Death Bubba

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70% Indica dominant strain

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Death Bubba Information

Its name does not refer to the fact that this cannabis strain is deadly. But, although it is not deadly, it does have a potent sedative effect due to its supremely high levels of THC. Its THC level generally starts at 22% and goes up all the way to 27%. It is an ideal match for the advanced and seasoned smokers.

Death Bubba came to be, by crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush, which produced this THC-rich and pungent take on these two strains. This hybrid is an Indica dominant strain, approximately containing 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. It is ideal to use in the late afternoons and evenings.

Appearance and Aroma

This cannabis strain is rich with colourful and dense flower buds. A properly harvested, dried and cured Death Bubba offers a sage to forest green leaves with white trichomes. In between the leaf’s, orange-red pistils show up. Under the oversized and dense bud structure tints of purple hue can be found.

The aroma of this cannabis strain is nothing short of a musky and earthy profile. It contains a harder aroma of skunk, lemon and spice, with piney and earthy undertones.

The Effects of Death Bubba

The high THC content, including the sneaking effects of this cannabis strain, might take novice users by surprise. Starting out slow, with a small dose, is highly recommended. Generally, the moderate and advanced users fully enjoy and even crave, the slightly sedative effects of a small to medium dose of Death Bubba.

A wave of rushing focused energy can be expected almost right after smoking it. This rush has a high tendency of bringing its user into an uplifted mood. This motivated state has the tendency of also delivering a psychoactive experience.

With the advancement of the high, users generally slip into a state of deep relaxation, that can have an effect of deep introspection. The end-stage of this high typically finishes off with deep and restful sleep.

It is quite common for users to experience the soothing of muscle tension. Higher doses of Death Bubba can be used to improve one’s mood. This strain is a sure choice for those looking for a heavyweight strain with vigorous effects. A small dose doesn’t usually knock its user out, instead, it offers an energetic boost that turns into a slightly sedative feeling.

Many users consume this cannabis strain for a variety of reasons, which include the feeling of happiness, spinal cord injury, relaxation, depression, nightmares, migraines, insomnia, stress, loss of appetite, ADD/ADHD, cancer, chronic mental and physical pain.

As you can see, this hybrid is quite a special one. To enjoy its wonderful benefits, you can easily buy Death Bubba Smalls online in Canada.

112 reviews for Death Bubba

  1. Trevor

    Death Bubba from mmjdirect was a reliable strain. a well-known indica-dominant hybrid that consistently delivers , making it a staple. looking for a foolproof strain that consistently delivers high-quality effects, Death Bubba is an excellent choice.

  2. Shaun

    indica dominant effects. yet not too strong early onset couch lock…nice clean flavourfull smoke

  3. Jered

    Death bubba is one of my favourites on here. More of a calming buzz with good focus, it made a day of doing chores and errands more doable. Love both the flavour and potency

  4. Shawn

    High recommend this for a great night sleep or get couch locked watching movies

  5. Zein

    One of the best indicas I’ve tried, all time classic. Smells earthy, barely any stems and it kept really well in a glass jar (smelled as pungent as the first time I opened the bag). This is on the heavier sides but great for ending the night. Lots of crystals on the buds and grinds perfectly for a joint or vape (for the most flavour) through the pax.
    This was one of the best indicas I got out of two other strains from my order. Will get again!!!

  6. Jad

    nice strain

  7. Jay

    The first thing that caught my eye was the strain’s appearance. The buds were dense and glistened with trichomes, showcasing its high potency. The deep green color was accented by rich purple hues, giving it an aesthetic appeal that’s hard to ignore.

    Smoking Death Bubba boasts a complex and pungent aroma profile. Upon opening the package, I was greeted with a mix of earthy, piney, and sweet notes. It’s an inviting scent that immediately piques your curiosity.

    When it came time to savor this strain, the flavor did not disappoint. The initial earthiness is followed by a subtle sweetness, and on exhale, there’s a hint of pine. It’s a delightful combination that adds to the overall experience.

    As the name suggests, it delivers a profoundly relaxing experience. Within moments of inhaling, I felt a wave of tension melt away, leaving me in a state of calm and tranquility. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, or insomnia.

