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Bubble Hash – Meat Breath ★ Reserve Information

While many smokers may view Bubble Hash as a trend from the 1980s that hasn’t quite died out, this solventless extract is actually making a huge comeback. If you need a reason for Bubble Hash’s return, look no further than this Meat Breath Craft Reserve Bubble Hash.

This Meat Breath Craft Reserve Bubble Hash is a sticky, thick slurry of terpenes and cannabinoids. It’s extracted from an extremely rare and powerful strain, Meat Breath. This Craft Reserve Bubble Hash has the combination of power, flavour, and purity that puts it in the upper echelons of extracts.

What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble Hash, also known by several other names like “full melt” and “ice water hash,” is an extract made without any solvents. That’s in stark contrast to concentrates, which all use solvents during the extraction process. It takes its name from the sizzling and bubbling it undergoes when heat is applied.

Bubble Hash enjoys a reputation as one of the finest types of hash available, and typically has a THC content somewhere around 60 percent. It usually looks like a green-, brown-, or tan-hued substance.

Strain Background – Meat Breath

Meat Breath is an exceptionally rare strain that’s difficult to find outside of Canada. It’s a perfectly-balanced hybrid splitting its genetics 50-50 across indica and sativa lines. This strain traces its genetics back to Meatloaf and Mendo Breath, two famously strong strains. Those powerful parents lend their potency to Meat Breath, which regularly tests around 28 percent THC.

Meat Breath may have an unusual name, but it describes this strain’s flavour extremely well. Its unique flavour, combining notes of citrus, herbs, spices, and diesel fuel, creates a taste similar to meatloaf that clings to your breath for hours after smoking this strain.

1 review for Bubble Hash – Meat Breath ★ Reserve

  1. Donna

    This bubble hash is the best of the best!
    Not full melt for dabbing but perfect for convection vaping!
    So much flavour and effect packed into a small jar!
    I was extremely excited to try this meat breath strain I’ve heard so many legends about.
    When I got the product, I immediately noticed how the smell was unique, it has citrus notes with a hint of gas!
    I only need to add the smallest pinch to my herb and it boosts it to a whole other level!
    This Bubble hash pairs perfect with the strains I already have, MMJ has some of the best variety out there!
    This Meat Breath and the Kish Cookies Bubble Hash are both amazing on the flavour!

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