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Plastic Grinder Information

Every cannabis smoker knows that, before smoking weed, you first have to grind it. And you can only use a grinder for that. Just take a bud of dry weed, put it in the grinder, and then start grinding. When you’re done, the result should a dusty paste that still retains some of its filaments and pistils. It’s ready to be put into a joint and smoked the right way! A Plastic Grinder is the easiest and most efficient way to grind your weed, so make sure you don’t miss it.

What does Plastic Grinder look like?


The Plastic Grinder is evidently made of plastic, and it comes in an assortment of colours. You choose whatever suits your personality and tastes. If you’ve never seen a weed grinder before, then you’re in for a surprise. It’s probably much smaller than you imagine. In reality, a grinder is only useful for grinding a small quantity of weed, usually what you smoke in a single joint. Then, you need to grind up some more to make another joint.

The Plastic Grinder consists of two parts, one where you place the weed, and the other one is the actual grinder. By pressing the two parts together and rotating the grinder to the side, you begin the grinding process. You see, the grinder part has tiny sharp indents growing out of it, which directly press on the weed and help grind it.

What does Plastic Grinder do?


With a Plastic Grinder, you can grind down weed efficiently and start smoking it a few moments after. It’s easy to carry and very handy, as you can take it with you anywhere you go. Thinking of having a joint with your friends but the weed is not grinded? No problem, since you can whip out your handy Plastic Grinder and make everyone happy. Everyone will applaud your insight into acquiring such a handy grinder!

A grinder has a more practical role, as well. It can boost your stoning experience by releasing all the cannabinoids in the weed. Through the grinding process, the cannabinoids and terpenes and releases and dislodged from their places. That’s when they become most active, and if you smoke the weed then, the effects will be much more potent. In that state, weed can treat a variety of medical symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, depression, anxiety, mild cases of insomnia, and even lack of appetite.

10 reviews for Plastic Grinder

  1. Chris

    Very handy, works as well as a big one without the bulk

  2. Damien

    First time I’ve ever gotten a two piece grinder and I gotta say.. it’s way more efficient than any of my more expensive four piece grinders! Quick, easy, and my doobs get all the kief. Even the teeth are sharp to the touch. Quite a bit of teeth compared to my metal four piece grinder. Good grip for them sticky icky buds! I’ve never dropped it, but the plastic feels hard enough plus it’s so light it’d probably take someone throwing it to break it. Can’t say nothing bad about it for $5. Sweet bonus getting the two stickers to put on the top and bottom! Thanks MMJ I’ll be purchasing again if my first one ever gives up.

  3. Kirsten

    I like this grinder but I would not get the clear one because you can see all the weed streaks

  4. Cole

    This is a surprisingly good grinder for the price. The plastic is thick, youre able to hold it firmly when grinding, the teeth are sharp, I cant think of a bad thing to say about it. Its bigger than I thought, bigger than my everyday grinder. I bought this to grind up mushrooms and it did its job perfectly

  5. Guillaume

    This grinder grind like a grinder.. thanks!

  6. Neil

    It’s bigger sized and works exactly like it should. Grinds very well and easy to clean.

  7. Derek

    great affordable plastic grinder that does the job well

  8. Ricky

    What a great deal. Works great with weed really fluffys up

  9. Francis

    Worked great on weed and mushrooms, can’t go wrong for the price.

  10. Deryk

    Good quality for the cost!
    Easy to use. Easy to clean. And it works better than I originally assumed it would

  11. Mathieu

    Honestly for the price this is a really good grinder , the teeth are well placed to grind and not squish your weed . Easy to clean too

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