the next morning you don’t feel groggy or anything I was ready to happily start my day.

  189. Megan

    Defiantly the best mushrooms I’ve ever tried, different Then other stains just good vibes

  190. mathieu

    Beautiful creatures.Long and thick.One of the specimen alone weighted 2.5g.Clean cut,no substrate.Worth the price.Grind these in coffee grinder and mix with melted chocolate,you wont taste a thing except the delicious chocolate.
    Will buy again

  191. Leonard

    I have got this strain many times , I don’t find them as strong as they say they are , not saying they aren’t just for me I would like something a lot stronger, I have took 20 grams, yes I was up all night with a body high but would have liked more visuals and hallucinations, I need at least 5 to 8 grams for a nice trip, I find It very costly I could burn through 300 dollars a month , wish they had some a lot stronger to make it easier on the cost

  192. Shellena

    Excellent mushroom experience. I repurchased these!

  193. Anna-Lisa

    I bought PE for myself, but before I had a chance to try them, my husband took 1.3g. After hearing about his experience, I do not want to try them myself! He took them on the hottest day of the year (31degrees) and his body lost the ability to regulate its’ temperature. Putting a foot in the pool caused uncontrollable shivering, and being outside the pool his body got so hot he was barely able to breath. They took hold of his neurological system and was basically unable to control his limbs. 2 hours into his trip he texted me – “they won’t let me go…please stop now.” 4 hours in he found a way to effectively cool his body with ice packs. When the trip was over, it happened instantly rather than a gradual comedown. Anyway…I’ve been scared off.

    Still have over 5g left and not sure what to do with it. Maybe I’ll try microdosing???

  194. Julia

    Got 14g came in about 5 days, great in tea, ground up in homemade fudge and other simple treats.

    My wife loved to just chew on it for a bit. Would 10/10 recommend. 💯👍

  195. Dmytro

    Well these were pretty strong for a first timer but oh my what a great visuals. It was absolutely beautiful. The amount of joy that was pouring out of me was incredible. I ended up having an ego death which was scary because i didn’t even knew what it was but overall it was an experience that i will for sure never forget. My suggestion is to take it easy with these and you will have amazing time.

  196. Lia Marie

    These are by far the best mushrooms I’ve ever had. They start off on the floor then next thing you know you feel like your 7 again! I like to microdose between .2 to .3 and it helps with focus. I’m adhd and suffer from social anxiety i also suffer from ptsd and I’m a recovering alcoholic. when I first started my journey I was taking whatever joe blow had which helped but these are special they really are calming and a smooth ride. If I feel I want to dive deeper into healing my mind 2g is my sweet spot. Doesn’t matter if I’m alone in the city or woods or with friends it’s never a bad time. I feel that my issues have weakened since I started taking them and I am very happy with this product. I highly recommend theses and I will continue to get them as along as they are available!

  197. Harrison

    Penis envy cubensis is one of my top 2 strains next to blue meanies. The therapeutic benefits are tremendous, and I always have a lovely journey when I consume these.

    They don’t irritate my stomach as much as other mushrooms, and the trip is usually pretty calming. I found this strain helped me ground myself and really be introspective with my life in a beneficial manner.

    I love these very much! I highly recommend.

  198. Karl

    We had a lot of fun with this one , not to mention a lasting peaceful after effect for the rest of the week , why endure anxiety when you can mush it out

  199. Zachary

    Been using mushrooms for a couple years and have tried a lot of different strains . Penis envy are the best quality for price I’ve personally found. Amazing results and great trip macro dosing and micro dose is amazing as well. Overall 6/5 highly recommend.

  200. Christopher

    Fantastic product. Had many wonderful trips with this. Thank you.

  201. Judy

    Strongest psilocybin I have ever taken. It took me so deep, to be honest it got me into a long and very difficult trip. It was unreal and relentless but I got through it, it’s one of the most difficult trips I had yet one of the most fulfilling.

  202. Kristian

    Penis Envy sent me on the trip of my life. Delivery by MMJ was also very timely.

  203. Daniel

    This strain surprised me.
    After reading countless ravving reviews, I expected something better. My high was more body than head, and the experience was far less euphoric than it was with the Golden Teachers. I felt more pressure in my head and vision, but this is neither negative nor positive. I didn’t have a bad trip exactly, although I know someone who did (but that was probably more chance than the strain itself). I don’t think I’ll order this again, but I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from going for it. I have to recommend Golden Teachers for a more euphoric and introspective trip overall, but Penis Envy is something you gotta try at least once.

  204. Raine

    Hands down my favourite mushroom strain. I ordered 14 grams and the delivery was super fast, only 1-2 days after I placed the order. I had only tripped on Golden Teachers up until this point and as soon as I took these, I noted the difference—colours became brighter and much more vivid, more of a classically psychedelic trip. I was smiling and giggling nonstop and listened to music feeling like I was at a live concert or a festival. But the best part is, I felt much more open and kinder to myself and the world. While tripping, I sent letters to a bunch of people I haven’t talked to in awhile and made things right with people I’ve hurt in the past. I came out of this trip feeling much more emotionally healthy and 10x better at communication. These mushrooms really helped me recognize my baggage and shed some of it off my back, all while having a fun, colourful, euphoric trip. Fantastic, 100/10, zero complaints from me.

  205. Kristen

    Slightly milder than other pe strands I’ve tried but a great experience. Highly recommended.

  206. Paul

    First – these mushrooms are amazing. Second – the price is amazing. It’s a little hard to compare to other stores’ PEs as the price is usually exorbitant, but it was an easy decision with MMJ.

    I had 3g with lemon-tek – the build up was slower, but the trip was consistent and enduring. Overall the aroma and taste was a little more intense than other strains using lemon-tek, so I used extra lemon juice when going down.

    People have said they are more potent than other strains – they are powerful, but I found them to offer the warmest and most relaxing feeling regardless of how deep in I was. Had the occasional “how fargone am I?” moments, but there was never any anxiety, just realization and exploration. Overall I felt relatively clear-minded and in-control and just let them do their thing.