    The body high is notable, as it eased any physical discomfort I was experiencing. This strain also induces a gentle euphoria, which can lead to an uplifted mood and a sense of well-being.

  8. LISA

    Death bubba is the best. I gave it a 4 star review only cause of the smaller buds. Those little buds are packed with a punch. You feel the effects almost right away. Strong Indica strain. Taste and smell great, burns good. I have never had a complaint when it comes to Death Bubba. Even though they are little buds the are tight buds that bust up nice and fluffy. Highly recommend this, especially for the price.

  9. Austin

    These are great. Not the highest quality I have had but for the price it was a great deal! Bought 2 ounces and still have a whole bag to go through. Did not disappoint and for anyone looking to try something new I would highly recommend this, especially for the price. For the bag I have gone through there really have not been any problems and the moisture pack inside has kept everything fresh even a while after purchasing. Will for sure buy again once I am finished what I have

  10. Shirley

    Very relaxing high. Potent but not that heavy feeling.

  11. Jackie

    Great name, lives up to it. Love this stuff.

  12. Kevin

    Death Bubba is the perfect name for it. Order arrived, rolled up a joint…and enjoyed the ride. Got nice and high, but not couch locked or like I need to put a helmet on. The taste is earthy…but not bad at all. The buds were mixed in size, even though they state as “smalls”. And the price point is unbelievable. Just buy it an ounce at a time. It’s priced for larger quantities for great affordability.

  13. Ghislain

    C’est LA souche de l’insomnie. En même temps, il dégage d’abord un high cérébral intense (c’est peut-être trop pour les débutants alors soyez prudent… Même les utilisateurs expérimentés peuvent être submergés par sa force). Au fur et à mesure qu’il continue, il s’infiltre lentement dans un corps lourd qui fait que votre esprit s’interroge dans un nuage d’euphorie et de paix. Vous dormirez alors. Comme… vous dormirez. Dans l’ensemble, une variété fantastique. Mortel fort, goût très agréable et lisse, les bourgeons sont magnifiques de taille moyenne et apporteront la mort à votre insomnie.

  14. Nathanial

    Got last time because my gf likes it. Hit decent didn’t feel paralyzed but just felt good and hit nice.

  15. Lauryn

    if you smoke everyday and just need something that does NOT smack you in thh face, just a very mild light high – than this bud is for you!
    if you just wanna little buzz without being knocked on your ass this is perfect bud to get shit done.
    i call this my day time stuff since it doesnt make me sleepy but still functional

  16. Jeremy

    Death Bubba is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that will in fact, not actually kill you. You can’t really go wrong with this one, but it is powerful and mainly an indica so maybe not the best strain to vacuum the house on, or something like that (lol). Good strain. The “smalls” version is easier on the wallet too.

  17. Spencer

    Cannot go wrong for the price. It’s not the craziest Death Bubba I’ve seen but for the price it’s 5 stars and then some, if you’re OK with smalls (honestly, I got a good amount of mediums in my 14s). Great to smoke at night, pleasant, enjoyable high followed by a nice sedating stone. Good for winding down, relaxing and getting some shut eye. The smell is citrus-y, but dank. Can’t quite put my finger on the terpenes but it’s a great smell. It smokes well, found it a little harsh on the lungs, but nothing major. Flavour is similar to the smell.

    All in all, 5 stars for me. Highly recommend, it’s a steal at this price point. Love MMJ for that – if you’re willing to comb through their inventory and do your research on the strains, you can find some amazing deals (and variety, too).

  18. Dario

    Great high. Amazing price.

  19. Kevin

    Really good price and good quality, love it!

    Thanks MMJ!

  20. Mary Lou

    Death Bubba feels leisurely and gets the creative thinking going. I like it in the evening. It’s not a heavy body stone that sends you to the couch. You can do some things and when it’s bed time, you’ll sleep really well. It got rid of nightmares for me. It’s really good for sleep.

  21. Felix

    A nice bud for when it’s time to slouch on your couch and relax. Getting rid of any anxiety and you’ll sleep like a baby.

