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Bubble Spritz was created by crossing Bubblegum Sherb with Biscotti x Sherb Bx. This blend resulted in this well-balanced cannabis strain with almost equal amounts of Indica and Sativa, offering a beneficial high for both the mind and body. The THC levels of this weed bud are moderate, ranging anywhere from 15% to 20%, or potentially higher with some batches.


Bubble Spritz can be a great weed strain for daytime use as it may deliver an energetic and focused high for your mind, clearing out distractions and worries. At the same time, physical pains and aches may be alleviated with the body high of this bud. The euphoric mood boost of this hybrid may ease symptoms of depression or anxiety.


Uplifting Effects For A Productive Day


Bubble Spritz, depending on its phenotype and Indica to Sativa ratio, can be consumed during daytime and in some cases even in the evening (when the Indica weighs more in the ratio). This cannabis strain can be used as a recreational smoke or as a possible medical treatment. The high of this weed bud may relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, or even chronic pain. The cerebral high of this strain may increase your focus and boost mental productivity while elevating your mood with happy feelings.


Physical pain. The anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties present in this cannabis strain may alleviate chronic pain, including migraines or arthritis.


Nausea. Bubble Spritz could potentially ease some of nausea caused by chemotherapy while boosting healthier appetite levels.


Stress. The overall calming effects of this weed bud usually address the tension and other symptoms caused by stress in both the mind and body, soothing them.


Anxiety or depression. As Bubble Spritz delivers an uplifting euphoric high, you may notice as anxiety or depression are being replaced with positive energy.


A Focused High


With a phenotype that carries at least 50-60% Sativa, Bubble Spritz can deliver an energetic cerebral high. This usually results in a significant increase in focus, allowing you to easily and better zone in on the task in front of you, boosting your creativity and productivity.


The stimulating and focused high of this weed strain could potentially aid individuals who are struggling with symptoms caused by ADD or ADHD. We recommend Bubble Spritz for experienced marijuana users and for individuals with somewhat higher tolerance levels.


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