On MMJDirect, you can buy THC and CBD caps online in Canada safely and efficiently. We have the largest cannabis-related stock on the market, which should tell you that we mean business. If you’re after the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, the capsules we sell are the perfect medication for you.

If you’d rather not smoke, vape, or eat the cannabis plant, swallowing a capsule will do the job just as perfectly. They’re easy to dose out since they’re basically supplements, and what’s most important – no one will know that you’re actually ingesting cannabis. They look like regular medical capsules.

The online dispensary Canada where you can order caps online quickly – MMJDirect. We offer a simple ordering process, where you simply pick out your products, place them in your shopping cart, and check out. After issuing the payment, we will process your order, which will then start its journey to your doorstep.

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CBD caps

The CBD caps are the perfect supplement for when you want the therapeutic effects of cannabis minus the psychoactive ones. Our 10mg CBD Capsules by Array contain pure-grade MCT oil that has no psychedelic influences.

Being CBD of the highest purity, the active component in the CBD Capsules by Array should only provide medical benefits. After swallowing one, wait for 30 – 60 mins before it is absorbed. After all, going through the digestive system takes a while, and the metabolization process is slower.

If you suffer from various medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, glaucoma, liver disease, asthma, or cancer, the CBD caps from Array may be of great help. You should feel physically relieved, with fewer pains and aches, and fewer symptoms that were otherwise problematic to endure.

With the added lecithin that acts as a binding compound for the CBD molecules, the absorption process will go on even more efficiently. They will quickly dissolve in your bloodstream, and the CBD will start acting soon after.

Patients should give the CBD caps a shot – their medical symptoms should diminish, providing a respite from all the emotional burdens. You should also feel physically relaxed and comfortable, similarly to how you’d feel when sedated or under anesthesia.

THC caps

THC caps, unlike CBD caps, are psychoactive and extremely potent. Take the 25mg THC caps by Array. They contain pure THC cannabinoids taken from high-quality cannabis plants. These THC caps will greatly relieve your pains, muscle tension and help provide relief.

They may also be beneficial for chronic or acute pains, as part of a particular medical condition with such symptoms. If you take them in specific doses, they might help you diminish those symptoms, and minimize your suffering. Moreover, if your illness often leads to insomnia, THC capsules also deal with irregular sleep patterns.

You’ll find it much easier to fall asleep and maintain that state for prolonged periods. Ideally, these caps should help you sleep through the night with fewer symptoms of pain or nausea. A 25mg cap is fairly potent, so you should pay extra attention to the dosing.

We recommend starting off with a lower dose until you get the hang of it. When you determine the precise effects it has on you, as well as your need for more, you can use a higher dose. Our THC Caps by Array have very potent psychoactive properties, after all.

How to buy caps online in Canada

MMJDirect capitalizes on the proper security procedures required to provide a safe online cannabis market. We make sure your time spent here takes place in an orderly, trustworthy, and secure manner.

After checking out, we will send an email with the payment instructions, and you have 48 hours to complete the payment. Once we validate the payment, we will process the order, and Canada Post will receive it to ship it to your place. In about 2-5 business days, the package should arrive.

Naturally, we guarantee the security of the payment procedure, and that no mishaps will happen. For safety’s sake, make sure you follow the payment instructions we send via mail to the letter.

Last but not least are our products high-quality? Yes, we only use pure-grade cannabis plants to produce high-quality caps, and this applies to all the products we sell. The Reviews section attached to each product should tell you more!

If you’re wondering where to buy caps online, MMJDirect makes for one of the best places where you can find a large variety of Caps infused with natural cannabinoids (THC and CBD) for your personal use!