  22. Jennifer

    Such a great evening smoke. Tastes great and is good for aches and pains, helps me sleep. Lots of nice crystal but not too sticky, easy to handle for grinding up and rolling. I order this again and again!

  23. Vincent

    Nice weed.

  24. Jeremy

    Great value!! Not too bad taste. moderate buzz, but it wasn’t my first smoke of the day. Either way, I am glad I stocked up.
    More like a 3.85, then a 4..but I round up my friends!!

  25. Jasmine

    Lovely strain, very effective!

  26. Cassie

    Great high and great price. Will buy again for sure. It’s a nice steady high with a very very small burn out. Nice for night time or movie time. Super crystally and delightful. May be my fav green on the site!

  27. Richard

    awesome weed love it going to order more definately

  28. Ehab

    Definitely one of my favourites, great taste, great price

  29. Alicia

    Death Bubba is a great indica strain for relaxation of the mind and body. I get super chill and not much winds me up. I usually use it to survive a Costco trip.

  30. Philippe

    Loved it! 🙂

  31. Sébastien

    Amazing strain. Great to walk before going to sleep!

  32. Mirza

    Smooth with good pain and anxiety relief. Always on top of my selected strains list.
    I am a cancer survivor and need strong pain relievers and keep me away from depression and anxiety. Will recommend to patients like me who suffer from severe pain and sleeplessness. 🌸

  33. Melanie

    Vraiment bon au goût! Je souffre d’anxiété et ça me permet de me détendre. Je travaillle avec le public et c’est très anxiogène. Alors pour me détendre j’aime bien le goût, l’odeur et l’effet. Je recommande fortement.
    Même mon chat se calme ha ha ha!
    Un de mes préféré rapport qualité/prix.
    Bonne dégustation ✌

  34. David

    One of my all-time, any-time FaVz,just a well rounded smoke ,that never dissappoints, not a matter of ‘if’, but rather how much ?,,, or how long ??… It’s heavy duty,,heavy duty ‘Rock,N,Roll’—Splnal Tap ..Dave enjoys Death Bubba, and is Higher than most Kites…MMJ DIRECT staff provides excellent service!!

  35. Edgar

    Great buzz to buck ratio! Even recommended for seasoned vets. Consider this one for your next orders!
    Smells great, rolls great and smokes great

  36. Hal

    One of my all-time favorite strains. Nothing else gives me the same level of cozyness that always makes me feel better. While sometimes I smoke this and just want to sleep, the same comfort is still there if I just want to sit and watch a movie or something

  37. Chance

    Death bubba is one of My favourite strains. Amazing buzz and great appearance, smell and taste from the buds. I will definitely be purchasing again.

  38. Linda

    Absolutely lovely. I love any weed that can help me shut my over active brain off so i can sleep. Tastes very mild earthy. Very fresh sticky buds, not dry at all. I use mine in a vape and its not harsh no coughing amazing. If you’ve got the anxiety monkey on your back this is the strain.

  39. Rebecca

    Good for bedtime. I would buy it again

  40. Alexandre

    Jessai d’essayer tout ce qui est Bubba sur mmjd et celui là ne m’a pas déçu,un peu dur sur la gorge mais donnant un buzz immédiat,très gommant et sent très bon,je vais en reprendre c sur!.Goute quant meme fruité et skunk ,appaissant pour soirée cinéma et jeux vidéo

  41. Nick

    The smell is amazingly fragrant and earthy. It has a lot of crystals on it. It 100% will put anyone down for the night.
    Personally, this helps with my anxiety a lot, and I can actually manage to go out in crowded areas with this.
    I would not smoke a joint of this stuff, its too powerful! Maybe a hit in a bong or in a dry herb vape.
    It grinds out real nice, and the batch I got wasn’t too wet or too dry.
    Very potent, beginner beware.

  42. Vanessa

    Lovely smell, lovely effects! Highly recommend!

