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Dark Matter Information

In the dynamic cosmos of cannabis strains, one star shines with a certain distinctive brilliance. Dark Matter is a balanced blend of Cherry Thunderfuck and Rusty Haze cannabis strains. This strain sports a well-balanced equilibrium with a 50:50 Indica to Sativa ratio, suggesting a well-rounded interplay between cerebral stimulation and bodily relaxation. With a formidable potency ranging between 22-25% THC, Dark Matter is fitting for the cannabis connoisseur.


Dark Matter features a unique shape, multifaceted aroma profile of berry, earthy, flowery, herbal, and spicy notes, and a tantalising flavour profile blending berry, cherry, fruity, herbal, spicy, and sweet nuances, make this strain a delightful enigma. Combined with an eye-catching colour palette, Dark Matter is a strain that evokes a cosmic sense of awe and exploration.


Flavour and Aroma


Dark Matter’s flavour profile is as captivating as a meteor shower in the night sky. It paints a lush landscape of taste, from the tartness of berries and cherries to the exotic fruitiness that transports your senses. To top it off, the interweaving of herbal, spicy, and sweet notes makes every puff a gastronomic tour de force.


The strain’s aroma profile echoes the complexity of its flavours. A splash of berry, earthy, and flowery scents greets you upon the first encounter. A hint of spiciness and the calming touch of herbal notes soon follow, revealing the multifaceted character of Dark Matter’s aromatic essence.


Across the Event Horizon: Effects, Potency, and Time of Use


Dark Matter’s balanced lineage offers effects of bliss and creativity. The relaxing embrace of the Indica traits is balanced by the invigorating uplift brought by the Sativa genes. With a THC potency ranging between 22-25%, the experience can be as profound as the strain’s namesake.


Dark Matter’s versatility suits both morning and evening use, making it ideal for those who seek an adventurous journey through the universe of cannabis.


A Celestial Sight: Bud Structure, Colour, and Trichomes


Dark Matter cannabis strain showcases buds that are medium to large, featuring a well-defined structure that reflects the strain’s quality. It sports an array of colours, as if capturing a cosmic nebula within each bud.


A glance at Dark Matter under the light reveals a constellation of trichomes covering the buds. These crystalline structures are not just an attractive sight; they are the bearers of the strain’s potency.

1 review for Dark Matter

  1. Ryan

    Dark Matter is truly a rare treat. The buds were a beautiful bright green with amber hairs throughout and generously frosted with trichs. The scent was quite pungent and wonderfully tropical with hints of citrus, berries and an earthy/spicy finish. Flower was perfectly dried and cured.
    The first joint I smoked was memorable. It tasted just like it smelled and gave me a nice head-high right off the bat. The smoke really expanded in my lungs and, though it wasn’t harsh, I coughed quite a bit. After the initial rush, the high starts to draw your body and mind into relaxation and eventually even sedation. Perfect medicine for a range of conditions including depression, muscle/arthritis pain, PTSD and anxiety.
    Pretty rare strain that leads with Sativa but retains some indica traits, too. Try it if you can, it’s the real deal.

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