Apricot Kush (Greenhouse)

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Apricot Kush (Greenhouse) Information

Apricot Kush is an incredibly tasty and flavourful cannabis strain that reaches a THC concentration of 12-18%. This much THC allows you to undergo a potent Sativa-Indica effect. The effects are rather balanced, so you’ll experience a satisfying surge of energetic euphoria, and a deep state of contemplative relaxation. Both of these states complement each other perfectly, as you drift further down into a state of perfect bliss. The flavour is that of sweet apricot and earthiness.

Apricot Kush is a very uplifting strain that helps you focus on your job. It also increases your imagination and creativity for the time being. It’s a good idea to consume this strain before starting your daily activities, since it gives you a push forward! That’s all you need to do things the right way.

What does Apricot Kush taste and smell like?


Apricot Kush has a sublime taste of earthy and sweet apricots. If you’re into this sort of flavour, then you’re going to love this strain. As soon as you taste it, you’ll want to smoke it all down in one gulp. Unfortunately, you can’t do that. What you can do, instead, is savour the fragrances and take pleasure in the delicious flavour. Combined with the elevated head rush that will fill your head with euphoria and joy, this strain is a great addition to your collection.

You’ll not only love the taste and aroma but the balanced psychotropic effects will relax you thoroughly. It’s just a step away from perfection, and the 12-18% THC concentration gives this strain added potency to top things off. Any online dispensary will tell you that this strain is good for a variety of medical conditions, as well.

What are Apricot Kush’s effects like?


During the first smoke, you’ll feel slightly euphoric and motivated. The high starts off slowly, putting your brain into a state of agitation and elevated mood. Your negative thoughts disappear, and all that’s left is happiness, euphoria, and joy. This uplifting feeling lasts until the relaxation and sedation occur. That’s when you’ll feel hungry as well.

When your body starts feelings fuzzy and a bit sedated, you know the relaxation is going to start. Apricot Kush improves your focus well over other strains, and you’ll realize that your symptoms start to ease off gradually. Apricot Kush relieves symptoms of chronic pain, loss of appetite, stress, anxiety, depression, and migraines. It’s a therapeutic strain that many medical patients put to good use!

3 reviews for Apricot Kush (Greenhouse)

  1. Giuseppe

    Really good flower for the price, smokes really clean and tastes pretty good.

  2. Guillaume

    Wow.. I really appreciate this bud.. awesome deal, Thank you MMJ

  3. Tim

    What a great combo! Bacically a mild outdoorsy smell and tast mixed with kush flavor with a noticable hint of mango.
    Very strong also and definetly worth a 5 star review. I highly recomend as a cost efficient go-to budd.

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