Marijuana In The Movies – Cult Classic Flicks for Stoners

Even when weed wasn’t legal…the real life portrayal of its ‘illicit’ use has been brought to film. Creating a class of cult-classic flicks for stoners that have transcended over the ages. Each generation seems to have their own ‘stoner’ movie to identify with, but they all remain consistent – capturing the culture of consuming cannabis, for a variety of demographics.

So, if you’re looking to get high and enjoy the thrills of watching others get high too – these are the top cult classic marijuana movies that have ever been made.

Marijuana in the Movies – Top 12 Cult Classic Films 

Whether you’re down for a good laugh or an elevated adventure – there’s a stoner flick on our list of top films that’ll take your movie night to all new heights.


Friday encapsulates the world of weed in the 90’s through the eyes of rapper Ice Cube, and comedic conversations with Chris Tucker. The film has produced some of the most quotable weed sayings to this day, as it follows the everyday life of friends, neighbours and family living in the ‘hood’.

Dude, Where’s My Car? 

You can tell the theme of the movie, by the title ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ The movie entails the adventures that occur after a forgotten hazy night, where of course – a car has gone missing. Similar to the Hangover, you’ll watch the adventures that ensue that are made for those who like ‘dumb’ types of comedies.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 

Jay and Silent Bob might be the most notorious slackers around, and provide laughs while doing just that. The characters are in this spin-off after the original movie that featured the pair, Clerks. Jay’s conversational skills are reminiscent of any dazed stoner, as the plot follows the two friends trying to foil the big-screen version of the comic based off on their life – ‘Bluntman and Chronic’.

Up in Smoke 

Cheech ‘n’ Chong are now synonymous with the weed culture, but it all started in the film Up in Smoke. The movie quite literally focuses around the two character’s habit of smoking weed, and the adventures their high takes them on. Many attribute the film to being the basis of almost every other weed movie plot to come after it, so it’s definitely a must-see as a stoner cult classic.

How High

Like Friday, How High follows two best friends who have a love for getting high. Instead of staying in the hood though, Method Man and Redman play buzz loving characters that head to Harvard instead. As you can imagine, their displacement in the Ivy League culture is laughable to say the least.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is such a stoner cult classic movie that it even inspired the re-emergence of a long-time strain with the same name. Since the film emerged, cultivators have worked tirelessly to output Pineapple Express genetics that live up to the movies claim of ‘the dopest dope’. James Franco plays Seth Rogen’s plug in this hilarious comedy that tries to investigate a murder committed by the stash supplier.

The Big Lebowski 

Everything about ‘The Dude’ screams stoner to this day. The character comes from The Big Lebowski, a movie starring Jeff Bridges as one of the most arguably well-known stoners. The movie keeps the plot simple for the high to enjoy in simplicity, but basically follows the day in the life of an unemployed aging ‘hippie’.

Dazed and Confused 

Alright, alright, alright. Of course, Dazed and Confused would have to make any list of cult classic flicks for stoners. The movie features a special day in the life of any teenage high-on – the last day of school. No matter the movies age today, it’ll take any stoner back to their early days of hoot routing.

Half Baked 

The characters in Half Baked start off with good intentions. The plot follows Dave Chappelle and Jim Brewer, as they work towards selling weed to get their friend out of jail. The insane schemes and antics that come from that journey is what makes the movie an instant classic. Plus, it introduced the world to Sir-Smoke-Alot, a character you won’t forget.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 

There’s a common theme of following the adventures of stoners as they seek out a common mission. Harold and Kumar are the 2000’s answer to this consistent pot plot line. You know those munchie sessions where you’re craving that one specific treat? You can guess the pair of buds are searching for that classic burger, as stoner fuelled insanity trails them.

Super Troopers 

Playing on every fear that any stoner has had, Super Troopers is a movie that delivers a take on high adventures from the other side. The side of highway troopers, who aren’t quite ‘right’ themselves. The movie follows a group of cop buds that purposely terrorize the small town’s group of stoners in hilarious ways and pranks.


Any movie with a talking bear, has to be better when elevated. Which is how Ted has become one of the newest stoner cult classics coming to us in 2012. Written by Family Guy writer Seth MacFarlane, the movie follows Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett who has a best friend teddy bear that walks, talks, and hits bongs. As Ted continues to drag John down, it forces the friends to reevaluate their habit and friendship, hilariously so.

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