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Ready for a true-blue example of modern BC Bud? Blue Lemon is what happens when Vancouver-based Jordan of the Islands crosses the stinky scent Lemon Skunk with the infamous genetics of DJ Short’s Blueberry. The end result is a powerful hybrid with a decidedly indica-leaning genetic profile. That gives it a typical indica high, but sharpens it with some of the best traits that sativas have to offer.

Blue lemon a hard-hitting, smelly strain that unites form and function. Its THC concentration may dwarf other strains, and it has an in-your-face taste that’s impossible to ignore. While we have plenty of Blue Lemon right now, that may not always be the case. This strain tends to sell out fast – don’t get left in the cold!

What does Blue Lemon Look and Smell Like?

When it comes to appearance, Blue Lemon has it all. First off, it features a fairly unusual colour scheme. Thanks to its Blueberry parent, Blue Lemon possesses an organic compound called anthocyanin. This is the same molecule that causes tree leaves to change colours in the fall. As a result, Blue Lemon transcends the natural green hues typical of most weed. Instead, it bursts with colour, featuring strong blue and purple tones.

Blue Lemon doesn’t just look good though: it smells and tastes good, too. Its aroma has a decidedly citrus base, which complements the berry smell this strain inherits from Blueberry. For those who care to look, a faint scent of skunky dankness permeates Blue Lemon’s aroma. Its taste leaves nothing to be desired, combining strong blueberry and lemon flavours as it dances across your palate.

What are Blue Lemon’s Effects?

Since it has such a wide-ranging THC concentration, you’d expect different Blue Lemon plants to have widely different effects. That’s not the case, though. Instead, it’s quite powerful every time you smoke it. Blue Lemon’s high often makes users feel relaxed and happy, although not sleepy.


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