MMJ vs. Cannabismo

MMJDirect vs. Cannabismo – Head to Head Comparison

It should be easy to buy weed online. There’s no line to stand in and no need to worry about being seen at the store. However, not all online dispensaries are the same. Some offer higher levels of quality, customer service, selection, and a host of other advantages.

At MMJDirect, we always strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible whenever they buy weed. But we’re not the only online dispensary in Canada. Today, we’ll look at one of the best online weed stores in the country – Cannabismo – and see how MMJDirect measures up.

MMJDirect and Cannabismo – The Background

MMJDirect vs. Cannabismo

Both Cannabismo and MMJDirect have a longstanding tradition of helping customers buy premium cannabis products. They recognized early on that the future of retail weed was online, not in a brick-and-mortar store, and strive to make it easy to buy marijuana.


Cannabismo is a big name in Canada’s online dispensary market. They have more than 15 years of experience in the marijuana industry and have made a name for themselves selling craft flower, concentrates, and more. They’re one of the largest web-based dispensaries in Canada – in fact, their name is nearly synonymous with online weed.


Founded in 2016, MMJDirect has been helping medical patients and recreational users alike get the weed they need for the better part of the last decade. The company offers a members program to help customers save money and earn rewards, and even boasts a blog with dozens of posts about cannabis content and culture.


One of the most important aspects to any store is its selection. If a customer can’t trust a store to provide what they need, they won’t be coming back. Below, we’ve broken down the main differences between Cannabismo and MMJDirect’s selection.


Cannabismo’s selection is nothing to scoff at. They offer flower, concentrates, edibles, magic mushrooms, and an array of weed-smoking accessories. They even have a section on their website labelled “STRONG,” where brave stoners can find hugely powerful edibles to knock them into a heavy couch-lock.

With 19 different flower genetics, Cannabismo’s strain selection is second to none. It runs the gamut of genetics, including Indica, Sativa, and hybrids. One big benefit of Cannabismo’s selection is that they really try to make things easy for a new user. They offer a “Cannabismo Sampler” that contains a gram of concentrate, 200 mg of edibles, an ounce of flower to help a customer get a feel for their offerings. 


With more than 40 strains available for purchase online, MMJDirect blows Cannabismo’s selection out of the water. MMJDirect has nearly double the strain selection that Cannabismo does, including rare and hard-to-find strains. Some of these strains are only available in a few stores worldwide, making MMJDirect’s selection tough to beat.

Strains aside, MMJDirect has a plethora of products available on its website. It offers a wide variety of concentrates, along with classic extracts like hash. Accessories like vaporizers also make an appearance, as do rarities like Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).


An online dispensary may have great selection and cheap prices, but there’s one intangible trait that really makes them stand out: reputation. As with any other retail store, an online marijuana outlet is only as good as its reputation. In this section, we’ll look at what customers are saying about Cannabismo and MMJDirect.


In spite of being a web dispensary powerhouse, Cannabismo doesn’t have the best reputation online. Our of five online reviews, three were very negative. Some customers even said that Cannabismo was a scam and that they never received the order they paid for.

One reviewer even said they spent $300 on an order that Cannabismo didn’t fill correctly. When they brought up their issue to Cannabismo’s customer service, they continually “got the run around,” and never received the items that were missing from their order. Another buyer said that they ordered 32.5 grams of weed and only received 29. Later, when they brought it up to Cannabismo’s customer service, the company threatened to delete their account.


While MMJDirect doesn’t have the same online presence that Cannabismo has, it boasts happier customers. In one thread on Reddit dedicated to online dispensaries, users praise MMJ for their excellent packaging, swift service, and good quality. One major point of consideration that customers happily noted was MMJDirect’s discount code program.

Finally, customers approved of the swift shipping that MMJDirect provided, with packages reaching anywhere in Canada within 2-5 business days. Many customers also highlighted MMJDirect’s policy of paying for shipping on orders of $150 or more, saving their clientele significant capital.


Along with reputation and selection, pricing is one of the most important ways that a dispensary can distinguish itself from its peers. To compare pricing between Cannabismo and MMJDirect, we compared the prices tags of MK Ultra flower – a product that both stores offered. MK Ultra is a high-end strain, boasting a victory at the High Times Cannabis Cup and recognition worldwide.

When purchasing a single gram of MK Ultra, both Cannabismo and MMJDirect listed the same price: $12. However, as prices increased, MMJDirect begins to gradually edge out Cannabismo. We broke down the difference in pricing here:

AmountCannabismo PriceMMJDirect Price
Eighth (3.5 g)$38$35
Quarter (7 g)$74$66.50
Half (14 g)$144$126
Ounce (28 g)$280$224

If you’re buying in bulk, it’s significantly cheaper to shop with MMJDirect than Cannabismo. That divide only increases as you buy more weed. As a result, you’ll save money long-term by shopping with MMJDirect.

Winner: MMJDirect

This is a tough call to make, since Cannabismo is such a household name among online dispensaries in Canada. It’s true that Cannabismo has great selection and a simple interface that makes it easy to find the weed you want quickly. Their stealthy packaging gives MMJDirect a run for its money, as well. 

However, it’s hard to argue with the reviews of real-life customers sharing their experiences. Cannabismo’s reputation among its customers doesn’t line up with the image they project. Additionally, their high pricing makes it hard for cost-conscious smokers to buy from them.

In contrast, MMJDirect has plenty of happy customers willing to share their positive experiences. Their selection is something that Cannabismo just can’t match, along with their competitive pricing. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Let us show you for ourselves – choose your favourite products from our online store and see why countless customers choose MMJDirect for their cannabis needs.