    Lots of laughs, lots of absolute mind-blank moments. Just super fun and good vibes all around.

  207. Denise

    Excellent feeling

  208. Kyle

    PE is the best mushrooms, for me anyway.

    They come well packaged, dried to perfection, and are ALWAYS potent.

    1g is perfect for me, while going for a walk in the woods.

    I also noticed micro-dosing helps me perform better during workouts.


  209. Rob

    Reading others reviews I know why Penis Envy are a favorite for the experienced. and set a benchmark for other mushrooms. Thanks for the high quality Penis Envy.

  210. Jean-Francois

    Grabbed some of these a while back and they were spot on! Nice visuals, some light tracing, very introspective.

    Did them in various dosages from microdose to seasoned dose and never had a bad experience. The come up can sneak up on you and the effects can last for a while. Make sure you are comfortable and in a good place mentally when taking these.

    Kick back and enjoy the ride!🚀

  211. Stef

    These are the only mushrooms I buy any more. Nothing else even comes close in strength or sheer gravity. I
    Like many people I started with simpler strains like golden teacher and when I was ready to begin going much deeper into my experience and into my own journey I started with these and do not regret one second of it.

    For those who are using it for any medicinal purposes or spiritual teaching please be careful. I have overshot the dose a few times and wrecked myself. They can be unforgiving and put you headlong into a big healing step you may or may not be ready for! Be smart stay hydrated, meditate, and know why you are tripping!! Set and setting are SUPER important but so is your purpose!!!!

    Love them if I could give them 6 stars I would!

  212. Geoffrey

    Penis envy was a life altering experience, not many visuals though

  213. Mary

    These are the best we’ve tried yet.

    I was looking for more of a psychedelic experience and these penis envy hit me spot on. I took 60% of the dose I would take of say Golden Teachers and the result was an epic trip full of magic moments.

    I was very impressed when they arrived. The package itself was excellent and contained mostly whole shrooms. They tasted fresh and not too bitter. I have had the open package for several weeks now and with the zip seal they are just as good as the first day I opened them.

    Definitely my new favourite! THANK YOU

  214. Angela

    These shrooms are by far the best I have ever done. Had the best time ever!!!!!

  215. Adam

    2nd summer of going with MMJ’s PE and I’ve not been disappointed. The effect is really, really clean and you feel like you are in a movie or a video game. Everything feels more epic and dramatic in a good way and it just feels so, so good. Whether taking these during the day or at night, you are guaranteed to have a great trip. These are also especially great and pretty much the only strain I use for microdosing. They do the trick every time. Simply the best.

  216. Chris

    After reading reviews on this site, without question, I went for the Penis Envy. Let me tell you, no regrets. I’ve eaten my fair share in the day, so I went with 1.6g first time I tried them. The 4 of us did roughly the same amount. Was a great night sitting out back by the fire. The fire was changing colour, the experience reminded me of being in an old school video game. I had my back to the creek and I kept looking over my shoulder, wondering who was turning the light on. (there was nothing but creek and trees back there) the 3 of us wandered across the bridge over the creek. My Bro’s gf was going on about this farming village on the other side of the bridge. I got over there and was trying to escape my yard to go for a wander. I couldn’t figure out how to get by the fence so, after laughing at getting poked in the head by assorted trees, and laughing my ass off, I gave up. I finally got my gf to cross the creek (about a 20′ pretty bouncy bridge) we stood on the shore and were blown away by how far the fire was from us. Distance was just not working. We all made it back to the fire and somebody looked at the time. It was like 11pm. So time was useless to us as it felt like it was about 3am. I had some great conversations with the wizard that was guarding the woodpile. He is a pretty cool dude.
    After many trips, we finished the OZ. it’s time to restock. 😁
    Oh ya, the gf went to the house earlier then us. She had to step over the lazer beams in the back yard to make it to the house.

  217. Tess

    Wow! Penis envy is everything is says it is!
    Taste is not bad, easy to consume! I get beautiful hallucinations when I eat over 3G. I even reach this state of ecstasy while I’m on them. They provide a great boost of energy. I find them perfect for exploring/adventures.

  218. Rob


  219. MARY

    This was in one word: bliss.

    I’m new to shrooms, and had this one for my second trip. First experience with African Transkei was underwhelming (we did about 1.5g each) and both were getting heavy body sensations, only light visuals, and not very euphoric (I was quite serious at numerous points of the trip, and was mostly tired).

    With PE, it was an entirely different experience! We had about 1g each, and every effect described on the product page we felt! Uncontrollable laughing fits, intense visuals (fractals, objects moving, intense colours, trailing lights and sparkles), euphoric and uplifting body sensations. I felt like I was transported into a dream world and enjoyed every minute of the trip.

    It’s set the bar very high and now I’m reluctant to try the other strains I got! Definitely will be repurchasing this (And probably only this!)

  220. Matt

    These are absolutely amazing. This last batch was the best Penis Envy I’ve had. Super clean and quick come-up, incredible visuals, strong connection to nature. Highly recommend.

  221. Philippe


  222. Mélissa

    I loved it. It was a good experience and it gave me a good insight into an unhealthy relationship I had. I was also drawing like crazy, I loved the music and I could at least focus! Be careful to not take too much — once, I did and I was shaking in the shower, wondering why the fuck I didn’t weight it prior to that. Ah, and it’s shrooms : it never tastes well. I recommend making a tea out of it instead.

  223. Madeline

    Felt so connected the Universe and felt like I was receiving Divine messages. Visuals are strong but not too intense. I was rocking like this for like 4 hours at the beach off 1 gram. I wouldn’t start with more than that. These are the strongest shrooms my dad and I have ever had and he’s been doing them for almost 20 years.

  224. Anna

    This is easily my least favorite strain of mushrooms. It’s exactly how it’s described and the quality was great, fresh. I just do not enjoy my trips with it. I’ve tried larger doses and micro doses of Penis Envy, it’s just not for me at any quantity. Definitely not for the faint of heart or if you dig a chiller more mellow trip. This strain is for those looking for something more aggressive. 4 stars because it’s what it says it is.