  43. Jo-anne

    Well alrighty then!! 😎😜
    The aroma is captivating! Lovely, lush buds, bursting with power!🤩😍
    Rolls up nicely, spliff or bomber , no waste, no haste!👍
    Love the full body hit🥰!
    Pain gone!
    Gorgeous dreamy high without any coughing or harshness.
    Fantastic, will definitely be a staple for evening, floating off to uninterrupted sleep!
    A must for medicinal consumers and those of us who enjoy the ride to pain free movement!
    Bravo MMJ!❤️👌🏿❤️

  44. Ian

    I bought this strain as a sleep aid after reading all the positive reviews… it did not disappoint!!! Such a relaxing strain for before bed! It really helps you unwind after a stressful day and keeps me asleep through the night. Will keep on buying as long as it’s available!

  45. Maude

    Well what can I say, this stuff is STRONG! Deep deep into the murky waters with this indica. Body stone is higher than ones I’ve felt before. A little goes a long way, defintily a couch lock and nighttime strain. Slap on the headphones to some deep trance or music and close your eyes and prepare for visuals in your minds eye. Great stuff, not a everyday use for me but perfect to just utterly completely relax. Does well with my anxiety and depression. Happy 🙂

    Look : 6,7/10
    Taste: 6,5/10
    Effect: 7,6/10

  46. Victor

    I got this for an evening smoke / sleep aid, based off the description and reviews. This is some pretty good stuff, but I do find that the cerebral effects are indeed quite intense, a bit too intense for a nighttime smoke for me personally. ❗️😯
    I’ve been having really crazy and intense dreams after smoking this.. 🛌 😰 and finding that I’m staying up late because I’m losing track of time deep in thought. 😂😅 But at the same time, it’s pretty good for pain relief and it’s nice for an evening smoke if you want something a bit more mentally active that doesn’t knock you out instantly. I can start smoking this early in the evening and stay up and long as I want without it making me overly drowsy. 🙂
    The buds are thick and soft, but on the moister side and can be difficult to grind. It gives off a pungent, sour aroma and a deep, earthy flavour. 🌳🌳🤎🤎

  47. Pat

    This strain is one of my go tos. I got a Death Bubba vape pen which is nice for a quick puff. It has a good indica effect, relaxing but not too strong.

  48. Carolyn

    Ive always loved death bubba. Its fantastic to quiet my anxious brain. But this is next level. The quality is so much better. Beyond fresh! Packaging is super discreet as well. The high is amazing. As well as the sleep youll have after. Goodbye insomnia! Even the couch lock is lovely.

  49. Julie

    Very nice, good bud size, nice buds.

  50. Murray

    A definite hard hitter! Although my preference for bud is sativa, I like to have a nice relaxing hot tub at times with this indica strain. A nice relaxing high for a good price

  51. Michael

    best bang for your buck, gets you nice a wreaked.

  52. Fernando

    Nice strain, pretty smooth, fat buds with decent potency. Would recommend and would purchase again. Nice job James for your advice I enjoyed your products, and will continue to purchase from only you for all my cannabis needs.Nice quality, fast service and one of better prices in Canada

  53. Jason

    Death Bubba very nice bud..good smell,good flavor and good buzz..will buy this again.

  54. Morgan

    This is a good strain its always on point even the smalls version. Nice scent good buzz, feel it in your brain right away.

  55. Daniel

    It was good. Nothing really special that jumped out at me, but no complaints either.

  56. Aaron

    Death Bubba Goodnight! This is my girlfriend’s and I favorite night time strain. Upon smoking it leaves me giggly and happy with a keen sense of humour and deep relaxation. Sleep follows fairly quickly, but if in a frisky mood, sex is AWESOME after smoking this stuff.
    Smoke – Sex – Sleep. Yup. Awesome stuff!!

  57. Chris

    Death Bubba is the classic go to but if you are new to cannabis always remember to have a little less.
    Death Bubba gives you a strong high that’s extremely relaxing. I suffer from bad migraines and this is a high that helps tremendously but take with caution If you are new.
    If your a gamer this is a prime go to for that extra push where your fully immersed.

  58. Erika

    I love this strain and order it all the time. It’s great if you have trouble sleeping/anxiety. Helpful in quieting your brain down late at night.

