Golden Teachers

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Golden Teachers Information

Golden Teachers psilocybe cubensis as a one-of-a-kind type of mushroom, despite its recent emergence as a magical mushroom in the 1980s. It doesn’t have such a fast growth rate as with many other psilocybin cubensis strains, which means the Golden Teacher is often comparatively more powerful than many other mushrooms.

Growers love creating cultures of Golden Teachers mushrooms because of the rich yields and great flushes. They might not be a fast-growing species but they make up for it in the rich yields and the visual feast you get when seeing the golden color in front of you. The active compounds within this type of psilocybe cubensis are psilocybin and psilocin.

The truth is that these mushrooms show physiological similarities to their cousins in the cubensis family. We, at MMJDirect, sell the dried-out mushrooms which can be kept for more extended periods. Buy Golden Teachers online in Canada for a healthy dose of psychedelic experiences!

True effects of Golden Teachers mushrooms

Golden Teachers is a perfect mushroom pick for beginners and psychedelic novices. It offers a mild-to-high psychotropic experience that most anyone can endure, even in higher doses. Instead, Golden Teachers are completely spiritual and metaphysical in nature. You are presented with a gateway to the inner reaches of your spirituality, and a bridge connecting you to the deepest corners of the Universe.

Most consumers have reported feeling connected in some way to nature and their surroundings. It’s like bonding of sorts, where the essence of the world pours into your consciousness, rendering you more receptive to its reverberations and shifts. In turn, you should allow this feeling of supreme freedom and inner enlightenment to transform you from within. For the next 3-6 hours, you will relish in the unity of being and oneness with nature and the world.

Other effects include time distortion perceptions, where you perceive the passing of time differently than usual. For instance, you might be under the impression that two hours have passed since you ingested the Golden Teachers Canada, when in fact, only 20 minutes have passed. Usually, though, psilocybin causes time dilation, where you experience temporal skips in the future.

Things you should know before using Golden Teachers

This Golden Teachers review would be incomplete without practical advice regarding the proper pre-consumption preparations. First and foremost, you should always have someone watch over you if this is your first experience with psychedelic mushrooms. Likewise, if you’re planning on ingesting a larger dose, have someone be your trip sitter so that nothing bad happens during the psychedelic session. If there’s an emergency, the sober trip sitter will be able to provide immediate assistance.

Vitamin C, food, and water are known psychedelic suppressants if you’ve consumed too large a quantity of Golden Teachers. However, you should consult a professional when it comes to creating your own doses. Alternatively, you can experiment on your own and slowly build up until you reach the ideal dosage for you.

Why is it called Golden Teachers?

The “golden” part comes from the natural colours of this mushroom – a yellowish-golden hue. That’s when you know the mushroom is in its adult stage and it’s considered ideal for consumption. The dried-out mushrooms will still retain the golden hues of the caps, which signify the quality and psychedelic potential they have.

The “teacher” part presents multiple implications, all connected to the shamanistic and spiritual properties of this mushroom. Consuming it in larger quantities may open your eyes, figuratively speaking, to a whole new perception of the world. You will potentially learn new things about you and about the way the Universe works. It’s a form of education on the deeper meanings of nature and the world, one that’s wholly irreplaceable and unique for every consumer.

Transcendence and, taken to an absolute, ego death, represent the ultimate meanings of the Golden Teachers. The spiritual predilections you possess will be woken up entirely, providing you with brand-new insights into the mysteries of the natural world. This psilocybin mushroom acts as a shamanistic guide pointing the way toward a vastly more profound understanding of your place in the world. Buy Golden Teachers online in Canada and experience it for yourself!

374 reviews for Golden Teachers

  1. William

    the golden teachers are definitely a light high, and should be used for micro-dosing or beginners. all in all it was good.

  2. Nicholas

    My go to for a fun time. The GTs never disappoint, easy to figure out how much of a trip you go on with the doses. Have ordered plenty of times and will continue to do so as long as they are in stock!

  3. Taylor

    Really awesome product. Buy it every year for festivals.

  4. khush

    Amazing experience golden teacher would be the correct term to describe what experience was like as it delivered lessons after lesson. Very ground and opening experience I would only say make sure to set up your ground and intentions before to do em as mind set is everything. Cheers

  5. Jacob

    The Golden Teachers give a nice body buzz. Consider them lighter than your average shroom, but just as special.

  6. Courtney

    First time user and enjoyed these ! 😀

  7. Omar

    Choosing the right companion for a journey of self-discovery and connection can transform a simple trip into an unforgettable adventure. My recent encounter with Golden Teachers on a serene beach setting was nothing short of magical. It was as if the sky and the ocean moved in harmony with my own breaths, creating a dance of nature that felt personally choreographed for me. This profound connection wasn’t just external; it sparked a cascade of introspection and journaling that has since become a cornerstone of my self-care practice.

    The gentle guidance I received allowed me to navigate my thoughts and feelings with a clarity and depth I hadn’t accessed before. Each insight felt like a light illuminating paths within myself I had never seen. This wasn’t just about the joy of exploration; it was a nurturing, educational experience that taught me to see the world, and my place within it, through a lens of wonder and wisdom.loved them and will be buying again

  8. pranjal

    Great product, Ate raw and worked as expected.

  9. River

    I gotta tell you about these mushrooms I tried recently—they totally blew me away! I heard they were a bit on the milder side, perfect for folks like me who aren’t hardcore psychonauts. And let me tell you, they lived up to the hype and then some. First off, the taste? Surprisingly not bad! Kinda earthy, but in a good way.

    But let’s talk about the real magic—the trip itself. It wasn’t this crazy whirlwind of visuals like I expected. Instead, it was like this chill, introspective journey. Think more deep thoughts and creative vibes rather than mind-bending hallucinations. It felt like my brain was opening up to all sorts of new ideas.

    What’s cool is that these mushrooms aren’t just for newbies. Even seasoned psychonauts can appreciate them for a more laid-back experience. They’re not too intense, but they still pack a punch. And trust me, they’ll leave you feeling clear-headed and connected without freaking you out.

    So, if you’re looking for a smooth entry into the psychedelic world or just want a trip that’s more about the mind than the visuals, these mushrooms are definitely worth a try. They’re like a cozy little doorway to a whole new perspective.♥♥

  10. Jim

    Awesome shrooms. Makes going out to the bars way more interesting.

  11. Chris

    Awesome 👍 product. Exactly as described and great for chilling. Highly recommended!!

  12. pranjal

    Great product, Ate raw and worked as expected.

  13. Gail

    Steady opening consistent

  14. John

    Love these.

  15. Valerie

    I love these shrooms! They help me get through the day after my brain injury, So thankful!

  16. Haley

    These taste great and are packaged really well!

  17. Tanya

    Good product, I recommended my friend to order it as well

  18. Giovanni

    This website’s Golden Teacher mushrooms are like a cosmic mentor for your mind. Psychedelic poetry in every cap, with kaleidoscopic insights. A-grade quality, stealthy shipping—unlock the portal to enlightenment! 🚀🍄

  19. Chtistian

    I use these for microdosing and I absolutely love them.

  20. Nicholas

    Top notch as always. Great visuals on a 5g trip. Would recommend. Also used some to make capsules which turned out very well. Will buy again

  21. Garth

    These are great for about a 5 hour ride

  22. Jakub

    Fantastic for micro or macro dosing. I stick to Golden Teachers exclusively as I know and trust them.

  23. Stacey

    Gentle and all-purpose Golden Teachers mellows, calms, and can even help with sleep. Eat more to help with moderate to severe pain.

  24. Saulo

    Have used it a few times to enjoy myself outside. Very good and manageable vibes. Increase the dose and it brings you a trip more intense.

  25. Anastasia

    These mushrooms are great! I’m a baby when it comes to eating mushrooms as is – I like to put these into a food processor, blend them and then make into chocolates. They are not overwhelming and I’m usually golden with 0.5g of these. The visuals are slight and my mood is lifted.

  26. Chris

    These are perfect for a long walk in nature. They taste good, have a nice introspective high. I take 1.5-2 grams and I’m extremely happy with the result.
    The high is a lengthy one with a nice predictable come down.
    Would recommend these Golden Teachers for sure.

  27. Srivatsa

    MMJ Direct is a very reliable site where I buy shrooms from and they have never disappointed me in regards to quality or delivery.

  28. Patrick

    Great euphoric experience with some cognitive enhancing effects when thinking about life

  29. Brenda

    I used to have bad anxiety.. my brain felt like a blender in high speed all of the time.i would be all over the place. Since using Golden Teacher, I feel relaxed. My mind is at ease and I can go from a to z instead of feeling scrambled !
    Micro dosing has been a life changer for me 😀

  30. Amanda

    I love golden teachers. They are what I started microdosing with, back in 2018, and are very gentle and when I started dosing, helped incredibly with my mood and energy levels. I have never taken more than 200 mg at a time so I couldn’t say what the high is, but as gentle medicine they are excellent!

  31. Aaron

    These have made the world of a difference in my mental health game. Golden teachers are so mild and as the name suggests, it will teach you something about youself (if you so desire).

  32. Ryan

    Great stuff, would recommend

  33. Carrie

    I appreciate the mellow to giddy vibe of Golden Teachers. They’re the perfect mushroom with which to micro dose.
    I’ve yet to take a large enough amount of them to have a Psychedelic experience but this is definitely on the ro-do list! Unlike other strains I find the flavour not too terrible, either- lol.

  34. Dylan

    I use golden teachers for microdosing and they work wonderfully. I take them in .15 and .3 denominations. The smaller dose works well for me when im working or charting out music or even working physically in my yard. The .3 I take to “party,” mostly gets me in a nice mood with minimal change in perception, however just enough to have fun and love a little more. Played music till sunrise with a .3 every couple hours and didnt get sleepy at all. Classic strain with great reliable effects. Always in my regular rotation! Will buy more again when its in stock!

  35. Lila

    Some trips are easier to pack for, and with Golden Teachers, a psychonaut can count on a lovely trip and many happy returns, with minimal preparation. GTs provide a gentle lift-off, carrying you through a troposphere of bubbly euphoria into a stratosphere where insight blossoms to carry you to a mesosphere where existential query opens to a thermosphere of realizations, and finally, to the giddy exosphere of cosmic interconnectedness where communion meets joy. Psychonauts who travel with intention will find their questions answered by a compassionate teacher and their path illuminated by benevolent truths. Coming down has never been easier, and when you choose Golden Teachers to carry you through your journey, you won’t burn up on the return.

  36. Zander

    Did not taste bad. Very earthy. Great for beginners I would say. It was my friends first time and he had a great experience. Spent most of it staring at the clouds and everything looked beautiful

  37. Imtiaz

    Let’s talk about my encounter with Golden Teacher magic mushrooms – a journey that had its ups and downs, like a rollercoaster ride through the cosmos. 🌟🎢

    First Impression: The Golden Teachers looked promising at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they seemed a tad past their prime, like the grandparent of magic mushrooms.

