Bubble Hash – OG Kush

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Bubble Hash – OG Kush Information

Bubble hash is an old-school favorite. And you cannot call yourself a true lover if you haven’t tried OG Kush at least once. Therefore, the idea of mixing these two is somewhat of a treat for connoisseurs and beginners alike, but also for everyone who simply loves to play the THC game. This Bubble Hash OG Kush has a 25: 75 Sativa to Indica ratio (can vary a little) and will leave you feeling intensely euphoric and like the couch is your best friend. But it will also provide a free trip back to the 90s.

Bubble and the strain

There is absolutely no way that Bubble Hash OG Kush won’t leave a smile on your face. It looks great, smells like heaven, and has an incredibly smooth taste. One of the reasons for this great recipe is that Bubble Hash in itself is extracted using a large quantity of ice and cold filtered water.

This process separates the plant matter from the trichomes. By doing so, you are left with an almost pure extract, which we call bubble hash, that you can smoke, add to your pipe, bowl, or even vape.

The other main component that is sure to please you to no end is the strain in itself. OG Kush is the stem of most cannabis strains on the West Coast. Hence the name OG. It has spread from the West Coast and has now become famous worldwide, despite the fact that no one knows where it originates from. All we know is that the seeds came from a small bag somewhere in the 90s.

What can I taste?

No less famous is the flavor you will be enjoying. OG Kush has a signature flavor that tastes like very sour lemons mixed with an earthy pine. Since the 90s, it has spawned many subvarieties that have conserved some of its original taste, but only if you buy Bubble Hash OG Kush online will you be able to taste the actual flavor.

Bubble Hash OG Kush has been described by its many users to give a feeling of intense euphoria as well as calm and stress relief. These wonderful feelings are followed by a desire to simply lay on the couch and enjoy the high.

You may also experience a cerebral boost that some have used to treat their bipolar disorder, feelings of anxiety, and depression. At the same time, some users have reported being able to cope with their symptoms of Alzheimer’s while using this strain.

You can now buy Bubble Hash – OG Kush online in Canada from our store if you want to fight any of these symptoms yourself.

4 reviews for Bubble Hash – OG Kush

  1. Marc-Olivier


  2. Craig

    Very nice, smooth taste. Smokes well in a pipe.

  3. Jackson

    Very crumbly. I love making a salad with some earthy greens. Very nice hash!

  4. Dustin

    I’ve never had OG Kush bubble hash but this stuff is pretty good. Nice heady high with a very nice body relaxation followed by sleepiness on the burnout.

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