Cannabis concentrates are one of Canada’s most popular types of cannabis products. 

We have some bad news, though: not all concentrates are created equal. The cannabis industry is inundated with low-quality concentrates made with sketchy processes…when ordering online, it can be tough to know who to trust. 

At MMJDirect we’re here to help. Our top-shelf cannabis concentrates are verifiably pure and proven to satisfy customers. Below’s a closer look.

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What are cannabis concentrates?

Connoisseurs, feel free to skip this section — in it, we’ll be going over the basics.

Cannabis concentrates are a type of cannabis product that’s free from biomass (i.e., flowers, leaves, and the like) and concentrated down into a totally active form. They allow one to get powerful effects from very small amounts of material. 

To convert cannabis flower into a more concentrated form, it has to be extracted. This extraction generally uses a mixture of pressure and solvents to separate cannabis’s biomass from its most active ingredients. The end result of extraction is a concentrate rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and more.  

The many types of cannabis concentrate

When it comes to concentrates, there’s more than one way to skin the cat (or concentrate the canna-goodness). Here are a few of the most popular types of concentrates available on the market today: 

Shatter | Shatter is a type of concentrate known for its unique consistency. As the name implies, shatter is solid and inflexible at room temperature — it can ‘shatter’ when bent or pulled apart. Shatter is ideal for dabbing with a specialized dab rig. 

Live Resin | Live Resin is a common favourite of cannabis connoisseurs. It’s made by extraction fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flowers, as opposed to dried ones. Live Resin is often especially high in terpenes and other trace compounds. Translation: it tastes great! And then there’s a perfect consistency…

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) | BHO is a tried-and-true cannabis concentrate known for its high terpene content and great flavour. It’s ideal for dabbing, and it can also be added to a joint or blunt of your choice. Just make sure you’ve chosen a high-quality BHO that’s verifiably free from any trace solvents or chemicals. 

Distillate | Cannabis distillate is one of the most potent types of concentrates there is. Distillates are usually extracted twice, with the second extraction being used to “distill” cannabis’ most active ingredients into a purified form. It’s versatile, too — great for dabbing, adding to joints, or even making edibles.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) | Named after activist Rick Simpson, RSO is a thick, highly concentrated cannabis extract often used as a topical or edible. RSO is very rich in active compounds, which makes it one of the most medically-inclined concentrates out there. 

How to use concentrates for the first time

While cannabis concentrates are awesome, partaking of them requires a little bit of legwork. Concentrates are best enjoyed with the help of a specialized “dab rig” that allows them to be heated up gradually. These rigs are also much more efficient than other methods, in that they allow the user to capture nearly all of the concentrate being used. 

The reason concentrates are so popular

Statistical research has shown that cannabis concentrates are fast becoming more popular than traditional products like good ol’ fashioned cannabis flower. 

Why the shift? There are a few potential reasons, but the biggest one is probably the strength difference. Cannabis concentrates can be incredibly strong — up to 95+% THC — which means they’re a match for even the most experienced cannabis users. 

Then there’s the flavour. Because they’re so, well, concentrated, these products are also incredibly rich in the terpenes that impart cannabis’s characteristic smells. Using concentrates provides one with a hefty dose of terpenated flavours. And all their corresponding effects! 

Here’s what we’ve got

While all our cannabis concentrates are pure, premium, and powerful…that doesn’t mean there’s no diversity. 

On the contrary, actually. We’ve worked hard to bring you a wide variety of different cannabis concentrates, including BHO, RSO,  Take a look: 

Pink Cherry Dragon’s Tears Oil | This honey oil is about as high-quality as it gets. Coming in at over 77% total active cannabinoids and 72% THC, Pink Kush is an OG-Kush-like concentrate loved by cannabis connoisseurs of all ages. And, as you might expect, this one is Indica-dominant. Even the consistency is premium-quality — you can thank nano-filtration technology for that. 

Afghani Kush BHO | This Indica-dominant oil isn’t for beginners — it’s close to 90% THC! If you have chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, or cancer, however, it might be an ideal option for you. 

What makes this BHO so good? Part of it is the genetics; Afghani Kush is a landrace strain that’s practically as natural as it gets. Its oil has an earthy, piney aroma with aftertastes of citrus. Tasty!

THC Distillate by Supernova | This premium Distillate comes to us courtesy of Phyto 2.0 Extractions. It’s made through a special method known as short-path distillation, which allows all of cannabis’s best ingredients (especially the THC) to stay intact.   

The effects are pretty awesome, too. Customers say that they’re “relaxing yet stimulating for a get-her-done day.”

THC Distillate by Pegasus | This Distillate is equal parts potent and portable. Made by the industry-leading Pegasus brand, it comes in a convenient syringe format perfect for any kind of pre-measured use.  

Then there are the highly therapeutic effects. “5-star medical healing,” one satisfied customer says. 

Live Resin by High Voltage | This live resin is one of our most popular cannabis concentrates, bar none.  It comes in 8 delicious flavours, and though each has its own unique terpene profile, all of them have been near-unanimous customer hits. 

Sauce by High Voltage | This innovative cannabis concentrate is similar to live resin in some ways…but in other ways, it’s even more refined. Considering the extensive extraction processes this product goes through, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. The fact that customers love High Voltage’s cannabis sauce also shouldn’t come as much of a shock. 

Live Resin by Viridesco | This Sativa-dominant live resin gets its power from one of two premium strains (either Sweet Skunk or Wedding Cake). And though it’s a little pricey, this live resin tests in at 88% THC total. “This brand is so pure,” affirms more than one happy customer.

Shatter by Supernova | Another day, another premium product by Supernova — this one is their flagship cannabis shatter product. Why’s it so good? Well, there are 9 premium flavours, for one. Customers report that all of them taste truly amazing and provide a very smooth smoking experience. 

Shopping = simple. 

Shopping from our cannabis concentrates is simple, safe…and quite frankly fun! Here’s how the process works:

  1. Select your favourite concentrates
  2. Specify the right flavour/quantity
  3. Click “Add to Cart”
  4. (Just don’t forget to budget for other products) 
  5. Click “View Cart” if you’re done shopping, or
  6. “Continue Shopping” if you’re not
  7. Go to the “View Cart” page once ready to checkout
  8. Apply your Direct Points to get an even better deal
  9. Once at “Checkout” your order’s details will be emailed to you, including the order # and Interac e-Transfer payment instructions

And did we mention our shipping is fast? Your order will be shipped as soon as possible, typically within one business day. And it’ll arrive in just 2-5 business days, ready for you to unpack and enjoy. 

Shipping with us is discrete, too. MMJDirect always uses smell-proof, vacuum-sealed packaging, and we ship our goods with Canada Post Xpresspost, a proven postal carrier. The success rate of our package delivery is just about 100%. 

MMJDirect: our mission is you! 

It’s true. We’ve come to realize that cannabis can be a catalyst for change in people’s lives. What could be better than that? 

And because we place customer satisfaction first, providing easy access to the world’s best cannabis concentrates is only natural. Better products = better experiences = happier people, after all. At MMJDirect, that’s what we’re all about.