    Size Matters: Size does matter, and in this case, bigger wasn’t better. These mushrooms were giants, resembling shroomy basketballs rather than mystical treasures.

    Beyond Peak: Sadly, it felt like I missed the magic mushroom party by a few days. The harvest window seemed to have closed, and the potency might have waned with time.

    Lift-Off or Not? It’s Complicated: The cosmic journey began with mixed signals. While the effects were noticeable, they lacked the full force of true Golden Teacher magic.

    Underwhelming Visuals: The visuals were like a faded postcard from an interdimensional vacation – intriguing but not as vivid as I had hoped.

    Limited Insights: My spiritual revelations felt more like hazy glimpses through a distant telescope than profound awakenings.

    Time Warp Confusion: Time seemed to slow down at moments, only to speed up when I least expected it. I couldn’t tell if I was late for tea with aliens or if the spaceship clock was malfunctioning.

    Emotional Rollercoaster Redux: The emotional ride was like a carousel – up and down, but not quite the exhilarating loop-de-loop I anticipated.

    Post-Trip Thoughts: As I landed back on Earth, I couldn’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed. The journey left me wishing for more celestial wonders.

    A Word of Advice: It’s all about finding the right batch! Sometimes the stars align, and other times, they don’t. Make sure to source from a reputable supplier for a better cosmic voyage.

    In summary, my experience with Golden Teacher magic mushrooms was a bit lackluster. While they had their moments, they didn’t quite live up to the magic mushroom hype. So, if you’re on the hunt for mind-bending wonders, remember that mushroom adventures can be as unpredictable as the stars themselves! ⭐🍄

  38. Sunny

    Golden Teacher mushrooms, truly an aptly named marvel, are a remarkable and revered species in the world of psychedelics. As an enthusiast of mystical experiences, I embarked on a transformative journey guided by these wise fungi. The Golden Teacher’s appearance, with its golden-capped caps and ivory stems, exudes an aura of ancient wisdom. Upon ingestion, a gentle and uplifting sensation swept through me, like a wise mentor’s hand leading me to new perspectives. The visuals were breathtaking, with nature’s beauty amplified in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. As the journey unfolded, profound introspection ensued, and I found myself delving into the depths of my consciousness. The Golden Teacher revealed hidden facets of myself and the world around me, imparting valuable lessons on interconnectedness and the impermanence of life. Its gentle yet profound effects left me with a sense of awe and gratitude, as if I had been granted a glimpse into the mysteries of the universe. Indeed, the Golden Teacher mushrooms are a profound teacher, inviting seekers to embrace the beauty of existence and embrace the endless potential of self-discovery.

  39. Dannie

    My favorite product on this site. An Amazing all overall high. Lots of giggles, when it comes on I start to yawn and then I know I’m in for some fun. A really good shrooms to watch movies on. Especially if it’s a visually colorful movie. Can’t wait to try this one while going on a walk. Take this one when I go to the club as well, makes me very silly and social.

  40. James

    I have tried these many times. Most of my friends use these as their go to as well. Never a bad trip. Always a good time. You will laugh your head off and enjoy without a doubt. Like someone else said, they are ol’ faithful for sure.

  41. Max

    Good old faithful. Does the job and does the job right. Has helped me through loss and joys giving me insight why anxiety used to bother me so much. If you’re going through it, I would suggest these bad boys to help you figure things out.

  42. Paula

    Love this product! This is our go to variety. I find the effect the best, if you eat a good wholesome meal mid day, then eat on an empty stomach later on. Everything is very vivid, great for conversation and tons of laughter. I always order from this company as they are fast and I love how quickly they arrive. These are perfect if you want to really appreciate life and gratitude;)

  43. Michael

    Golden teachers are a great entry level shroom. For an experienced psyconaut I dont’ know if I’d recommend them. Mild taste, so the process of choking them down isn’t as bad. I found that they didn’t peak as hard as I enjoy, and the effects were mild compared to what I am used to. Good quality product, but not what I personally was looking for.
    As always shipping was discrete, tight, neat and expedient. All around good shroom, but not worth your money if you are looking for a heavy hitter.

  44. Kapil

    This product was so amazing, I took it when I was at the cottage with my friends we had so many laughs on stupid sh*tt really enjoyed my trip x2 days in a row comedy movies reactions were hilarious and entertaining body high was so relaxing it felt so relax, I experienced purple patterns all around for a good hour when it hit. I want to spread the word get this and you will not regret this, thumbs up!

  45. Gerry

    Looking forward to trying again

  46. Andrew

    Excellent product. Package seals nicely

  47. Ricky

    Absolutely love these perfect for micro dosing.

  48. Simon

    Really soft! Nice mellow trip! I recommend this strain for beginners. A little visual effect, geometric patterns. Love it!❤️

  49. Michael

    Wonderful product. Never fails to take me places.

  50. David

    I’m always on the fence about leaving reviews for certain things but when you find something great ,you should spread the word so others can truly benefit from it .these mushrooms are simply the best all around mushroom experience I’ve ever had last time I took 3 grams and the trip was 3 to 4 hours long great body high and the visuals were awesome not enough to freak a person out but right in that sweet spot to leave a person in awe of the surroundings and to gain a new perspective on life the next day ,this truly helped me after the covid lock downs truly a 5 star product

  51. Yani

    Always a nice trip, ordering some more right now !

  52. Robert

    Made these into 1/2 gram chocolates I’ve been taking a couple times a week and I must say I’ve noticed a profound improvement in my overall mood.

  53. Devin

    I bought these golden teacher mushrooms to help with my depression. I have a capsule filler so I make my own capsules now (150-180mg) to use for micro-dosing. I haven’t used them extensively enough to give a definitive review as to how it has benefited me ; although…. the consensus is that psilocybin (and mushrooms in general) have tremendous healing potential. I am very grateful for psilocybin and I look forward to micro-dosing to assist me with my mental/emotional regulation. Thank you, thank you, thank you !

  54. Brad

    Always a good time with Golden Teachers. Great price and the experiences I get are confounding.

  55. Steve

    I’m new to shrooms, but I enjoyed my experience with these.
    Helped me to focus and think about some things that had been troubling me.
    Not a fan of the taste, but that’s just the nature of mushrooms! What I do is soak mine in a few spoonfulls of warm water for 15 minutes before consuming.

  56. Amardeep

    MMJ Never Disappoints! Golden Teachers are lit! I bought them because I wanted to experience a mind-bending trip, and they did not disappoint. The taste was kind of earthy and mushroomy, but that’s to be expected with shrooms, you know? The effects kicked in after about half an hour, and it was like a whole new world opened up in front of me. Colors were brighter, sounds were clearer, and I felt this incredible sense of connection to everything around me. I spent hours exploring my own mind and the universe, and it was truly awe-inspiring. I also felt like the experience helped me deal with some personal issues and gain a new perspective on my life. I would definitely recommend Golden Teachers to anyone who wants to experience the power of psychedelics. Just make sure you do your research, start with a small dose, and have a safe and comfortable environment to trip in.

  57. Lydia

    Good experience, make me feels calm and very grounded !

  58. mathieu

    Buying this as an experienced shroom head.I was quite turn off by the potency of this strain.Great for beginners I guess.

  59. Nya

    Golden teacher. This has my best friend and I happily laying in the grass on a rainy day. You feel calm, insightful and happy. It’s literally impossible to be stressed consuming this guy. Love her. I’m going to buy again

  60. Anna

    Easily one of my favourite strains. It’s gentle and up lifting. Great as a microdose or a big trip.

  61. Kevin

    Good quality/freshness. Very affordable and easy to track during the delivery process. The prices are really good, frequent client already…

  62. Cédric

    Anytime I have to move to a next chapter of my life, I like to take a mushroom tea. It helps me retrospect and get hyped for the next steps. This strain has been my go-to for the past 2 chapters now

  63. Amaya

    Super comfortable, relaxed trip experience that sort of reminded me of a high-dose sativa edible. Took 2.5g and honestly didn’t get too stoned. Mixed it in with some weed and that helped, but it was still a great time. Didn’t feel any anxiety which is uncommon for me when I take shrooms 🙂

  64. Callum

    These work super well and are affordable for the amount you get!

  65. Marianne

    These are a great beginner/intro mushroom. Mild and easy to take – didn’t experience any nausea at a test dose of 1g. I think I would have to take a pretty high dose of these to reach elevated psychedelic experiences. For me, Blue Meanies and Makilla at a 1g dose produce really great visuals and euphoria, whereas GT is a chill session that is relaxing.

  66. Francis

    Loved it, buying again!

  67. Cait

    This is bussin on gawd

  68. Olivier

    Love this Golden Teacher! Best of all 🙂

  69. Alex

    Had my two best friends over after a hard time in life, and we had the most bonded and happy night together. We started early in the day and slowly took more throughout as the day and night went on, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how we all felt with the golden teachers. These are a great beginner product and I would recommend anyone start with these. The product is good, tastes great, and I look forward to my next night with friends to enjoy them again. 5 stars no doubt! Happy to have found these, and at a great price too.

  70. Victoria

    What a great purchase. I have purchased Golden Teachers a few times now, and usually I macrodose between 2-4g. The visuals are very interesting, and the feeling is bliss. Usually my macrodose lasts between 4-6h. I have noticed since taking this strain, I have actually been less depressed and I was only taking them around once a month, if that. I am so glad I found this community and that I’ve greatly benefited from the products.

  71. Marc-Antoine


  72. Christopher

    Wonderful visuals when looking at patterns.
    Slight nausea, so eat by themself (I put it in a smoothie and the amount of mass wasn’t great.
    Quite potent. I’d say at least 1.5 times as much.
    Felt the need to exert myself physically, got super giddy euphoric feelings, and really enjoyed touching a soft blanket.
    Also felt the need to clean and just do things I could visually tell got done.

  73. Cole

    Good old golden teachers, gotta love em. Never had a bad experience with these teachers before. The potency is always good, never too strong and never too weak, just perfect. Extremely euphoric effects after a couple hours after eating them, couldnt stop laughing, everything was wonderful. Colors are bright and it feels as though the universe is gently wrapping you up in a blanket and taking you on a journey. Mmjdirect always has good shrooms, i always buy from them. Low dose teas for a nice night in, or a few grams for exploration into your mind

  74. Brodan

    Hello all! I purchased Golden Teachers as something to help me take the edge off life. I was recommended by a friend to try to this strain to start out and had a fantastic experience. For me, it really put me into a place of appreciation and made me extremely grateful for all I have, while also giving some mesmerizing visuals.

