Animal Cookies (Smalls)

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Animal Cookies (Smalls) Information

Animal Cookies, also known as Animal Crackers, comes from a multi-award winning family strain. It was created by crossing the famous Girl Scout Cookies – which has won several Cannabis Cups – with Fire OG. This cannabis strain is made up of about 75% Indica and 25% Sativa genetics.


With THC levels that average around 23% and can easily reach as high as 27%, Animal Cookies is the strain for experienced cannabis users. The heavy Indica effects of this strain can offer pain relief, relaxation, comfort, and a night of restful sleep.


A Heavy Hitter


Animal Cookies delivers its high on a fast note so be ready for the effects it can deliver soon after you start smoking it. Due to its mood-boosting properties, this cannabis strain can clear out symptoms of stress, worries, and anxiety making way for relaxation and a sense of ease.


This Indica-dominant strain can provide enough sedation to ease chronic pain. When consuming a higher dosage, you might experience a couch-lock effect as well that can slowly move you into a deep sleep.


After a long and tiresome day, Animal Cookies is an ideal strain to wind down into a state of relaxation and comfort. If you are finding that pain usually keeps you lying awake in your bed, then this marijuana bud can help you get the restful sleep you need.


Popcorn Lookalike


Animal Cookies features small to medium-sized buds that resemble the shape of popcorn. Its leaves are a lighter green with a yellow tone. Cold temperatures can cause the tips of these leaves to turn purple adding even more beauty to its appearance.


Orange hairs twist their way in between the buds, adding a dynamic colour into this strain’s personality. The buds are covered in sticky trichomes that show just how potent this cannabis plant is.


Deliciously Tasty


Animal Cookies is quite the delicious strain. Its overall fragrance is a harmonious combination of sweet and sour, followed by a delicious taste with notes of vanilla and cherry. To many, this strain tastes even similar to cookie dough.


This delicious strain has a thicker smoke with a bit of harshness to it that could potentially induce some coughing. You might want to keep a glass of water close by to wash down your throat. Upon exhale, Animal Cookies carries a sweet taste with a pinch of spice.

1 review for Animal Cookies (Smalls)

  1. Jeff

    Happy to find the package included a humidity pack. Animal cookies was very sticky, I could only grind a half before I couldn’t spin the grinder anymore.

    For some reason it felt like it burned hotter than other strains after rolling one. Nice flavor, and was enjoyed in PM. Did not induce any anxiety, relaxing.

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