  225. Josiah

    The penis envy strain really is powerful lol! Really interesting looking and awesome effects and benefits, for microdosing or for trips! I think this should be more readily available for people and not so “taboo”. Free your mind <3 awesome shrooms, 5 stars!

  226. Scott

    Great mushrooms. Fairly potent so don’t over use but gives great euphoria. Brightens colours and lots of laughs

  227. Mairin

    Best ever must try!!!! I refuse to even consume others 15/10

  228. Michael

    This strain is my new go-to! Great visuals and depth of thought and imagination.

  229. Emma

    These were recommended to me by a friend and they did not disappoint. My highs are usually pretty short and only last a couple of hours no matter how much I take but these made my high last about 4 hours which is much longer than usual for me. I ate them easily with some chocolate and they were easy to eat. I will definitely be repurchasing these.

  230. Tabita

    Simply the best mushrooming experience I have ever had, every single time. Incredible full body and visual high that makes life dreamlike. These are the ultimate trip for being in nature, it turns every colour intense and bright and it feels a little bit like living inside a painting!

  231. Dusan

    My order arrived in only 2 days, extremely satisfied. Penis Envy worked exactly as expected, no problems with potency at all.

  232. Anna

    I never ordered anything off of MMJ before. I’m sure glad I did tho these are very potent I only ate a .2 of a gram to try a micro dose and wow I got a good buzz just off that little bit. They tasted pretty good I thought compared to the ones I used to get years ago and these WAY better. If you never had these go slow. I ate a half a gram like 8 hours later with that stars chocolate and all I’ve got to say I was really high I didn’t think I would get visuals like that I love em. I will be getting a oz next time they on sale. I will be sticking with MMJ for my shrooms. Thanks MMJ

  233. Kate

    Normally I do 2g golden teacher for a mild visual and often spiritually significant trip. Took 2g of these and had a totally different experience – visuals were minor, I still felt anxious (I take shrooms bc they are the only thing that kills my anxiety, so that was disappointing). Lasted for hours and hours, but just light after-effects on visuals. No spiritual or deep personal feelings. Expected more from everyone saying how strong they are! Back to the ol’ golden teach for me (or the star blend chocolates).

  234. Mathieu

    Huge caps, great freshness, powerful strain. Would recommend

  235. George

    Best shrooms I’ve tried so far. Bought them after trying golden teachers, hoping for a different experience. These are much more potent, intense and visual. Mixed them ground up in lemon juice before consumption. Higher doses are great for more spiritual experiences (for me, 2.2g at 160 lbs lemon tek’d made me experience what I think was ego death, I stopped existing/thinking for a moment and felt only sensations and crazy closed eye visuals – it’s hard to tell how long the experience lasted and it made me put in question what I value) and lower doses are great to enjoy in a small cozy group/solo setting, with nice visuals and sensory distortions.

  236. Phillip

    I took 4 grams and I had the best time of my life!

  237. Jalal

    These are by far my fav shroom on the site. They are pretty powerful – youve gotta be careful. I have a crazy high tolerance for drugs of all kinds, so 2.5 grams of this is a fun feeling but for my pals – they were f l y i n g! Id recommend 2 grams to start if youve done shrooms before and are comfortable with the high. I need 4 grams to f l y away and the one time I did 5, I almost went insane. Lessons learned…

  238. Jesse

    My GF and I are psychonauts and we love this strain. Can never go wrong with some PE, it’s a staple in our house. A must try!

  239. Darquise

    I hadn’t done shrooms in over 40 years so I didn’t know what to expect . So the taste was so-so, I’ve never liked the taste of them, so no surprise there, but about an hour later I started to feel lighter, body buzz, in a great mood, and my energy level went through the roof so I cleaned my whole first floor of my house. I didn’t hallucinate or lost control of my senses, i was still able to function at 100% i did not feel like I was out of control at any time, therefore I give it 5 stars.

  240. Amy

    These are so great, my favourite strain. Tasted nice and earthy mixed into a marinara pasta, and sent me on a wonderful trip that was a journey for my mind. I had a list of things in my life that I wanted to think about more deeply, and my thoughts were so open and transformative during this experience. Cannot recommend highly enough! Gave some to my roommate who had never done shrooms before and she talked to the ocean for 30 minutes.

  241. Ryan

    Amazing strain. Very out of this world, and definitely more potent by the gram!

  242. Samuel

    Definitely stronger than your usual strain of mushroom, ordered Penis Envy a couple of times now – not sure if it’s just me but I’ve always had very introspective trips. Not very social but really amazing thoughts and visuals. Had in tea as usual. Will order again, fast delivery.

  243. Cedric

    One of the best trip i have ever made. Great packaging and fast delivery. I never found a strain as powerful as this in my area (Québec). J’ai mangé 2g et j’ai utilisé ma PlayStation VR pour écouter des show en full VR 360. That was amazing

  244. TOMY

    Amazing experience, fresh products, quantities right, shared an amazing moment with friends!
    Fast delivery

  245. Will

    First time trying these acouple months ago

  246. Jeffrey

    Amazing product. I have tried several different strains but always come back to these guys.
    Highly recommend 👌

  247. Ted

    This product is amazing. Ordered many times. Beginners ease in 😉

  248. Meghan

    I am back to buy these again! I’ve had these a few times prior to ordering and now I’ve found them to buy myself and I’m a big big fan! The high is exceptional — flowing, floating, laughing, and feeling generally really good. I usually microdose so I haven’t experienced much of this strain in higher amounts, but I have heard amazing things. Might be weird to say…. But I trust this mushroom strain. It helps me feel good and for a long time after too. I never have anxiety on them or feel like I’m not myself. HIGHLY recommend.

  249. Jeff

    Despite what you’ve heard or seen, there are no better and powerful shrooms out there than these. They are an incredible buzz every time out, and I always have a great trip. Do yourself a favour and watch The Tyrell Corp on Youtube when tripping, they made a few mind-blowing videos for us and there’s decent music too. I’m not associated with them, just looking out. Try everything on this site, really, but always come back to the PE.