  59. Christine

    Great for insomnia! Smooth smoke and very relaxing, calmed the racing mind.

  60. Brittney

    Bought this for my husband – he was very pleased! Smokes well, tastes great, and very relaxing effect 👌

  61. Randy

    Death Bubba is a super relaxing and euphoric high feeling. Fantastic!

  62. Michael

    Its Death Bubba one of my favourite strains.. Very relaxing, mild flavour of berries and earthiness. I love it thats all I need to say.

  63. Melissa

    This strain helps a lot with my insomnia. Very potent and relaxing after I’ve had a long day at work. Burns smooth and evenly. Great for full body relaxation.

  64. Josh

    Amazing smoke and has a great taste very enjoyably. Deffently recommend this weed it is priced aweome and packs a great high

  65. TYLER

    This is basically a sleeping pill. We buy this bud for the “last smoke” of the night. It puts everyone out.

    I would not recommend this for social events… If there was a conversation going on before you smoke this weed, it might end as soon as everyone gets incredibly stoned off this gas. It’s a bomb.

    I find the taste and smell is quite nice.. It’s “gassy” smelling. A very intense bud.

    I can usually stay awake for around 1 hour before falling asleep after smoking this, my partner maybe 30 minutes max before the Death Bubba hits and she is asleep.

    When in pain, I would prefer to take this rather than traditional pills or medicine. It is a wonderful strain.

    Highly recommended– however, proceed with caution on this bud!

  66. Kent

    A perfect bud for the evening time

  67. Henry

    Yes guy, this is the stuff. Lifetime smoker but I gotta put this one out once and a while. Be careful with this heavy hitter, it will put your part time smoking friends in a coma.

  68. John

    Excellent – my go to favourite. Cannot live with out – thank you for always stocking.

  69. Peter

    This is a very comfy strain, great for getting cozy at home and relaxing or sleeping. It’s my go-to at nighttime.

  70. Travis

    I really enjoy this strain. I first bought it just to try it and it quickly became my evening smoke. Nice relaxed cerebral and physical feelings. Nice to get comfy and relax on the couch with a good movie. I don’t find this strain gives you the munchies or the couch lock. Just a nice chilled relaxed time. I also love the crystally buds and the pungent aroma that take me back to the streets of Amsterdam. All in all a great smoke for a relaxed time.

  71. Nicole

    This product is exceptional! Not the strongest Indica on the menu but definitely great value for your money.
    Smooth and very earthy it definitely brings you down to the ground..
    Small, tight buds
    Highly recommended for those who long for sleep!!!

  72. Fadi

    super smooth, perfect to enjoy a relaxed moment.

  73. Brian

    Yum! And the price was great.

  74. Georgia

    A classic go-to. I can never go wrong with ordering this. MMJ always sends high quality, pretty looking bud that does the trick. Without a doubt, will always help with my insomnia at the end of the day

  75. Cedric

    Great quality and fast delivery. This weed produce so much smoke that it will make your neighbour believe the house is on fire

  76. Rob

    Could be your new best night time friend! Great for the end of the day!! I use this as my nightcap before bed, really helps with falling asleep. Recommend

  77. Sarah

    I’m a heavy user and found this to be extremely potent. Definitely a nice buzz right from the start, and eases off leaving kind of a peaceful tiredness behind. I wouldn’t say I experienced a wave of energy at the beginning, but YMMV. I’ve still purchased it many times, love the sleep it gives me.

  78. tanis

    I like it. Good smoke. 🔥

  79. David

    This is good weed. Like the smell and taste. Had a burst of energy there for awhile then went into blissful relaxation.

  80. Lauren

    Death bubba is one of my absolute favourite strains, it has a deep pungent skinny flavour and smell I love and is the perfect night time smoke. Great for pain and sleep.

  81. Kenneth

    Great quality and customer service

  82. Crystal

    Death bubba is great before bed. Helps me mellow out and is strong enough to let my thoughts take the sidelines and be able to fully relax. It’s got a nice earthy taste and is generally nice dense buds. Definitely a good strain to help decompress at the end of the day or to tell settle down for bed.

