Bluefin Tuna Kush

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75% Indica dominant hybrid


Bluefin Tuna Kush Information

The Bluefin Tuna Kush Indica dominant hybrid strain is one of the rarest and most sought after cannabis strains you can find on the market. It’s an offspring of two equally legendary strains – Blueberry and Tuna Kush.

The result is a 75% Indica-dominant plant that combines the best traits that made its parents renowned throughout the world. Being mostly Indica, it grows as expected with narrow leaves, a shorter plant stature, as well as a shorter flowering cycle.

As for the THC concentration, we dare stake our honour on the fact that few other strains are as potent as the Bluefin Tuna Kush. At 25-30% THC concentration, this plant might even be crowned as the absolute best anywhere you look. Consumers have repeated time and time that one should be careful when consuming it, it is very potent.

Skunk, pungent, and woody aromas

Bluefin Tuna Kush is one of the more pungent and skunky strains in the market. With the Tuna Kush genetic inheritance embedded within, this strain has a slightly fishy odour to it. It also smells of wood, skunk, and diesel which you might want to know beforehand. Be careful where you store and grind the plant because the room will be filled with the smell. However, the skunky aroma is pleasant, especially if it comes together with the musky wood flavours.

Buy Bluefin Tuna Kush from us online in Canada, and you’ll be in for a truly memorable experience.

The cerebral buzz will make you want more and more each time, though you should keep these impulses in check.

Impressive medical benefits

Bluefin Tuna Kush Canada strain affects your body and mind. On the one hand, THC and CBD have neuroprotective functions as well as anti-depressive benefits. Your endocannabinoid system will thank you for the cannabinoid supplementation. With so much THC running rampant in this strain, you will feel the effects.

Bluefin Tuna kush will immediately relax the body. Its effects are typical of a high THC indica dominant strain. It’ll instantly relax your mind of many of its stresses while also effectively attacking any pains from which you may be suffering.

Last but not least, the Bluefin Tuna Kush marijuana strain will significantly relieve you of stress, either psychological or physical. Moreover, you might also become more creative and imaginative during the state of high with the Bluefin Tuna Kush.

Who should consume this strain?

In this Bluefin Tuna Kush review, we’d be remiss if we didn’t warn novice consumers to consume with caution. Given the absolute potency of this 30% THC cannabis strain, it will hit hard and fast.

Bluefin Tuna Kush will provide a unique, exhilarating, and peaceful experience that relaxes and gladdens you.

106 reviews for Bluefin Tuna Kush

  1. Braedan

    I wanted to buy this because I liked the name. I love tuna, and I love weed. kind of a no brainer. It smelled good, and smoked nicely, no complaints. Definitely good weed for good price.

    It was sticky, and a pretty cool toned colour. Lots to love about this one, especially for the prcie.

    The high was pretty solid. As an indica dominant strain, it had a nice soothing buzz, with a good body high. Honestly would recommend getting this again and again because the quality for the price is really good.

  2. Tina

    My friend G kept raving about tuna, and I had tried it from another supplier and not impressed. THIS I reallyliked. Dark tight dank sticky. It was a pleasure to vape. The smoke was really thick and flavourful (I was nervous in case it actually tasted like fish). Something woodsy. Strong, heavy hitting so nightime strain for me. Gummed up my grinder and I will get more.

  3. Patti

    Delicious! Heavy high, sedating and calming, but still able to move. My new fave!

  4. LISA

    When I see Tuna in a strain, I usually get it. This was a good day time bud, but if you smoke 2 or 3 it is definitely a night time bud. Great sweet taste and smell to it. It hits you before you finish the joint. 10 out 10 for pain and anxiety relief, and burns great too. It busts up nice and fluffy and instant relief and satisfaction.

  5. Dustin

    Some of the best smoke I’ve had

  6. Laurie

    Definitely a product I find does what I need it to do at the end of the day. It calms the spasm and relaxes the brain. I have shared with friends and it has gotten a positive review from them as well. Thanks.