    I have taken them and gone for walks to enjoy nature. I have also taken them and sat on the couch with either some music on or a show I enjoy. Whatever it is, I would suggest taking them and do something that would normally bring you joy and it will just enhance that feeling. I will definitely purchase these again and look forward to also trying the other strains available. Happy journeys all!

  75. Andre

    Great starter mushroom. Are about 2 grams and had a nice clam high. Felt more similar to weed than penis envy mushrooms I have had, but excellent in its own way. This mushroom will give you a nice relaxing feeling, and help you get into your head and see problems and opportunities through new angles.

  76. Richard

    These were great i bought 7 grams of several types of mushrooms and grinded them all up and had been taking them in doses of about 1/4 teaspoon to a full teaspoon

  77. Stephone

    A full mind experience. I found great expression with music using this Golden
    Psilocybin. My journey was full of enjoyable reflection and appreciation of what i already know

  78. Jennifer

    Amazing visuals great buzz. I’m sold on these. Mmjdirect is my favorite place for psychedelics.

  79. Reza

    Great stuff!

  80. peter

    Very Impressed! Quality product, discreet delivery, superior packaging.
    Perfect for a tea or just something to chew on.
    Either way, you wont be disappointed! Not my first order and won’t be my last!

  81. Josh

    These were the first mushrooms I ever tried and were a great start. They’re mildly psychedelic and incredibly introspective. I began by taking 200mg and slowly worked my way up to taking a gram on my own. With the supervision of a trip sitter, I took a 3.5 gram therapeutic dose. This was pretty intense but definitely a rewarding experience, I was still learning things from that trip months after it took place. I’d definitely recommend these for those looking for a first experience with mushrooms. I’m looking forward to trying other strains that are more psychedelic in the future.

  82. shehtaz

    Good stuff, worth doing

  83. Steven

    These beauties provide a very mellow trip, perfect for making social gatherings more bearable! Very slight visuals, paired with a subtle body high will have you feeling happy to be there, and open your mind to enjoying all that your environment has to offer

  84. Alaina

    This is my favourite strain! Great visuals and fun to take in smaller doses for social events. Would buy again!

  85. Michael

    Exactly as described. No issue with the quality as always.

  86. Eyal

    Not as strong but very smooth

  87. Karim

    Fun and calming effects, lasted 4-6 hours

  88. Chance

    Love the golden colours on the caps and also the blues on the atems. Taste was not bad actually. Awesome stuff, great buzz and great strain. Nature is amazing. Magic mushrooms helped me make peace with myself and the world around me. Thank You MMJ!

  89. Tiffany

    great quality! I’ve tried this strain from different vendors and this one has been one of the best.
    I will definitely order this again.

    Also price seems great considering we are located in North America. It’s hard finding good prices on this side of America.

  90. Tabitha

    I love taking a small piece of Mushroom before going to a social event, I dont get tired, I don’t feel weird just totally ZEN able to connect with my people and enjoy a long evening.
    I find I drink less and don’t need to smoke much vs times when I don’t take some mushrooms.

  91. Rob

    Not as strong as penis envy but unique and worth the purchase if potency isn’t your #1 interest. Would definitely buy again.

  92. Rachel

    Golden Teachers are great for when you’re doing shrooms with someone who isn’t as familiar with the psychedelic experience because I find their effect is potent but not too strong in “regular” doses. It’s easy to build up to a dose that you’re satisfied with and you can also easily give a decent portion to less experienced friends without worrying as much. I think they’re a good mushroom to try for a first time experience since I’ve personally found it gave a nice happy floaty high and allowed me to feel a bit more energized than when I’m taking some stronger strains and experience a much heavier body high and blissful feeling. With any mushrooms regardless of the strain, it’s so important to set up a comfortable and calm sensory environment where you’re feeling safe and make sure you’re in a good headspace. Sometimes feelings of depression can be amplified so make sure you’re surrounded by what makes you feel good and you’ll love golden teachers.

  93. Sharon

    Probably my favourite shrooms. The description is spot on, 10/10 recommend.

  94. Ralph

    I found my vision more lucid.Time seemed to slow down.

  95. Marc

    Exatctly what you paid for, a good old Golden Teacher.

    Highly Recommended

  96. Leslie

    I first tried this shroom while camping with a great group of friends, and had a totally amazing experience…not just that evening, which was filled with laughter and love, but it had a marked effect on my mood for days after. I woke up the next day way earlier than I would have imagined after a crazy night and was absolute giddy, but in a calm and loving way.

    I was given that dose but shortly after, bought my own. The experience and setting was quite different, and so was the trip. It was much less intense, almost disappointingly so. I am experimenting now with upping my volume (from 1gm to 2) and seeing what happens.

    This is really a wonderful starting place for anyone who is psychedelic curious!

  97. Jesse

    Perfect beginner shroom imo. You get to experience good visuals followed by a period of introspection. I found these were not as potent as some strains so would recommend to people looking to see what mushrooms are all about without having to worry if you will end up in a different dimension lol

  98. Lisa

    Golden teacher is my go-to for shrooms. It never seems to take you to a bad place even tho it doesn’t shy away from anything while you’re high.
    Pleasant visuals and I often come away from a trip thinking about something important in a new way…still fun though 😊

  99. Daniel

    It was packeged well. And good quality

  100. Cameron

    exactly wha I wanted, great packaging, ordering again 🙂

  101. Shalaw

    It lives up to it is name. I use it for healing turamas and cleansing my self from emotional residual

  102. James

    I took golden teachers and found the experience very unique compared to other strains I have experienced with. I was able to have a 2 hour calisthenics workout during the majority of time I did with eyes closed. Concentration was elevated. Once I was done with workout I felt like I had the best workout ever. Felt new and improved! Highly recommended!

  103. Hayley

    Usually take in small doses and enjoy the mild high. I find that it has helped me process deep emotions and provides clarity to uncomfortable feelings.

    Taste is mild.

  104. Jeff

    Real good experience, easy to dose, peak hallucinations are nice

  105. Acacia


  106. Ness

    Great experience

  107. Astha

    This has given me some of my absolute best trips!!!

  108. Christopher

    Very visual, lots of cartoony images, very fun. Can’t do to much of them at once or else I get an image overlead 🙂

  109. Joseph

    I’ve used this product twice now and both times were amazing. They are strong so start slow! But we’ll worth it. This company always comes through!

  110. shea

    No notes. These led to a great psychedelic experience. They came vacuum sealed and in full order. A good mix of caps and stems. Golden teacher mushrooms are touted as a solid, general-use mushroom and I would probably agree.

  111. Magali

    Loved it! Had a really nice experience with friends. Totally recommend it 👌🏻

  112. Serena

    I love these! I’ve used golden teachers a few times and experienced ego death before with a high dose. Each time has been a very spiritual and deep experience, which is exactly what I hope to get out of shrooms. Things usually get wavy and colourful within a half hour for me with these. I don’t mind the taste, but that might be because I just love the taste of mushrooms overall. Highly recommend! 🍄☺️

  113. Samuel

    These were great. did them w friends and we all loved them. they were indeed our golden teachers 🙂 i wish i could go back to that day it was deeply enjoyable 🙂 highly reccomend

  114. Masen

    Pretty chill

  115. Sylwia

    Great product. I’ve never used mushrooms before so this was a great introduction to them

  116. Luke

    These are the mushrooms of all mushrooms! I tried these and was thrilled by their invigorating affect. Microdosing is the way for these and provides a playful relaxedness.
    I shared these with y friends who have had negative times with mushrooms and their interest was renewed! I swear by these and don’t really look elsewhere anymore because these give me all I want from the experience.

  117. Tyler

    Golden teachers are a great beginner mushroom. Had a nice relaxing high with ups and downs, and some cool visuals as well. At the 2 hour points I got somewhat sleepy and just wanted to watch a movie and relax, very nice mushrooms, would recommend them.

  118. Julie

    My all time favourite of ALL 🍄..
    They are earthy in flavour

  119. Brittany

    My partner and I had a great time with these. Strong enough to give you a great high, mild enough that it’s still fun and you don’t get overwhelmed. Amazing.

  120. Richard

    Heroic dose of these along with some Tool or Ozric Tentacles, absolutely mind melting lol These are the go to in my opinion if your goal is self work and healing. I find for me all the revelations just click sometime after the trip. Could be a week or month, but I feel like I grow a little bit more after every trip. These things pulled me out of a bad cycle I was in. Highly recommend if you struggle with any substances, mushrooms heal you from the inside out.

  121. Nick

    I’ve gotten these mushrooms many times in the past, and they are my go to. They are good for beginners and small doses, but if you take larger doses they are wild too. I find with the golden teachers you laugh alot more than I have on other kinds. The laughing is the reason I go back, along with the visuals in higher doses, you can’t go wrong.

  122. Courtney

    I had not done mushrooms in many years and wanted to have a fun, easy-going trip as I have been struggling with some anxiety lately. I saw so many great reviews for these Golden Teachers and couldn’t resist.

    My boyfriend and I had about 1.75 grams each. We both had an awesome trip with some visuals and were both quite giggly.

    I also felt great for days after. Like my anxiety and intrusive thoughts had vanished and I was left feeling happy and clear-headed.

    Definitely recommend these for a beginner looking for a fun trip. 😊 Can’t wait to do these again!

  123. Mark


  124. kyle

    Very impressed. Oz weighed out perfectly. Nice and dry. 5 stars

  125. Francois

    It was really smooth trip. I felt good, I took around 2 grams. We had a good night. We laughed a bit, but not that much.

  126. Jack

    Super easy to order and fast shipping, product is great!

  127. Marc

    The price is certainly right! And well I had not done this in literally over 20 years. I was due for an adventure and an adventure I had! I ordered 3.5 grams. I ate it all. The blast off was 50g’s and I felt it was almost to much but then it smoothed out and I had a great time! I was alone but in the comfort of my home with music, food, wine and videos. I watched a car race with pink floyd’s the wall as a soundtrack, it was fun! Have fun! You only live once!

  128. Robin

    So enjoyable even in raw form, not everyone’s taste but the way I prefer. Easy to control dosage that way as well. Beautiful light trip on a sunny afternoon to make the Color’s and sounds vibrant for my creativity.

  129. Eric

    I decided to buy magic mushroom because I was feeling the creeping effect of covid and the quarantine that fallowed on my mental health. I bought both penis envy and Golden teacher. For me the Penis envy is simply too strong. On the other hand Golden teacher made every color and experience more vibrant. I could find myself laughing in the grass playing with my dogs for hours, while before consuption barely making it from one room to the next, nevermind outside under a scortching sun. I deeply enjoy the experience and recommand it to anyone that doesn’t love marijuana or booze that much.

  130. John

    I prefer the Golden teachers over other types of mushrooms. It’s the most fun, best experience and easy to manage compared to others I’ve tried here. Previous orders were were great but my last order, there was no ‘magic’. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch but I hope my next order won’t be a dud.

