Blackberry Cream

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Blackberry Cream Information

Blackberry Cream’s taste and flavour have been uncontested for quite some time, mainly due to their unmatched sweetness and berry juiciness. After all, this strain is a cross between the famous Blackberry Kush and Cookies and Cream strains. By itself, this strain is quite potent, with 20-25% THC concentration, and 70% Indica dominance. Your first toke should fill your mind with blinding euphoria and just a bit of energetic happiness, to boost your mood and enhance your motivation.

What does Blackberry Cream look and taste like?


The dense olive-green nugs are splattered in purple undertones and other dark colours you may enjoy on a second look. There are rich-amber hairs growing unimpeded on the nugs and on the fresh-looking buds. Finally, you may notice a rich coat of snow-white trichomes, the tiny crystals that create unique flavours and psychoactive effects. The more trichomes a strain has, the better its effects should be. And Blackberry Cream has quite a rich deposit of trichomes!

When it comes to flavour, we’ve been told that Blackberry Cream is not too far from the tastiest strains out there, like Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, Blackberry Kush, and so on. A rich fresh cream flavour should flood your mouth on your first toke, with a tingling spicy-berry aroma that makes things even better. There’s a hint of woody pungency toward the exhale, which may also bring earthiness and a herbal overtone.

What are the effects of Blackberry Cream?

Have you ever experienced top relaxation coming constantly for about an hour? Well, Blackberry Cream may have these effects depending on your tolerance level. Most users have said that the initial phase will uplift your mood, enhance your motivation, improve your creativity, and energize your brain. A sense of bliss should take over you from all that euphoric happiness. When your mind reaches a new state of being, the relaxation ensues, leaving you more comfortable than ever before.

Blackberry Cream is a 70% Indica strain with over 20-25% THC concentration and 2% CBD. So, the Entourage Effects may occur, which should leave you both euphoric and sedated. The sedation could even turn into couch-locking madness at some point. Consumers often say that Blackberry Cream will counter your negative mood, deal with any physical pains, and may even deal with symptoms of insomnia. It’s not unbelievable, since Blackberry Cream can also treat mood swings, stress, depression, anxiety, and even symptoms of migraines and headaches.

9 reviews for Blackberry Cream

  1. Shawn

    This has been one of my favorite strains I’ve received from mmj. Great high and nice looking buds

  2. Matias

    I remembber smoking this triple A Blackberry Cream, tasted good and had a good high. Came back for it but unfornately others like it to so sold out.

  3. Patrick

    Well, I suppose I’ll be totally honest about the BlackBerry Cream. It was bomb. This stuff covered all the bases. I didn’t think it would, but it totally did.
    First, the bag appeal. This stuff was pretty. A beautiful purple color that is super pleasing to the eye and a blanket of unsuspected trichomes. The bud size was mostly medium and down, but totally gorgeous for a triple A.
    Second, the nose. BlackBerry Cream is dank. The acrid, fruity aroma is tailed off with a Wonder Earthy blend. Now, it doesn’t fit into any ‘GAS’ category, but for what it is, the smell was wonderful and satisfactory, to say the least.
    Lastly, the effects. The buzz is great,quite effective. It’s not locking you into your couch or throwing you on the floor, but it’s making your day alot better. It’s making the Karens a little more tolerable. It carries a mid-range buzz length. It’s pretty good flower, that’s for sure.
    So, in effect, I hook this with a 4/5 star rating. If you have the chance to grab this stuff cheap, you can’t get better for the price point.

  4. Alexandre

    un peu. Decu pas assez fort pour moi mais bon et beau

  5. Alexandre


  6. Tanya

    This strain is amazing!! Its very purple crunchy. The high is relaxing and the taste is kinda balckberryish. Really enjoyed it and i would definitly get more but i want to try other stuff from this cool lowkey site! 😉

  7. Ashlynne

    This tastes exactly how it sounds! The smell and flavour are incredible. The high is a fast hitter that stays with you. I have a high tolerance and found this strain gave me what I’m always seeking when trying something new! Visually it has a beautiful purple and is covered in white crystal. A must try for the seasoned user- I am currently ordering more!

  8. T.J

    Ordered this one for a second time. Had never tried it before but knowing it was bred by the best in the game, Exotic Genetix; I was assured it would be good. It’s actually way better than just good. This shit rocks! Beautiful looking bugs that smell incredible. The smell is chemy, and gassy with sweet berry. Kush taste in the forefront with a thick blackberry taste in the background. There’s no hiding the smoke from these buds, it’s very unique and also very, very pungent. No question you’re smoking the dank! This batch was perfectly flushed and cured. Don’t miss out on this!

  9. Shannon

    This is an amzing strain like its so purple and frosty. the high is relaxed and adding some oil always helps. the taste is god like. in terms of stickyness it isnt the most stick but has taste and potetncy to back it up for an experienced smoker like me it would be considered a daytime smoke. got to get more

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