  250. Rechelle

    We love our penis envy shroomz
    It had been many years since doing mushrooms in our younger years
    Since life seems so stressful these days we decided to seek some stress relief
    The soothing waves that come over you are highly relaxing and rejuvenating
    Personally I yawn a lot and see auras around everyone and everything
    Be prepared to have sore cheeks from laughing

  251. Maude

    Je donne 5 étoiles pour toutes les raison suivantes: 1- Livraison rapide et efficace, discrètement laissé dans mon solarium au 3ième étage. 2- Le poids était bien fidèle, pas un gramme en moins! 3- Il était MA-GNI-FI-QUE! Des entiers et de beaux morceaux. 3- Je trouve que le buzz est égal d’une dose à l’autre, quand je pèse une petite dose de 0,8g ou 1g, je sais à quoi m’attendre.

    J’avais seulement essayé le Golden Teacher avant, mais là je pense commander le Penis Envy à nouveau la prochaine fois. Il m’aide à atteindre certains de mes objectifs, surtout ceux qui demandent d’être en forme physiquement. Au début quand l’effet embarque, j’ai juste envie d’écouter de la musique, et d’être entourée de beauté. Mes sens sont en éveil. Ensuite j’ai une tonne d’énergie et l’envie de déplacer des montagnes! Ce qui a apporté une grande amélioration à ma vie.

  252. Aniruddha

    Great stuff, but prefer the chocolate PEs.

  253. Quinton

    Very strong and visually intense experience! This helped me realize some important things about myself and also made for a great experience outdoors and indoors. I bought it for a psychedelic experience but it ended up helping me with thinking through some things and improved self improvement as they always seem to do. Would recommend!

  254. Matthew

    Incredible. These hit hard and fast, but in a really good way. I’ve never felt so relaxed and at peace with nature in my life. They eliminate my anxiety completely and have long lasting effects when it comes to my depression. Excellent visuals, too. You won’t be disappointed.

  255. John

    If these are in stock, buy them. I use for MDing. Started with GT and moved onto these. Definitely more powerful. I generally do about 0.1 and stack with lions mane. At about 0.2 it starts to become too much for MDing (but that’s my experience). Definitely my go to.

  256. Genevieve

    By far the best mushrooms that I have purchased! Super glad you carry this product!

  257. François-Xavier

    Really good mushrooms, even the taste is kind of good (I don’t like regular mushrooms for cooking and I was able to chew them without gagging) and the effects are great. Did only 2g for trying and I tripped for over 5h easily. Perfect for listen to music for hours or watching funny things. Can’t wait to try them outside in the summer.

  258. Tyler

    By far the best experience I’ve had. It really calms my anxious tendencies and I am able to see and think clearer. I also enjoy the initial onset more than most strains do to it feeling less head-y and more body..-y. Great winter hikes with friends to really put my mind at ease, this strain is definitely my go-to.

  259. Pierre-Carmel

    great fun and atmosphere !!! like taking a great trip in universe !!!

  260. Michael

    I’ll start off by saying I’m a regular psychonaut and have experience with many different strains of shrooms and various other psychedelics. I had heard about pebis envy and decided now is the time to try. When I first got them I laughed out loud, as you will quickly understand the reason behind the name. Easily the largest shrooms I’ve ever seen in my life.

    As for the effects. Wow. Started off with the giggles, I get this happy feeling in my stomach and my palms start to sweat. Next I started to notice small distortions and waves in the walls in my peripherals. Next thing you know I was full blown tripping within 30 minutes and was having vivid hallucinations and experiencing synesthesia

  261. Nils

    Best strain/species I have tried. They are powerful, trust me. They provide strong visuals, which is exactly what I wanted. Would definitely recommend them.

  262. Raphael

    took 3,5-4g with some friends, we had an amazing time listening to music and acting crazy. Took about 1,5-2 hours to kick in and lasted 4-5 hours. We stayed in the living room for all of it and still had crazy adventures.

  263. Joseph

    Awesome strain for visuals and body high

  264. Ross

    Best mushrooms I have tried experience wise, taste wise not so good lol they are super potent so I think they have a stronger taste then other shrooms I have tried. The experience was everything I was looking for. I had lots of inner and outer visuals, one of the inner visuals I had I believe I met my higher self, it didn’t look anything like me at all lol it looked a lot different but I got such a warm, loving feeling from this being when I seen it I had no fear whatsoever. It also showed me tons of things about myself that I had put on the back burner for quite some time and allowed me to start to properly deal with my past traumas. The come up was not the greatest but I personally think it’s just me, lots of times I will get nausea from any kind of mushroom and I’ve just learned to deal with it lol it always goes away. I recommend to anyone who is looking to go a little further down the rabbit hole, for beginners I hear golden teachers are some of the best to start with. Amazing product I will definitely buy again.

  265. Crystal

    Honestly I avoided penis envy solely because of the name, but it was definitely a trip! I made about 4 grams into chocolates and shared them with my partner, and we were both super high considering the dosage cause he’s a big guy! It was less of a mind fuck and more so a visual trip personally. Everything seemed very glowy and fuzzy in comparison to golden teachers where everything is more wavey and there’s a bit more of a head high in my experience. All in all, super potent and a great time!

  266. Chris

    Great strain and Clean fun. Not the most potent I’ve had.

  267. Brandon

    Used a few times now. Very good.

  268. Phaicia

    first time, only needed an eighth but have needed 7 grams since. I use them to reset my brain, body, and mind every few months. they also reset my thc tolerance.

  269. Emily

    I bought penis envy! It is the best strain I have had personally! It helped me open up to my spirituality, helped my depression and anxiety! I saw a lot of colour and the visuals are amazing! The walls are basically breathing at you, the floor is never still, and reality is totally warped! It’s the best experience ever and I continuously recommend this to my friends. The taste isn’t great but that’s a given! Definitely have had worse tasting.

