Blue Dream

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Blue Dream Information

Blue Dream, also known as Azure Haze, is the dreamy strain that came to be by crossing Haze and Blueberry popular strains. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, approximately containing 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. This strain is a great smoke to have before work as it centers and prepares its user for the long day ahead due to its energizing and uplifting beneficial properties. Its THC levels are known to average between 17% and 24%, with a CBD content of about 2% and CBN level of about 1%. Blue Dream first became popular in the medical community.

The origins of this cannabis strain are wrapped in mystery. No one is fully sure who made it or where it came from. The many speculations suggest that it originates from Santa Cruz, CA. The famous and quite legendary breeder, DJ Short, took this hybrid under his care and has worked relentlessly to produce the version of this plant we have and enjoy today.

Blue Dream: Effects and Benefits

Blue Dream is known to be a powerful medical strain that has a myriad of effects, including relief from pain and anxiety. It generally offers a state of well being and happiness. The high of this cannabis strain usually starts out with a cerebral rush that results in life-giving motivation and a sharp and enhanced focus. This enables its user to go through a long list of tasks with enthusiasm, mental strength and productivity. This cerebral boost is followed by a deeply relaxing state that leaves its user feeling fully calm. Its body high effect is known to have some sedated benefits which can numb a variety of pains, aches and tensions in the body. Those suffering from chronic fatigue, depression and lack of appetite widely enjoy the amazing beneficial properties blue dream has to offer due to its extreme potency. It is generally recommended for mild cases of muscle spasms and pains caused by injury or illness.

Because Blue Dream is a stimulant at its score, it can easily and effectively lift your mood and get your body going. For treating fatigue, chronic pain or headaches, and edible, concentrate or a bowl of this strain can prove highly effective. This higher those can numb the body and cause the pain to fade away. It has also proven very efficient to those struggling with a lethargic state, as it provides an energizing experience. For those suffering from more serious medical conditions, that include seizures and neurological disorders, this cannabis strain might not be an ideal choice because of its low CBD and CBN content. If you enjoy the many beneficial properties it carries, you can easily buy Blue Dream online in Canada.

Blue Dream: Aroma and Appearance

The name of this cannabis strain reflects its sweet and fruity aroma, which can be as delicious as tasting as freshly picked blueberries. The aroma of Blue Dream can be hard-hitting and pungent, which leaves traces of smell. it offers undertones of sharp, earthy sandalwood, crisp citrus, grape and floral notes. The appearance of this cannabis plant features rich green but with yellow and orange hairs that are covered with thick THC trichomes. The water leaves range from orange to brown to dark green and colour, depending on the subspecies.

68 reviews for Blue Dream

  1. Kimi

    My girlfriend love it and did the job very well also for me.

  2. Romain

    Blue Dream remains a timeless classic in the world of cannabis, consistently delivering unparalleled quality with every batch. Its dense, resinous buds and striking blue and green hues are a testament to its exceptional genetics. The high it produces is legendary, offering a perfect balance of cerebral euphoria and full-body relaxation that is both uplifting and soothing. With its deliciously sweet and fruity aroma, reminiscent of blueberries, every inhale is a delightful experience for the senses. Overall, Blue Dream continues to uphold its reputation as a top-tier strain, earning a flawless 5/5 rating for its unmatched quality and consistently exceptional effects.

  3. Hal

    One of the best strains out there if you don’t know what you want. A good middle-of-the-road hybrid that always gets the job done

  4. Maude

    This is a highly touted sativa-dominant hybrid that does not fail to live up to it’s hype. Right off the bat I’ve got to say, this is one of the best strains I have ever smoked. Absolutely phenomenal in nearly every aspect. Top 5 strain all time for me. Now, to the characteristics.. The buds were absolutely covered in trichomes inside and out, nice to look at. The smell of this bud is simply amazing, it has a very strong blueberry smell and the taste is similar, but subdued a bit in comparison. Highly recommended. Nearly perfect strain with solid genetics.

  5. Davis

    Perfect Sativa leaning hybrid for a daytime smoke mixed with some summer adventures.

