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  1. Deryk

    Gotta 💯 love this Banana OG strain!! With almost a sweet fruity, earthy flavor.
    I just finished blazing a joint and have been smoking Banana OG all week long leading to no disappointments. The looks of the buds are average at best, BUT are the buds ever dense as fuck, breaking up unbelievably abundantly! Blazing joints of this product helped with chronic back pain, joint and muscle stiffness. My wife said it eased her fibromyalgia, and kicked the crap out of her insomnia. 😮
    This strain isn’t one of the stronger ones we’ve tried although it still packs a punch for potency. I would probably recommend it to family and friends, and will most likely order more in the future.
    Overall I’d say Banana OG is at least a solid 4 out of 5 ⭐’s product.

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