  7. Luke

    This strain is easily my favorite right now. I have bought it from a few local dispenseries here on the east coast but none have it in. This ounce from MMJ blows their stuff out of the water. Grown and cured perfectly

  8. Fuad

    hello 👋 freinds I really recommend the bluefin tuna it’s one the best strain out there if it wasn’t the best of them all . I have chronic pain and lack of sleep and it really help and the flavor and aroma with this strain uncomparable .

  9. Clay

    Suffering from a debilitating spinal injury, I am always on the hunt for a AAA weed that satisfies both my pain issue and depression. The high of this Weed strain sets in immediately and hits hard. Initially, you will experience a blood-rush through your head. You will also feel energized, uplifted, and euphoric. It transforms your shy personality into a talkative one. Furthermore, the strain makes you enlightened, meditative, and creative. After a few minutes, the Indica (in-da-couch) effects set in, delivering a very intense body buzz. At this point, the smoker feels relaxed and pain-free. On top of that, complete body numbness envelops you giving you a compulsion to lie on your couch and grab a magazine. The strain rocks you over and over and eventually pulls you into a deep sleep. It sneaks away while you are asleep and leaves you with extreme hunger.This Weed is suitable for evening time consumption. It is also ideal for spending a cold day indoors when you have no tasks to accomplish and just want to veg-out with yet another bad movie! I gave it four stars because of it’s taste – other wise! 5 stars all the way!

  10. Hannah

    The Blue Fin Tuna Kush was a gift from my boyfriend and has quickly become a favourite of mine as a near-daily smoker. The dry flower had a sweet citrus smell as soon as the vacuum seal was broken which got more fragrant when ground. The smoke comes out smooth and maybe it’s in my head but I feel like I cough less with this strain. 10/10 would recommend!

  11. Finnbarr

    I bought this strain in hopes that it would be high THC percentages and it did not disappoint. As soon as you light it, it smells very potent. For someone who smokes often, it only took a couple puffs for it to kick it. It wasn’t too dry and I would recommend it. Buying another pack of it right now!

  12. stephane

    Very good Taste et très efficace

  13. Iakiv

    Great stuff. Nice and strong. Smokes well. Wasnt dry when it shipped which i like. In general very good relaxing and powerful high. Good price too. About to order again rn.

  14. Stephone

    MMJ first of all thank you! Thank you for stocking something that not
    Everyone does or Knows about! I have been a big fan of Bluefin for years and feel like I’m apart of a lil BC club. I’ve only found this awesome pungent bud here! It gets me stuck with a SMILE EVERYTIME

  15. Spencer

    So many five star reviews on this, and I completely agree with them haha. Really loved this stuff, just an awesome, awesome indica. Warm, fuzzy, pleasant, a little numbing – just a great kush vibe. Found it beneficial for pain, for the blues, for unwinding after a long day, and for getting to sleep on a restless night. Definitely would buy it again, if it’s in stock and you’re an indica fan, don’t hesitate.

  16. David

    Great stuff! I don’t want to pretend to be a connoisseur but with nearly 40 years of experience with numerous cannabis strains, I can honestly say I have some basis for comparison.

    This Bluefin Tuna Kush is simply excellent. The flavour is pleasing. The smoke is smooth on the throat. And perhaps most importantly, the effect is enjoyable and an excellent experience of much needed relaxation.

    I’ve been mixing the Bluefin Tuna Kush with Lion Hash and finding the combination to be top notch. My next order from MMJDirect will absolutely include this killer combo.

  17. Pat

    This is a very nice buzz. I found it very calming, I was reflective and feeling philosophical, journaling came easy. I slept well.

  18. Benjamin

    classic one five star compact burning slow…amazing taste my favorite strain strong buzz

  19. Jordon

    Amazing, always constant and one of my favorites.

  20. Michael

    nice bang for your buck bud, easy busting and easy smoking, smooth buzz and nice and easy coming down from it

  21. Jason

    Enjoyed this bud.good for evening relaxation .helps my muscles relax.will. uy again for sure.

  22. Henry

    I bought this as a present for my son, who has been using various cannabis products for over 10 years. It has become his favourite smoke, and he likes the high concentration of indica, which gives him a mellow buzz. He has also recommended it, and MMJ, to several of his friends, and loves the taste. Thanks! 🙂

  23. Daniel

    This is another strain I didn’t really feel jumped out at me as being overly special. It was fine, did the job, but nothing crazy awesome.

