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  1. Maude

    🥞🍦 Cookies and Cream is a decadent hybrid with a sweet tasting and unique flavor. It takes everything the Girl Scout Cookies phenotype has to offer and adds layer of depth that sets this apart from any other strain. It’s like the best baked dessert you could ever imagine, but only smokable, and it’s effects are infinitely better for your body. This is a great evening smoke, as it does induce a spectacular relaxation paired up with an uplifting calmness. I highly recommend this strain to everybody.

    Effect: 8,4/10
    Taste: 8,3/10
    Look: 8/10

  2. Oscar

    smells sweet, with hints of berry
    very relaxing sensation, but can definitely be euphoric.
    This strain was so good to help with sleep, it has pretty strong couch locking sensation
    high: 10/10
    taste: 9/10
    smell: 9/10

  3. Alexandre

    J’adore cette cette variété,une belle découverte grâce a mmj,une odeur ennivrante en ouvrant le sac de ces merveilleuse fleurs très dense et crystalise a goûté la vanille je trouve et crée une fumé opaque très blanche . Son effet vous detend et vous fait oublie le négatif.

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