VVV 5:1 Dragon’s Tears Oil by Viridesco

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VVV 5:1 Dragon’s Tears Oil by Viridesco Information

Viridesco Oil Concentrates are known throughout all of Canada and even worldwide. Their emphasis on purity, quality, and organic ingredients has led to them becoming renowned all over. The Viridesco VVV Dragon’s Tears Oil allows you to smoke it, vape it, or take it as a topical. This product contains:


VVV Dragon’s Tear’s Oil is made from a hybrid cannabis strain with combined Sativa and Indica effects. Between euphoria and perfect sedation, your body and mind feel rejuvenated and wholly relaxed.


What effects does the Viridesco VVV Dragon’s Tears Oil have?


Dragon’s Tears are a new brand of cannabis concentrate, nano-filtered for increased purity compared to other honey oils. This oil has over 70% cannabinoids, with an excess THC concentration of 67.80%. All that THC ensures peak psychotropic effects like euphoria, improved mood and motivation, physical relaxation, pain relief, and other therapeutic benefits.


Thanks to this much THC, medical patients often use the VVV Dragon’s Tears Oil to alleviate their anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, and even PTSD symptoms. This cannabis oil is a very concentrated form of THC that provides the purest and most potent therapeutic benefits found in THC. Viridesco lab-tested and reviewed the Dragon’s Tears Oil extensively for increased quality and potency.


What’s the most efficient way to use the VVV Dragon’s Tears Oil?


There are three ways to consume the VVV Dragon’s Tears Oil – vaping, smoking, or used orally. You get to choose any one of these options depending on your preferences. If you choose to consume it sublingually, make sure you give time to your oral mucus to absorb it. Alternatively, you can consume it with other edibles like a tea, a cocktail, or a salad. The Viridesco VVV Dragon’s Tears Oil offers a wide variety of consumption methods, making it very versatile!


*Note: The exact THC percentage varies slightly with each new batch. Please contact us for the exact % of our current batch.

4 reviews for VVV 5:1 Dragon’s Tears Oil by Viridesco

  1. Blain

    I use Dragon’s Tears orally and topically. A small amount … one drop, and a wee one at that… two or three hours before bed allows for a deep healing sleep. It can come on quickly or slowly, so assessing when to take it is a bit of a challenge. Oil is thick and powerful. Dispensing device is excellent for managing dosage. Used topically, it heals very well.
    As I prefer to be awake and alert, I use other products to enhance creativity. This is more of a night time use for me.

  2. Jennifer

    This was my first time buying DTO and wow it didn’t disappoint. It is so nice. The oil is very smooth, light color and tastes great. It is a very strong high. I add it to weed butter and make cookies. It is stronger then the RSO I usually use and will buy again. This is a AAA product.

  3. Jennifer

    Use these oils as extra medication to help manage PTSD and agoraphobia. Great long lasting medication. A little goes a long way. Helps with my overall mood and to help stay calm and better cognitive function.

    The body high is good with a nice overall euphoria.

  4. David

    Dragon tears oil I bought this a few days ago and I’m buying another syringe, it’s a super clean product and does everything it says it will! First of all it is very true that it is a complete profile meaning sativa and Indica balance… Which is very import if you want to get things done during the day, this will be for you and for the evening just smoke a couple more puffs and you’ll be sleeping like a baby when you come down!

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