  6. Sarah

    This strain has the essence of the hit song ‘blue moon.’ Hauntingly familiar and entirely so comforting. Great for day time tokes, for a slight bump in your energy and perception. Night time is creative and leaves the mind on a bit of a cloud, helping to escape the everyday.

    Highly recommend for those who like a light lift versus a deep stone. Not too heady, not gonna cause a couch coma either.

  7. Natalie

    A nice strain, gentle and effective for pain relief.

  8. Karim

    Really nice bud, great smelling flower.

  9. Colborn

    Just enough of a head buzz that it does not stop one from doing what one want. Also great to smoke lots of as it leaves you buzzed but yet with energy, I loved it!

  10. Felix

    This is honestly my favorite strain yet. Too bad they’re out of stock now. It gives you a nice buzz to be productive, you don’t become a couch potato
    6/5 Would recommend, absolute banger

  11. Chantal

    Honestly kinda gave me anxiety

  12. Shirley

    This one will stand as a favorite for me. Lovely peaceful high that gave me all kinds of inspiration when playing guitar. Loved it.

  13. Michael

    Very nice buds, smooth smoke, very happy with the relaxing high. didnt make me sleep nor did i get super hungry.

  14. Brandon

    Blue Dream is uplifting and energizing for day use, with little of couch-locking sedative effects that might otherwise diminish enthusiasm to get stuff done when creative work calls. Tasty and fragrant, it’s really enjoyable to imbibe and share with fellow connoisseurs who are eager to maintain mindfulness while having a joyous journey to the heart of feeling good. Full disclosure: I’m ordering this bud again right now, so this review is a bit biased; but, I cannot lie and buy more at the same time—so take that as insurance against any doubt of the authenticity of my props for this healing herb and the fine folks at MMJDirect who purvey it.

  15. Deryk

    This strain (Blue Dream) is DYNA…MITE!! I haven’t had any Blue strains of bud that I didn’t like. (I still have lots of strains to try yet. lol) Blue Dream is freakishly potent. like knocks ya on your ass ya get so damn high!
    Will def get reloaded on this product often. Cheers !!

  16. Maude

    Blue Dream est définitivement MA sorte préférée! Je l’ai d’abord commandé parce que j’aime bien l’effet du sativa, surtout pour pouvoir rester dans un état de créativité. Je n’aime pas trop quand l’effet est écrasant et que je perds l’envie de bouger.

    Mais j’ai découvert avec ce produit qu’il est possible de fumer toute le journée sans jamais pogner de “down”! Il est non seulement bon pour rester réveillée et actif, mais aussi pour stimuler ma créativité et me rendre productive. Je l’adore et j’espère que cette sorte sera encore disponible lors de ma prochaine commande!!

    Toujours un excellent service, livraison rapide et laissée en sécurité dans mon solarium au troisième comme demandé lors de ma commande.
    Cliente très satisfaite! 🙂

    Blue Dream is definitly my favorite! Keeps me awake, productive and stimulate my creativity. I can smoke all day without falling down or sleepy. Hope there will be enough for my future orders!

  17. Jarrett

    One of my favorite daytime/work buds – keeps my mellow but sharp.

  18. Henry

    I really, I mean really enjoyed this one. The smell of this bud is simply amazing, it has a very strong blueberry smell and the taste is similar. The high is simply top notch, where awesome uplifting effects mix with a calm relaxation make this strain one of the best. This is definitely one of my favourites now!

  19. Kathleen

    I’ve always been a hundred percent indica smoker. I’m finding as I get older that the sativa is perfect for day smoking. You don’t get too ripped and can still get all your weekend chores done without needing a nap! I love this blue dream strain and so glad to discover the benefits of a lighter high.

  20. Edgar

    Great value for such a therapeutic strain!
    Helps with anxiety, pain, appetite
    Big thick sticky buds
    Gotta pine nose
    Rolls nicely
    Would recommend to a friend
    Would buy again!

