Golden Teachers

Live and Learn With Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers: they’re one of the most popular psilocybin ‘shrooms out there. 

Why? Well, they’re great for beginners…they’re awesome for personal development…they’re amazing for introspection. And that’s just for starters! If you’re interested in trying Golden Teacher’s for the first time — or simply want to get better results from them than ever — then this comprehensive guide is for you. 

  • The history of Golden Teacher’s 
  • Golden Teacher’s vs. other ‘shrooms
  • What makes Golden Teacher’s so unique?
  • Identifying Golden Teacher’s
  • Your first experience
  • Things to do while high
  • How to microdose — correctly
  • Be taught, teach, repeat!  

The history of Golden Teacher’s 

Golden Teacher psilocybin first appeared on the scene back in the 1980s. Where they came from, exactly, nobody really knows; some people recount seeing Golden Teacher’s in Florida, while others claim they originated on a farm in Georgia. 

All we really know for sure is that Golden Teacher’s were growing out in the wild, completely on their own, prior to being ‘discovered’ by us modern humans and first enjoyed. It’s entirely possible that Teacher’s were being used by Native American tribes far before that. 

Identifying Golden Teacher’s

Regardless of origin, Golden Teacher’s quickly came to be recognized as one of nature’s best psychedelic gifts. Golden Teacher’s were easy to distinguish from other psilocybin varieties, too. They almost always had the following characteristics:

  • Large, golden caps
  • Yellow speckles
  • Large, sturdy stems
  • 5 + inches tall
  • 2 + inch cap diameter
  • Easy bruising

Golden Teacher’s vs. other ‘shrooms

If CBD is the gateway into the world of cannabis and hemp, then Golden Teacher’s are truly the gateway into ‘shroom world. They’re easy to grow, easy to dose, and easy to enjoy! 

What makes cultivating Golden Teacher’s easier than cultivating other varieties? Part of it is their structure — they’re super hardy and capable of growing under less-than-ideal conditions. Experienced growers report getting between 4 and 6 flushes out of their Golden Teacher spores. That’s 4-6 harvests of premium-grade, textbook-quality ‘shroomery.

Even total beginners can probably get at least 2 good fruiting flushes out of this variety, plenty to partake of and enjoy. Compared to other varieties, each flush will produce a low quantity of exceptionally well-developed ‘shrooms. 

What makes Golden Teacher’s so unique?

What Makes Golden Teachers so Unique

True to their name, Golden Teachers have a distinctively instructive quality to them. You probably won’t experience crazy visuals or existential crises…but you probably will experience an influx of inspired thoughts and realizations about yourself. 

The experience can be pretty surreal (in a good way!), almost like you’re being instructed by some wise old sage that has implanted themselves into your consciousness. Try Teacher’s for yourself and you’ll quickly see why some people believe ‘shrooms are sentient beings. 

Your first experience

If you’re ready for a first experience with psilocybin, look no further than those of the Golden Teacher variety. And even though this strain is pretty mild, you’ll still want to begin conservatively. Here are some general dosing guidelines:

  • Microdose | .25 g or less
  • Low dose | .25-1 g 
  • Moderate dose | 1-2.5 g 
  • High dose | 2.2-5 g 
  • Heroic dose | 5 g or more 

Even though Golden Teacher’s are milder than some other varieties, they still last for a while. Teacher’s tend to kick in within 20 minutes, with the average trip lasting 3-5 hours. Take a heroic dose and yours may entail up to 6 hours of insight-filled goodness. At these ultra-high doses visual alterations and synesthesia start to become more common. Still, there’s nothing intimidating about a Teacher trip. The experience is deeply healing almost regardless of dose. 

Things to do while high

Thanks to the milder high they facilitate, Golden Teachers let you stay functional even at moderate-to-high doses. You can enjoy nature, hang out with friends, watch a favourite movie, etc — just don’t operate a motor vehicle. 