  270. Alex

    I ordered 7g of PE and 3.5g of Hillbilly Cubensis. Wanted to compare PE to a less potent strain and give it a whirl; I had the PE last night for the first time and the Hillbilly Cubensis a few days ago. Shipping was quick and the product was very well packaged. Now to discuss my PE experience… I took roughly 1.5g – 2g, thinking that the effects would feel relatively similar to Hillbilly Cubensis, just more amplified. Should also mention, I didnt consume any of the big PE caps. Man oh man, after about an hour or so the yawning and body relaxation began. Then a bit later I turned on my Spotify and put on my headphones… I felt like I had so much energy and can honestly say this was the deepest appreciation for music Ive ever had in my life, by a mile. I felt WAY more flexible and my confidence truely skyrocketed. I had a tad of anxiety entering this trip, since I was alone and unsure about the potency. That little anxiety melted away so quick and provided me with a night of pure bliss. I am beyond excited to eat a larger dose of these bad boys with my friends. This product gets a 10/10 from me. Thank you MMJ team!

  271. Maxime

    One of the best Mushroom !. Not for beginers.

  272. Ashley

    They were wrapped and packaged with care and shipping came very quickly. I ground mine up and mixed them with orange chocolate which ended up completely covering the taste of them for me.
    I bought them because I suffer from frequent migraines, and after taking these was the longest gap in migraines I’ve had since I first started having migraines. All my chronic pain and mental health felt a lot better for a couple of weeks after my trip, and when things started coming back it was gradual. I would highly recommend trying these either just to feel the effects or for helping with pain.

  273. Ryan

    Beautiful, clean and enlightening trip from these shrooms. The best you can get. .5-1 gram for a nice smooth trip or a half quad for a full on psychedelic experience. These are the real deal.

  274. Alex

    Great quality! Very pleased with my order.

  275. Darcy

    I really liked this strain, it kicked in slow and steady and felt amazing

  276. Shayne

    Really enjoyed it

  277. Nemanja

    Not really a review person but oh man I have to this time.
    I love and have recommended this website to all my close friends so didn’t hesitate to try this strain of mushroom and let me tell you, OH BABY! My buddies and I decided to spend the last fall weekend at a lake cottage and consume PE for the first time (we had golden teacher a few times beforehand). The come up was anxiety free, which is something that doesn’t happen often, I tend to feel some come up anxiety usually but this time it was a very smooth build-up, and almost forgot to mention that we took 1.7g each. First two hours or so, we were all cracking jokes on the dock, enjoying ourselves, and just acting like kids but at the same time had plenty of healing talks and open conversations. We all hit a bit of a J, around 3 puffs of fat one and I quickly started feeling insanely euphoric and just fulfilled, state of AWE. We were laying on the dock and just seeing everything in a different light like we were in some dream world with beautiful sky and teal water, just beautiful. Have to say that mixing in weed was a risky move and would be extremely careful next time, maybe just keep it for the comedown as a little sprinkle but be careful because it can amplify the trip and cause you to start greening out in a way.

    All in all 10/10. Big ups for MMJD for working so quickly.

  278. James

    Bought this a few month ago, mainly for microdosing. Need to get a precise scale 0.01 g to be able to control the dosage. A few times I was actually feeling the influence. Overall, I am very satisfied with their product, packaging and discreet shipping. I am going to stock up soon!

  279. Joseph Paul

    Haven’t had a chance to try these mushrooms yet but I wanted to comment on the discrete shipping. The package came quickly and was packaged perfectly. Thanks and can’t wait to try them!

  280. othmane

    Best strain ever. No wonder Terence Mckenna loved it so much!

  281. Aimee

    Hadn’t tried shrooms in years. After discovering them here at MMJ I ordered an Oz. The first night I ate 3 grams and had a great trip. The effects last hours, the mood was pleasant and they didn’t taste near as awful as the stuff I bought from a street dealer in the past. The 2nd time I ate 5 grams and felt the effects for a good 5-6 hours or more. We Watched Avatar and it felt like I was part of the movie. My friend and I were so into it.. have seen the movie many times but this was a whole new experience. Its a bit cold outside (-35) so to get the nature experience, we turn to movies. Not quite the same but it works. I would definitely recommend Penis Envy to my friends!

  282. Cole

    Buyers beware, these are the real deal! Mushrooms arrived quickly and they look beautiful. White stems with little round gold caps, its almost a shame to eat them. So excited to finally get my hands on the famous penis envy strain, known for their potency, these did not disappoint! Will buy again!

  283. Kevin

    Very nice

  284. Travis

    I bought this after recently trying mushrooms for the first time. I had fun and had heard good thing about penis envy. My first experience with them was interesting to say the least… I took more then I should have and had a bit of a journey, may have required a bit of babysitting. I have found being a beginner that 1-1.5 grams is ideal for a good time laughing and chilling out. I particularly enjoy the after effects of feeling relaxed and grounded the following day. I would recommend this product but if you are new also may recommend a scale or a babysitter.
    I find the taste not bad, my best description of taste is earthy and mildly dusty.

  285. Maureen

    I love these types of mushrooms. High quality and more powerful than others, as well as more psychedelic. I’ve been a fan of this site more than others for mushrooms for a while!

  286. Oliver

    Vraiment un bon produit. Très puissant comme mush. Juste une petite branche et on ressens vraiment l’effet. J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir de découvrir un talent artistique que je n’avais pas. Avec une livraison rapide et des shrooms de qualité, je recommande ce produit. Il est aussi parfait pour le micro dosage en le broyant et en le mettant dans des capsules

  287. Steve

    Holy smokes these do not disappoint. I’ve probably tried over 20 kinds of shrooms over the years and these tend to be the best. Very insightful feelings and an overall feeling of peace with every use. Also by the far the most effective at treating depression/anxiety. Using even once every 3 or 4 months leaves me completely reset and zen.

  288. Tara

    Penis envy- the best and most potent product for novice users.

  289. Dylan

    absolutely amazing experience, definitely not for beginners (or stick to a gram) i did 2 grams and ate it with a pickle, bought 7gs and it came vacuum sealed and discreet, within 2 days. came as 2 full huge mushies

    body buzz started within 10 mins felt giggly and lightweight
    25 mins in and the visuals were intense (melting objects and cupcake frosting)
    everything was shiny and awesome

    listened to music all night and wow what deep appreciation that came with it.

    definitely will purchase again and again

    thanks mmj!

