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Bubble Hash – Kish Cookies ★ Reserve Information

Get ready for a true craft cannabis experience. This Kish Cookies Craft Reserve Bubble Hash can make even the snootiest pot pundit smile. It boasts a unique combination of new genetics and clean potency that makes it an elite extract. Regardless of whether you’re a regular hash user or a veteran smoker who hasn’t ventured into hash yet, this Kish Cookies Craft Reserve Bubble Hash has something to offer.

What is Bubble Hash?

While Bubble Hash is technically in the same category of extracts as pressed hash, blonde hash, and more, that’s where the similarities end. This extract gets its name from the sizzling sound it makes when it’s smoked.

Bubble Hash is a highly-refined cannabis extract that removes much of the marijuana plant matter from cannabinoids and terpenes. The end result is a brown-, green-, and amber-hued slurry with a highly concentrated THC content.

In contrast to concentrates, which use solvents to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter, creating Bubble Hash doesn’t require any solvents. Instead, hashmakers sift cannabis flower through tiny holes smaller than the diameter of a hair. These holes filter out plant matter like chlorophyll and fiber while letting trichomes pass through.

Strain Background – Kish Cookies

Don’t bother looking up information about Kish Cookies on any strain database. This strain is so new that information about it is fairly limited. That means you’ll be one of the first smokers to taste Kish Cookies’ new genetics. Don’t sleep on this strain, or you may miss out entirely.

Kish Cookies is the result of crossing Shishkaberry with GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). Shishkaberry is also known as Kish, hence Kish Cookies’ name. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid with a huge THC concentration ranging from 16 to 26 percent. It has a fairly relaxing high, but still carries the happy euphoria and creative boost of a sativa strain. Its flavour combines hints of berries, grape, and other sweet, fruity tasters.

GSC is one of the biggest strains of the last decade. It first popped up around 2012 after a California-based breeding collective known as the Cookie Family crossed OG Kush with Durban Poison. GSC is a fairly balanced hybrid with a respectable THC content often testing around 20 percent. The strain has contributed its genetics to many of the 2010s’ biggest strains, including the Gelato line.


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