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Chanel Hash Information

Chanel Hash is made from several potent Indica cannabis strains, including Pink Kush, Death Bubba, and OG Kush. This weed concentrate is locally made in British Columbia, Canada, and it provides a very strong high that is only recommended for the experienced.

The process of making this cannabis hash aims for a fresh end result with a very distinctive flavour profile. Chanel Hash generally carries a woody, spic, and gassy taste.

Chanel Hash: Strong Effects For A Deeply Relaxed State

Keep in mind that Chanel Hash isn’t made of just one potent Indica cannabis strain but of multiple ones. A weed hash can deliver a potency of at least 60%, but it can also be much higher than this (75% or above potency). So the high of this weed concentrate is a heavy-hitter.

Made with multiple Indica weed strains, Chanel Hash delivers Indica-like effects intensely. So its use is best reserved in the evening. Generally, this cannabis concentrate calms the mind and enables it to ease into a relaxed state. You may feel spaced out, so you may want to relax with a low-key movie on the couch.

Chanel Hash For A Deep Physical Relaxation

The very high potency of Chanel Hash works its potency into every area of the body, easing up tensions and numbing away discomforts. The body relaxation may soon turn into deeper sedation, so make sure you get very comfortable on your couch or in your bed before the high fully kicks in.

The Indica-like strong high of Chanel Hash, after getting both the mind and body into a soothing sedation, usually also brings about a strong sense of sleepiness that can result in a good night’s sleep.

How To Best Smoke Chanel Hash

If you prefer smoking weed, you can smoke Chanel Hash by adding it on top of the weed flower and rolling it up in a joint.

If you like to change up the way you enjoy some good hash, you can dab it or vape it. You may also consume it orally on its own.

7 reviews for Chanel Hash

  1. Amanda

    I can’t comment on the smoke of this hash but I have started making my own butter to make really nice, low-dose edibles that I keep in the freezer for evenings when I want to have a really great sleep. This did the trick!

  2. Tom

    Chanel was a great hash, that smoked smooth. I would mix it with a bit of weed and smoke in my vape for a enhanced body buzz. The perfect smoke for some after work gaming to help you melt away. Highly recommend. 9/10.

  3. Clay

    Powerful is one word that comes to mind. Quality is another! The flavor and aroma takes me back decades and reminds me of my younger days. I have sleep issues due to a spinal injury. This hash is not a day timer (unless you pin a single toke) this is more of a body melt and mind calmer. Warning take a couple of tokes and put it down and let it creep up on you! Don’t get the lawnmower out, put the chainsaw down. Time to relax and melt into animal suppleness. Dreamy restful sleeps.

  4. Jonathan

    Fantastic – well cured

    Great service

  5. Lana

    This Hash is great! Smooth to smoke with no bad taste. It’s perfect to be crumbled up and added to a vaporizer. Sometimes you have a slight residue on your hands but I don’t find it bad at all.

  6. ADAM

    This is a good product . I purchased a few g’s on sale and was very pleased. Nose is great, taste the same, effect as well. If this product good on sale for any reason I believe I will be buying a fairly large amount. Burns great, blades, reefers (use a bud buster or something or it will be all over your hands for two days), works in all applications. If it was a little cheaper it would be a 5 out of 5 . Thanks!!

  7. Shaun

    I have tried many of the hashes available on MMJDirect and this one is by far and away the best. It tends to also be the most expensive, but worth it for quality, taste and effects. I would not recommend crumbling for a joint as your fingers will be covered like you changed your axle grease and you will require rubbing alcohol on hand to clean up, great joint but messy as hell. I would instead recommend small chunks in the bong or small nugs for knives which is the best, but least convenient method of ingesting most any hash.

    This strain is clean, easy to take in a huge hall without coughing your ass off for 20 min, I know, cough to get off, but this one is not required, its smooth. Don’t take too many knives or you’ll get too much coating your lungs and it is not needed, this one will hit you quick and mighty.

    I find this one is good for arthritis and nerve pain and after a long day at the office, sit down, relax, have a tub or tv and you will forget why you needed it to begin with. It is as I said expensive but of most any product, worth it for me.

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