Krazy Glue (Smalls)

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Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

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Krazy Glue (Smalls) Information

Not to be confused with Crazy Glue, a totally different cannabis strain, Krazy Glue hails from great parents – Gorilla Glue #4 and Super Silver Chemdog Haze. The latter has taken the world by surprise when it first emerged, and its child bears a striking resemblance to it. The frosty buds and overall appearance remind you of the Gorilla Glue #4 as well. Being a 50-50 Sativa-Indica hybrid, you can expect equivalent physical traits from both strain types. The flowering cycle is more than acceptable, the leaves are filled with trichomes, and the plant thrives in cold and hot climates alike. Most growers will be able to easily grow this strain with impressive results.

Earthy taste and euphoric effects

The first thing you’ll taste when smoking the Krazy Glue strain is the pungent earthiness. It will overcome all your preconceived notions of what a cannabis strain should taste like. Combined with the fruitiness and the euphoria that accompanies it, Krazy Glue is a true must-have. Not even experienced veterans will ignore this strain once taking the first smoke. Consume with caution, this strain averages around 20% THC content. The psychotropic experience will take you through several states, from strong euphoria and joy to calmness, sedation, and relaxation. The cerebral buzz will descend throughout your body, numbing it steadily. You’ll feel more creative than ever before, so use your imagination in the best ways possible. One could say that the mellow and uplifting experience is to die for. Unless you try it, it’s all meaningless – buy Krazy Glue online now!

Ideal for daytime medicating!

This Hybrid strain isn’t known as a couch-lockdown strain unless you smoke a significant amount. You’ll likely feel more energized and active than before. It’s a perfect contender for your pressing stress and physical exhaustion. Instead of delivering a heavy feeling and sleepiness, the Krazy Glue strain makes you hungry, creative, and euphoric. As you consume Krazy Glue you’ll likely notice your pain and worries fade away. You can either relax and enjoy the effects or use this opportunity to harness the enhanced creativity and unbridled mentality to solve any issues you’ve had for a long time. Try this balanced Hybrid Marijuana strain and you may just become a life-long time fan.

12 reviews for Krazy Glue (Smalls)

  1. dan

    Nice flavour and an evening spirit.

  2. Jennifer

    A good smoke, great for taking out on a walk. Didn’t make me couch locked or clean the whole house, a good middle ground.

  3. Deryk

    I always take interest in trying strains of cannabis that are new to me. Its a missed opportunity on a possible new fave product otherwise. Krazy Glue is def in my top 5 fave. After reading in the description of how the more you smoke the more energy you get, I was more than intrigued and it totally paid off giving it a try. I loved it this train so much that I had 2 share with friends that smoke and every one of them simply fell in love with it! It’s usually my go-to product as soon as logging on. And with no surprise it’s usually sold out. MMJ… please stock up on this like a Savage! When any strain is sold out more often than not, you know you can’t go wrong in ordering it by the truck load!

  4. Colby

    An alright strain for relaxing without being a full indica — would probably purchase again.

  5. Tina

    Daytime or nightime, I like this weed. It makes its presence known but you are entirely functional, and can handle social situations just fine. Like all the weed at MMJ it is fresh so burns great. Not sure why, but the taste was just good. (Maybe my own fault for smoking all the sweet flavoured weeds lately).

  6. Rachael

    Bought this because it’s exactly what I’m looking for in a daytime hybrid strain. Something relaxing but not confining me to the couch. The soreness in my shoulders evaporated within minutes! This would be great to smoke and go for a walk or get artistic and create something. The taste is complex, pine but more like pine-sap? As well as earthy, sweet, and still indescribable! The smoke has a nice thick feeling, not harsh at all. The buds are so, so, so sticky! Aptly named, Krazy Glue, I think this one is stuck to me forever!

  7. Matthew

    so good. this weed is gunna blow my mind once it comes. These benefits are so equal in sativa and indica benefits. i love a true hybrid that is true to its word. the bud and smell and taste is out of t his world.

  8. Carl

    Nice strain, no complaints here.

  9. Lea

    Good one but not my favorite

  10. Adam

    very rich scent and nice body high after.

  11. Catherine

    Nice high, relaxed but not sleepy. Buds are sticky but workable and there’s less of a diesel wallop than Gorilla Glue when you stick your nose in the bag. Like Brian said, it’s definitely good for Gorilla Glue fans.

  12. Brian

    If you like Gorilla Glue then you must try this variety. Super dense buds and smokes amazing.

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