  21. Lex

    Blue Dream is my favorite strain so far. I discovered this strain last summer and I loved it. I like the way it wakes me up and makes me inspired and voluble. I experienced it often with my friends chilling in the park or jamming acoustic guitar around a fire camp. It smells amazing. The high from Blue Dream motivates me and keeps me focused without getting too lost in my head. What I like the most it’s when my friend and me had the same kind of high at the same time and we were very connected. I give it five stars and I will buy again 😊.

  22. Jennifer

    Smells awesome. Smoked during the day and was able to get stuff done. Head high was great for getting stuff done but also my body felt really good too so nothing was stopping me! Would order again 🙂

  23. tanis

    10/10 ****************


    This is my go to day strain.
    The flavor and scent alone is uplifting.

    I can smoke and get so much done. While calming my anxiety and chronic pain.

  25. Katherine

    I’ve ordered blue dream so many times before. It is great to smoke in the evening just to relax and unwind from the day. It smells a little sweet and has a great taste. I will definately continue to buy this product for a long time.

  26. ADAM

    This one I find to be a great all around’er, good for a day of outdoor activities with the kids, or out with the wife for dinner. Taste is great, nose is good, effect is diverse depending on amount consumed and tolerance. The ratio of all of that to the pricing and well, There is a winner here. Appreciate it, thanks!

  27. Tania

    great in the morning – calm, happy, motivated and energized. will buy again!

  28. cary

    Fantastic strain, my fav pick up last order and going for it again. Nice and light doesn’t give me any brain fog, relaxing and energetic. Now a go to strain

  29. Cameron

    Always been a favorite. Never lets me down!

  30. Erika

    Loved this strain! It burns smoothly and slowly and gives a very nice happy/energetic high that I find is harder to achieve if you’re a seasoned smoker. Smell and taste are not too strong/pungent either – well balanced!

  31. Benjamin

    blue dream est pour moi une classe a part coté gout unique de bonbon au savon un weed de jour créatife

  32. Rachel

    Always a good smoke – good clean burn and potent hit calming effects. Good side buds, not too sticky or dry.

  33. Tess

    I love the Blue Dream strain. When I smoke this my mind opens right up. I feel better, more energized. I find my conversational skills aren’t compromised when I use this product.

    It’s one of my first choice sativa strains because of the clear minded and productive high I receive. As a person who smokes a lot, it’s nice to be able to smoke something that’s not going to dull me down and keep me from getting things done.

  34. Dylan

    I absolutely love this stuff! The flavour is strong but not-offensive, even the smell isn’t too pungent. This stuff is like a wave of euphoria each time I smoke it. Nice big buds, delicious flavour and very strong but not overwhelming.

  35. Earniest John

    I was finally able to buy my favorite strain BLUE DREAM, not all online dispensary have blue dream on their stock, glad I found MMJDirect. Blue dream gives you a perfect balance of head high and body high, perfect for partying and also great if you just want to relax and chill. This is my top shelf strain.

  36. Morgan

    I liked this strain, was good stuff, nice buzz, doesn’t give you couchlock. Good for daytime use, will buy again!

  37. Aidan

    One of my all time favorite strains! Great product, not too heavy and not too light. Exactly what I wanted. Perfect for a hike, getting stuff done around the house while listening to music, or just as medication it works wonderfully. Great tasting and dense buds look pretty similar to the picture but with less purple. Will buy again, thanks for providing us with a high quality classic MMJ! Seriously.. if you haven’t tried this one load up and you will not be disappointed!

  38. Paul

    This is excellent quality bud with a great blueberry smell. Will buy again. Thanks MMJDirect!

  39. Kevin

    great smell, tasty AF, not destroying but great high!

  40. Roopjit

    Super smooth bud.
    Great for day use!!

  41. Courtney

    Wonderful strain. <3

  42. Michael

    Blue dream has always been one of my top 5 favourites. Effects will not leave you couch locked and you can expect to feel energized and motivated. Full body relaxation will follow which will is great in combating stress and anxiety.

    Blue dream is well tolerated for novice users however experienced users can still enjoy its effects.

    I’d highly recommend this product.