  24. Aaron

    My favorite strain by far! So good I have to share it! Two thumbs way up

  25. ANGELA

    Great evening smoke! It’s a favourite!

  26. Ryan

    Best couch lock, sleepy time, knockout bud on here. Super dank, super potent, super delicious. Must try.

  27. Weeb

    Great high, indica part of it left me couch locked for a bit contemplating why the moon exists, which should tell you roughly how stoned I was at that point, few issues were the smell but after that one of the best indica strains in my opinion

  28. johnny

    taste verry good but the high aighhttt

  29. John David

    “That actually smells like tuna!” A really nice Indica that tastes pungent and doesn’t hit you too hard. Took away all of the ache and stress of a 12 hour day on my feet. Has some very happy cerebral effects and makes your body feel relaxed without being too sleepy. Don’t expect to get much done, though. Except eat. You’ll eat a lot. Why not have a tuna sandwich?

  30. Kent

    Hard hitting Kush indica! Great smell

  31. Karl

    its a good sleeper , taste is alright

  32. Drake

    Okay where to start. First off, Warning, this weed is dank af 😂. Some might find it too much but there is something unique about the smell of the Tuna.

    The buds are large and structured with plenty trichomes and lots of sticky goodness. Nice and fresh and the terps are super indica.

    After you take your first hit, the weed hits back. I can feel my eyes getting smaller by the second. The ultimate weed for getting absolutely stoned off your ass. Great stuff! And a personal favorite

  33. Anna

    This strain is kick ass.The taste is awesome smooth and makes you coming back for more and very potent.i will get this next time on sale for sure.

  34. Sandra

    This is a killer strain, definitely the strongest in my collection and one of the few that will knock me into the stratosphere and leave my pain behind. I’m a daily user but I still had to wobble to bed on this one the first time I tried it! That’s ok tho, I’ll take the wobble anytime since it’s so great at completely clearing up my migraine including the nausea. I can’t say that about many strains at all, so if you’re looking for therapeutic benefits, look no further. The buzz is a nice bit of euphoria mixed with a rose tinted hazy outlook and a body that couldn’t be more relaxed. Highly recommend this one!

  35. Edgar

    Hard hitting for the price! Stinky, sticky, tight nugs. You can’t go wrong with these tuna strains. Had a friend come over and ask where I get all my crazy stuff lol!

  36. Tammy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this strain!! One of the best I’ve had from MMJ!!! The buds were trimmed nice, big and sticky buds with a beautiful aroma!!! This stuff makes me a bit lazy so it’s best saved for nighttime if you have a physical job like mine!!! You won’t be disappointed with this strain!!

  37. Khaled

    One of my favourite strains on MMJ. This is a very mellow and sweet strain with very calming like effects. Great for anytime of the day but best smoked in the afternoon or evening. Buds are tight, sticky with a sweet gassy aroma. If you’re looking for a high quality indica, this is the one!

  38. Ashlynne

    I made any and everyone I could smell this strain. Pungent and sticky in my grinder .. just the way I like! Fast hitter perfect for the seasoned user. Long lasting effects I found my mood immediately uplifted even a fit of giggles ensued. Then fell into a relaxed couch lock. Currently ordering again!

  39. Armando

    Absolutely incredible high. Highly recommended.

  40. Kari

    This is my all time favorites. I’ve bought this many times and have never been disappointed.
    I really enjoy the flavor and I find it quite smooth definitely not harsh.

    It is a nice relaxing high and gives me a feeling of well being. The biggest bonus is when I wake up the next morning I still feel good, no depression or anxiety at all.

    While it might be a bit pricey it’s hands down worth it. Also definitely don’t have to smoke as much so, I think in the end the cost probably works out about the same.

  41. Alexandre

    The absolute best,
    Im just hoping you guys get that bluefin tuna reserve batch it was so amazing,
    Fishy pungeant very loud smell and taste!

  42. Benjamin

    Nice heady high. Taste is nice. Will buy again.

  43. Brittney

    Great strain! I love the smell and taste, and it’s perfect for helping me wind down before bed. Definitely recommend!

