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4 reviews for Apple Pie

  1. Clay

    Stunning! I’d give 6 stars if possible. First off finding anything crossed with Acapulco Gold is off to a good start. But there is much more to this hybrid. Apple Pie strain is a Sativa-dominant 60/40 hybrid cannabis that appeared as a result of crossing between Acapulco Gold and Highland Nepalese. This flower’s appearance is the achievement of Refferman Seeds. The primary cannabinoids of this marijuana are THC of about 22.5-24.5% and CBD ranging within 0.88-1.33%. Although this cannabis has a pretty ordinary appearance, it’s better to be mindful of it, as it might provoke a few unpleasant side effects. This marijuana can become an option even for beginners, yet it’s recommended to consume in appropriate dosages.

  2. Nicholas

    Great smoking bud. Using right before a gym session is a chefs kiss. Top notch high quality stuff right here, highly recommend

  3. Colborn

    This was my first time buying this, won’t be my last. Love vaping this in the morning with my cup of coffee. Great taste and high, another winner!

  4. Maude

    This strain is definitely🔥 and is a heavy hitter to say the least💯. I am a combat veteran (military police) with PTSD, MDD(Major Depression Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder and this strain helps me with my aches/pains, anxiety, fatigue,appetite, and makes me a bit more talkative ans social. Definitely would add it to my top 5 sativa strains hands down and if you get your hands on it, grab as much of it as you can but make sure your batch is smelling like a granny smiths apple, sweet, sour, earthy a lil bit.Cheers everyone and smoke responsibly and safe 🌬️🌬️🌬️

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