Death Bubba

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70% Indica dominant strain

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Death Bubba Information

Its name does not refer to the fact that this cannabis strain is deadly. But, although it is not deadly, it does have a potent sedative effect due to its supremely high levels of THC. Its THC level generally starts at 22% and goes up all the way to 27%. It is an ideal match for the advanced and seasoned smokers.

Death Bubba came to be, by crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush, which produced this THC-rich and pungent take on these two strains. This hybrid is an Indica dominant strain, approximately containing 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. It is ideal to use in the late afternoons and evenings.

Appearance and Aroma

This cannabis strain is rich with colourful and dense flower buds. A properly harvested, dried and cured Death Bubba offers a sage to forest green leaves with white trichomes. In between the leaf’s, orange-red pistils show up. Under the oversized and dense bud structure tints of purple hue can be found.

The aroma of this cannabis strain is nothing short of a musky and earthy profile. It contains a harder aroma of skunk, lemon and spice, with piney and earthy undertones.

The Effects of Death Bubba

The high THC content, including the sneaking effects of this cannabis strain, might take novice users by surprise. Starting out slow, with a small dose, is highly recommended. Generally, the moderate and advanced users fully enjoy and even crave, the slightly sedative effects of a small to medium dose of Death Bubba.

A wave of rushing focused energy can be expected almost right after smoking it. This rush has a high tendency of bringing its user into an uplifted mood. This motivated state has the tendency of also delivering a psychoactive experience.

With the advancement of the high, users generally slip into a state of deep relaxation, that can have an effect of deep introspection. The end-stage of this high typically finishes off with deep and restful sleep.

It is quite common for users to experience the soothing of muscle tension. Higher doses of Death Bubba can be used to improve one’s mood. This strain is a sure choice for those looking for a heavyweight strain with vigorous effects. A small dose doesn’t usually knock its user out, instead, it offers an energetic boost that turns into a slightly sedative feeling.

Many users consume this cannabis strain for a variety of reasons, which include the feeling of happiness, spinal cord injury, relaxation, depression, nightmares, migraines, insomnia, stress, loss of appetite, ADD/ADHD, cancer, chronic mental and physical pain.

As you can see, this hybrid is quite a special one. To enjoy its wonderful benefits, you can easily buy Death Bubba Smalls online in Canada.

26 reviews for Death Bubba

  1. Justin

    Definitely one of my favorite strains. Perfect for those chill nights at home or around the camp fire. Enjoy with friends or solo. Highly recommended!! 😁

  2. Terry

    Fantastic strain. This stuff has some great potency with a fantastic smell. have purchased multiple times and is definitely one of my go strains.

  3. Sandra

    One of my favourite strains – the perfect hybrid buzz. Works great for my migraines and other health issues yet had a great uplifting fun high for social situations.

  4. Kerry

    All time classic, I love the distinct taste and the overall Spectrum affect it provides

  5. Victor

    Classic strain, perfect for end of day, before bed.

  6. Tyler

    Best one I’ve tried in a while. Get it!

  7. Lea

    Liked it very much, nice buzz and feeling

  8. David

    This strain has worked well for me used primarily at night time. It helps me relax both body and mind. I also use it as a good filled bud mixed with hash. It burns nice and clean.

  9. Karl

    Best for insomnia , i never have time to go to bed with this one because i fell on the couch most of time , very potent and tasty .

  10. Veronika

    Exceptional taste and buzz from this bud. One of my favourites.

  11. Tyler

    Classic indica high, dense sticky nugs, serious crystals, definitely order this strain for dealing with pain, insomnia or to stimulate appetite. Quad quality

  12. Rudy

    Great, standard Indica that everyone tends to enjoy. Great nugs, great consistency, and the smell (sweet and minty) is delightful!

  13. Jason

    Primo Bud! Super sticky and tastes great! Best before smoking before bed time, I am very satisfied!

  14. Raven

    A great weed to wind down and relax with! Delicious earthy tastes and burns fantastically.

  15. Mehki

    Perfect for relaxing in the evenings!

  16. Claudio

    Really love this strain. Perfect for late evenings and really does a great job of putting me to sleep.

  17. Catherine

    Strong diesel/kushy/earthy aroma and flavour. When I stick my nose in the bag, it almost burns my nostrils, but in a good way. 🙂 Really nice for night time use but I also find it to be good for getting work done during the day. I find myself focused yet relaxed after a few hits.

  18. Margaret

    Perfect bud to wind down with. I use it at night before bed, a little goes a long way. A+

  19. Greg

    Amazing medicine great taste, great for my anxiety and insomnia, sleep like a baby after medicating with Death bubba, tasty, highly recommended, ive bought this a few times now 🙂

  20. Jordon

    This is an amazing product, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s a must for a true connoisseur.

  21. Travis

    This is THE strain for insomnia. At the same time, it first gives off an intense cerebral high (that may be too much for beginners so take caution…even experienced users can be overwhelmed by its strength). As it continues, it slowly seeps into a heavy body high that make your mind wonder in a cloud of euphoria and peace. You will then sleep. Like…you WILL sleep. Overall a fantastic strain. Deadly strong, taste very pleasant and smooth, buds are gorgeous medium sized and will bring DEATH to your insomnia.

  22. Tina

    A perfect bud for the evening time (or if you want to have a couch lock day).
    Strong flavour, lotsa crystals, smokes pretty smoothly for the impact it gives

  23. Katie

    Great night time smoke, leaves you spacey and super relaxed.

  24. Steve

    This stuff is nuts. Would definitely buy it again.

  25. Richard

    Beautiful crystally buds. That pack a punch

  26. Anonymous

    I love Death Bubba, it has that unique gassy taste that is just so good.

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