  131. Garrett

    I first bought mushrooms to have laugh with friends . After experiencing one of the best nights of my life , not only did I have a good night but the next day I felt like a changed person , I felt this way for weeks . I felt happier , I felt like I could see the world better . I was more relaxed and less anxious . While on the mushrooms I felt like I could see my true self and true feelings towards the world and friends . I didn’t take many, small amount and a bit more throughout the night if needed . I can recommend Golden Teachers to anyone , they’re fun but also medicating . I use to like harder drugs , but after so many positives experiences , in many ways . I’ve learned that mushrooms are my favourite buzz, especially because it leaves you feeling positively changed , for up to many weeks .

  132. megan

    I bought these for microdosing! They are great for daily use, the taste isn’t terrible and it hides well. I would recommend these for anyone, but I would say they are a definitely good option for those new to mushrooms.

  133. Dean

    I found Golden Teachers to produce a very “cozy” high, characterized by a mellow euphoria. I took about 2 grams and had some lovely visual and auditory hallucinations while doing some introspection and making important connections. There was some emotional stuff that came up for me, but the warm happy feeling that was in the “background” of everything made it possible to process in a way I found helpful.

  134. Anthony

    I know some say golden teachers are “beginner mushrooms” but these are amazing. At good amount (about 4 to 5 grams for me) I’ve never been so creative. I have a strange ability to move the octave of my voice higher and lower then I ever could without them, which helps with the crazy fictional stories I come up with on the spot. I can weave in and out of hundreds of characters and have them pass through each other’s lives. All well seeing it in my head. I love golden teacher because of the creative side it seems to bring out in me.
    I recommend!

  135. Genia

    I love this. It’s my favorite ! I really recommend this mush for people who are beginners! I made it try to all my friends for the firts time and they really had a good trip. Also the compagny are really professional. 5 stars

  136. ANGELA

    very nice high! Had a great sensory trip and everything did have a golden glow! My cat was so beautiful!

  137. Hannah

    First time using mushrooms and this was a great strain to start with! Easy to manage intake and no negative effects! Thanks a lot

  138. Josli

    I was quite hesitant to try anything besides the microdose caps, so I read all the reviews and info first! These were a nice easy start. Lots of laughs. Kept the dose low and was not overwhelmed, just super enjoyable. Taste was fine.

  139. Joe

    Purchased for microdosing to feel better, experimenting with upping the dosage, easy to digest

  140. Rahul

    Who would have thought good shrooms would be so easy to buy online. This is my new source for any shrooms I need now. Had a great experience with my lady and will definitely be buying again. Potent as hell so be careful if you’re a first timer.

  141. Chris

    Golden Teacher was my entry point into the mushroom world, and while I still consider myself a novice, I have tried other strains, but in my opinion it doesn’t get better than the teacher. Solid effects, but not over powering. Very pleased

  142. David

    I’ve been using these Golden Teachers for microdosing for many months. I tend to take 150mg every 3 days. Obviously there’s no high at this small dose but I find myself much more resilient to daily stress, especially on the day I take the dose. I think I’ll start taking a smaller dose every day to see what effect that has on my general mood and outlook. Great quality mushrooms for sure!

  143. Keith

    Amazing high everytime

  144. Sarah

    My Fiancé and I had these and made a tea with them as we wanted to have a stronger experience after having shrooms a few times in the past. We used about 2.5g in each tea. You couldn’t taste they were really in the tea. We both had very nice visuals and some good laughs watching cartoons. Although my fiance took more after the tea than what he was used to and got a little freaked out(close to 5g). I would definitely recommend this strain they are strong but mellow! 😊🍄

  145. Craig

    I would highly recommend. I use quite frequently. The perfect balance 👌

  146. Chasity

    They did exactly what they were supposed to do! Bright, vivid colours and all my senses were heightened 😍 the high came on very subtly and never overwhelming or too much to handle. Definitely putting another order in for these bad boys!

  147. David

    Easy going shrooms, great for micro-dosing or heading out on a trip. We find it an easy going high, not too intense and quite controlled, and yet still plenty to bring out the giggles for the evening. We generally err on the low side of dose, so can’t comment much when taking more than one or two grams over the evening. These are definitely good starter shrooms, due to their more controlled lift. Have to love MMJ for encouraging these reviews and for their amazing service.

  148. Eisenstein

    Timely delivery. Potency as advertised. Nicely packaged. Accurate tracking of package. Overall I was very pleased with my purchase and am ordering again today. I was looking for a dependable product to use in micro dose for my daily art pratice in my studio. These Golden Teachers worked perfectly. Very tasty too!

  149. Katherine

    It truly is a great first experience. I strongly recommand for begginers.

    It was my first psilocybine experience, I was a bit scared to feel unwell, but it turned out perfect. I took 1.5 g, and it turned out to be a great dosage for me.

    It began with an euphoric feeling, then turned into a deep sense of connection and curiosity with my surrounding (i was outdoor most of the time). I felt light, deeply happy and full of love for most of the experience. I had a very light nausea for a few minutes about 30 minutes after eating the mushrooms, but it passed really quickly. The best part was the colors: everything seemed more colorfull and enhanced, like everything was vibrating together.

    I think it really is a good choice for people who are curious about what psychedelic experience can be like. I will definitely try it again 🙂

  150. Michelle

    I only take “low dose” quantities, but these have been gentle on my body any mind. I have had the best winter in memory as far as seasonal depression and anxiety.

    These have also been very helpful in helping we clear my head to see patterns of behaviour and WHERE those patterns came from, helping me heal some trauma, and break through barriers that have previously held me back.

  151. Temidayo

    Good stuff. It really taught me alot about life.

  152. Gabriel

    Absolutely perfect shroom. Deeply spiritual. If you go in with an intention to explore a certain question in dept, you will find answers 😁🙏

  153. Ashley

    First time trying this kind of mushroom, and it was fantastic! It started off a little slow, but once it hit fully, it’s was a great experience! Lots of giggles and good times. We also had a wonderful sleep that night. I’m looking forward to trying them again.
    This was our first time buying from this website as well, and I will definitely be doing it again! Came fast and discreet.

  154. Samuel

    First bought it with a friend, I heard a lot about it, how I could make an awsome introspection…

    We ate about 1g each … it was fun and all, colour were truly beautiful, and then we got that stupid crazy idea to ate the whole package… I finally took 5g in like 2 hours…

    I got scared the fuck out of my mind for 8 hours, ego death…

    Honestly, when I woke up, even if I got a terrific experience, I would do it again.. ego death is scary as hell but really good for introspection

    Service with MMJ is as always quick, and I must say that I like the way they seal up everything

  155. Derek

    Great! Simply great!!

  156. Alysha

    I recommend this strain for beginners, i bought this to micro dose to help with my depression and anxiety.
    the day these magical mushrooms arrived I instantly dug into them and by the end of the night I was feeling such bliss and happiness, i couldn’t stay laying down or sleep.

  157. Benjamin

    un champignon classique recommande pour le rapport qualité prix le golden teacher peux parfois vous enseigner les secrets de votre propre vie !

  158. Matt

    Fantastic, easy going Shroom for beginers or frequent flyers. Good all around warmth and Euphoria. Great to Micro dose with or increase the dose for a more full body experience. I have never hullicinated on these but limit my intake to about 1G per dose.

  159. Myles

    I used these for micro dose caps and the ounce lasted me a year! Amazing product! About to buy another ounce!

  160. Ryan

    I ate 4 grams after fasting for 6 hours and had a crazy trip. This was about a year ago, but I still remember it vividly. I was laying out in my lawn and the clouds formed a “god” like figure. I closed my eyes and it became more clear, it was an Indian chief with a dragon like thing in the back ground, after a few second I felt the dragon go down through my mouth and into the ground. I began to feel like I was a colour shortly after.

    I was extremely surprised by the trip and I’ve yet to duplicate the experience, Perhaps I’ll try these again. I’d highly recommend these to anyone 🙂

  161. Alan

    The perfect entry level shrooms for a pleasant trip; I think everyone should start here. Two grams made for a very enjoyable trip. Felt comfortable in body and enjoyed great visuals with eyes closed. Unbeatable pricing.

  162. Terran

    I bought these for micro dosing and couldn’t be happier. Quality product, and .2 g has proved to be an optimal microdose for focus, creativity and a generally uplift in mood.

  163. Renee

    Decent taste and what a good time! So many laughs and giggles but also creative energy and it was a great time! Also slept amazing after 😀

  164. Emma

    I was scared a bit at first because I’m such a lightweight I thought any strain of shroom might be to powerful for me. But this one is perfect. I find it’s a very calm, wash of warmth high that fuels creativity and focus while still being able to function just fine. I started microdosing it- just a few times a week because I wanted something that might take the edge off my anxiety/depression. And it’s greatly helped my anxiety- I still have the anxious thoughts but instead of them becoming crippling/spiralling nerves into a dark abyss- the shrooms have helped calm them so I don’t absorb them in a negative way and just sorta let them be and pass. So yeah. Good stuff.

  165. Alex

    Excellent quality. This has been helping me get through some difficult times.

  166. David

    Beautiful stuff. Balanced, fun, introspective, positive.

  167. Zaheen

    Tasted a bit chewy but it was a great mood booster and helped me get some energy.

  168. Claudia

    The best mushrooms to take while in nature. Colours and scents become more vivid and stronger. Also very beginner friendly. Haven’t experienced hallucinations with this strain but rather a very beautiful body high where I feel like my whole body is vibrating at the same frequency of the nature around me.

  169. Horacio

    I have been using Golden Teachers for quite a while these past few months when microdosing and it’s been a great improvement in my overall mood change and not too mention my improvements in mental health and concentration helping my ADHD immensely. Flavour wise is not that bad if you want to eat it raw per se, but I would suggest trying them with some peanut butter, that helped me a lot in eating them without the need of feeling like a chore.

  170. Russell

    Nice to have the option of purchasing shrooms online. It used to be that you had to know someone who knew someone to find them! These were great – doing is small portion – amazing buzz that did not take too log to lick in. Check them out!

  171. Jeffrey

    Bought this strain for the first time when it was on sale. Excellent price. I usually buy the penis envy which I find is considerably stronger than the golden teachers. But none the less was an excellent trip. Highly recommend, specially for those new to shrooms.

  172. Ryan

    Good product I always eat one Gram of these 2 hours before I start off my day to get that feeling of being spiritually woke. Though taking shrooms has always been hard for me because I cannot stand the taste and the smell. still a great shroom 5/5 would reccomend

  173. Samuel

    Use some to make a shroom tea at a friend week end and everyone had a lot of fun!

  174. Dan

    I stopped taking mushrooms for more than 15 years because of a few bad trips when I was younger. I slowly eased myself into these, starting with tiny doses. After a few successful 0.5 – 1G trips, I gained a bit of confidence and tried 2.5G. It was incredible. I highly recommend this strain!