  43. Melissa

    This is a good strain for relaxing in a social environment. Good to chill with friends without feeling too buzzed. I found it’s effects didn’t last long though. Burns smooth.

  44. David

    Blue Dream is my favourite strain and MMJDirect’s version is one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s dense and sticky, smells amazing, tastes good and the high is potent as it gets for a medium strength strain.

    The quality here is a solid AAA , so at the prices usually found here (especially on sale), it’s a steal.

    Look: Dense, pale forest green w/ reddish brown hairs
    Smell: Blueberry black licorice / anise
    Taste: Sweet, berries
    Effects: Dreamy, euphoric, focused, creative.
    Helps: Stress, anxiety, depression. Good for both chilling out or doing an outdoor activity. Good all-day, everyday type of strain.

    Great stuff. I’ll be a customer of this one for a long time.

  45. Patrizia

    Blue Dream has to be one of my favorite must haves. It never fails to leave me in a relaxed but functioning state which makes it good for work. I suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and it handles it all for me.

    Smells nice of blueberry and has an amazing flavor.

  46. Adam

    I am not one to have a sativa dominant strain but this one gets a pass (👍 ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)👍. just the right amount of head buzz for when you want to be active or stay awake.

  47. Victor

    I was hesitant at first because my experiences with strain in the past have been not so great. However I was pleasantly surprised by this one! In the past I found that the strain causes me paranoia anxiety and brain fogginess however this one was much different experience. This time around, I experienced increased energy levels and increased creativity! It seemed to help with aches and pains as well. I am still a little bit scared of this strain because of my previous bad experiences, but I might purchase again because this flower seems to actually be good. 😊

  48. Daj

    Oh blue dream! one of my favorite strains ever!!! I like to smoke it in the afternoon after having completed the stuff I had to do for the day, or to just vibe :). Gave me a clear high, helped me recenter. With this strain, I like to watch a movie or observe something, ex: go out on a walk and enjoy the views. This is also a good strain of blue dream. Thx

  49. Spencer

    First time trying Blue Dream – now I get the hype. Great mellow sativa. Energizing without being anxiety-inducing. Gets the right parts of your mind going. Good morning/daytime smoke, also nice in the evening for creativity. Definitely understand the medical benefits of this strain now. This is a well grown batch, it’s nothing insane but it’s a solid AAA. Would definitely buy again, good price.

  50. Peter

    This strain is simply a classic. I have never been disappointed smoking blue dream. It is the golden standard of quality and what weed should be. I’ve tried plenty of strains, but I find myself going back to this one the most. It was the first one I ever tried, and 5 years later I’m still picking it up whenever I get the chance. Smells good, burns nicely, grinds easily, is strong, calming, won’t make you drowsy, makes everything more beautiful and more fun, makes you happy, more comfortable socially, more creative. Probably the ultimate daytime and night out strain if you’re looking to stay alert but also chill!

  51. TYLER

    This Blue Dream is one of my go-to blunt or joint weeds. It’s a great balanced high and get’s me super relaxed.

    It’s a great tasting bud, and for the price, it’s a steal. The nugs were on the larger side too.

    For me, it is a bit too aggressive for morning or daytime use, but after 7pm it’s wonderful to help unwind.

    My partner likes it too! She says it smokes well (is easy on the throat)

    A good buy.

  52. Ryan

    I ordered this strain because it was so cheap during the sale, I wasnt expecting very much of it. But after smoking it throughout the day, I’d say it’s in my top 5 favourites. The high is really relaxing but also uplifting, maybe even a little energizing. I’d highly recommend not only for the price, but unique high.

    Depression 9/10
    Anxiety 7/10
    ADD/ADHD 10/10

  53. Paul

    Blue Dream is awesome – completely lives up to it’s name. Such a chill vibe.

    Buds I received were large and dense. Light scent with hint of blue freezie flavour XD. Vaping is equivalently light flavour and light smoke – super easy going down.