  290. Alex

    Extremely potent. I was sceptical as they don’t really have the typical PE appearance – anyway, these are the real deal. I did a lemon tek of 0.5g and had a much stronger experience than I was hoping for. Mild visuals and a very strong body / mind trip. Had a difficult half hour of anxiety, but i eventually broke through into just pure love and euphoria. Go easy on these if you are not that experienced, they are much stronger than regular Cubensis.

  291. Tyler

    Just tried 1 g so far using lemon tek. I loved the experience. It felt like I had opened my heart up to an unbiased listener who understood exactly how I feel, without actually having to verbally express myself. Mild visuals. Positive effects lasted for days. I am using psychedelics to treat Anxiety, Depression and OCD. I would definitely recommend this strain. I will leave another review when I take higher doses!

  292. Kevin

    By far the best mushrooms I ever had ! The trip was awesome, my girlfriend and I did 2g each and she was hallucinating while I was flying into another dimension. Lasted for at least 5-6 hours. One of the best trip of my life ! I would highly recommand if you already did shrooms, if you are an beginmer you should start with small dose or you will be tripping hard !

  293. Rawaz

    Strong, earthy and well grown! Always count on the guys at MMJ on delivering such quality mushies. Can’t wait to get more, beware they are a bit stronger. 1G max for beginners, refrain from weed.

  294. Godfrey

    Expect quality mushrooms, and discrete fast shipping. What more do I need to say? Thanks mmjdirect!

  295. Mala

    You don’t feel as heavy as the “golden teachers” when coming off the trip. Feels like your still you receiving information for your self compared to other mushroom this one is the best so far for me, will definitely buy again.

  296. Nikita

    Those are special. So potent! The best mushrooms I’ve had so far.

  297. Brandon

    these are probably my all time favorite mushrooms to trip on 🙂 they are very potent so you wanna be careful especially if you are new to physcedelics. the name is amazing too aha I did about 3 grams on my first trip with them as im fairly experienced and wow. what a night lol. was one of my best trips the visuals were amazing and it had me in all sorts of weird but good states 9f mind

  298. Jed

    Having participated in medical studies on Cannabis I was curious to learn more with directional information I have on micro dosing. I felt that with the correct intention I may have some better control of my symptoms as a result of TBI / Concussion.

    The journey has been very positive to date. One day soon we will be able to rely on the cataloging of the strains to better study the medicinal effects, however, I have managed to acheive some positive results that directionally appear to be from Psilocybin in an entourage effect with my medical Cannabis protocal.

    I feel more aware nurologically yet still able to sleep at will. Pain and inflamation seemed more effective as well. I will say that quality is really important and that freshness matters. I use the tea approach and that works well with very little to no gastro issues.

    I also want to say that the process has been seemless with MMJ. Do try different strains and also make sure to rest your receptors every couple months.



  299. Alana

    Strap on your helmets boys, you are in for a ride! They aren’t kidding when they say these bad boys are way stronger than most other mush. The beginning effects are euphoric and the end result varies depending on your mindset going in. But you will most likely be transported to a different dimension. At the very least this should help you feel more connected to your mind/body/soul and those around you. Great for inner work!!

    My hot tip if you don’t want your trip lasting as long: Use a coffee grinder, powerize them, melt dark chocolate and whatever mixins, and make little candies. The powder makes it absorb and leave the body quickly and the dark chocolate has a synergistic effect with the mushrooms. Google it!!! Happy travels!!! 🙂

  300. Alexi

    Wow these are strong. I took 0.5g and was having a full on weak trip. Good for introspection!

  301. Randell

    Omg the first time I had these I ate 1.5g but it felt like a full 3.5g of blue meanie then the other night I ate 2G of PE and Damn it was intense. 5 stars

  302. Madeleine

    Ordered for the first time, and I was extremely satisfied with the trip. As an experienced user, I was looking to find a new potent type of mushroom, and was looking for an intense experience. It was a little bit difficult to get down due to the size and the fact that it had a fairly strong taste, but that was the only downside!

    My partner and I took about 3.5 grams each, and experienced many of the descriptors mentioned such as fractal surfacing and time dilation. The trip lasted a good 6-7 hours, and was definitely a transformative experience. Definitely the most potent mushrooms I’ve ever had. Would definitely recommend this mushroom to more experienced users.

  303. Michael

    Excellent shrooms! They are legit PE, I have ordered from other places and got stuff that was obviously not PE. I received beautiful, full shrooms that was a little overweight. The effects were intense visuals, euphoria and laughter. Shipping was very fast; order was completed and shipped within 24 hours and I got my package in 2 days. Packaging was very professional and discreet. Everything was vacuum sealed and in an unmarked box. I highly recommend MMJ Direct for your shroom purchase, I am very happy with it!

  304. Nihal

    After reading the reviews I decided to try this strain, and wow it did not disappoint. I did make it into a tea, and it kicked in with 10 minutes!!! I felt so relaxed and at peace, making me think this strain seems like it would make a great micro dose too

  305. Matthew

    If there was more than 5 stars, i would would give a million. This medicine, is everything a human needs. this resets everything. The fact that these are medicinal and really mean it. it can help you work thru anything you have going on in your life. these helped give me clarity and to fix my relationship’s within my life. These are great for group interaction as well. although the come up may be strong. after you guys come over the hump, it is only beauty. start low in does and move higher as you come thru the skies.

  306. Joshua

    Penis Envy mushrooms saved my life!!!! these are not drugs, there herbs that heal you like nothing else can!.

  307. Patrick

    These mushrooms are epic. My girlfriend and I ate a couple grams each right away and man, was I ripped. After about 45 minutes, the yawning started. Out for a walk in the forest we went. As the mushrooms started kicking in, my eyes began tricking my brain. I was seeing constant blurs and wavy lines. Things started to make less sense. They made for a wonderful trip. Coming down off them was also comfortable. No bad feelings. Take these and enjoy blasting off.