And then there’s the subject of journaling. Here’s a word of advice we learned the hard way: during your trip, be sure to keep a pen and paper on hand. It’s not uncommon to experience such an influx of knowledge that you have a hard time keeping track of it all. Sometimes this knowledge can be downright revelatory, almost like some door within your mind has been opened towards the heavens. 

But if you don’t write down such thoughts during your experience, you might forget about 

them afterward! Document things as you go along and you’ll be able to retain the benefits of your trip long after it fades.  

Golden Teacher’s might be especially beneficial to all you writers out there. Especially if you’re writing something introspective or autobiographical in nature. So keep that journal handy in case your brain begins to access new streams of consciousness. 

Don’t think you need to stay busy on a Golden Teacher trip, however. Teacher’s can also be great for just chilling. They provide a “great time” replete with “smiles and some giggles,” according to one customer’s 5-star review. Sounds like a good time to watch a funny movie to us. 

For more info on how to enjoy psilocybin, check out this dedicated article. 

How to microdose — correctly

Microdose Golden Teachers

And the benefits of Golden Teacher psilocybin don’t end with ease of use or ease of cultivation. Golden Teacher’s gentle quality means they’re also great for more frequent uses like microdosing

While taking a stronger strain everyday might gradually overload your serotonin receptors over time and lead to reduced sensitivity, Golden’s are as holistic as they are insightful. You can take them 5 days out of every 7 without any concerns about overdoing things. Want to try the famously effective “Stamets stack” of Lion’s Mane, B vitamins, and psilocybin? There might be no strain better suited to it! 

One happy customer confirms:

“Amazing mushroom to microdose with! They have helped me to surface suppressed emotions and create a healthy healing experience while maintaining a sense of inner peace within. Would definitely order again!!”

Check out more 5-star customer reviews here if you want to get a better idea of what Golden Teacher’s can do.

And while microdosing is almost always amazing, there are two primary ways it can become less-than-optimal. Mistake #1 is not taking any off days. Be sure to take at least one or two days away from shrooms (actually, from any psychedelics) a week! Mistake #2 is to take too high of a dose. Microdosing works best with a daily dose of 1/10th to 1/5th of a gram. Remember, the goal isn’t to get blitzed, it’s to get back to a healthy baseline. This dose should be as close to sub-perceptual as possible.

And don’t even get us started on the research behind microdosing. Clinical evidence for its efficacy seems to be building everyday, thanks in large parts to the efforts of John Hopkins University and the financing of investors like Tim Ferris.  Actually, do get us started — just check out this dedicated article to read on further.  

Microdosing’s benefits are also a major reason why we feel like the future of psilocybin is so bright. Spurred on by a growing awareness of these benefits, Canada has recently moved to legalize psychedelic mushrooms entirely, as have progressive US cities like Denver. 

“Because psilocybin has such tremendous medical potential,” explained Denver’s pro-shroom campaign organizer to The NY Times, “there’s no reason individuals should be criminalized for using something that grows naturally.” Amen to that!

Be taught. Teach. Repeat. 

Throughout much of history, philosophers and wise men of old lived according to an overarching principle. More often than not they’d retreat into solitude, spending time with themselves and nature, prior to integrating back into society and sharing their message with the world. 

We’re not claiming you’ll be the next Jesus Christ or Buddha, of course — we’re just saying that a similar pattern can be enjoyed by all of us. Taking Golden Teachers may very well teach you enough about yourself or the world that you can then reach out and share your insight with others. 

Mycologist Paul Stamets credits many of his honeybee-saving technologies to his use of ‘shrooms, including the idea to clean up massive oil spills with mushroom inoculation. His viewpoint is that psilocybin are sentient beings that can guide us towards the greater good. 

Who knows what type of ideas will be unleashed within your mind? You may not be inspired to file a dozen patents…but you probably will be inspired to reconnect with an old friend or make things right with your parents. 

At the very least, your newfound good vibes and fresh outlooks will make the lives of those you come into contact with just a little bit brighter. 

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