We proudly offer a wide selection of BC’s famous Craft cannabis. With a long-standing tradition of quality and small batch production of specialized strains, BC is home to some of the most world-renowned cannabis. We believe in using the best practices developed over generations. Our Cannabis is properly cured, a time-honored tradition that makes a big difference to the final product. We store our Cannabis at an ideal Humidity level (62%) and store it in a cool, dark, airtight environment that’s ideal for keeping Cannabis fresh and tasty. We personally test every batch that we sell and we only purchase product that passes our strict quality control standards. Try our Cannabis and taste the difference.

When you want to buy cannabis online, MMJDirect is the best online dispensary in Canada. When it comes to diversity and quality, we leave everyone else in the dust. You can have your pick from 50 different strains including Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids and much more.

We ship via Canada Post Xpresspost, which will deliver your package in 2-5 working days. Moreover, because we value discretion and privacy, we use smell-proof bags and protective boxes for our cannabis products. Finally, we vacuum-seal every package before sending it out. Our packages arrive in a very discreet manner and can be sent to hotels or family residences without concern.

There’s nothing to worry about if you want to mail order cannabis in Canada. MMJDirect offers an accessible, secure, and private solution to order your cannabis products anywhere in Canada. We have a 100% end-user delivery rate. This means that, if you pay for a package, you can be sure you’ll receive it.

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An Indica strain is overwhelmingly useful when you want to calm down and isolate yourself from the outside world. Go down this path if you want to reach a couch-lockdown experience where all physical and psychological stress dies out. Indica cannabis strains are the ultimate plant sedatives, which makes them that much essential for a cannabis enthusiast. Indicas are known for pain relief, relaxation, sedation and encouraging appetite.

In terms of physiognomy, Indica strains are characterized by:

  • Broader leaves
  • Shorter stature
  • Shorter flowering cycle
  • Preference for colder climates

However, the physical characteristics have almost no bearing on the psychotropic effects you’ll experience upon consumption. The truly important elements are the cannabinoids within the plant (mainly THC and CBD).

Our most popular Indica-dominant strains are the Master Kush (90% Indica), Girl Scout Cookies (60% Indica), Nuken (80% Indica), Gelato (55% Indica). You might be asking yourself why I’m talking in Indica percentages. That’s because most cannabis strains on the market are hybrids (with Sativa and Indica genetics). If you want to buy cannabis online, we are your best bet!


Sativa cannabis strains are the exact opposite of Indicas in terms of psychotropic effects. They will energize and raise your adrenaline to alarming peaks. You’ll feel like a conqueror, someone bent on achieving great things while multitasking and jugging with several responsibilities simultaneously.

Smoke a Sativa strain and all your pessimism and negative thoughts will vanish away instantly. All that’s left is happiness, euphoria, and an endless supply of energy pumping throughout your veins. Nothing will seem impossible or too difficult for you. Most of the time, you’ll manage to achieve your goals more efficiently.

The physiognomy of a Sativa plant revolves around:

  • Taller stature
  • Narrower leaves
  • Longer flowering cycle
  • Preference for hot climates

Sativas are usually very rich in THC, the psychoactive ingredient in all cannabis plants. This is the cannabinoid that will get you high. The more THC present in a strain, the better the state of high, and the more euphoric you’re going to feel.

The most popular Sativa strains in our online dispensary in Canada are the Sunkiss CBD, Black Widow, White Gelato, Amnesia, and Love Potion #1.


Hybrid cannabis strains are the new kids on the block, a masterful breakthrough in cannabis genetic alteration. They bring the best of both worlds from Sativas and Indicas. Depending on the CBD and THC content, a hybrid can be a soothing sedative and a volcanic energizer at the same time.

Wonder how that works? It’s simple. Generally, the sedative effects have a slower impact speed, which means it’s a slow ride from here on now. The THC high, however, is anything but slow. As soon as you consume a hybrid, euphoria and happiness will invade your senses, only to transform into calmness, relaxation, and sedation later on.

Among our most renowned cannabis hybrids, we count the GSC, Platinum Cookies, God’s Green Hulk, Nuken, Gelato, and Blue Guava. There are many other hybrid strains available, and you’ll have to check them out for yourself if you want to buy cannabis online.

How to buy Cannabis online in Canada

When all’s been said and done, you should wonder – is it safe to buy cannabis online in Canada? Or if you want to order cannabis online, what are the exact steps you should take on our website?

We’ll address these issues and a few more in this section!

First and foremost, MMJDirect provides a safe, private, and trustworthy solution to buy cannabis online. We have built a solid reputation in the years we offered our services to countless clients looking for the perfect cannabis strain. That’s right, our products are of premium quality, whether you want Sativas, Indicas, hybrids, or other cannabis-related products.

The ordering process is very simple – you simply add a product in the shopping cart and checkout. After validating the order, we will send the package right to your door. In 2-5 working days, you should receive it. Keep in mind that you have to register for an account before buying from us!

Mail order cannabis in Canada – is it safe? Sending packages via mail has never been safer. We, at MMJDirect, guarantee that all packages will reach their destination discreetly and privately, with no one being the wiser of the content within the package!

After receiving the payment, we’ll process your order and notify you within 24 hours.