Cannabis just got even more convenient. 

Seriously — now you can order premium cannabis capsules from the comfort of your own home. Between THC-dominant caps, CBD-dominant caps, blended caps, and more, chances are good we carry the right option for you. 

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Why cannabis capsules could be the perfect choice

There was a time when cannabis enthusiasts only had a few ways to partake of their plant of choice. They could smoke it, or eat it — those were pretty much the only options. 

Goodness, how times have changed. Today a new delivery method has emerged, and it’s pretty much the most convenient one ever. We’re talking about cannabis capsules, of course; they allow one to take a predictable amount of cannabis quickly and discretely. 

They’re also effective enough to be practically medical-grade. 

Cannabis capsules have plenty of practical benefits, too. If your friends/family/coworkers aren’t exactly on board with viewing marijuana as medicine, no worries. Forgo the join and pop a capsule instead! Our cannabis caps are virtually indistinguishable from any other type — and no, they don’t have strong or skunky smells. In the eyes of others, you may as well be taking fish oil.  

So, are cannabis capsules the product for you? Perhaps. If you have challenging health conditions or a busy schedule that makes remembering to take your cannabis difficult, the answer is probably yes. 

Cannabis caps are also great for those with gut health problems because they allow cannabinoids to be delivered directly into the digestive tract. Though they may take a little longer to kick in than other delivery methods, they also stay in your system and last longer, so that’s not usually a problem. 

How do caps work? CBD caps vs. THC caps

There are two major types of cannabis capsules out there: CBD-dominant caps, and THC-dominant caps. 

And despite the stark differences between CBD and THC, the two types actually work in similar ways. Both of them absorb directly into the endocannabinoid system after being ingested; once there, both of them are able to promote full-body balance and reduce inflammation and pain. 

The primary difference between CBD caps and THC caps lies in their mental effects. THC, which binds directly to type-1 endocannabinoid receptors, is highly psychotropic; CBD, which doesn’t bind to these receptors, is not. Customers who want maximal relief and don’t mind the high — heck, many actually enjoy it — often go with THC. 

There’s a more middle-ground option, too: blended caps. These cannabis capsules contain some mix of THC and CBD. And when the two are combined, magic happens. THC and CBD actually synergize while balancing each other out; there’s some evidence that CBD can make THC’s high a little more manageable. CBD actually ‘closes’ up the CB1 receptors THC binds to, thereby lessening THC’s effects. 

But enough of the science. Its implication is this: if you need relief and want to get slightly buzzed, but not outright blitzed, then a THC+CBD capsule product is probably the right type for you. 

Top capsule products

Variety is the spice of life, eh? 

It’s a kinda cliche saying, but when it comes to cannabis…it’s true. We offer caps that are THC-based, CBD-based, THC + CBD blends, highly concentrated, and less concentrated. So it should be easy to find the right capsule product to meet your mental & physical needs! Here’s a closer look at our product lineup:

10mg CBD Caps | These CBD-centric caps are ideal for microdosers or anyone else who wants to ensure they get a small, precise daily dose. Each cap contains exactly 10 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC. 

Don’t think this entry-level product isn’t powerful, though. Customers love it for stubborn pain. 

25mg CBD Caps | Another premium option from the industry-leading brand Array, these caps are downright perfect for those who need stronger pain relief. A single cap contains enough CBD to last you virtually the entire day. If you feel like your endocannabinoid system is running a little low, don’t worry. These power-packed CBD capsules could make a difference. 

10mg THC Caps | These cannabis capsules contain exactly 10 milligrams of THC each, so they’re perfect for the beginner user, and they derive their power from a base of cannabis-infused cocoa butter. What’s not to love? Common benefits include everything from better sleep to improved seizure control. 

25mg THC Caps | Array is at it again with these potent THC capsules. Each THC-oil-filled cap contains 25 milligrams of premium THC — enough to satisfy even the most seasoned cannabis user. 

Array’s 25mg caps are among the most medicinal we offer. They’re ideal for those suffering from nausea, chemo-related side effects, sleep problems, autoimmune disorders, and chronic pain. Just be sure you can handle the high dosage first.

100mg THC Caps | If you need truly maximum relief, consider these ultra-strong cannabis caps. Each one contains an incredible 100 milligrams of pure THC distillate! 

While many people may not need that much, they’re tailor-made for those with severe health problems like cancer, arthritis, AI issues, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and more. Pretty much any type of stress has to yield when faced with so much anti-stress, anti-inflammatory CBD. 

Another thing to keep in mind: the effects can take a while to fully kick in. “When my mouth got dry, I knew it was coming,” said one customer of the impending high. “Excellent effects throughout the body and mind.”

One more cool thing about this product is its affordability. Each bottle contains 3,000 milligrams of THC, so it’s essentially like buying in bulk — the total price is only $161. That’s far under the industry standard of 10 cents/mg. 

How to buy caps online

Shopping from our selection of cannabis capsules is simple and easy. Here’s how things work:

  1. Select the capsule product(s) of your choice
  2. Specify your product’s strength/quantity
  3. Click “Add to Cart”
  4. All done shopping? Then click “View Cart” 
  5. Not done yet? Then click “Continue Shopping”
  6. If you’re ready to check out, go to the “View Cart” page 
  7. Apply Direct Points to get an even better deal
  8. Once at “Checkout” your order’s details will be emailed to you. This email will include the order # and Interac e-Transfer payment instructions

Another benefit of ordering from MMJDirect? Our shipping is virtually always fast. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible — almost always within one business day. It’ll arrive in just 2-5 business days, ready for you to unpack and enjoy. 

Our shipping process is also discrete. We utilize smell-proof vacuum-sealed packaging and ship our cannabis capsules (actually, all our products) with Canada Post Xpresspost, a proven postal carrier. The success rate of our package delivery is just about 100%. 

The MMJDirect difference

Our mission at MMJDirect is pretty simple: it’s you. 

And that makes us do things differently. We strive to provide you the best possible cannabis products out there — capsules of every sort included. 

And even if you haven’t experienced the transformative power of medical cannabis yet, we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any comments, questions, and concerns.