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Biscotti Information

Biscotti is an 80/20 Indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC levels ranging between 21 and 25%, making it a great strain for more experienced to enjoy late in the afternoon or in the evening. If you need a pick-me-up euphoric feel after a stress-filled and overwhelming day, then this is your strain.

The high of Biscotti makes room for social interactions, although some good giggles might jump into the interaction, especially with a fun-filled crowd. This isn’t the strain to get work done, but the strain to shift the focus from work to an elevation in the mood with a warm relaxation.

This Indica-dominant weed bud is known for its great relaxing high that helps the mind to reach a calm state. The body high of Biscotti is also noticeable as it relieves tensions and comforts aches in the body.

Biscotti, The Euphoric Relaxation

Biscotti is the strain for a time of euphoric relaxation. Initially, you will experience a boost in your mood and an elevation of your mental state in a blissful and unfocused manner. Your mind will feel high, easy-going, and soothingly euphoric.

The initial body high of Biscotti still allows space for you to be social and interactive in a highly relaxed state. If you find yourself being more giggly than you usually are, the high is working its magic.

Generally, any lethargy, fogginess, and negative feels are washed away as the mood is lifted. Biscotti can help you snap into a mood-boosted relaxing state.

Biscotti, The Cookie-Flavoured Strain

The aroma and taste of Biscotti are a dessert-like deliciousness. Biscotti’s leading aroma and flavour note are sweet cookies accompanied by diesel undertones.

The overall experience when lighting this strain is a sweet taste.

Biscotti, The Dark Green Buds

The appearance of the Biscotti cannabis strain features very dense and small buds rich in a dark green coloring with purple patches. Orange hairs look beautifully against the dark green clothing of this Indica-dominant weed flower.

Biscotti is covered generously in sugar-like trichomes.

4 reviews for Biscotti

  1. Maude

    started smoking out of curiosity and decided to pick up a verano vape of this strain. Therefore my review will based upon a first tiem user. I chose this mainly because it is a indica dominant strain and I wanted to try something new. First impressions was, wow this knocked my s*** back. haha. No really but the first couple of minutes I got a major heated flush throughout my body. My throat was a little knotted and chest was bumping but to be completely honest for a indica strain it didn’t leave me at a complete stoney couch lock mood

  2. Maddy

    So I was a bit reluctant to buy Biscotti because it had a review saying it was harsh which is literally my worst nightmare since I stopped batching my bowls, but because I love this strain I just said f*** it and gave it a try.

    Firstly I’m happy to report it isn’t harsh so I’m not sure what that whole thing was about…

    The smell is bright and lemony, very pleasant. The high is not overwhelming, it’s mellow but energetic, you can get a lot done and stay focussed which makes it one of my favourite day smoking options. Just a generally uplifting, but not debilitating smoke. Get happy but still get your shit done kinda thing. Highly recommend.

  3. Lauryn

    in my opinion it looks good but didnt burn well
    when in a bong the bowl doesnt ‘pop’ very easily when pulling – not sure i would buy again .. a little too dense with not enough punch

  4. Ryan

    The dark green flowers with deep purple tones throughout really do look beautiful and the buds were decently frosted. Though it didn’t smell as sweet as I anticipated there was a faint earthy biscuit scent.
    The buds were quite dense and, though I always use a grinder, it didn’t burn particularly well. I found I was having to re-light my joints constantly. It was better in a bong or pipe, but slightly harsh. The smoke was pleasant and had a nice sweetness on exhale, but for an indica-leaning hybrid, it was not particularly sedative. The high was energetic in fact. Great for throwing on some Bob Marley and dancing around without a care in the world. It really elevates your mood and allows you to be somewhat sociable.

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