  44. Sarah

    Bluefin Tuna Kush is a favourite. Perfect balance, starts out heady and then moves into a great body high. Tastes a bit like blueberry. It burns well-can be a bit stinky. I use this strain to wind down and sleep. A bit steep in price. I only buy when on sale.

  45. Ryan

    🔥🔥⛽️⛽️Very high quality bud. They’re small-medium size nugs with very few popcorn nugs. The buds are perfectly cured, very sticky, very dense, and coated in crystal. The bag smell is very unique, it’s really kushy with some definite tuna funk. It busts out large and is super stinky in the grinder. The taste is great, again it’s very unique and very good. According to my girlfriend, “it tastes like pizza” lol We smoked a joint and the high is pretty much instant and nice and strong. Great bud, I couldn’t be happier!

  46. Lauren

    Bought this as a birthday treat and it did not disappoint! The purple flowers are gorgeous and the high rolls smoothly into your body and mellows out your senses. Very potent, very relaxing. Quality bud, would buy again!!

  47. Georgia

    Nice quality buds, never dried out, full of crystals and burns well. I LOVE this strain. One of my favorite indicas and guarantees me to fall sleep at the end of the day.

  48. Edward

    Good stuff just had to smoke little more the longer i had the oz . Good smell to it and hit hard to have perfect sleep at bed time 😴. Helps unwind after work too. Would buy again

  49. Tim

    This strain is some tasty! I bought it because I absolutely love anything that has the blueberry strain in it. Unfortunately I can’t taste any of the blueberry in this batch. To me it just tastes like tuna Kush but I can’t complain because it’s still absolutely delicious with that beautiful Kush aroma. I highly recommend this strain to anyone as it does not knock me on my butt but gets my creative juices flowing. I give it five out of five for smell five out of five for taste and five out of five for effects.

  50. Kathryn

    Fantastic buzz! I’ve ordered this a few times and will always return for more. Tread lightly if you’re a beginner, it may hit you like a ton of bricks!! If you’re looking for a heavy hitter this is one you must try 😉

  51. Jonathan

    Wonderful skunk smell, strong and tingles the nostrils. Smoking a 1/2 gram joint will give you sensations before you complete the joint. Excellent for night time, really got couch locked and watched 2 movies. Intense munchies and have lots of water handy. Would totally recommend!

  52. Cole

    Bought a gram of this to try out this websites bud and was pretty surprised. The only thing bad i can say is the bud was kind of squished in the bag it came it. Other than that, it tastes great, is cured perfectly, isnt dry or seedy, and is quite strong. Will be buying more bud from here after this

  53. Shirley

    I enjoyed the high from this one. It’s quite potent and it kind of sneaks up on you so you may need to be careful if you’re new to cannabis.

  54. Patrick

    This is a wonderful indica. It’s nice and dark and heavy. The aroma of the smoke was top of the line. My girlfriend and I both found this heavy herb to be stunningly spectacular. Nice smooth, long lasting and rich.
    I did find it to be a bit pricy, but well worth the extra coin. Heavy and earthy and recommended to all.

  55. David

    Another wonderful strain for the night time relaxing mode. Nice size buds cured to perfection for a clean burn. I love to mixed this with some great Indica black hash.
    This will help you yawn and easy back in your chair. A tasty flavor with an awesome profile.

  56. Rawaz

    If you like sushi, you’ll know bluefin tuna is the 1% of the fishy world. I think the name of this strain rightly is applied to it’s heavy hitting effects. If you’re the kinda guy to pack their joints or bowls, maybe do half with these because that thc% is certainly there!

  57. Justin

    really enjoyed this in a joint. slow burn, good tuna flavors. thanks mmj!

  58. Aaron

    Hands down my favourite strain! Super potent! Burns beautifully and the aroma is unlike any other out there. I highly recommend this strain. Not for the lightweight smokers though.

  59. Viviane

    like a great sandwich
    gives the munchies

  60. Benjamin

    Excellent Indica! Makes me cough a bit, but heavy hitting and effective medicine. Clean burning and great tasting. I have purchased several times and have never been disappointed 😉

  61. Ryan

    Buds were hard and covered in trichomes. If you’re a Kush fan, this is one of the better ones.