  308. Nnaka

    So I read up on this strain before I bought it and boy am I glad I did lol. It is one of the strongest strains available. I took about one gram thinking everything would be fine because I had done shrooms a handful of times by then. Well things got very spooky. I was in my backyard and I started to look at the grass and suddenly I was among the blades. I leaned in and then I was in the soil, leaned further and then I was in the rocks in the earth. Leaned in some more and I started to feel hot, like I was in the earth’s centre!

    If you take this strain be careful. It’s a wicked trip but it was a little overwhelming at times.

  309. Ambrose

    Incredible body high. Very euphoric experience and a relaxing come up and down. I took 1.5 grams and the high lasted about 4-5 hours. I was in a really positive mood the entire trip and found pretty much everything insanely hilarious. Out of the 4 different mushrooms I’ve tried on here, these are my favourite for sure.

  310. Xueyan

    I’ve tripped with this once, almost near optimal conditions and super excited to trip again this weekend (under possibly more optimal conditions and upping the dose – love doing indoor and just losing myself). A very cathartic and very deep existential experience that reduced me to tears. Really eye-opening, world-opening, found myself being quite suggestible and very open minded during the experience, questioning my identity and who I am. Similar to other cubensis, I feel like maybe not too different versus the Golden Teachers that I’ve had though. Cubes are cubes.

    2g lemon-tek is my preferred style. High was probably around 6h. Price is good from MMJ as always, can’t find better online. Shipping came quick despite COVID, like 4 days or something.

  311. Adam

    First time ordering off this site, here is my experience.

    I had looked around at other sites and based off all the positive reviews I decided to order from mmj. Placed my order and received my package within 3 days, ordered on a Thursday and got my package on Monday. My package was really well sealed the box was vacuum sealed and very discrete. Eagerly opened my package and was not disappointed, some very nice pieces, one or two were a little disappointing but nothing to complain about. The reason for my 4 star rating though is because the mushrooms could have been a lot dryer. I was expecting to receive cracker dry mushrooms but I could easily bend some of the bigger ones without any sign of breaking. Moisture is the #1 enemy of dried mushrooms, especially one of this calibre. My only recommendation would be that they add a little packet of dry

  312. Emily

    Massive giggles and a deep look within. highly recommend!

  313. Mike

    I have never done a review before i like to just obverse , But let me tell you. I’ve ordered from many different places but this time something was different. You can tell these were grown with passion and love (Very clean) they break up like crackers which is perfect and they have a taste similar to coffee crisp minus the chocolate.

    I had multiple sessions with mmj’s(ordered 14g) penis envy but my last session was by far the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced, I took 5.3g on empty stomach with OJ (im 210lb) within 30mins i started to feel it kicking ( Ears buzzing,very relaxed ) in but an 1h 30mins later for the first time ever i started to hear colors and seeing sounds and witnessed cosmic entities but my ego began to take over and i started entering game reality and returned back to my body but still able to see hallucinations and so on.

    I don’t do shrooms to get “high” i do it so i can have a better understand of myself better spiritual connection. After this experience it made me realize how powerful LOVE is! I also figured out i have depression but its seems to subside for the time being but i will be starting micro-dosing. (This is just the beginning of my spiritual journey and i am very excited to experience what may come next ) These are very powerful make sure if you are going to ingest them you do it in a proper mind-set and are well prepared in a safe setting.

    I Recommend reading ” The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary” Sorry for the long rant but i hope i helped someone make the right choice and place an order because everyone needs to have this wonderful “Experience” you will LOVE yourself so much more. Over-all Best Shrooms I’ve had ever. 10/10. Thanks for reading (:

  314. Marc-Olivier

    this product surprising me every time

  315. Marylene

    They look a little too much “moldy* to me, but I took them nonetheless. I’ve been trying but I can’t get that high everyone is taking about. I’m staying to think I’m the issue. Would be amazing if they could be in caps (chocolate edibles did nothing too)

  316. Dave

    These are the real deal! Potent, very clean energetic high and were delivered to my mailbox less than 48 hours after I placed my order! Love em!

  317. Rayomond

    Recently bought and was sent the wrong strain but mmj customer service was very helpful and we resolved the issue!

  318. Ryan

    Holy tits these are potent lol good luck 😉

  319. David

    Go easy on these, they’re very strong. Intense visuals and a great experience overall

  320. Marc-Olivier

    Take this

  321. Robert

    Great quality and exactly what you would expect.

  322. Adriel

    VERY POTENT!!! Took 1g and I was flying off to a different dimension haha. Maybe cuz I also smoked. Absolutely AMAZING

  323. Tristan


  324. Garth

    Quality Product.Great service,fast delivery.Repeat customer.Fast hitting within 15 mins u feel the euphoric onset of excitement and,love,lust,intrigue,mystic,release..share it with someone special, cherish the new realm !!!

  325. Gaby

    Tried Golden Emperor strain for my first time using shrooms (3.5g) and it was super disappointing. No visuals at all, I was just having fun and giggly. Figured I’d try again with Penis Envy and OMG I am so happy I did! Many visual hallucinations with about 1g consumed. Highly recommended! FYI those who are taking SSRIs, sometimes they can reduce psychoactive effects, look into it!

  326. Pam

    I’ve recently started tying mushrooms. This is my favourite by far. I only dosed at .75g and it was an amazing experience. I picked this strain based on a the reviews in regards to a transformative experience.

    I found colours were so vivid and everything simply softened. I felt it stripped away any sense of ego and allowed me the introspective journey I hoped for.
    Ordering more.

  327. Rayomond

    These things are unfucking real…i was surprised and excited when i saw they had it.

    I’ve been microdosing between a .1 and .22 for a few weeks now, anything over a .3 and you’ll have a bit if a trip for sure


  328. Gregorhy

    “Maybe that’s what life is… a wink of the eye and winking stars.” Jack Kerouac

  329. Gregorhy

    “If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is.” Charles Bukowski.

    These are amazing. Ordering again. Ate 2.5 grams and enjoyed it much. ..

