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Bath Bombs by VVS Information

It’s been a long day. You’re tired and you’re ready to get home, fill up the tub, and relax in a nice, hot bath. You peruse your selection of bath additives, but none of them pique your interest. They’re all soothing, but you need something next-level.

Enter VVS’ CBD Bath Bombs. Infused with CBD and an array of synergistic ingredients, VVS’ Bath Bombs are changing the way people take CBD. No more CBD edibles or vape pens – just drop one of VVS’ Bath Bombs in your tub, let it fizz, and relax.

What are VVS CBD Bath Bombs Effects?

CBD receptors don’t just exist in your brain. In fact, they’re more common in other areas of the body. VVS CBD Bath Bombs use this loophole to deliver the soothing and relaxing effects of CBD directly to the skin.

Maybe you’ve heard of CBD before. This non-psychoactive compound is most prevalent in hemp plants. Humans have used CBD for thousands of years as a folk remedy. They applied it as a tool to alleviate aches, pain, and stress. It may even improve sleep and increase appetite.

Why Buy VVS CBD Bath Bombs Online in Canada?

Feeling intimidated by the CBD cavalcade? Don’t worry – it can be confusing. There are countless products out there, and the CBD market can be difficult to navigate for anyone unfamiliar with it.

VVS is changing that. They’re focused on making CBD accessible to everyone – especially newbies. That’s why they released their line of CBD Bath Bombs. Since there’s no smoking or vaping involved, they’re less intimidating to newer users.

That’s not all, though. VVS is on a quest to create the perfect CBD Bath Bomb. That’s why their recipe eschews heavy metals and pesticides. In fact, they lab-test every product to ensure high quality. Additionally, they source all of their hemp from North American growers to maintain premium quality.

Want to learn more? Try VVS’ CBD Bath Bombs for yourself and tell stress to get lost!


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