  62. Laura

    Fantastic smoke.
    Nice and smooth.
    Wicked high.

  63. Mirza

    Good strain. Smooth with good relaxing high.

  64. Marylene

    Gives a great high! I recommend!

  65. Darryl

    I think I’ve purchased at least 2 1/2 oz’s over the past few months because this is such exceptional Cannabis. It’s well worth the price but beware it’s potent.

  66. Kerry

    Awesome flavour and difficult to find anywhere else, well worth the purchase

  67. David

    Great flavour, excellent potency.

  68. Lee

    Very potent, creeps up on you

  69. Theodora

    Definitely the go to for night time and to help reduce pain.

  70. Debra

    Loved this one for my night time high 🙂

  71. Gregorhy


  72. Tyler

    Real experienced smoker and was blown away by the appeal and effects real craft flower on display here I hope this one never goes away and mad I didn’t try this one first this was into hash would be a game changer , keep up the great work this is that real sticky icky ??

  73. Thomas

    Amazing flavor. Really sticky, like trying to roll maple syrup.

  74. James

    all the other reviews are pretty accurate ,what else is there to say

  75. Jonathan

    It’s worth even if you don’t like the tuna smell, I recommend if you are looking for one of the strongest strain out there.

  76. Gregorhy

    Purchased twice.. super dope !

  77. Patrick

    Super hi end flower!

  78. Maziar

    Excellent smoke! Very smooth, clean ash, and tasty! You can’t go wrong with blue tuna 🙂

  79. Steve


    The strength and flavor is soooo good! The kush flavor is strong in this one.

    Gives me an initial burst of energy with elevated mood which slowly transitions into feeling incredibly relaxed followed by knocking me out.

    One of my favorites for sure!

  80. Kathleen

    Love this strain, one of the better ones out there. Nice taste, smooth smoke.

  81. Gregorhy

    Some of the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked. Would order again but want to try other strain’s.

  82. Alex

    10/10 loved it.
    Had so much crystal and beautiful smell ahh! Need more of this for sure .

  83. Victor

    This is some of the best weed I’ve ever smoked. Super sticky, burns long and clean, and hits really hard. A must try.

  84. Angelo

    this weed so my absolute favorite can`t get enouph of it..ty mmj

  85. Carl

    Good strain overall, would recommend

  86. Kendra

    New favourite strain alert! Great long-lasting high and smells like smoking by the ocean!!

  87. Marc-Olivier

    The best

  88. Kyle

    Fantastic high when I smoked a joint or from a pipe.. but crazy anxiety when I smoked from a bong. Overall it was a great bud, tingly high and fantastic taste.

  89. Pierrot

    Some stupide good weed 😀

  90. Brittany

    It smokes great. Good high. No complaints.

  91. Krystle

    This stuff right here is amazing with sweet and pine love the flavour and I wish I had more and more can smoke all day.

  92. Brittany

    Great smoking, good tasting. No complaints here.

  93. Eleni

    Blew my mind away! Best tasting indica I’ve tried. Similar flavour to grape hindew but more sour. I’ll be keeping this fish in my aquarium!

  94. Giuseppe

    Great Indica, smooth and tasty, nice couch lock high

  95. Jud

    Wow….New Favorite for sure…Great taste… super smooth….Awesome buzz…Superb service..thanks

  96. Darryl

    This has become my favorite Indica dominant strain ever. Better buy some before I buy all of it.

  97. Eleni

    Delicious and potent yet smooth! Definitely on my top 5:)

  98. Veronika

    Smelly, sticky, and potent. 🙂

  99. Darryl

    Works like a charm!

  100. Rudy

    sooooo nice.

  101. Dany

    Sincerely,the best weed i ever smoked.Love the taste and love the buzz

  102. Michael

    Dank, Dank, Dank! Super-smelly stuff that packs a punch.

  103. Jason

    Very satisfied with this strain! Its potent enough to put you down after a long day. Taste great and burns clean. Thanks MMJ

  104. Reginald

    Highly recommended

  105. Barbara

    Hard hitting indica! Great Kush smell.

  106. Kathleen

    Delicious and smooth. My all time favorite. Great high. Kathleen

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