Do you miss the days of classic hash? That sticky, resinous, and earthy smelling delight? Seemingly disappeared from the scene for good in the past few years, we’re glad to now offer some of the world’s best hash, exactly as it was way back when.

Get your butter knives out and prepare to rewind to decades before – to a time before concentrates were common and old school hash was a true delicacy. Break it up with your fingers, sprinkle some on your joint, and relish in the delightful and spicy flavour profiles associated with that old school cool.

If you’re a true veteran, bust out the hot plate and your steel knives and have a blast! We’re certain we have the best hash in Canada and you’ll absolutely love that familiar spicy, earthy, and sweet flavour profile that has become all too obscure.

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What is hash?

If you’re not so familiar with what is hash, it’s an early form of cannabis concentrates typically made in the Middle East, often referred to as hashish. It’s similar to kief however it has been further processed by using heat and pressure into a solid yet flexible and sticky mass. This can either be accomplished by using modern machinery or traditionally entirely by hand.

Hash has somewhat disappeared from the North American cannabis scene over the last decade in favour of modern concentrates, however, it’s making a comeback and now you can buy good hash in Canada! Presenting a powerful flavour profile alongside high potency and low cost, hash is commonly mixed in with ground weed or tobacco into rolled joints or spliffs for added potency and unique experience.

We’ve got awesome deals on this nostalgic treat and you can pick up some of the best bubble hash around. We even stock exotic varieties of old-school Moroccan hash and Afghan gum hash, in case you really want to experience exactly what we’ve all been missing out on for so long.

We also offer contemporary adaptations of hash which we create using state-of-the-art production practices to give you the best bubble hash in all of Canada! Modern strains alongside modern methods result in a truly special adaptation of a timeless classic.

To create our hash, we first separate all those tasty trichomes and cannabinoids from the cannabis flower into a fine kief before processing into pressed hash using high pressure and low amounts of heat. The result is a condensed form of kief and one of the original concentrates on the scene, far before the days of shatter, live resin, and other ultra-powerful products hit the shelves.

Wonderfully potent and pure, our best hash is made from our high-quality cannabis plants which have been grown by our team of experts and enthusiasts. Hash is some of the best bang-for-buck that you can find anywhere as it’s rather inexpensive and more than twice as potent as regular cannabis.

You’ll find our bubble hash made from top-shelf modern strains such as Gorilla Glue #4 or Pink Kush, a perfect modern twist on a classic experience. All of our hash varieties range around 50-60%+ THC, with the rest being those tasty terpenes and CBD.

A well-rounded smoke with a powerful flavour and wonderful scent attached to it, it’s a terrific way to add a whole new dimension to your joints without fiddling with sticky wax or kief flying all over the place.

Alternatively, you can cook up some cannabis edibles using hash to create exceptionally strong ‘Hash Brownies’ or other creative consumables on the cheap, as our hash is the cheapest cannabis product around with consideration to potency.

Of course, no smoker and stoner are complete without going back to the roots of it all, and our OG Kush hash is a one-way ticket back to simpler times. A fan favourite for decades and the epicentre of it all, it’s a perfect treat for connoisseurs and beginners alike who want to rewind back to those glory days.

Handcrafted from native species from the lands from afar, our Moroccan and Afghani hash possess a particularly sweet and spicy flavour while transporting your mind into a soft and psychedelic place. Earthy, robust, and partially musky, there’s nothing quite like real Moroccan hash.

Our Afghan Gum hash is particularly special and it comes straight from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and is made from the renowned Ketama Gold growers group. Exceedingly rare, we’re positive you’ll never be able to buy hash like this in Canada again!

Some of our exotic hashish varieties come from overseas, straight from the birthplace of hash, and due to Coronavirus, shipments have ceased. Please act quick as our exotic hash stock disappears rapidly and we’re not sure when we may have more.

Store your hash in a cool, dark place in an air-tight container. We recommend adding a Boveda humidity pack alongside your hash to keep the flavour and freshness at its peak. Use a grinder if you’d like to break up your hashish into smaller chunks for better smoking or vaporizing.

We ship to you in top-shelf stealthy and smell-proof packaging to ensure it arrives at your door perfectly discreetly and without hassle. Our delivery success rate is impeccable and we’re certain you’ll be more than satisfied!

You can order our weed and hash online in Canada as long as you’re 19 years or older and legally live in Canada. No, we will not make exceptions, sorry.