  83. Ryan

    My go to night time smoke. The couch lock is real with this one. Earthy, skunky kushy taste, very potent and an excellent high! Favourite strain hands down. Get yourself some now

  84. Kathryn

    KiLLeR! Love this one, not too harsh and goes straight to your head from the first draw. Heavy duty stone and definitely one of my favorites

  85. Sang Jay

    strong and taste great! it will make you stoned right away!

  86. Alana

    An old favourite! This guy is always a reliable heavy hitter. If you need to relax after a stressful day, are having sleep issues, appetite issues, aches/pains, then this strain is perfect for you. It comes on fast and just melts everything away. Always a go-to if I see it available.

  87. Justin

    Definitely one of my favorite strains. Perfect for those chill nights at home or around the camp fire. Enjoy with friends or solo. Highly recommended!! 😁

  88. Terry

    Fantastic strain. This stuff has some great potency with a fantastic smell. have purchased multiple times and is definitely one of my go strains.

  89. Sandra

    One of my favourite strains – the perfect hybrid buzz. Works great for my migraines and other health issues yet had a great uplifting fun high for social situations.

  90. Kerry

    All time classic, I love the distinct taste and the overall Spectrum affect it provides

  91. Victor

    Classic strain, perfect for end of day, before bed.

  92. Tyler

    Best one I’ve tried in a while. Get it!

  93. Lea

    Liked it very much, nice buzz and feeling

  94. David

    This strain has worked well for me used primarily at night time. It helps me relax both body and mind. I also use it as a good filled bud mixed with hash. It burns nice and clean.

  95. Karl

    Best for insomnia , i never have time to go to bed with this one because i fell on the couch most of time , very potent and tasty .

  96. Veronika

    Exceptional taste and buzz from this bud. One of my favourites.

  97. Tyler

    Classic indica high, dense sticky nugs, serious crystals, definitely order this strain for dealing with pain, insomnia or to stimulate appetite. Quad quality

  98. Rudy

    Great, standard Indica that everyone tends to enjoy. Great nugs, great consistency, and the smell (sweet and minty) is delightful!

  99. Jason

    Primo Bud! Super sticky and tastes great! Best before smoking before bed time, I am very satisfied!

  100. Raven

    A great weed to wind down and relax with! Delicious earthy tastes and burns fantastically.

  101. Mehki

    Perfect for relaxing in the evenings!

  102. Claudio

    Really love this strain. Perfect for late evenings and really does a great job of putting me to sleep.

  103. Catherine

    Strong diesel/kushy/earthy aroma and flavour. When I stick my nose in the bag, it almost burns my nostrils, but in a good way. 🙂 Really nice for night time use but I also find it to be good for getting work done during the day. I find myself focused yet relaxed after a few hits.

  104. Margaret

    Perfect bud to wind down with. I use it at night before bed, a little goes a long way. A+

  105. Greg

    Amazing medicine great taste, great for my anxiety and insomnia, sleep like a baby after medicating with Death bubba, tasty, highly recommended, ive bought this a few times now 🙂

  106. Jordon

    This is an amazing product, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s a must for a true connoisseur.

  107. Travis

    This is THE strain for insomnia. At the same time, it first gives off an intense cerebral high (that may be too much for beginners so take caution…even experienced users can be overwhelmed by its strength). As it continues, it slowly seeps into a heavy body high that make your mind wonder in a cloud of euphoria and peace. You will then sleep. Like…you WILL sleep. Overall a fantastic strain. Deadly strong, taste very pleasant and smooth, buds are gorgeous medium sized and will bring DEATH to your insomnia.

  108. Tina

    A perfect bud for the evening time (or if you want to have a couch lock day).
    Strong flavour, lotsa crystals, smokes pretty smoothly for the impact it gives

  109. Katie

    Great night time smoke, leaves you spacey and super relaxed.

  110. Steve

    This stuff is nuts. Would definitely buy it again.

  111. Richard

    Beautiful crystally buds. That pack a punch

  112. Anonymous

    I love Death Bubba, it has that unique gassy taste that is just so good.

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