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What is hash?

Hashish, better known as hash, is a cannabis-related by-product made from the trichomes of female cannabis plants. That’s because female plants are richer in trichomes and cannabinoids than the male ones. Generally speaking, only the female plants are smokable and provide the therapeutic/psychoactive benefits that most people recognize.

If you want to mail order hash in Canada, there’s nothing complicated about it. Just access MMJDirect, search the hash category for something you like, and checkout. As for the products themselves, you can use them recreationally or medicinally. The former refers to when you use hash to relax and find comfort. The latter is when you want to treat yourself from certain medical conditions with hash.

The Bubble Hash – Master Kush, for instance, is a 90% Indica-dominant hybrid that focuses on sedative effects. Master Kush has built the reputation as one of the best cannabis strains in the world, known for its high relaxation benefits. Therefore, this hash could only continue with this recipe.

Your medical issues might very well back off substantially if you consume the Bubble Hash – Master Kush hash strain. Just be careful of the dose you use. A large dose might not be good, especially if you’ve never tried hash before.

The effects are mostly related to sedation and physical relaxation, so you should experience the same, more or less. A large dose might even put you into a couch lockdown state. Even this could be a good thing if it happens when you normally go to sleep.

Ways to smoke hash

When you order hash online, you also want to know how you can smoke it. You can consume hash in several ways:

  • With a pipe
  • With a bong
  • With a vaporizer
  • In a joint

Generally, people prefer to combine ground cannabis plants with hash and create a joint. That’s because hash is usually much stronger and more potent than your run-of-the-mill cannabis strain. After all, it contains pure cannabis resins that excel in potency and psychoactive intensity.

Smoking pure hash in a joint will definitely be a hard thing to do, considering the potency of pure hash. Moreover, it won’t roll nicely in a joint, due to the more rigid structure. Combined with cannabis fine-powdered plants, however, making a joint is much easier.

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How to buy hash online in Canada

To buy hash online from our online dispensary is a simple process. Moreover, you’ll only have to complete a few steps before we ship your package to your door. Simply pick any product you like, fill your shopping bin, and check out. If you’ve entered the correct delivery details, you should receive the package in 2-5 business days through Canada Post.

You will receive the payment instructions via email as soon as you checkout. There’s a 48-hour window open to you. Once we’ve processed your order and shipped it, you will receive the tracking info via email.

If you still don’t receive the package after 5 business days (no weekends and statutory holidays), contact us. We’ll notify Canada Post and have them start an investigation. If they find the lost package, they’ll ship it to you in a few days. If it ends up missing, we’ll replace the shipment free of charge and send it to you again. Even if your Canada Post status says “Successfully Delivered”, we’ll fix the issue for you!

Is it safe to buy hash online or to mail order hash Canada? Throughout the years we’ve shipped mail orders with cannabis products to our clients, we met with no issues whatsoever. Our packaging techniques maintain your discretion at all times – we employ smell-proof bags and protective boxes to keep your products intact.

Buy hash online from the best online dispensary in Canada – MMJDirect provides a great variety of cannabis-based products! Now you know where to buy hash online from, knowing that your safety and privacy are intact at all times. Buying from us hash or other cannabis products is entirely safe!