  175. Nicholas

    These are great, they came very well preserved and were a solid size. I had 2 stems and a large cap and got a healthy trip. Nice visuals and felt very pleased with no negative effects. I will be buying it again and I highly recommend it.

  176. Shawn

    Great time

  177. Kim

    A couple weeks ago a friend and I wanted to have a good weekend and decided what better way to do that than with some shrooms! I got to say this product has been the best I’ve tried in a long time. Highly recommend it!

  178. Melanie

    Golden Teacher is my go to strain. I find the visuals are much stronger without the usual nausea I experience. The world turns technicolour while I experience a calmness and deeper connection to nature and all that is.

  179. Kris

    My absolute favourite of all the varieties! Such a beautifully mellow and euphoric experience. I always feel such a strong spiritual connection to the world and the universe, and it’s like being a kid again with all worries disappearing and everything seeming new and wonderful. Would (and do) recommend to anyone!

  180. Darren

    I wanted to try mushrooms for the first time and these seemed to have good reviews. Out on a camping trip I took a small dose in the morning ~1g and took ~2g in the evening and had a great experience. Mild visuals around the camp fire and under the stars. The night was filled with non stop laughter with the group and everyone was happy abs having a good time. Will be ordering again!

  181. Brian

    Top notch and life affirming product

  182. Rebecca

    Had a fantastic experience and am definitely buying more!

  183. Andrew

    Within about 40 minutes I’m off. I haven’t (yet) enjoyed that mystical sensation of perfect oneness that I know is out there, but I get incredible views of my life so far. They have helped me get a better understanding of how I see myself when nobody is looking, and of the reasons for the choices I have made.
    THEN, after a bit of that heavy stuff, I join in with my family or anyone who happens to be visiting our house. I laugh, appreciate, and enjoy every second!

  184. William

    I have only recently begun experiencing with microdosing and I wanted to do a good deal of research before I did. I found this one to be an absolutely perfect starter and 3.5 grams lasted me for a decent number of enjoyable evenings. Going to be again absolutely!

  185. Sarah

    Can be rough on the stomach if you’re new.
    Made this into a tea with lemon tek for a better experience.

    Full trip lasted about 3 hrs on ~3g

  186. Randy

    I really liked the trip from these. They were very enjoyable

  187. Michael

    Golden teacher this is probably the strain everyone has for the first time. Always a good time in larger amounts. I use these typically for microdosing. Taste is dried mushroom basically cardboard. Something I like to do is grab a raspberry (yes the fruit) and put my microdose in that to make the taste a little more tolerable. Will order again. PE strain I think is definitely stronger however the classic Golden Teacher is always great.

  188. Ian

    Really enjoyed these mushrooms. Took about 3 grams, put on a playlist of music and blasted off. Effects lasted for about 3h like this before returning back.
    Highly recommend if you’re looking for a mystical experience.
    If you’re new to mushrooms, start small and have someone with experience with you to help make sure the trip goes well.

  189. Nole

    I didn’t even know there was an incentive to leave a review,I just wanted to. Shipping was fast,packed super tight and looked like it could be any old package. 10/10,will order again

  190. Andres

    Ordered this back in Jan-Feb and I am beyond pleased with the quality of these shrooms. Great baggy, easy to store and the shrooms are well preserved here. No need to use a different storage method. The Golden Teachers were very potent (my fiance and I have low tolerances so take this with a grain of salt) and the trips were all consistent. My order came in extremely quick and tracking information was on point. Would recommend to anyone wanting some of this magnificent substance. 100/10 would shop here again… I actually am shopping as I write this review 😉

  191. Benoit

    Best product to start! Amazing quality as well 👌

  192. Shellena

    Nice started mushroom for those who have never done them before. Led some first-time spirit journeys with these babies!

  193. Dale

    These are great mushrooms. The experience is predictable at medium to high doses, which is great for a beginner.

  194. Michael

    What are frogs?

  195. Alexandra

    Wow Golden teacher is clearly my favourite mushroom. Always funny and I felt in peace during the moment and many weeks after.

    I also had very good thinking about myself.

  196. Ben

    Mellow experience consumed over a day a bite at a time. Just ate some and waited until I felt good about another bite and the whole experience was pleasant.

  197. Justin

    I’m a complete newbie to magic mushrooms so I don’t really have much to compare my experience to. These are the cheapest on MMJ, but they certainly don’t seem to be lacking in quality at all! Overall my experience with Golden Teachers was positive, I didn’t have any negative effects at all. Didn’t experience any visuals at about 3.5 g, but the body buzz was deeply euphoric and I achieved enlightenment on several personal matters. I am seriously excited about the psilocybin and will be trying these again.

  198. Greg

    These mushies have been hugely beneficial and impactful to my quality of life as I’ve struggled navigating many difficulties resulting from the pandemic. Consistent in quality and effect, properly dried and earthy tasting – I’ve enjoyed experiences as simple as positive mood boosts, but also have confronted sources of anxiety and been able to reconnect with my loved ones. These are excellent!

  199. Mathew

    I bought 3.5 grams after my antidepressants stopped working. This was my first time trying shrooms, and the experience was quite pleasant. As the Golden Teachers kicked in, I immediately felt a strong sense of calm and self confidence, where before I was in a constant state of anxiety and self loathing. All my senses felt boosted, like I had become a child and was experiencing everything for the first time again. I sat outside and watched the clouds become a breathing oil painting, and then they became more and more abstract until they began to pulse and flow through me. The visuals eventually went away, but happiness and heightened senses ramped up for hours. I have been happier, more outgoing, and more confident, since taking these and also micro dosing everyday. I would recommend Golden Teachers to anyone, I wish I had discovered these years ago. I will be buying these again in a larger quantity.

  200. Randy

    These are consistently comforting and exciting. They present feelings of strong warmth and fulfillment as well as a very gripping feeling of internal comfort. The come up can vary in time depending on how full your stomach was (and what was in it). If you’re looking for a more powerful boost from the same dose, let it soak in lemon for 45 minutes to an hour.

    The supply from MMJDirect is the best price, quality, and consistency. Their discrete packaging and airtight containers ensure that your shrooms are fresh and concealed. Enjoy!

  201. Drake

    I’ve gotten into psychedelics over the course of the whole Covid event that’s occurring. One of the shrooms I always have on hand is golden teachers. They are the perfect blend of relaxation and trippin. I tend to prefer slower trips so it’s perfect. Nice nutty flavor, the stem is a bit hard to chew but I usually take a hand full of chips and eat the chips and shrooms at the same time. Completely masks the taste. 100% recommend

  202. Tara

    Loved my experience with Golden Teacher shrooms. Also excellent for microdosing

  203. Chris

    Very strong. Keep you on your toes for sure

  204. Michael

    The Golden Teachers are just that. Set aside a day to meditate, reflect, and journal and then allow the Golden Teachers to take you within and see what you might learn. Great product from MMJ!

  205. Elizabeth

    These are the only shrooms I’ve ever tried in this form but I loved my experience with them. I bought these to go on a self-discovery journey and work through losing my Grandpa. This is a great beginner shroom. I found my experiences to be very profound and always look forward to having another experience. They taste OK, the texture is what gets me. But just down them and chase with some fats to help absorption and you’ll soon forget and be off to discovery land. I think the most I’ve take is 3 grams. 2 also seems to facilitate a great trip. Start slow and build up if you are unsure what the trip will be like. Happy tripping!

  206. Adriano

    I haven’t had mushrooms in years. I chose Golden Teacher simply because of the name. They did not disappoint. The only disappointment was from the guys in our group who chose not to participate. They were awesome from taste to impact. I would definitely order them again.

  207. Francis

    Great quality. Took about 3g, went to the woods and had a fantastic experience!

  208. Stephanie

    Purchasing for the 2nd time.
    Very good product
    Lots of giggles. No hallucinations

  209. Kyle

    Love them!! Would order again

  210. Evan

    Had these with friends during a snowstorm, great experience, I microdosed but they each had .5g – 1g and really enjoyed it.

  211. Dilan

    Only bought a gram since I wasn’t looking for a super high intensity experience and that dosage brought me to the exact level I was looking for. The classic golden mushies never fail to disappoint me

  212. Josiah

    I got these because they were a bit cheaper than the penis envy strain, but both are excellent! Doesn’t take much to start feeling the effects, and they made all the colours surrounding seem pastel, it was super cool. I would recommend these for anyone, and they’re awesome for first time users too:) 5 stars

  213. Debbie


  214. Nihal

    I’ve tried this several times now and I always come back. It’s so incredible. Whether I micro-dose it or go on a full on trip, I have yet to find a better strain. I struggle with PTSD and this has been so helpful when it comes to emotion processing. I’ve noticed that over time, the way I feel, think, and regard my life is a lot different than before; better. There’s a sense of calmness, and presentness, unlike before where I always felt like I am living in the past.

    Taste wise, its gross. But that’s me with every mushroom, I can’t stand it. So I usually make a tea, because the effects of this shroom are better than not doing it at all.

  215. Ben

    These OG gateways into the streams of the subconscious have helped me heal from past traumas I have been holding onto for my whole life. They have increased my aptitude for learning and understanding my mind on a deeper level. They have helped me to fortify my mind and body connection and sent my creativity through the roof and past the moon. The art I have been creating is beyond anything I have ever had the privilege to work on. Safe, reliable, fantastic…dare I say it?…Fungi! If you want to find the true and best version of yourself, these little friendly friends are the way to go.

  216. Ibrahim

    Best mushroom strain, I have encountered

  217. Kathy

    These were great, had been a long time since I had done any, was concerned but took a bit at a time till my dose felt right. It was perfect for me

  218. Debra

    you can not go wrong with the teachers … A

  219. Brian

    Wife absolutely loved them. Mellow, pleasant high that came on gradually and kept her in a good mood for hours! Happy visuals.

  220. Jacqueline

    Large caps and stems and great visual and introspective effects. Fast onset if you make a lemon infused tea. Highly recommend! Purchasing again.

  221. Derek

    Love them! Hands down my favourite and always fast shipping !

  222. Tristan

    Great product! Ate a gram and a half and had a wonderful day in the garden, laughing and looking at bugs.

  223. Stephanie

    So grateful to have somewhere online to get mushrooms. They’re potent and fresh! I like to keep them in the freezer for extra preservation

  224. Anastasiia

    Love it! Best I have ever try! I have about 1,5 gram, lasted 2 hours crazy high and then a high for few hehe! Love it

  225. Emma

    Bought these because they were recommended to me by a friend. Had a great trip with lots of giggles and great visuals! Would definitely repurchase.

  226. Ciarah

    I love these mushrooms! I’ve purchased these many times now and they’ve become my go-to. I always have a great trip and my friends all love them too. I highly recommend these to beginners or to anyone that enjoys psilocybin. Lovely visuals, especially in nature of course.

