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BC Nug Hash – Premium Information

BG Nug Hash – Premium is a high-grade hash coming from the British Columbia genetics, a very potent set of genetics. The effects and therapeutic benefits of the BG Nug Hash Premium are unmatched even when compared to other hash strains. This excellent extract capitalizes on intense flavour, unique consistency of kief and shatter, as well as versatility of consumption. You can smoke it or vape it as easily as smoking other strains!


The tasty terpenes profile is one-of-a-kind, a proprietary idea of the manufacturers and the great genetic inheritance from the British Columbia genetics. In terms of consistency, this is highly similar to gum hash thanks to the freshness of the kief and the potency of the shatter. However, you should carefuly assess your tolerance level because even a bit of this hash will turn your mind on its head. The physical effects are great, even for medical patients!


What does the BG Nug Hash – Premium look and taste like?


On a first glance, the BG Nug Hash Premium is a sticky goo that burns away quickly when you set it on fire. This hash was made without using solvents like butane or CO2. Rather, the manufacturer chose to combine kief and shatter together. The resinous trichomes of cannabis plants and the brittle shatter make for a perfect combination. The result is goopy, sticky, and very viscous. What to do with it is simple – roll it up into a joint and smoke it!


It has a regular hash smell and a bit of earthiness added in for extra flavour. Depending on the parent strains, this hash can have a variety of flavours, each more intense and aromatic than the last. This unique flavour profile enables BG Nug Hash – Premium to please most cannabis enthusiasts, both beginners and veterans. As soon as you set it on fire, the flavour is released from the goopy extract, and starts wafting about into your mouth and lungs.


How are the effects of the Premium Nug Hash?


This extract is both psychoactive and therapeutic. Choose your poison! Do you want to have some fun with a surge of euphoria and sedation right from the get-go? Then take a smoke from this potent hash and your mind will start rambling about, not knowing what to do or think. Your body will also become sedated, going so far as to instill a couch-lock sensation toward the end of the psychoactive experience.


If you’re looking for a medical treatment, on the other hand, the Premium Nug has is perfect for a variety of medical conditions. This includes anxiety, depression, sleep problems and insomnia, arthritis, glaucoma, cancer, neuropathic pain, and more. When the sedation begins, all your pains and aches should disappear and be replaced by relaxation and tranquility.

1 review for BC Nug Hash – Premium

  1. Matthew

    Highly recommend, the taste the feel. make sure that you end up rolling it nicely into joints and not to much so it burns even! i highly reccomded this, in my taste and mind i prefer the original bubble hash to this, but its fun looking at all of mmjs products so we can see what else is out there, great produtcs, the beauty of this company is you can try so much .

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