    Honestly, just feels great. Not super with it and awake from this, but just feelin it man. Gonna go play some music now… I think that’s what needs to happen. 🙂

  54. kristine

    I’m about to purchase this one for a second time.
    I found this high to be very mellow and mood uplifting and was perfect for the daytime when I have a lot on my plate and need to avoid a couch lock.
    Great stuff!

  55. Jace

    Was disappointed with the size of buds that I got, mostly popcorn nugs with a couple that were almost a g

    Besides that, this is a really good smoke if you’re looking to unwind but not become lazy. As someone with bad anxiety, I was very impressed with the cerebral effects not being overpowering. From my order, this was my go to strain to smoke during the day and I would definitely order it again. Great sativa for people with anxiety!

  56. Jordan

    Taste just as described and was good. Potent stuff as well. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with this strain.

  57. Eric

    Bought an entire ounce and it didn’t last long!
    fresh and well packed

  58. Jessica

    Hands down my favorite weed strain. Everyone knows it does not disappoint! I always grab this when it’s in stock because it sells out impossibly quick (especially when it’s on sale like it is now)! This is the ultimate sativa-feel hybrid. It makes you feel like you need to get up and do something! love how stimulating it is. Definitely a must-try if you haven’t!!!

  59. Drake

    This has quickly became one of my favorite strains. I can’t say enough positive things about this strain. From the mild yet delectable flavor. A not to the blueberry but yet a nice touch of humus. Not to mention this strain has a little bit of extra CBD so it’s great if you have anxiety like myself.

    Not to mention the buds are all different sizes but you still get a lot of large nugs, busts up nicely and very fresh! 1000% recommend to anyone who likes weed 😂🌲💨

  60. Lindsay

    This is one of my go-to strains for my pain. I have tried A LOT of different strains and have journaled about them, and this one is still the best I have found for daytime pain when I still need to function. I have fibromyalgia and a neck and back injury from an accident and this strain is a favourite of mine for managing pain, especially during the day as it is also uplifting and does not cause drowsiness. Blue Dream has also been helpful in managing my mental health when I feel anxious or when I am feeling lower during the winter months. I use this strain for my pain, anxiety, depression and nausea and it has never once let me down. I highly recommend, especially for those dealing with chronic pain issues. I would give it 6 stars if I could.

  61. Brittney

    This is my favourite strain! The smell and taste is amazing, and it makes me feel clear headed and relaxed. It’s not too overpowering which is what I prefer. I have been patiently waiting for it to restock!

  62. Jeff

    Just like Penis Envy is my go to shroom, Blue Dream is my go-to strain. Nothing like a spliff of this after a long day or a night of socializing. It’ll make you feel relaxed and happy. The buds were nice and trim, and it does have a candy-like smell to it.

  63. Kevin

    really nice flavour, good smoke and i love the effects

  64. Ricky

    Wow love this strain. Perfect day time works great for depression and anxiety. Munchies was very moderate. Once you open bag the smell will light up the room. Awesome fruity taste.

  65. Tyler

    Nicely grown and prepared. I have had my fair share of blue dream and this stack a up against some of the best. Great for relaxation and anxiety, smooth smoke and great taste. Nice buds, great colour and smell. 10/10 would buy again. Novice or long time smokers will

  66. Caitlin

    Blue Dream is my go-to when I am not having a good day. The scent is lovely and almost like blue raspberry candies. It’s one of the only strains I have that I like to just sniff the container…

    The high from Blue Dream for me is calm but happy. It also works great for nausea. Best of all, it doesn’t make me sleepy unless I take way too much. I use it for depression, anxiety, fatigue, chronic nausea, and inflammatory disease relief.

  67. Jordon

    Amazing taste and effect.. tried it for the first time and will buy again!!

  68. Tim

    So much excitement! I saw a blue dream on the list the second they added it and got so excited I had to have it right away. I was not disappointed at all this is definitely the closest to the original Blue Dream I’ve ever tried. So tasty and so beautiful. As soon as you open the bag you will smell the sweet blueberry flavour. I find I can smoke it first thing in the morning or at the end of the day either way it’s the perfect treat. I cannot say enough about the strain I give it five stars for taste five stars for smell and five stars for effects.

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