We’ve all carried the disappointment of cracking open a fresh container of ‘high-quality’ weed, only to find out it’s dry as sand. We’ve gone above and beyond to fix that problem to offer you the best weed in Canada possible.

When you want to make a particular smoke session extra special, then you’d be well served by smoking some of the finest AAAA+ weed around — a true connoisseurs dream.

We treat our AAAA+ flowers with the utmost care and preserve it as best as possible to ensure you have the most satisfying smoke imaginable. Our curing process is extra-intensive and delicate and we do the best job imaginable to ensure you get a flower worth flaunting.

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More about Our AAAA+ Weed Strains

Some of the best of the best buds you’ll ever come across, our AAAA+ weed is exceptional in every right and a true smokers’ dream. Sporting the best terpene profiles, incredible potency, and aesthetic appeal to match, out AAAA+ flower, is worthy of winning awards and a true dream to consume.

We carry a nice array of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains for you to choose from, all with noticeable differences in flavour, scent, and effects. If you want to find the absolute best weed in Canada, check out our Craft Reserve category for the finest flower around.

We’re a passionate group of cannabis lovers who are dedicated to mastering the craft of growing some of the world’s best weed — if we wouldn’t smoke it, we wouldn’t sell it. With the cumulative experience of our expert growers, you can expect products far beyond what you’ll find in any store or from other vendors.

Processing into concentrates with AAAA+ quality cannabis should only be done by experienced users who understand how to properly extract the essence of the plant into a pristine product, otherwise, it would be a waste of weed worthy of medals.

We recommend starting off with using our AA weed if it’s your first time making concentrates. An experienced user can yield 25%+ or more from our AAAA+ flower.
Our AAAA+ weed can be regarded as some of the best in the world and we take extreme caution to treat it with the love and care that world-class cannabis deserves. Dried, cured, and stored in clinical conditions, you can expect a perfectly humid and persevered bud meant to be enjoyed by true cannabis connoisseurs.

You’ll receive our standard guarantee of smell-proof packaging which is shipped by way of Canada Post Xpresspost and promptly delivered within 2-5 days. Our delivery success rate is outstanding and if something does magically go wrong with your order, you can rest assured we will do all that we can to keep you happy.

Useful Tips and Tricks

  • As soon as you unpack your flower, we recommend storing it in an airtight glass jar alongside a  Boveda or Integra humidity pack to help preserve the potency and terpene profile as best as possible. You wouldn’t drink a craft beer that lost its bubbles and is at room temperature, would you?
  • A humidity pack will regulate the moisture and humidity in your storage container, helping to keep your flower fresh and potent, just like how one would store a Cuban cigar in a humidor.
  • To get the best results from out AAAA+ weed, we highly recommend using a quality grinder to chop up the flower into a nice and fluffy consistency. This will have a dramatic impact on the flavour and smell of your flower.
  • Don’t expose your cannabis to high temperatures, dry air, or direct sunlight for too long, or else the precious terpene profile and cannabinoids are subject to degradation. If you like to smoke some of Canada’s best weed, then it should be treated accordingly.