  227. Subhash

    I call a bag of this, cheap therapy for guys. I mean I have nothing buy good things to say. It’s changed my life. I owe MMJD life changes, seriously. Thank you. I’ve had journeys and realizations on insanely terrifying trips. And also beauty. And perspective. So potent so caution is key. But sometimes you gotta just jump in man, after some meditation and yoga stretches haha. Good luck!

  228. Norris

    Had the most fun I’ve had in a while. My partner and I did these together. I did 1 gram since it was my first time trying mushrooms, while my partner did 2 grams. To say I had the giggles would be an understatement. Felt so happy and laughed the entire time, while they had a more introspective experience. As a first time user I didn’t know what to expect as I had nothing to compare it to. I’m very happy with my first experience I would definitely recommend them to somebody trying it for the first time or to anybody who wants a fun, happy experience.

  229. Kate

    Absolute favourite shrooms there are. Excellent for microdosing (I put 200-250mg on my pb toast!) and for tripping (2-3g). Microdosing effects include significant anxiety reduction, boosted mood, lack of self-consciousness (which is a huge boon as a creative), general happiness! When I tell you I haven’t felt “happy” in 2020 you can maybe relate – even half a gram got me up and dancing. I always want to be outside on GT.

    2g is enough to send me deep into personal exploration, revelations, coming to peace with traumas. I can articulate complex feelings without being overwhelmed by them. Visuals are gorgeous – vibrant colours, melting images, things bloom and fractal. I haven’t done a heroic dose but I can imagine it being very powerful. Highly recommend for newcomers to shrooms like me! Start small, but no lower than 2g if you want to “trip.”

  230. Evan

    Works great! Getting the dose right is hard without a scale but these are forgiving enough that I had a great time even though I probably had too many. Tastes very mushroomy, so I’d recommend having them with a sweet snack, like M

  231. CHARLES

    Some of the best mushrooms I’ve done. Highly recommend.

  232. Matthew

    These are what brought me to your site. Split between two of us this was a very balanced experience with high focus on creativity and social connection. Will order again soon 🙂

  233. Brett


  234. Erich

    A perfect selection for beginners. Offers a controllable high. I didn’t freak out on these at all; Even in intimidating scenarios. These mushrooms gave me uncontrollable smiling and I witnessed rainbow streaks coming off the television while watching cartoons. Highly recommended.

  235. Andre

    I dont know why but golden teachers always hits me more than the others…. great for the price

  236. Lori

    Absolutely my favourite mushroom! Uplifting and absolutely joyous high, while accessing the inner wise one. Profound moments of seeing your thoughts and gaining greater clarity. Wild visual effects too.

  237. Samuel

    I like to make mine into a nice tea with some honey, ginger, and lemon for a smooth come-up. Was a really nice high split 2.5 with my girlfriend. Was not a full trip but great interesting thoughts, sensory blending, and some visuals – nothing too intense. Will do more next time and definitely re-order.

  238. Julie

    These r the absolute best mushrooms I have ever had. The perfect high while still maintaining “control”. All u do is smile on these. Good for depression… these have helped my depression, after years of meds.
    Repeat costumer forever

    j Mcbeth, Ontario

  239. Devin

    One of my of my favorite strains. Good visuals and giggles. Golden teachers is my recommendation to anyone who wants the real full experience of a mushroom trip. Helps me with depression and anxiety. Total brain reset. Declutter sort a speak.

  240. Mary

    Love golden teachers and was really impressed with how fresh these tasted. Fresh and I felt the package may have been slightly over the purchased weight. Will buy again.

  241. Paul

    Heard from an experienced friend that these mushroom were great for opening up the crown chakra. After some lighter sessions (2g), went deeper (5g) and had the ego death experience. Very sobering. Saw how a lot of my past actions and attitudes affected other people in my life. Left me feeling pretty crappy about myself if I’m to be honest. Gave me a new perspective on where I needed to make some changes in my life. Definitely not a FUN experience but super worthwhile if personal growth is your goal. No physical hangover but I would save the deeper dives for when you’ve got enough time to recover and contemplate.

  242. Aniruddha

    Great starting type. Move on to Penis Envy after.

  243. Sandra

    One of my favourite mushrooms to use for microdosing. Very gentle, nice sense of well-being, calm, things are right in the world. Haven’t had much visual effects or other really psychedelic trippy experiences, but as I said I don’t use them a bunch at a time. Great for beginners. Enjoy!

  244. Daniel

    Great product. Weight matched order. Helped immensely with mood when feeling down over the past year. Horrible, earthy taste if consumed raw. It actually tastes like (non-medicinal) mushroom drinks if consumed this way – so I would avoid it if you can help it. I recommend brewing into tea to taste. Blackberries, mint, black tea, ginger, and orange peel mask the taste and make the taste and actually make it quite enjoyable. Make sure to muddle your ingredients. Great strain for introspection and fun. I spent several hours sobbing from laughter and finding joy in the little things.

  245. John

    My entry into MD. I can’t say enough great things about the GT. A good dose for me is 0.125 which is slightly more than I’d do on PE. I’ve been MDing since November and 80% of the time has been with the teachers. It keeps me motivated and on track. If you don’t know which mushroom to try first, just start with these.

  246. Aimee

    I expected a little more from these than what I experienced after reading other reviews. I hardly felt any visuals. Mostly just put me in a good mood and might have made objects look a little sharper. When I tried them again mixing them with PE, I found I faded out during the peek and would crash out and awake an hour later feeling sober.

    This isn’t to say I won’t try them again but I will save them for a time when it’s been a few weeks since I’ve already eaten shrooms. It’s not fair to not try them again with my tolerance levels back at normal. I’d still give a 3/5 for the great mood, Decent taste and feeling great the next day!

  247. Brandon

    Okay…. Ordered many strains for different uses online. I keep going back to this one. Reliable. Tried a lot of the other ‘lesser known’ (at least to me). The top handful are Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, Penis Envy and Mazetapec (when u can get them). All the others are still nice, but i stand by the most reliable. No disrespect to any other strains, as they all help people in different ways. This is just a review based on my own personal experiences.

  248. Patrick

    Golden teachers is the way

  249. Maude

    Ça faisait 15-20 ans que je n’avais pas touché aux champi. Donc c’était pratiquement comme une première fois, le Golden Teacher a été PARFAIT pour ça! 1,5g environ. Mon corps ne l’a pas combattu, c’est entré tout doucement et j’ai adoré mon trip du début à la fin, et même encore le lendemain je me sentais si heureuse et amoureuse de la Vie! Mon but était de visualiser des blocages qui m’empêchent d’avancer… Ça m’a grandement aidée, je suis très satisfaite! 🙂

  250. Carolyn

    It’s very mild if you don’t over due it and I like micro dosing

  251. George

    Had only tried golden teachers from 1 other source before as I’m rather new to the whole space. MMJ had by far the better price (around 50% cheaper) and at least the same level of quality. Definitely won’t be going back to the other website. Looking forward to trying other products.

  252. Joey

    J’ai acheter ces champignons à la base car je voulais commencer a faire des micro dose. Merci a joe rogan pour l’information lol. J’ai choisit le goldent teacher car je voulais un champignon pas trop fort mais assez fort pour led micro dose. Et je dois dire que pour ca je suis tres satisfait .

    Par contre pour les plus gros trip 3.5g j’aurais aimé que les champignons aillent un peu plus de kick. Mais c’étais vraiment plaisant quand même.

    Overall je suis tres satisfait

  253. Brittney

    A friend recommended these to me when I was searching for something to ease myself into microdosing. I’m really happy with this strain, a tiny bit does the trick. I find my mood is improved, even the next day, and also helps me connect with my creative side. The taste is good, and if I’m looking to feel more of a body high, I steep it in a tea. It’s wonderful!

  254. Austin

    Perfect service

  255. Crystal

    Golden teachers is so great as it’s not too overwhelming, but still really helps when the mind seems to be stuck in a rut. I’ve tried Penis Envy strain as well, and this is by far a more gentle and spiritual experience. Packaging is great, it’s in a small box hat fits in a mailbox and is super discreet. Definitely my favorite type and place to get any magic mushies!

  256. Fawzi

    These beautiful and somewhat tasty mushrooms have helped me get through some seriously traumatic events 5/5

  257. Howie

    My Girlfriend and I tried these after hearing about their strong spiritual enlightening effects. I did 4 grams and my Girlfriend did 3, and while we had very different experiences, they were both positive. I describe the feeling as a warm comforting blanket, where I felt safe, had some light visuals, and searched for something along the lines of the meaning of life. I think I tried to hard. I was definitely tripping, but was still waiting for the Spiritual Journey. I think that was on me, because my Girlfriend describes the experience as perhaps the single most spiritually enlightening experience of Her Life. She is having touble putting it into words, it was that positive an experience. We will order more, and I will continue to search for my spiritual enlightenment, and She will continue Her Journey. Highly Recommended::))::)).

  258. Shawn

    I bought these on recommendation from a reddit forum. Apparently Golden Teachers from MMJ are great for beginners and vets alike, so this also drew me in. Ordering was simple and shipped in 2 business days (3 since including christmas). Having tripped on shrooms in the past and having a negative experience, I look forward to microdosing these due to anxiety. Also, they were on sale when I bought them so the price was quite tantalizing.

    Another thing that intrigued me was the $20 for new members. Including the sale I got a crazy good deal on my shrooms paying only just over $100 including shipping for my ounce. I would suggest buying in bulk to save yourself some money. MMJ is legendary for discreet and fast shipping. My order hasn’t arrived yet, so I anxiously await its arrival :). ALSO, take advantage of referring new customers to save yourself even more money. MMJ is for sure the best deal around!

  259. Julius

    Very awesome, high quality, potent mushrooms. I was feeling kind of down lately with the Covid situation so I figured I’d try some shrooms. Order arrived within days in a discreet package. It has a strong earthy taste. (My brother actually loved the taste!) I usually take around 2g for some fun yet manageable chaos.

    I took 3g of the Golden Teachers and was absolutely at my limit in the best way possible. Super strong visuals and hilariously good times. I experienced a sense of euphoria and just felt really connected spiritually. Everything just seem more interesting. Music sounded more crisp. Tried playing video games and colors on the screen were just mesmerizing. Had a slight headache the next day although I heard drinking lots of water helps so I’ll do that next time.

    Highly recommended. They are the most introspective medicine out there. (Will try a different strain next time!)

  260. Patrick

    Well, let’s see. Normally, I would never even buy these, but they were on sale and blah, blah, blah, I bought some. They showed up. They were lame looking. Thin blue stalks and plenty of smaller caps. They tasted awful like dirty laundry smells. We ate them, a couple grams each. Now, I didn’t find them overly impressive, but my girlfriend liked them. She was laughing it up and she was reporting seeing things quite often in her side views. Al in all, for what they cost and what it’s worth, these were pretty decent and a fun time. Enjoy!!

