MMJDirect is one of the many places where you can buy accessories online for proper cannabis usage. We have anything you could ever think of, from dabbers, humidity packs, vaporizers, rolling papers, and the best grinders on the market.

With these tools, smoking cannabis will become the relaxing and soothing experience it was meant to be from the beginning. Simply pick something you like, place it in the shopping cart, and validate the order. We provide fast shipment throughout all of Canada, and our packaging techniques will preserve your privacy all the time!

Moreover, we will cover all the shipping expenses if your order is over $150. It’s incredibly easy to buy cannabis accessories online from us. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another online dispensary in Canada that offers more variety and goodies that MMJDirect does! Buy cannabis accessories online in Canada from MMJDirect today!

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Rolling papers

We offer a selection of some of the best Rolling Papers in Canada. Our papers are all thin but strong enough to roll without breaking, thus ensuring that minimal carbon and pollutants are being mixed with your Cannabis.

The papers offered will provide the perfect joint-smoking experience by retaining their structural integrity and not affecting the overall taste.

Moreover, these rolling papers are thin, but they won’t burn too fast either. Instead, you’ll have plenty of time to savour your joint thoroughly! It’s important to use quality papers so that you can enjoy your Cannabis to its fullest.


With our quality grinders, you’ll be able to more easily grind your favourite cannabis plant into a medium/fine powder that’s perfect for adding to joints, using in vaporizers or even adding to edibles.

That’s why our Plastic Grinder 3” products are perfect for this job. They contain durable plastic that won’t break up or bend even if you’re a little more forceful during the grinding process. They have a two-piece system, with very sharp teeth that will grind the dry herbs perfectly.

Our grinders are big enough so that you can grind a decent quantity of Cannabis at a time and resistant enough so they’ll have a long life.

You might be asking yourself – is it safe to buy cannabis accessories in Canada? Indeed, tools like cannabis grinders are perfectly safe to buy from an online dispensary in Canada like ours! We’ll wrap it up nicely in a regular package with added security measures so that your grinder stays intact until it reaches you, so buy accessories online now!


Cannabis vaporizers allow you to inhale the most important cannabis compounds, the cannabinoids, mostly THC and CBD, without inhaling the carbon as well. Vaporizers are ideal for those who have sensitivities to smoke, or who want to minimize their carbon consumed. Another benefit of Vaporizers is that they produce much less smell than smoking a joint would.
Vaporizers are great for maximizing the effectiveness of the Cannabis that you have. When you smoke a joint you’re only absorbing around 15% of the cannabinoids. When Vaping you typically absorb a much higher proportion of cannabinoids into your system.
Always remember to save your Already Vaped Buds (AVB’s), they are great to add into edibles. The Vaporizer has already converted the THCA to THC when it first heated the buds so it’s ready to use and does not need to be decarboxylated.

While smoking Cannabis through a vaporizer might be less natural than by using a joint, it’s not an unpleasant experience. Moreover, you’ll like the technological efficiency and comfort that comes with using a vaporizer. Our Viva Vaporizer, for instance, has a 3-button interface with an OLED display that tells you all you need to know about your cannabis load.

All in all, vaporizers are handy cannabis accessories in Canada that will vastly improve your smoking experience.

How to buy cannabis accessories online in Canada

It’s incredibly easy and safe to order cannabis accessories online in Canada. At MMJDirect, we believe that simplicity and efficiency are principles that everyone should be following. Our ordering process is incredibly simple as a result.

The payment process is entirely secure and our processing is safe and trustworthy. Generally, you’ll receive the package in 2-5 working days.

Where to buy accessories online? MMJDirect is here to provide good-quality cannabis accessories at the best possible prices, so don’t hesitate to buy cannabis accessories online on a high-quality and diverse cannabis marketplace.