  330. Matt

    Ummm shit!! These where awesome I cant even describe the trip I had other than intense

  331. Mackenzie

    I mean im confused i ate a half quarter last weekend and they were amazing but a half ounce and nothing happend. Kind of a bummer

  332. Mike

    Tous bien complets, pas de fond de sac et un beau 4,5g entier ?
    Good buzz!
    Thanks mmj

  333. Dhawal

    i tried mushrooms for 1st tym and this is really good i hv taken 1 gram nd after 40 mints it hits nd keep increasing i was on a trip for 5 hrs highly recommended

  334. Amber

    AMAZING! Drank as a tea, and also just munched on them a little bit throughout the day. I can honestly say that it was one of the best days of my life. I should mention that I had only used mushrooms a couple times before this, many years ago. This was by far the best I have felt in a very long time. I’m talking many many years. I had an overall sense of bliss for nearly the entire day. Very entertaining, colourful visuals while looking at anything lit up (Such as my laptop keyboard), as well as when I closed my eyes. I’m about to order more as a birthday gift to myself.

  335. Matthew

    My number 1 fave Cubensis. These are incredibly potent. I’ve been microdosing with them for a few months now and am grateful for their effects. Must try!

  336. Brant

    Hands down best mushrooms out there. Wish I found you aooner

  337. Brant

    Going to buy these out of stock soon number 5!

  338. Brant

    Fourth purchase and still amazing

  339. Brant

    Again these are the best out tbere.

    Nothing beats the high, I will only eat these for now on

  340. Stephen

    Actually came through on time despite the pandemic. They looking proper – the best I’ve seen personally. Got a lil extra too. Had to come thru wit a rating mek ppl know seh do ting up!

  341. Brant

    Best Mushrooms out there hands down

  342. Brant

    Great product, some of the most potent mushrooms on the market, picked up few ounces it was so good. I would buy them here if I was you, most other sites want close to double the price

  343. Donna

    My new favourite! Not too hard to chew.

  344. Brandon

    Potent! If you like psilocybin, this is definitely worth trying.

  345. Waleed

    Absolutely amazing!

  346. Graham

    Incredible product and fast delivery. Not recommended for first time trips

  347. Rebecca

    Used this as a first time shroomer. Less than a gram did not much. I did around 2.5 on an empty stomach… yeahhhh it was intense. The places my thoughts went… I’ve never seen before on my own. It was honestly beautiful.

  348. Marc-Olivier

    I love it thanx mmj

  349. Patrick

    Amazing , will be back for more !

  350. Tammy

    Got one huge mushroom ? and enjoyed it❤️

  351. Jennifer

    Amazing, great feeling
    ..makes a great tea..

  352. Chad

    Very Powerful!

  353. Gabby

    Clean feeling, emotionally trippy and intriguingly weird just for 1g dose.

  354. Maxime

    These are the Best I’ve tried so far! Very intense buzz

  355. Robin

    Absolutely stunning effects. A healthy dose of Penis Envy Cubensis and conscious self-guidance delivered me from of a deep depression. It was truly remarkable and life changing. Just note that the mushrooms alone aren’t enough to cure depression… you need to know what to do while under their influence.

  356. Michael

    Amazing strain. PE is my new favorite but definitely stronger than I expected even on a lower 400-500mg dose

  357. Matthew

    Went from Golden Teachers to these and have yet to go back. Even at doses as low as 250mg (.25g) I can feel mild to moderate effects. Monstrous in size and potency. Consistent Quality.

  358. Hugo

    Fast shipping, good price, VERY good quality. Enjoyed my trip and will order more for sure, thanks again guys 🙂

  359. Matthew

    I used these for microdosing. some days I would use as much as 0.3g and could definitely feel that ‘infinite exhale/inhale’ sort of rush. the further up the stem, closer to the cap, more blue streaks and incrementally more potency. haven’t eaten the caps yet. will report back. will be ordering again. 🙂 thanx MMJ!

  360. Bernard

    10/10 never disappointed..

  361. Catlin

    Amazing trip but I had a hard time sleeping lol

  362. William

    Absolutely hands down the best looking mushrooms I have ever seen in my life! They were wonderful to eat also, very powerful! Repeat orders from me! Thanks

  363. Alessandro

    excellent quality

  364. Seth

    Amazing to the eye, great trip. Start small. 1g

  365. Tyler

    Stunning is the best way to describe these very well grown and taken care of keep up the great work I hope the staff can see that their hard efforts are being appreciated , This is a medicine in moderation great for neuroplasticy , Would like to see how effective this couldbe a break through for people who suffer with depression

  366. Matthew

    Good potency, huge fruiting body, very mild taste. Super fast shipping.

  367. Debra

    never a disappointment 🙂

  368. Nikita

    very potent i had one mushroom and ihad a crazy trip

  369. Linda

    Amazing and POTENT product! Brewed them as lemon tea, and had a powerful experience. Very different vibe from other cubensis I’ve tried.

  370. Jerome

    no joke product, great service, quality and experience.

  371. Idris

    The best of the best. Crazy pricepoint i dont even need to get the shrooms to know i struck gold!

  372. Guillaume

    like it.. i got a 3.5 in one beautiful shroom..
    very good stuff!!

  373. Matthew

    Holy magic. That was unreal. CEV were amazing. McKenna dosed was these 5g and watched Locke and Key

  374. Deryk

    Decided to be a pig and do 3.5gs within 12 hrs… Made for an awesome day!! A+ product

  375. Christopher

    Super fast delivery, and super great buzz! You haven’t let me down yet MMJ!

  376. Alexa

    Not to be underestimated, I mixed mine into an omelet and it tasted pretty decent.
    FYI I’ve never had shrooms before this past weekend (yay my delivery came in) and it’s not lying when it says it offers ” a deeply trans-formative experience”, my observations though is that you have to be open to deeper understanding. It will help bring to light some painful truths, and can help move on from some pretty deep wounds.

  377. Heather

    Glad they are back in stock. Strong, very different from the golden teachers but still a good product. Drank as a tea with some peppermint, tasted great.

  378. Debra

    LOVE LOVE LOVE can’t wait to get more

  379. Brandon

    Power level over 9000

  380. Charles

    I’m high now and these are incredibly powerful. Strong visuals intense color enhancement. Just all around amazing.

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