  261. Connor

    Golden teachers are simply amazing. Best mushrooms money can buy.

  262. Joseph

    Awesome body feeling, and great closed eyed, and open eye visuals😃

  263. Jessika

    I bought these for fun and hoped to escape reality a bit. It’s so great to have all the voices in your head disappear. Anxiety, worries, all melt away. These things never taste that good, but mixing it with peanut butter or grinding it down and drinking in milk helps a lot.

  264. Randall

    These are pretty good shrooms. They took a little bit to kick, but it was a good high. I will purchase these again.

  265. Ben

    I had zero expectations when I placed my order through MMJ, but boy was I surprised!

    Firstly, let me say that the product quality and experience itself was exceptional! However, where I was really blown away was by the care in both ingredient and packaging; these were 100 percent mushrooms; no dust, no shake, nothing questionable!

    The packaging was sublime! They came promptly (very, very promptly!), They were individually sealed in beautiful packaging with labels, and a “thank you” insert!

    Not only will I order this product again, but I will ONLY order from MMJ. You really need to try them out to believe it!

    Thanks MMJ for your love and quality!

  266. Dan

    These things were dope. We were hallucinating like crazy with 3 1/2 g each. For the price you can’t go wrong with these mushrooms… Boo yeah

  267. Brandon

    Very good

  268. Derek

    Fun mushrooms to eat, very enjoyable trip

  269. Brody

    Unreal! Love how introspective you become. My experiences have been filled with joy – ordering more rn lolol

  270. Emily

    Quite nice, found them to be fairly mild. A friend and I had 2g each, lasted for 3-4 hours.

  271. Ryan

    Great lessons with high doses and perfect for microdosing !

  272. Joshua

    these mushrooms were the very first type i tried. with no hype or embelishment… this product SAVED MY LIFE. im not trying to leave a cute review…. without these mushrooms i would be dead right now, i was in such a dark place
    no one could understand for YEARS…..they spoke to me then began to heal me…. Golden Teachers are a gift from God!!! 100% brought me back to life, no shrink no priest no friend can heal you like these Mushrooms. Im so fortunate to have found them .. i had not much left …. i was stuck and it did the work to set me free!!!

  273. Melissa

    I love this product, took it multiple times and initiated many friend to mushroom with it. It’s my go to for micro dosing, always lots of laugh with a good feeling mentally and physically. I recommend it 10/10 lots of fun 😁

  274. Kyle

    Golden Teachers were awesome!

    Bought this for my first time trying psiloybin, ever. What a great experience!
    It was a pleasant euphoric walk in the forest on a sunny day. They taste earthy but not bad.
    It takes about 25-40 minutes to kick in once they are eaten. I experienced a little visual distortions,
    and amazing sensory enhancement. I never felt so connected to nature before. I highly recommend these to anyone, especially beginners. Good quality!

  275. Jennifer

    I am pretty new to mushrooms, so I read a lot about how to microdose and how to start on small amounts. I found these to be provide a really engaging and uplifting experience, and I have been really really excited about it. I grind them and microdose a few times a week, and just mix in the powder with a beverage. For the times when I have wanted to dip my toes into a what a “trip” would be like, I do the lemon-tek approach. It’s all been pretty great (except for once, when I totally disregarded the importance of “set and setting”). I tried Penis Envy, and it was a bit too strong for me (might try again another time). All in all, I find these mushrooms to be fantastic, and especially for anyone that is interested in trying mushrooms, these are a great starter if you have properly informed yourself about what doses what might work for you.

  276. Emmanuelle

    The feeling is very Nice. Must try!

  277. Morgan

    I enjoyed these, took some tries to find the right dose. Maybe start with a gram for a chill buzz see how you feel and add more next time. 3 grams was pretty good, but the smell is hard to take. I just ground it n mixed it into Jello to mask the taste and make it easier to eat.

  278. Greg

    The best mushroom experience I have ever had! Definately worth checking out. My friends and I are experienced with psychedlics and this blew our expectations!

    We had 1-1.5 grams each and were all high for 5 hours, with lots of laughs, fun visuals and overall a warm and fuzzy body high.

    I would highly recommend this to both beginners and pros – you won’t be disappointed!

  279. Patrick

    Not as strong than aticipate, but still a lot of fun. Next time i do more.
    Still fast shipping and quality service.

  280. Derek

    I was extremely impressed with the quality of these mushrooms, bright Gold colour of the cap. This was the beginning of a wonderfully profound journey into the night and my inner thoughts. It helps me to reset and improve my clarity as well as melting away all my anxiety

  281. Amber

    Exactly as described.

  282. Jeremy

    These are excellent all around mushrooms for beginners and experts alike. I bought an ounce to share with friends when they were on sale for some weird Halloween vibes, and everyone enjoyed their time with them. On a 2 gram dose I experienced some mild visuals accompanied by a sense of deep understanding, and when it was time to sleep I felt what can only be described as a loving, goddess-like embrace as I drifted off into dreamland. Would highly recommend these mushrooms to any one, and the price is right so they are great value in that sense as well.

  283. William

    You can never go wrong with golden teachers. I highly recommend. Great bang for your buck

  284. Bernard

    I bought these a while ago and it amazing. About 45 minutes with 3.5 grams I was have a great time. I would highly recommend.

    I also would like to acknowledge how fast, efficient and discrete the shipping. 10/10

  285. Daniel

    I bought a large package of these, so I’ve had quite a few experiences with them at this point. I have to say, they’re not my favorite. That’s based on the body high they give, which is kind of a strange buzzing sensation for me, and a little bit unnerving at times. They work quickly and are potent, but they aren’t as visual as I’d like. If a straight body high is what you’re looking for though, these definitely fit that.

    They also taste horrible! But, that’s to be expected. I made a tea with some that wasn’t bad though.

  286. Rob

    Was surprised with the quality and freshness of the Golden Teachers. Tried other places and found MMJDirect Shooms to be more potent for Micro dosing.

  287. Matthew

    These were interesting. very strong but very light as well. to be none of these mushrooms stand up aganist Penis Envy very well, but this one can be second or third beside it with transkei. I would use these in summer with high does to connect with nature and others around me, felt these can get kinda werid after a while, while penis envys medicine kept me grounded n fun the whole time.

  288. Rachael

    Great spiritual and visual mushrooms! I did have a headache the morning after but that was likely due to overestimating my dose. Still worth it!

  289. Paul

    A friend and I took 3.5 each and had the most blissed out, funny high we’ve ever had from shrooms. We didn’t have much access to nature, but we felt up for going to a city park and were able to perceive the fractal patterns in the trees at a new level. We’re already planning to take 5g of Golden Teachers for our next trip — and to find better nature access. He has felt more noticeably positive in the week since, though I haven’t noticed any lasting impact. The flavour was also quite mild compared to most mushrooms, I think due to how nice and dry they were. They went down easy with peanut butter and graham crackers.

  290. Pilar

    Quite incredible experience, bought these a while ago waiting for the right time. Reviews were not lying about how introspective the experience is.

  291. David

    Good product, quick delivery. Almost as good as Penis Envy but much less expensive

  292. Xueyan

    Amazing Golden Teachers. I’ve tripped 4x before, always with cubensis I think. My first time using these with 2g lemon-tek, I almost felt like I was never entering back into the regular world. The high lastest super long. The subsequent time using these, I had more of a shorter regular trip, no ego death, but still amazing and good vibes. These always make me cry from emotion. A couple of first-timers I took this with (same dosage

  293. Saul

    This was my first experience with both mushrooms and psychedelics, which I had become increasingly interested in since doing some research on various intensive drug therapies for depression. I went with GTs because they seemed more approachable for someone unfamiliar with the experience. I experimented with a few different doses and ingestion methods, from microdosing to a few grams. My initial experience was very positive, lemon tekking a small (maybe 1.5g) macro dose. Very relaxing, lots of visuals and introspection, intense euphoria. After several experiences I settled on macro dosing with lemon tek, as I found other methods (eating dry, grinding and taking with water) underwhelming even with larger doses after fasting. Microdosing was hit or miss. Could just be me. Would certainly order again regardless.

  294. Ambrose

    Perfect starter shrooms. I’ve been doing shrooms for about 6 or 7 years now. Sometimes microdosing for periods of time or just taking a bunch and tripping. Golden teachers were the first shrooms I’ve ever done and I still do them because they’re fucking sweet

  295. Viviane

    first time experiencing shrooms,
    i have nothing to compare

  296. Nnaka

    I love golden teacher. It’s always a good time. What I love about it is every time I take it my trip is completely different. One high will have me focused on something in particular. Another high will have me dancing with my shadow for hours lol. It’s my go to strain when life has me down

  297. Jessica

    Great starter mushroom. Perfect for microdosing, but also great for when you want to take a few grams and enjoy the visuals and chill vibes! One of my favourite mushrooms for sure.

  298. Brandon

    First time doing shrooms, I did enough to feel myself. It was a vibe of happiness, I felt great and airy. Smiley and not depressed feeling lol.

  299. Kyle

    2g worked great for an okay high, giggles, and some distortion
    3g really did it for me… wow !
    Will buy again !

  300. Jessica

    Worked great! I’d never taken this strain before, so I wasn’t sure how many grams to take. My friend and I ended up splitting the 3.5 grams.
    For me, I felt very happy but I didn’t get a big enough effect, so I would want to take more the next time. My friend felt a bit more of an effect than I did though, so for some people that would be enough. I’d recommend having more on hand to add in.

  301. Tekarra

    Definitely dependant on mood and surrounding as most are. I didn’t take more than 1 gram at a time, good visuals with that amount. Great to use in a more medicinal sense to find deeper meaning and understanding, especially on personal matters.

  302. Alicia

    Always a hoot with Golden Teachers! My first time with these, I experienced altered sensory perception, and slight hallucinogenic effects. Now when I take em, after 5 trips total, I feel good n giggly!

  303. Robert

    Exactly what i was expecting. Perfect.

  304. Saeed

    It was my first experience taking mushroom. It is fun

  305. Laura

    Golden Teachers. The 2 of us ate just over a gram each, empty stomachs. We pre-planned on taking them on Friday night earlier in the week. So we had many days to be excited to try them.

    We had put out another 2 grams each just in case we felt like we needed more once the trip started. Didn’t need any more!

    Great time, smiles and some giggles, watched a movie made in early 70’s made for tripping, with visuals and more.

    Looked out the windows at one point and the trees were ‘breathing’.

    Fun light and shadow visuals.

    Lasted around the 5 hour expectation.

    Fun fun fun

  306. Amber

    This is a great one for beginners and microdosing. Just a little gives a really uplifting happy experience. Worth every penny.

