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Camel Hash Information

Camel Hash brings a euphoric relaxation in its concentrated form. Since hash has higher levels of concentration in comparison to its weed strain form, you don’t need much of it to experience and enjoy the uplifting and calming high it offers.


The initial high of Camel Hash is euphoric that may energize your mind and body, but the relaxation that follows can be strong. Strong enough to lock you on your couch or cause you to fall asleep and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Camel Hash is formulated from the dry buds of the cannabis plant to significantly elevate its potency. The high of this hash is almost instant, that comes like a gentle and warm wave of euphoria mixed with a sense of comforting relaxation.


Camel Hash For The Worried Mind


So what is weed Hash? Hash is much more potent than the cannabis plant. Because it carries higher potency, the high is stronger. Hash is the compacted version of cannabis resin. Hash is considered the most concentrated and potent form of cannabis, so when you consume weed hash, you know you are about to really experience the effects.


Camel Hash brings a high punch of euphoria mixed with a relaxing effect. So, if the worries and stresses of your day are bringing you down, Camel Hash has the ideal blend to lift you up while calming you down at the same time.


The Strong-Scented Camel Hash


Camel Hash features a golden-like yellow-brown appearance. This block of cannabis hash is known for its strong aroma.


What does Camel Hash smell like? Camel Hash smells like cannabis.


The texture of Camel Hash allows you to easily break it apart or roll it up, depending on how you prefer to enjoy it. Generally, users smoke it, but Camel Hash can be used in several different ways, including vaping.


Because the texture of Camel Hash allows you to break it up very easily, you can sprinkle it over your joint for a more potent smoking session. The smoke of Camel Hash is smooth that brings a pleasant spicy spin to the cannabis flavour.


8 reviews for Camel Hash

  1. Jonathan

    Beautiful stuff – i really liked it – tasted great

  2. Bhupinder

    Lovely Hash, I was finding something better than vortex afghan hash and luckily i found this. Trust me i am never going to buy Vortex afghan hash again. Must order. Review by Expert. Have tried all hashes in the world. It would be second rank in my list after Malana Cream. This hash is not going to black you out like Malana cream so do not match it with that product and instead will give a very pleasant high. Go for it.

  3. Lana

    This is my all time favourite hash. Nice and strong with no bad taste

  4. Meredith

    Great product

  5. Tammy

    This stuff smelt and tasted like the hash I smoked in high school. Did some bottle tokes and were nice and smooth and had a nice hash taste. The buzz was nice , better than weed but not has good as my shatter dabs. Great for day smoking. Highly recommend and will purchase again!

  6. keith

    This is a nice smoking hash, but like other hash I find it nice mixed with some flower.

  7. Jason

    Good hash here, tasty, breaks up nice like sand easy with heat, leaves no resin on your fingers, burns clean, tastes good, a little on the mild side of flavour.
    Buzz is good, strong enough, it’s still hash afterall, but it won’t floor you, a little on the up side which is good because it won’t kick your ass and make you useless. i would buy again if on sale, i’d say it’s an 8/10. Very good for domestic hash.

  8. ADAM

    Not bad at all!! Very tasty, excellent nose, smokes wonderfully, price is economical as well. figured I would give it a try and I do believe I will be buying more in the near future. I would most definitely recommend this hash for blades. a little goes a long way. Thanks!!

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