Plastic Grinder 3″

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2 piece Plastic 3″ Grinder


Plastic Grinder 3″ Information

Incredibly affordable and very durable plastic 3″ grinder that is an absolute must-have for any beginner or seasoned user out there. This grinder is actually a 2-piece system with very sharp teeth that will make for perfect grinding every single time.

More than just a grinder

When you buy a Plastic Grinder online in Canada from our shop, you get more than just your average accessory. This grinder is a 2-piece system with extra-sharp teeth that, unlike other grinders on the market, are capable of grinding your weed even when it’s a little damp.

Made from extremely durable plastic, this little gem will not need a replacement for a very long time, becoming your trusted companion on many a trip. You can choose between a variety of colours such as Blue, Green, Red, Purple, or the traditional Clear. However, if you buy the Plastic Grinder online, why not get one of each and match them to your outfit, mood, or other accessories? They are super cheap!

Product specifications:

Diameter: 3″
Colour: Assorted
Material: Plastic

3 reviews for Plastic Grinder 3″

  1. Cole

    This is a surprisingly good grinder for the price. The plastic is thick, youre able to hold it firmly when grinding, the teeth are sharp, I cant think of a bad thing to say about it. Its bigger than I thought, bigger than my everyday grinder. I bought this to grind up mushrooms and it did its job perfectly

  2. Guillaume

    This grinder grind like a grinder.. thanks!

  3. Neil

    It’s bigger sized and works exactly like it should. Grinds very well and easy to clean.

  4. Derek

    great affordable plastic grinder that does the job well

  5. Derek

    great affordable plastic grinder that does the job well

  6. Ricky

    What a great deal. Works great with weed really fluffys up

  7. Francis

    Worked great on weed and mushrooms, can’t go wrong for the price.

  8. Deryk

    Good quality for the cost!
    Easy to use. Easy to clean. And it works better than I originally assumed it would

  9. Mathieu

    Honestly for the price this is a really good grinder , the teeth are well placed to grind and not squish your weed . Easy to clean too

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