  307. Petros

    Great for starters!! Enjoy your trip 🙂

  308. Ryan

    Strong and good price

  309. Thomas

    High quality and very potent.

  310. Gregorhy

    GF grinded up 1.5 grams into some lemon pudding. I ate 3 grams of transeki that night. She had a great buzz. Cool visuals. Smile all night. Recommend for sure.

  311. Chloe

    Super strong and lots of cool visuals, will definitely buy again

  312. Melissa

    Super potent. Lasted a long time.

  313. Gillian

    Really awesome product, had a very beautiful and powerful high that gave me the exact information I needed 🙂

  314. Michael Ray

    Good trip. Will be buying again

  315. Tenessa

    **this is my experience only. Everyone has their own.** This was my second time trying shrooms and I’ve read great reviews on this golden teacher strain, so I was extremely excited to try these. They were so blue and beautiful, I knew they were going to be potent! We had 4 grams each which is the same amount we had last time. We had them on Saturday after I got off work. I wasnt feeling good all day but I figured once I got home and settled in I would be fine. I didnt eat anything all day because my stomach was upset and I had a terrible headache. When I got home my excitement took over the sick feeling.
    This trip lasted 7 hours.
    It took about an hour to kick in. The come up made me feel very anxious. I couldnt stop shaking and my stomach was queasy. Finally that faded, however I couldnt get rid of the shakes. I was cold and clammy the entire trip
    For the most part my trip was great. I was having so much fun, loving life. It was a very euphoric feeling. Everything was so colorful and vivid.
    My partner and I were just chilling out jamming to music, talking and just all around having the best time.
    He asked me a question and I went to answer but there was… a glitch in the system, I call it. I started seeing the same thing over and over again. I got stuck in a mind loop and every time I pulled myself out of it, i would fall right back in. We put on some Family Guy in hopes that would help. Next thing I know, I was feeling very sick. I got really light headed, couldnt see anything and ended up passing out. I woke up to my partner screaming trying to wake me up, he was about to call the ambulance. I was so cold, drenched in sweat and wasnt coherent. I needed sleep. My partner and I went upstairs to bed. I was sure my trip was over after that, but I was wrong. The colors were still so vivid, and the walls and ceiling were breathing with me. I closed my eyes and it happened again. I was stuck in the darn mind loop. I kept living the same moment over and over and over again. I had to constantly tell myself that things are progressing forward. It felt as though I was stuck there for eternity, but at 3:00a.m. my trip started to fade. I finally came back to reality.
    It was an experience I never want to have again.
    I am pretty sure I passed out because I was having an anxiety attack due to experiencing the same thing over and over. I didnt understand what was going on. It was so overwhelming.

    I learned a few lessons from this
    I won’t do shrooms an empty stomach
    I wont do them if i dont feel good before hand.
    Lastly, I wont take tylenol if I am doing shrooms that day.

    Regardless, the shrooms themselves were good. The trip was great up until the end! I just didnt react to them well.

  316. Dzmitry

    Highly recommend. Good positive vibe. The high is useful and lasts about 1.5 hours.

  317. Donna

    HUGE mushrooms, great for relaxing during quarantine 😀

  318. Danica

    Will def have again. Great, mellow experience, which resulted in some pretty stellar conversation 😀

  319. Danielle

    Amazing mushroom to mircodose with! They have helped me to surface suppressed emotions and create a healthy healing experience, while maintaining a sense of inner peace within. Would definitely order again!!

  320. Tyler

    True healers turn to golden teachers for the body mind and spirit this one is where it all came from if your curious about fungi medicine this one will unveil some deep truths and make you happy that you know you have the time to change what you like and don’t like there’s never a bad golden teacher experience imo and mmj couldn’t perfect that experience any better

  321. Waleed

    Great for micro dosing!

  322. Cedrick

    On a déraper la dessus au camp de chasse et c’est à refaire 3g chaque et le feuilles aspanite au mur son drôle en TAA

  323. Jennifer

    Very calming, with beautiful visuals. Loved them! Very fast delivery as well.

  324. Chad

    Very pleased with the potency, perfect for nature walks.

  325. Rahim

    Very nice product! Not to be taken lightly! More potent than expected! Very introspective high! Definitely taught me some things lol.

  326. Sean

    I ground these up and added to capsules for microdosing and they have been working perfect!

  327. Brandon

    I grind these up and keep them in a pill bottle and take like .05 grams just before bed most days. They’re life changing

  328. Donna

    Very Stem-y
    Very Impressed.

  329. Jonathan

    Fast delivery, great strain, could be stronger. Good for beginner

  330. Waleed

    Cant get enough its so good!

  331. Waleed

    My Favorite!

  332. Jad

    Love it

  333. Adam

    Took 1.5g and started getting light visuals after 45min. Slowly intensified over next hour. After a brief lay down to enjoy the visuals, I then put on some music and danced the afternoon away. Looking forward to the next trip with these.

  334. Matthew

    Super fast shipping. Ordered the Penis Envy on my second try. Amazingly potent. Great product consistently. Thanks MMJ!

  335. Waleed

    Amazing! 10/10

  336. crystal

    These are good start low and start slow

  337. Steven

    Trippy visuals, got really bright and then some, colors awesome. Amazing watching Tool concert footage felt like I was there. Spiritual feeling
    very impressed! 1.5 dose

  338. JF

    First time ordering…awesome product fast delivery Will order again for sure !!!

  339. Jud

    Been using these for micro dosing…They are great. Made up some gummies and caramels with them…. OMG…Perfect for day tripping …Thanks

  340. Francis

    Good quality, tried 1g for my first time and was impressed with the effects.

  341. Hudson

    Definitely takes a few attempts to get dosing right, smaller than 1g seems useless for any real visuals, but start low and go slow as always. Good stuff!

  342. Omid

    Tastes decent and effects are potent. A perfect little sidekick for ego death and venturing into the realm of truth. These more life-changing effects only take place (at least for yours truly) when having 7.5 grams or more per sesh. If it’s your first ever “Hero’s journey”, remember to remember it’s all good, and that you’re still you. Do it somewhere comfortable and familiar. The journey, if deep enough, will change you.

  343. Sandra

    My partner and I split 3.5 in two, we started with half, waited an hour and ate the rest. really nice high, not overwhelming, nice visual clarity/images. Will definitely reorder

  344. Guillaume

    Great quality.. i tried 0.8 and the music was very intense.. trippy moment..!

  345. Michael

    First time taking. I tried .4 and it seemed pretty potent for so little. Little anxiety at first and then a great blissful feeling. Gonna finish them this weekend and most likely get more!

  346. Matthew

    Ordered 3.5g and was happy to find it weighed out closer to 4. Bought them for microdosing purposes. Not the strongest fungi available, but they do the trick and I did feel noticeable effects from 300mg.

  347. Maxime

    Great buzz, kaléidoscope vision very introspective, I Will reorder

  348. Deryk

    I enjoyed the Golden Teacher shrooms. I got 3 servings out of 3.5gs.
    Made for 3 great nights!
    Will order again.
    A+ product

  349. Giuseppe

    I am always really happy whenever I get these!

  350. Sue

    I love these! Great high yet comfortable.

  351. Karl

    I use it in microdose 0,1g for my anxiety and mental focus and it work great , thank you mmj , its amazing to have a safe source of shrooms .

  352. Christopher

    I tried shrooms for the first time this Christmas and needed to get my hands on more. I received my order from MMJ in two days, and had a great time with the Golden Teachers. Will definitely be ordering soon!

  353. Deryk

    Tried these shrooms after over a decade without psychedelics… ate about 1-1.5g’s… had a blast of a night! Will def reorder in the future. A+ product!?

  354. Nathan

    Have bought these many times and will continue! Awesome product fast delivery

  355. Margarita

    I was a complete noob as far as psychedelics go and bought this for microdosing purposes. Fantastic, clean product which to me smells of earthy honey. Pure meducine for the mind. Invest in a good 0.001 scale.

  356. Taylor

    As usual, top-notch quality product from MMJDirect. These are one of my favourite items on the menu and help me immensely with anxiety and depression.

  357. Demian

    Great quality. I will definitely be ordering these again. Thanks MMJ Direct for the speedy shipping!

  358. Tyrone

    Awesome stuff! Perfect for beginners

  359. Franklin

    I really enjoyed the high, i was giggly and happy and definitely buy again

  360. Bryan

    Amazing!! Very comfortable and very psychedelic

  361. Allison

    I love the Golden Teacher strain. These are high quality and easy to ingest! The only strain I like better is Penis Envy but they are becoming hard to find. Great product, fast shipping!

  362. Tracy

    These were amazing, came in a very secure package, didn’t taste horrible and what a great time! Will order again!

  363. Gregory

    These were great, not too bad tasting (pretty good actually, I don’t usually like any mushrooms). Great buzz, tons of laughs!

  364. Heather

    They came in a well packaged sealed bag, had great effects, and didn’t taste that horrible. Was a bit nauseas after, will try as a tea next time. Overall, was not disappointed.

  365. Robin

    Excellent clean grown magic mushrooms. Life is sweet with these and one cup of tea took my pain right away without dropping me.

  366. Brandon

    This is my first experience with Golden Teachers so maybe I’m no judge, but they seemed potent and lasting. I grind them into small flakes and swish them in a glass of water. I’ll be ordering more soon

  367. Brandon

    Exactly what I wanted, making another order soon.

  368. Charles

    Amazing visuals great buzz. I’m sold on these. Mmjdirect is my favorite place for psychedelics.

  369. Marc

    JUST FANTASTIC. Calm, smooth and controlled. I like how in control with dosing I can have with these.. flavour good too. Love to see some blue mold on them as well.. <– that's where the real fun is, LOL.. AWESOME job MMJDirect!

  370. Jason

    I ate 2 stems and a cap and the visuals were amazing and feeling was incredible best shrooms Ive ever had thanks MMJDirect always delivering the best for us

  371. Brandon

    Good product, just ordered my 2nd batch.

  372. Tahmid

    I used this to get my days started and I gotta say, had about .5 grams per use and it left me feeling calm and put me in a cheerful mood. Helped me get through my work days. They kick in faster than some shrooms I’ve had before. Definitely would purchase again, but in a higher quantity. Thanks for a great product Mmjdirect!

  373. Tina

    Definitely easy to ingest (lacking the typical manure taste), fast acting, less colourful than some but a nice healthy strong peak, definite out of body experience on seven or more grams. Will get more!

  374. Brandyn

    Amazing quality. I purchased some for microdosing purposes, took 0.2 of a gram and was feeling amazing and well stimulated, nicely focused and lots of euphoria! Thanks Mmjdirect!!

  375. Kathleen

    I ingested one stem and half of a large cap. I was hoping for a bit of energy and some giggles and I could barely stay awake. Had a fantastic sleep though. Kathleen

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