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Body Butter by Green Therapy Information

The Green Therapy Body Butter is an excellent therapeutic remedy for countless medical conditions. Many medical patients use this wonderful cannabis-based topical to alleviate symptoms of:

  • Eczemas
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Aches
  • Psoriasis

If you haven’t tried any cannabis topicals before, then the Green Therapy Body Butter is the perfect place to start. The manufacturer emphasizes organic ingredients when devising the formulae for these products. The Body Butter promotes healing and soothing effects in your body and mind. Relaxation and sedation will begin to affect your body a few minutes after you apply this cream!

What effects does the Green Therapy Body Butter have?

It’s not hard to notice that this special Body Butter is therapeutic and healing. As soon as you apply it on an affected area, you’ll feel it becoming warm and numb. Soon, the pains will be gone. If you have a skin condition, constant use of this cannabis topical should alleviate most symptoms and eliminate the skin condition. Patients with psoriasis have also reported a decrease in the extent of their skin condition.

Besides the physical effects, Green Therapy Body Butter also alleviates your depression and anxiety. It calms you down no matter how upset or how distraught you are. It’ll improve your mood in a matter of minutes. Moreover, patients have also reported the sleep-promoting effects of this Body Butter.

How do you use the Body Butter?

To obtain the highest-tier effects from this topical, you should apply generously on your skin and rub it in. It’s very important to rub it in until the cream completely enters your skin. Otherwise, the effects are going to be weaker if the cream doesn’t get fully absorbed by the skin. You can increase or decrease the dose at any time, though you should wait until the effects of one dose end before trying another one.


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